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Easiest Way to Get Baba's Blessing

From: "Girish Chandra Deva"
Subject: Easiest Way to Get Baba's Blessing
Date: Fri 13 May 2011 16:27:38 +0530



With the planning for Ananda Purnima celebrations in full-swing, everyone should be critically aware about the contents of this email.

Adhering to 16 Points is very difficult; fortunately however there is no need to pay
heed to these rules to get moksa.

If you have money, then each year you should purchase a huge quantity of firecrackers for Baba's birthday - that will bring you to your cherished Goal. And if you do not have sufficient funds then collect money from others and purchase fireworks. Thus on Ananda Purnima, you can create a huge noise and pollute the whole area.

If any margii does not want to give you money then demoralise them. Tell them that they do not have love for Baba and that they are non-margiis or secret agents of the enemy.

Utterly disregard whatever is written in Caryacarya part 1 regarding Ananda Purnima such as feeding the poor, hosting a medical camp, helping patients, or serving the needy. One need not do those things. Those are all outdated ideas.

Plus, if anybody is trying to do those things then discourage them.

Inspire all that shooting off fireworks is the easiest, quickest and smartest way to gain access to Baba's grace and virtue.

                                      A COPY OF MUSLIM DOGMA

Blasting fireworks (aka firecrackers) has become notorioulsy famous in the Marga of late as Dadas are copying such rituals from the Muslim world:

So just as certain Dadas created the dogmatic Mahaprayan program by copying the Islamic ritual of Ajmer Sharif (read this posting), now a similar trend is underway with regards to Ananda Purnima. That means copy the way Muslims celebrate their dogmatic festivals by shooting off fireworks.

By the firecrackers booming in the air, and the plumes of smoke rising up and spreading all around, the noise (& smoke) will resonate all the way up to heaven. It will reach Baba. He will listen and become satiated. Ultimately He will bless. That is the way it works.

                                 HERE'S HOW TO CELEBRATE

In this upcoming - May 17 - Ananda Purnima program of 2011, a huge blasting of fireworks is needed. This is the 90th birthday, so in order to please Him, 90,000 big firecrackers are needed. That means one thousand for each year.

Regarding the purchase of such firecrackers, do not worry about how much you spend-  spend as much as you can and take loan if necessary.

Let there be a competition between dadas & didis, margiis & avadhutas, acaryas & tattvikas, males & females, all should be involved. See who can put on the the biggest fireworks show. Inspire everyone to purchase at least $50,000 for their unit; prizes should be awarded.

                            FORGET ABOUT DOING SOCIAL SERVICE

All other social service projects like a children's home, schools or relief, are totally secondary. The fireworks show will be the top project - that will get top billing. And if anybody does not cooperate, then punish them.

It is not a joke - this is exactly what is going on in so many units - especially in Ranchi HQ and other places.

According to Baba's teachings, our AM slogan stands for: Liberation of self and service to humanity.

Liberation of self means doing sadhana and following 16 Pts; and service to humanity means rendering selfless service.

But unfortunately that is not the priority these days. Group leaders are instead copying the dogmatic religions. Shooting off fireworks is a mirror image of Islamic namaz on occasions like Eid / Ramadan etc. While performing namaz they create as much noise as they can.

Now see what is going on in the Marga.

Ranchi leaders and others have made the system that on Baba's upcoming
90th birthday, one has to shoot off firecrackers - and with each passing year, the number of fireworks and noise increases. Just add one more every year or more. Some now purchase firecrackers in large groups - by this way it will grow and grow and grow. After 2000 years, margiis will be forced to explode 2,000,000
firecrackers or more.

And when millions will be Ananda Margiis then you can imagine the situation on this planet. Everywhere there will be firecrackers and what about the pollution (air and land) they make.

Some people are commenting about global warming, and worrying about noise and and air pollution - just laugh at them. Just mock and demoralise them as being outdated.

In the future, some radical margiis will explode bombs in order to make a huge sound and gain quick grace and moksa. As a result, unfortunately many will lose their hearing, be exposed to fires & even undergo death. Indeed at last year's Ananda Purnima celebration in Ranchi, the pandal caught fire. The whole area was so polluted it was hard to breathe.

During the last Ananda Purnima celebration, one big firecracker cost 4000RS which is the amount one laborer earns while working full-time for months. DPS Dada did not do social service rather he spent all the money on firecrackers. That is why the food prepared in daytime was eaten in the evening as well, because there was no money for fresh food in evening due to the high cost of the fireworks. And this is in the summer season where the food gets stale very quickly.

So we should see what happens this year - be ready.

                                         MANY, MANY INJURIES

This coming Ananda Purnima - unfortunately - many AM children may suffer burns,
injuries, hearing loss & eardrum damage, and even hospitalisation.

Indeed, last time one margii got hospitalised and suffered permanent hearing loss and
ongoing pain.

And there is a dangerous history associated with firecrackers where people of all ages lose their limbs, vision, and so much more.


At present, the whole society is suffering from air pollution yet side by side the vanguards of humanity are polluting and encouraging others to pollute the environment by their grandiose fireworks displays on Ananda Purnima. There is a veritable competition between one group and the next, one jagrti and the next, one wt and the next etc.

In place of this type of dogmatic and stupid competition, there should be competitions in 16 Points, serving society and doing sadhana. That is how to celebrate Ananda Purnima.

Baba says, "There are still others who think that they can attain salvation by worshipping Parama Puruśa in a ritualistic manner by ringing bells or lighting candles, or offering flowers. No, they will also meet with equal failure because they are mere slaves of mechanical rituals [and doing fireworks]. By following such rituals these people become bound within hard and fast routine activities. At a particular time they will light candles, ring bells, clean plates, offer flowers to the deity etc.; and in actuality as their whole attention is diverted to those mechanical activities, their cosmic ideation is completely forgotten." (Subhasita Samhgraha, part 11, The Path of Salvation)

Now we have to think how we can solve this problem.


                                        PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Maner kon'e samgopane ke go tumi base ekela'..."   (P.S. 3529)


 O' divine Entity, by secretly sitting alone in the remote corner of my
mind, You are vibrating my mind and heart-- my whole existence-- in
divine ecstasy. Please tell me who are You. Neither do You share the
feelings of Your heart with me so I do not know what is Your desire. And
when I ask You what You want, then You tell that You do not want
anything. Just with Your charming smile You are showering sweet nectar
like a garland of pearls.

O' Supreme Personality, please tell me, are You alone? Have You no
companion? Are You searching for someone? Is that the reason why You are
always wandering around this entire universe in all the ten directions--
because You are searching for some companionship. Is that why You are
busy enjoying Your divine liila in this bottomless and endless, mobile
and immobile world-- i.e. in Your entire creation.

O' Divine Entity, of all the bhavas You are Mahabhava. You are the
quintessence of all thoughts and ideations-- the ultimate Goal of all
the samadhis. O' Supreme One You are complete unto Yourself and
infinite. You do not have any shortage or dearth of anything; You have
everything. You control the unit as well as the vast-- everything. You
go on creating Your liila in hundreds of ways and flows. Your grandeur
is infinite & endless.

O' divine One, who is most charming and attractive, please grace me by
revealing Your identity. You have captivated me by Your causeless grace
and by the infinite bond of Your divine love...

                Health Guideline: Sleeping Related

      "Do not sleep on a soft bed." (CC-3, Chap 6, Pt #4)

Note: This above point that Baba is describing has deep meaning. Some
ignorant people however who are unaware about health and hygiene get
swayed by pseudo-culture and they use a spring-loaded bed with thick
mattresses. But that is very detrimental for the various joints,
muscles, & organs of the body and it creates an ill-effect on the body
systems such as digestive disorders & diseases. Mostly because of
hunchback syndrome and because the stomach is pressed. Keeping this
view, including many more benefits, Baba has graciously introduced this
above rule. Everyone should follow this and then they will realise the
deeper aspect of its value.

Amongst conscious people it is commonly known that soft beds lead to the
onset of many diseases including incurable backaches and joint pain.

So one should be aware. One should not fall in the trap of momentary
pleasure and invite more dangerous diseases.

Note 2: Revealing the spiritual significance of this point, Baba guides
us that those who are using a hard bed in day to day life, their body
becomes more and more capable for intense psycho-spiritual practice.
Such sincere sadhakas keep away from using a pillow also.

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