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-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Congregation of Maha Patkis (most sinful people) at Kolkata on 25-27 March, 2011
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 21:02:25 +0530
From: rajesh singh
To:, adev75 ,,,,,,,,,,

          Congregation of Maha Patkis (most sinful people) at Kolkata on 25-27 March, 2011
Respected Every One,
Cordial Namaskar
Its not an excuse but the word Maha Patki didn’t apply to those who absent or voted against or think against the selection of Kinshukji as PP

If one thousand margiis
(WT & Grihiis) assemble at one place and decide that it’s too difficult to follow Yama or Niyama or 16 points in this capitalistic or materialistic world. So, its at the liberty of margiis that they should follow or not to follow these (Yama or Niyama or 16 points) according to their whims and fancies. Should we follow such a blasphemy in any given circumstances? IF NOT, then how and why we should bind by any decision taken by the people present at Kolkata and selected a person like Kinshukji as PP.

Why I said  a person like Kinshukji
- because AMPS was bifurcated then trifurcated, 28 Purodhas created under his nose, violating Caryacarya and having the privilege of being Son of Shrii Shrii Anandmurtijii, he didn’t uttered a single word. Such a Shikhandi (an impotent person) can not be the leader of MY BABA’S MISSION. If uttering a word against PP, not selected as per Caryacarya, is a blasphemy then I am writing with full responsibility- “Vishvdevanandji & Kinshukji, go to HELL”.

BRAVO Kolkata Administration-
by hook or crook or SHYAM (pressure tactics or threatening), Dam (ignore), Dand (Punishment), Bhed (divide and rule) You achieved what you wish and made Unity Group a laughing lot, But, remember you will never succeed because my BABA is THERE…………………..

This is the third blunder by Parmeshwaranandji- first, he brought back Rudranandaji from hibernation, second- he revoked the emergency on a small pressure and this time he served the GRIHII’S & RATIONAL WT’S at platter to the (c) KARNIVOROUS OF KOLKATA. Dada Parmeshwaranandji, time has come that you should go to Jarwa where your fast friend Rudranandaji spent 20 years,

WOW! BABA has played politics with politicians- Vandananadji, Karunanandji, Dharmitranandji & Coterie. It will be really interesting to see what they will do now?

TWO SHAMES ( SHYAMS)- Shyam Sunder Goenka & Shyam Bang never worked as a disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandmurtijii rather worked as an agent of Kolkata Admn. Aha!!!! Both will get a red carpet welcome at Kolkata but
these agents must resign from their respective posts of National Committee, India
 I  am really embarrassed to be a part of National or State Committee. I am resigning from the post of Co-ordinator- Northern India & Secretary- Delhi State Committee with immediate effect.
 I haven’t slept for last 10 days. Today, I will have a good sleep in “the loving lap of my Beloved Baba.”


Warm Regards
Rajesh, NCR, India,
Mbl.- + 91- 98114 26644
Twitter Id-
Blog Id-

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