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Work of Crude Mind

From: "Mirabai" To: Subject: Work of Crude Mind Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 18:15:04 -0700 Baba "A'ndha'r sa'gar pa're esecho, esecho ru'per sama'rohe..." (P.S. 810) Purport: O' Baba, from across the cimmerian darkness You have come. You have come in the festival of form and color*. Baba, You are smiling with the glittering of effulgence. You are smiling with the expression of intuition. The divine things which were previously beyond the reach of everyone, now You made them the property of all. Those spiritual treasures which were not easy to access, You have graciously bestowed that upon one and all. Baba, You have inundated everyone's heart with bliss. You are floating in the tune and melody of Your divine songs. You have expressed Yourself; You have come with the Love; and You are now within the reach of deep ideation and language.** Baba, please come slowly, very slowly, to my kutir (hut) with the soft and divine movement of crest and trough. Baba You have graced and advented here within the reach of everyone... * Here in this line Baba is symbolically revealing that before the creation started then Parama Purusa was alone and He was just existing as divine effulgence. And all around Him was blackness-- no form, no shape, no color. Everything was dark because dark is no color. etc. And such a state of blackness is the Cimmerian darkness.. But now when He has created this expressed universe then it means Parama Purusa has Himself manifested or He has appeared in different colors and shapes, in the forms of various created beings: flora, fauna, animals, plants, human beings etc. That is why it is said that after crossing the Cimmerian darkness You have come in the festival of form and color. (Please refer to the shloka, 'Na' sada'sat sukta.... paroyata' from the chapter on the Vedas, from SS-16, Agra DMC 1984.) ** The Parama Purusa who was unexpressed and took the form as Taraka Brahma. Now devotees can lovingly share and sing His glory and greatness. And they are doing so. Whereas earlier it was impossible before He advented when HE was just in His expressionless state of Nirguna Brahma.
Namaskar, One burning topic has come in relation with our song, music, and melody. Some serious things are going on in our Marga family all around-- even reaching the distant corners. Especially the English knowing margiis may be aware about the events, even then it is a topic that strikes deep in the hearts of devotees from all the lands. Here following is one Baba's story that will shed light on this entire matter.
As we all know, Baba has graciously blessed us by composing His own songs for guiding us along the path of devotion and dharma. And in the very beginning He Himself was giving the purports or meanings of these songs as well-- otherwise how will everyone understand. In this way He set a perfect standard for how the purports of His Prabhat Samgiita are to be done. And then under His careful watch and guidance step by step Baba began allotting this duty of translation to others.
DMC 1/1/83
And the first person to take the charge of doing the Hindi translation was Dada Cidghananandaji. After all he was a Hindi Professor at the AN College so people had high hopes; but it was soon found out or at least news was spreading that Dadaji was taking certain liberties with his duty-- by changing the Prabhat Samgiita into his own Hindi poetry. And this all got confirmed and exposed at the January 1 DMC in 1983, when Dadaji was called upon for the first to read his Hindi translations of Baba's songs. Then as soon as Dadaji began reciting his purport then immediately Baba began rebuking him and questioning him that why he did like this. Because after all Baba has given the clear-cut system and guidelines of making purports but Dada Cidghananandaji was not following and instead he was doing his own way. And this Baba clearly did not like. Because the thing was Dadaji was changing the original songs into his own negative purports, which were too literal in translation. So in front of one and all Baba scolded Dada's approach because it had no sense and did not give any proper description of the song. And Baba further mocked him by telling that that changing "a'che" to "hai"-- from the verb "is" in Bangla to the verb "is" in Hindi-- that is not going to work. And the entire margii audience laughed at Baba's joke. Because purport means to give some proper explanation. But Dada was just making his own literal translation. The whole scene is similar to one person explaining that the term 'cupboard' means "cups" and "boards". When in fact it is ludicrous to say like that. And if anyone tries to translate it like this then everyone present will laugh at their foolishness. And such mockery was the scene that day when Dadaji was reading out his poetic translation. By this way all understood that proper purports are to be given and over the years many began doing like that but that time in his narrow approach Dadaji was just doing one literal makeover into his own poetry and not purports. Ultimately by seeing Baba's strong scolding then all understood that such poetic translations were negative and this was further proved because Dada Cidghananandaji was immediately relieved of his duties and Acarya Candranathji was given the charge for managing the Hindi translations and this he did for years and years. So by all this it is clear that Baba has given certain ways and systems for the handling and explanation of His treasure of Prabhat Samgiita.
And all along it was also emphasized that Prabhat Samgiita must be sung in its original language. If the song was originally written in Sanskrit then it is to be exclusively sung in Sanskrit. And if written in English then it is to be sung in English. And if given in Hindi or Urdu then similarly those songs are not to be translated into any other language and sung. Never was this done. And likewise with the songs written in Bengali. And if anyone is doing this and contravening the matter, then they no faith in Guru. Because the word of Baba is mantra and without His grace then nothing is possible because in Tantra Guru's grace is everything-- Guru Krpa Hi Kevalam. So we do to please Him and we must not go against His desire. And if He wanted to translate and sing His Prabhat Samgiita in languages other than the original, then He would have expressed this just like He directed that His discourses and Ananda Vaniis are to be translated into the local languages. But never did Baba issue such a directive with regards to Prabhat Samgiita. Means Baba clearly did not approve of such things with his Prabhat Samgiita. Rather Baba strongly emphasized that everyone should sing the songs and it must be done in the local language. And proof is it was the common daily practice at the Baba's quarters during reportings to when going on fieldwalk and then also at DMC etc, on all these occasions it was the rule for all Ananda Margiis to receive Him with Prabhat Samgiita by singing the song in the original language. And if anyone was not singing then Baba would become furious and He would say, "Have you come here for only for some drama party-- or some music concert"; "Those who are not singing should not be allowed-- push them out". Hence in dramatic fashion Baba has lovingly guided us all along to sing His Prabhat Samgiita songs in the proper way, in their original language. That is the system and all devotees feel in the heart that Guru's teaching has unique value & deep meaning.
Unfortunately in the current scene one person has taken it upon themselves to take up the misguided task of wrongly translating Baba's poetry and songs-- & in so doing they have blatantly overstepped their bounds. And even worse that that. Because on her newly relapsed music CD titled 'reddish blossom', Jyotsna is breaking Guru's rules in multiple directions. Because on the one hand she is making negative poetic translations and then she is not singing the song in the original language which Baba has given. Instead she is making fake poetic translations in English and then singing those things in the wrong language. And then she even titles the song in this negative manner. And not once but on each and every track all this nonsense is going on. For example on the third track of the CD she is manipulating Baba's pristine Prabhat Samgiita. Because this song is 'Tumi nikat'e haite...", song #181 of Baba's collection which was originally given by Baba in Bengali. But then in her crude fashion Jyotsna is doing the misdeed of giving that song an English title. That is the first black stain. Then she makes her own negative poetic translation, and then she sings the song on the CD in the wrong language. So just on this one track alone one after another sin is going on. Because going against Guru's desire is a sin and that is what Jyotsna is doing by each of these misdeeds or black stains. Then multiply that by that fact that all these wrongs are going on in each track. Means she has done similar negativity to PS #50, #110, #127, #647, #1197, and more. Then you can see how the sins are piling up and that is without even fully analysing the musical aspect-- which is also not according to Baba's system. So altogether the whole thing is a mess and an insult to the devotional sentiment of Ananda Margiis. Because in so many ways Jyotsna has broken all Guru's rules and clearly gone against Baba's desire with regards to the sanctity of His Prabhat Samgiita. And on the top she has set created one black trend and other simple or otherwise type of people may get enticed to follow her dogmatic example. And then that mess will also have to get cleaned up. So from all sorts of perspectives then this entire CD is one poisonous contribution. Even then sister J is not going to change her ways very easily, because similar things she has done in the past never did she rectify the matter and now here with her manipulation and distortion of Prabhat Samgiita, matters have only gotten worse. The thing is such types of persons like some professional musicians etc are only concerned with their pocket and with their belly. They do not care about Baba's system or desire so they are pseudo and half-baked margiis. They are cheaters and have nothing to do with ideology. Just they are living in the house like mice and termites. They have come just to eat and fill their pockets. They create problems only. So those who are making these negative translations and renditions are the worst cheaters and culprits. Because they are aware about and know the proper way but due to their self-interest they follow the negative path anyway. Whereas if a new person is innocently doing then they may be excused and guided to change. But if then they are not rectifying then they also fall in that negative category.
And if senior long-term persons are doing such negativity, as in this current case, then if others are supporting they are also culpable. Both parties are culprits. Because supporting sin is also a crime. In any country if anybody supports a crime or murder then they are also charge-sheeted. So those who are appreciating the negativity done to Prabhat Samgiita, they are also sinners. And they are exposing their standard that how low and degraded they are and how they do not care about Baba's teachings. Just they show themselves as being senior and gloat how they are guiding others when in fact just they are just misguiding. Those who devotees can understand this and those very devotees who want to move according to Baba's own footsteps, they will avoid such negative people as a venomous serpent. So as we solve the problems of today we should always remember how this will create a more brilliant tomorrow. Here following is Baba's special grace. Baba says, "The people of today shall proceed ahead... the future of humans is bright...May you all be blessed.' (BABA, AV-5) Namaskar, Mirabai Note 1: On the CD cover itself, Jyotsna side by side grossly accuses Baba that He could not make the Prabhat Samgiita available to one and all but now she herself has done so and managed the situation. Means she is gloating that she has graciously covered up for Baba's incompetence. Her ego is so huge that she has audacity to proclaim that Baba what could not do, she herself did. As if she herself is the saviour. By reading the 2nd para of the back cover of Jyotsna's 'reddish blossom' CD then this is all quite evident. So see the terribly lowly state of Jyotsna's psyche-- only she is involved with herself. Note 2: Preserving the sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita is one important task. So if anyone else has more points to add on this issue then that will be most appreciated and welcomed. Because if we do not maintain the speciality and uniqueness of Prabhat Samgiita, then who is going to do.
******************************************** What is Butter Thief
Baba says, "The fact is that the Lord belongs to the devotees and will certainly do what is needed for their spiritual progress. Therefore, He will have no other choice but to steal their sins. He will have to take away their sins without their knowledge. What do we call taking something belonging to others without their permission? We call it stealing. So, He steals, and as He steals sins, He is called Hari. What happens to the devotees after the sins are stolen? Their minds become pure. Usually the human mind has different weaknesses and frailties." Baba continues, "Take the case of cream: when churned, its essence (butter) is separated from the non-essential part (whey). Similarly, once the sins are stolen the real essence of the mind, which is called a'tman, is separated from the mind. That is why Hari is nicknamed `makhan cor' -- the butter thief. It is wrong to take these words literally. Take it for granted that Krs'n'a never stole the cream or butter from the milkmaids' houses." (AV-8, p. 20)

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