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US Elections: Sheep Psychology

Date: 11 Jan 2008 21:45:39 -0000 From: "Gregory Hamick" To: Subject: US Elections: Sheep Psychology Baba "A'jake sa'njhe madhur sa'jhe ke else go, ke ele..." (P.S. 5006) Purport: In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone's life and in everyone's heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind, He has come in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together...
Namaskar, Although the US economy is no longer the elite, still in many regards America is looked upon as the greatest of the great and the world leader. This is the case with US popular culture, fashion, movies, and...the political system. Yes, politics. The US of A is deemed as the greatest of all the republics, the most sterling of all the democracies, and the fairest of all the lands. Around the globe this is the misperception many harbour; naive people in other countries who have been spoon-fed US propaganda have the false impression that the US democracy is the greatest on earth: One which is a fair and equal system and is buoyed by a very sharp, and well-informed electorate. This is the mistaken image of US political life that many hold. In reality, however, the US political system is severely lacking and deficient. It is not a great democracy nor are US citizens properly informed voters, rather they are quite easily fooled. Here are some critical points for everyone's review and consideration.
As every Ananda Margii knows, Baba has declared democracy as a foolocracy. Baba says, "Democracy is defined as 'government of the people, by the people and for the people.' But in fact in the majority of the society are fools; wise people are always in a minority. Thus, finally democracy is nothing but “foolocracy”." (PNS-4) And perhaps, nowhere is Baba's statement more easily verifiable than in the US.
For instance, consider this: As the US presidential primaries get underway, it is quite evident that the majority of the population only likes to support front-runners-- i.e. those candidates who are in the lead. This occurs to such a degree, that as one or another candidate grabs the lead in the race, then huge crowds of people switch their alliance towards that candidate. This is the first and foremost case of sheep mentality in US politics. The common public lacks the mental substance to choose and select their own candidate and instead they get swayed by what everyone else is thinking. But that is not all... The leaders in the presidential race(s) not only enjoy huge public support but they also get more 'air-time' during debates. Thus who gets to speak in a debate is not based on the merit and viability of their ideas, but rather on how popular they are at the time of the debate. Thus even if a particular candidate has an excellent plan or proposal, if that candidate is not super popular when the public debate takes place, then they will hardly be given one second to speak. And such things are tolerated by the US public. This is all the very real way in which the US democratic system operates. And one of the main cogs in the wheel of US politics is a grossly simplistic public that just dances from one candidate to the next-- depending on who is winning at the time. So none should think that the general population of the US is highly sophisticated and politically savvy. It is not at all like that. Rather, instead of being able to truly evaluate the quality of a candidate and then stick with that person, the common people merely look over their should at whom everyone else is supporting and then jump over to that camp. Thus, when Baba says, 'Democracy is nothing but foolocracy since the majority of the people are fools', then who can think that the American Democracy is anything but. Even then there are more critical parts of the story.
Here is why the ruling corporate powers-- the kings of capitalism-- always select democracy as their system of choice; and here is how the common people get totally duped by this entire ordeal of democracy. In the US, the corporate powers control the press to a very high degree. And the press and the professional pollsters create surveys to determine which candidate is leading-- before the actual election takes place. And based on these very polls-- which are easy for the capitalists to manipulate-- certain "unfavourable" candidates can be virtually ousted from the elections before a single vote is cast. That combined with the fact that to run for the Presidential post in the US means having a campaign fund of over 100 million-- much of which comes from corporate sponsorships and vested interest groups-- then it is again quite clear why the top capitalists enjoy the spoils of democracy. And through it all, the common people are duped and duped again-- thinking that everything is dandy and fine. Because the people honestly believe that they are able to decide everything in an election when in fact, by these very polls & surveys that show which candidate is ahead, the corporate powers can easily influence the public vote. Because everyone naturally favours the front-runner. All want to be part of the winning ticket. So really, it becomes quite clear how the US democratic system works and what is the force behind its operation.
Since the US presidential politics are underway right now-- here is one other point that is of high interest to all margiis and Proutists. Because our duty is to understand Baba's teaching and be able to recognise all the various loopholes of democracy. In the US presidential primaries-- where the two main parties select their top candidates-- the voting does not occur all at once. Rather over a period of several weeks the process unfolds. And the results are made public after every step. So given the fact that there is so much sheep mentality-- all chasing after the leading candidate-- then the election gets quickly decided when not even one percent of the population has voted. Because the public gets so easily swayed by who won at the very beginning that those early votes decide the entire election. This happens in both the Republican & Democratic primaries. So the whole democratic process becomes a farce. Not every person's vote is equal. Instead those states that vote in the very beginning have a huge & domineering effect on the entire election.
As within our Proutistic system, there is scope for the electoral process-- such as in our BP elections etc-- then we should be aware of the pitfalls of democracy and have practical answers and viable solutions as well. 1) Firstly, the public needs to be made adequately aware about every candidate's character and qualifications so that one will not be so easily swayed by popular opinion. 2) Secondly, corporate powers must not be able to have such a firm grip on party elections. They should not be the ones controlling the newspapers and funding the polls which determine the popularity of a particular candidate. 3) Thirdly, in order to give proper weight to each vote, when the actual voting process does take place, then all the votes should be kept strictly confidential and sealed until everyone has voted. Then and only then should the votes be counted and be made known. By that way, those who vote first will not decide the entire outcome of the election. And those who vote later will not be effected by what earlier voters did. 4) Plus there are many more aspects of this voting process that we should consider as outdated and archaic.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly in this present era, those residing in other countries should not be in awe of the US political system. Members of other countries should not feel inferior to the American democratic state. Because such feelings of inferiority lead to an imbalance of power; plus those in so-called poorer nations then feel they should emulate the US each and every step of the way-- when in fact the US democratic system is not worthy of copying and pasting all around the globe. Thus by seeing the state of affairs of the US democracy and how elections are run, it is quite clear that the whole process operates from a point of weakness and manipulation and not from a stance of strength and justice. Others should also share their views, understanding, and perspective of this entire issue of the fallacies of democracy, especially in the US since through mass propaganda many around the globe have been falsely led to believe that the US is #1.
Day by day the loopholes of democracy are becoming more and more evident. Our job is to spread the name & ways of Prout, as only Prout can bring wellness to our human society. Baba says, "We are waiting for the rising sun with crimson rays. Even now the crimson rays are a bit visible. These crimson rays are the rays of PROUT." (PNS-17) Namaskar, Gurumurti
Here Baba sheds light on why a particular candidate gets elected, thus exposing the weakness of today's democratic process. Baba says, "Whether or not a candidate gets elected usually depends upon party affiliation, political patronage and election expenditure. In some cases it also depends on antisocial practices. Throughout the world, money plays a dominant role in the electoral process, and in nearly all cases, only those who are rich and powerful can hope to secure elected office." (PNS-21)
Below Baba points out how the capitalists just manipulate elections according to their own interests. This is a daily way of life in America where capitalists control how each and every candidate is viewed by the public. Baba says, "The farce of democracy has been likened to a puppet show where a handful of power hungry politicians pull the strings from behind the scene. In liberal democracies, capitalists manipulate the mass media such as the radio, television and newspapers...there is little scope for honest, competent leaders to emerge in society." (PNS-21)
Here Baba points out how herd mentality ruins the integrity of any democratic election process. Needless to say, this is rampant in US politics. Baba says, "Mass education is one of the basic necessities for the successful and effective running of democracy. In some cases even educated people unjustly abuse their voting rights. People cast their votes at the insistence and inducement of misguided local leaders. To approach a polling booth like a herd of cattle to cast votes in ballot boxes is meaningless. Is this not a farce in the name of democracy?" (AFPS-2)
*************************************** Health Guideline: Diet Related
Baba says, "For proper digestion, fill the stomach half-way with food, one quarter with water, and leave one quarter full of air." (CC-3, 'Procedure for Eating') Note: Every conscious margii follows this above point but sometimes for certain people it becomes difficult to follow. Especially at retreats or during feasts this rule is not so strictly followed by some. Whereas in everyday life when they are in their own home this is not a problem. Anyhow, the above guideline given by Revered Baba is highly significant and we should follow it.

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