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He has Covered All the Points

Date: 18 Sep 2009 07:48:26 -0000 From: "Manoj" To: Subject: He has Covered All the Points Baba "Pra'n' tumi dhele diyechile..." (P.S. #2344) Purport: Baba, You have showered Your grace in each and every nook and corner of this earth. Each and every particle of this universe has received Your grace. Nowhere remained untouched. Baba, You have showered Your grace. You have spread Your love with those divine songs of Prabhat Samgiita. By its music, melody, and resonance. Baba, with Your divine love, You intoxicated all divinely and swayed everyone's heart. And You filled and inundated everyone's heart with divine ideation. By Your grace, the devotional feeling got language to express its heartfelt love to Parama Purusa, and hopelessness disappeared. Everyone's heart is now dancing in the tune and melody. O', the Controller of everything. With Your longing, with Your ideation, my whole existence is vibrated. No one is unfortunate, no one is lowly and meagre. Everyone is floating in Your mind. By Your grace, everyone is surviving. Baba, You showered Your grace on all. Everyone is charged with divine love...
Namaskar, We must follow Baba in all respects. He has given all that is needed - period. He has given the sadhana; He has given the social teachings; and He has given all our days of festival - spare none. There is nothing that He has not given. Thus those who foolishly insist that the dogmatic Mahaprayan program is to be part of our AM culture, knowingly or unknowingly insinuate that Baba is incomplete or imperfect - as if He forgot to tell about Mahaprayan. When in fact we know that Baba as the Parama Purusa incarnate has addressed everything, including events after His physical disappearance. Yet He never mentioned one word about Mahaprayn celebration. Here the point is that we should follow Baba, not groupists. Now again the season has arrived where various groupist and dogmatic WTs etc are promoting their so-called Mahaprayan program. Means Baba is eternal but certain crude persons are trying to impose their dogmatic Mahaprayan function on the common margiis. Most have rejected this program as it goes against our basic devotional feeling. And here below is more explanation about why Baba Himself does not appreciate this Mahaprayan program as well as other proofs for why it is just one dogmatic function-- nothing more.
"Mana Vrinda'bane rayecha... Baba, O' my Lord You are living in the Vrindaban of my heart...
One time I asked my DC [VSS] Dada that, "Dadaji, you told that Baba has given everything in AM- all the solutions to the problems of the present world and beyond. But is it that HE might have forgot to tell about this Mahaprayan (MPD) program, & that is why our Central Dadas introduced MPD themselves in Oct 1990? Because one margii was telling that 'how Baba can tell about His own passing away to margiis and include such a ceremony in Caryacarya?' That Margii, Satyadeva, further told that Baba might have thought that if He Himself will tell to Margiis or disclose about His Mahaprayan then margiis will cry out. So Baba did not include Mahaprayan ceremony in CC part 1. Dadaji what is your comment on this."
Dadaji replied, "You see, those who got acarya training they know that Baba as a Guru, HE tells all the do's and dont's for His disciples. For example, In our Acarya diary, Baba says such things which I am giving you the outline here. While teaching about system of Guru Puja in Senior Ac. diary appendix, Baba described that if disciples / sadhakas have strong feeling to offer some worldly things in Guru Puja, they can do it. Even those sadhakas could give those things to Guru during His physical Presence. But Baba directs us that AFTER His physical departure then those material things which we desire to offer to Him, those things should be distributed to needy people. And if sadhakas are offering some flowers then it should be thrown into flowing river water. Baba explains all this very clearly in the Senior Acarya Diary." Dadaji said, "So, do you understand?" I said, "Yes Dadaji. I think as you told that when Guru is physically present then we can offer worldly things to Him directly. If a sadhaka has strong desire to do like that. But Baba further directs us that if one has a strong desire to offer physical objects to Him, our Gurudeva, after His physical passing. Then those objects should be given to appropriate members of the society who are lacking those very things. That will be the true service to Baba." "Very good" Dada replied.
Then Dadaji said, "Baba has given the full list of social and spiritual functions of Ananda Marga in our Caryacarya part 1. This list does not include Mahaprayan (MPD)." He continued, "No doubt, some dogmatic people may be thinking that Baba deliberately did not speak about HIS physical departure because it would have been untolerable for most of us. But I think this very idea is completely incorrect. Because when Baba describes about His physical departure in Acarya training book, then if He would have felt necessary then surely He would have included this MPD function into our Caryacarya scripture as well. But Baba did not do so. So according to my logical conclusion, Mahaprayan itself is negative program and it is not approved by Baba because it is against the fundamental teachings of Marga Guru." "With rational mind one can say Mahaprayan is dogma because it has no logic, just MPD is one imposed,restricting type of idea. Just see what Baba says on this point." Then I saw in A Few Problems Solved book, that BABA says, "Perhaps you know what dogma means. Dogma means an idea around which some line is demarcated, beyond which it is prohibited to go. 'You will have to accept this doctrine, you cannot go beyond it.' -- this sort of restricting idea is called dogma...Remember, you are not alone in this world, not only in this world but also in this entire universe. This universe is pervaded by Parama Purusa. We are always sitting on His very lap." AFPS pt 4, p.23 "So see" Dadaji explained. "Baba tells that Parama Purusa is everywhere; Baba tells dogma is that which restricts the mind; Mahaprayan says Baba has departed or gone away; then surely Mahaprayan comes under the category of dogma."
"Look at it this way", Dadaji added, "You see when any acarya teaches or imparts initiation, any sadhana lesson increase, or lesson revision, then if acarya is proper then they must sit few minutes in dhyan and take the permission from Baba. After getting permission then one has right to teach sadhana, especially 6th lesson. So this is the system." "But if Baba is gone, left, away, means if Mahaprayan happened, then how one can get permission? To get this divine permission, we have to see that Baba is not just one worldly / physical entity. Surely ordinary mortal human beings die or become gone or pass away, BUT similar thing is not in Baba's case. Our Baba is not ordinary mortal He is Parama Brahma. In Ananda Vacanamrtam part 3 Baba says like this following": "Guru, that expression of Parama Brahma that dispels all your spiritual darkness, is Parama Brahma. That is, Parama Brahma exhibits Himself in the form of Guru just to dispel your clouds of ignorance and spiritual slumber." (Pg 16 AVM 3) So Baba, being the Parama Brahma, is God incarnate, or Taraka Brahma. Like this Dadaji told.
"When we are preaching others then we preach, that there is no comparison of the Personality of Taraka Brahma". Baba says in Namami Krsna Sundaram:
"Tula' va' upama' Krs'n'asya na'sti; Krs'n'a Bhagava'n svayam" (NKS, p.212)
Meaning: There is no comparison of the Lord's attributions. Taraka Brahma can be compared with Himself and Himself alone. No entity is similar to Him. Dada went on, "It is so regrettable that according to our convenience sometimes we preach that Baba is Taraka Brahma Sadguru, and other times according to selfish convenience we compare Baba with mortal human being and think that He passed away as normal human beings do. That is not good." "I think that those who believe in Mahaprayan (MPD), they think of Baba as ordinary mortal. These MPD believers forget their Goal that Baba is Sadguru, the All-Pervading Omnipresent Being. And that very Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is unparalleled, beyond comparison. Then why we should compare that very Supreme Entity as normal human being coming under the domain of life and death?" "When we are preaching Baba's stories then we comprehend that idea that Baba is above all human beings, Baba is living with us and He is helping. But the next moment when we talk about Mahaprayan (MPD) then we just overlook the whole spiritual philosophy or devotional aspect and start thinking Baba as one mortal frame. How ironic!"
"If we think carefully then we can understand and we should correct also that according to our convenience we should not degrade Baba's status. If any innocent person will try to spit on the sun in mid-day, you can think that who will be affected. Surely not the sun. So we should be careful. Undermining and abusing Baba will not harm Him but ourselves. So my feeling is that Baba is with us we should not compare Him as ordinary human being like those who get Mahaprayan etc. Rather our approach should be like how Baba describes here in Neo-Humanism book." Then Dadaji showed me this beautiful passage from 'Devotional Sentiment and Neo-Humanism': Baba says, "As we have already said, the greatest human treasure is devotional sentiment, devotional wealth. This devotional wealth must be preserved....Whenever we see that the pressure of external circumstances threatens this life essence we should appeal to the Supreme, "O Lord, please be kind enough to protect our inner vitality from total destruction-save us from the agony of total loss." (NH - pg 7) By this I understood, that we must protect our devotional feeling from the onslaughts of worldly pressures and events such as Mahaprayan, and we should ask help from Baba in this regard.
When I was talking with Dada about all this, then one senior margii Ram Dayalji also came and joined. Then he told some things on MPD point which was new thing for me. Ram Dayalji told 'this invention of Mahaprayan is done with the motive to create inferiority complex in the mind of those sadhakas who could not see Baba in physical frame. That is why those central Dadas who were enjoying Baba's physical proximity before 1990, these Dadas selfishly thought that this will be one gaining point in their career. And they can undermine margiis who did not see Baba before 1990, and such margiis should be treated as 2nd class margiis and unfortunate one.' Here is more of what Ram Dayalji was talking: 'Because believers of Mahaprayan are preaching that Baba passed away, so now there is no scope to go close to Baba. Or go in His close proximity. So that opportunity is gone forever. By that way those who could not avail the opportunity or those who were born after 1990 or because of any reason those who could not see Baba, they should realise mentally that they are all unfortunate beings.' Ram Dayalji concluded, "Excuse me this above approach is not my feeling. This is the background thinking of those who cultivated the ideas of Mahaprayan. By that way they think that in AM society they will be treated fortunate because they lived along with Baba, and those who could not live in Baba's physical proximity they are all in subordinated category. By this way inferiority complex has been injected by introduction of Mahaprayan."
PRABHAT SAMGIITA: Closeness Means Psychic Closeness
So after sharing with you all I heard and learned from my respected Dada and Ram Dayalji, I am ending with one song of Baba. Those who are devotees, they know that this PS # 3286 "Keu ka'che peyeo" gives this message that living physically close has no value. Many physically live close but they are living far from Him. But many live physically far but keep Him in their hearts.
"Keu ka'che peyeo cinate na're, dure thekeo cene..." PS #3286
Puurport: By getting physically close they do not recognize Him, whereas some even from a distance recognize His magnanimity. Whereas others by getting His sweet touch even, then they drown in staticity. And some without knowing, they unknowingly believe fully in His greatness. O' my Lord You are doing so many things for me. You are filling my heart with nectar. I am so unfortunate that after all this grace I do not recognize You and remain oblivious... So let us all be like those A-grade devotees who with deep inner devotion recognise Baba's divine beauty and treasure Him always in their heart. Respectfully yours. Manoj.
******************************************** Sam'ska'ra Bhoga
Baba says, "The reaping of consequences of original actions performed by a human being occurs mainly in the psychic sphere. And if a person attains the blessings of evolved beings and the Cosmic grace in that same psychic sphere, the problem is solved. Pain and misery is bound to come. Depending upon one's inborn sam'ska'ras and the actions performed, tortures and afflictions are bound to be undergone - the expression of one's own reactive momenta. Tortures and afflictions will not be as severely painful as before; with the blessing and grace, the psychic afflictions will be removed. Well, when there is pain and the pain is not felt as such, should it then be called pain? In this case, in the psychic sphere, one will remain in a state of bliss. Let the afflictions come. When the affliction and pain are not felt as such, one should not worry about it." (PNS-14) Note: In this materialistic era, people commonly think that those with money, or those with a big house, or those with name and fame, do not suffer from any problems, pain, or difficulties. But here in the above excerpt, Baba is directly telling us that suffering occurs in the mental sphere-- not just in the physical sphere. Because one's samskara primarily take expression in the mind. Those problems and pains are undergone in the psychic strata. Thus no one should think that just because someone is wealthy or drives a fancy car then it means that they do not have any problems in life. It is not like that. This dogma we should try to remove from our social outlook. Because as Baba indicates above, irregardless of one's financial position, level of education, or professional attainment, to one degree or another everyone has problems in the psychic sphere, and that is how they exhaust their samskaras. So no matter how much wealth one accumulates in the worldly sphere, one's mental pain and suffering will not diminish. Suffering happens in mental realm and everyone experiences it according to their samskaras. And that suffering will remain until one is established on the path of spirituality. Thus the only the way to permanently relieve oneself of any suffering is not to chase after worldly allurements but rather to get His divine grace. Just a tiny portion of His grace is enough to free the mind of any suffering. Then one will just be in a state of peace-- bliss. That is Baba's above teaching.

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