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Baba's Recommendation on Sadhana

Date: 19 Aug 2009 07:46:38 -0000 From: "Hariish Dev" To: Subject: Baba's Recommendation on Sadhana Baba "Ke go asiya'cho, madhu d'ha'liya'cho pra'n'er kan'a' kan'a'te..." (519) Purport: Oh most sweet Entity, Who are You-- by coming close, You have filled my heart with nectar. My whole being, my each and every molecule has been saturated with Your sweetness. You have brought the sweetness and You have made me forget my own suffering and difficulty. You did this by the grace of Your sweet smile. Your sweet smile has transformed my life from sorrowful to blissful. For You everyone is Your close; no one is alien. Baba, You have filled everyone's heart. Now there will not be any disparity in the society; there will not be any injustice or exploitation in this world. Negative things will not remain any longer. Baba, You have filled all the arenas of life with Your divine nectar. The whole creation, all expressions-- physical, psychic, spiritual, social, & political-- everything You filled with the spirituality...
Namaskar, Whenever opportunity allows, I speak with my Dada about my sadhana-- sometimes about certain blissful experiences and and other times about difficulties I was having. One time I was telling that when I sit in my sadhana room, which I made in the corner of my study place, and when I try to do sadhana sitting there then so many obstructive thoughts come which divert my mind - ike some sound or some phone calls, or the cry of the children etc. The central idea of my question was that most of the time doing sadhana in the house itself is very difficult. So I asked that what is the reason behind this? And how can I overcome this? Then he told his old personal experiences of Jamalpur and told that once he visited BABA and got opportunity to do field walk with HIM. The time was around 10 pm on spring (Phalguna) night.
'We were three persons along with BABA. And BABA was teaching about how to manage sadhana in the house. BABA told that in the past yogis were leaving the society and family and going away from town and village and living in the Himalayas. And there they were doing sadhana, dhyana etc.' 'Baba was saying that, naturally then the general public thinks that sadhana is not possible while maintaining family life and living in the house. Then BABA further said that leaving the society and family is not practical. Our Ananda Marga process of sadhana is easy, you can do it anywhere. There is no need to go to the Himalayas.' 'It is not so difficult to go out from the house and sit in one lonely place nearby. And doing sadhana in any lonely place under the tree or in the field or in any natural place will be much better than in the house. And if it is night time then need not to go to search any special place-- because during night there are many lonely, dark, and cool temperature places. But BABA emphasized, how the place should surely be a little isolated, clean, fresh air. AND away from house and interruptions. Then BABA was telling, you will feel the quality of sadhana will be improved.'
Then my Dada said, 'Since hearing this from Baba, then whenever I get time I go outside my house to practice my sadhana. I only face difficulty when it is pouring rain. Otherwise I like to go out. And I always find that sadhana is far better outside in comparison to practicing sadhana in the house where there are interruptions and disturbances.' 'Not only that even the lonely house where I was once living diverts my mind from sadhana. Especially when I sometimes open my eyes and see towards my books and files and personal items. But in a lonely field outside and away from the house or personal living place, such obstructions are not there.' 'Sometimes I found that when going far away is difficult then sitting outside the room or in our own lawn. Or behind the house in the kitchen-garden that is far better than inside the house.'
After I listened all these experiences I started following. And each and every step I found that by Baba's grace my concentration developed and I felt that by this way sadhana is far easy. Because when the mind is restless then sitting in one posture and closing eyes is headache or burden. And when sadhana is good then time passes quickly. Although cemetery sadhana is best, but when it is difficult to go there then any other place outside the house is conducive. It might a deserted field, or in some small forested area. Or some many places but surely where there is a natural surrounding & no human disturbances then that is very helpful. Only one problem I faced. That when I tell family members that I am going for 1/2 hour I always come very late. Sometimes 1 hr delay, sometimes two, and sometimes even 3 hr delay. The reasons is I forgot about keeping the time because time in sadhana passed so quickly. And then my parents and especially Mother scolds me for making delay in food. But gradually they got habituated and lately nobody cares about my returning. Furthermore after all it is BABA's grace, because without HIS grace nobody can do anything.
There are some more points which I will add here, which I got from my Dada and which I later experienced, when I tried. In some cases when houses are of a very economic type, then the whole family is living together in a few crowded rooms. And many activities are going on. Children are crying, the TV is on and some are watching, and some phone discussion is also going on from time to time. Not only that, the delicacies and dainties' fragrance is saturating all around the room if the kitchen is close by, and if someone is cooking. So the whole atmosphere is completely different than that which is conducive to spiritual practice. Then in that situation, there is no way than to just go out a few hundred meters away from the house or from the village. And sit in some clean, and unimportant isolated place. Why unimportant? Because if it is a common place then naturally people will come for different purposes. And that will unnecessarily disturb in sadhana. And if you get one unimportant congenial, isolated place which has proper fresh air. Then just you spread your tarpaulin first. And on the top, spread a mat and sit on that. And start practicing sadhana. Under any tree, for example.
Before, when I was not doing this thing. Then in my village people had confusion that Margis are not doing puja. They had some logic in their favor. They were thinking that because Ananda Margis are not participating in idol worship related with different temples, mosques, and church rituals or pujas or ceremonies. i.e. durga puja, kali puja, ganesh puja, chhath puja, satyanarayan puja, and hundreds of Gods and Goddesses related dogmatic rituals, etc. Because Margis don't participate in any of these. So dogmatic people had the belief that Ananda Margiis don't do anything. Or that they are atheist. But when I started doing my sadhana outside the village under some tree, then the negative feeling about the Marg in the mind of dogmatic people in my village, that is gone. In their way, they think that "Margis are doing something, remembering God." So that's how good things happened. And as we start doing more of this, then we as well as the general public will be benefited both in different ways.
We sadhakas will be benefited by going on and doing proper sadhana in an isolated place. Sadhana will be better. i.e. time, length, and quality of sadhana will be multiplied. Because Baba says, that isolated place is very conducive. Baba says, "It cannot be denied that the noise of the bustling world is a hindrance to intuitional practice and makes solitude very desirable." (EP, p.125) Baba says, "It is desirable to practise various lessons of sa'dhana' alone, in a lonely place." (GHC, p.40) So everyone will have their own experience about better and better sadhana, when they start doing in an isolated place. And these days, the opportunity for sadhana is far greater than it was in the past. Such obstacles in the society are no longer present which made it very difficult in past ages to do sadhana. Baba says, "Later on, with the further development of philosophy and science the number of impediments and obstacles faced by humans became fewer than those which the ancient humans faced while moving along the path of spirituality during the days of backward science and philosophy. The people of today do not have to labour quite as hard as Vaishishta and Vishvamitra had to do in order to discover the way to move ahead, because modern science and philosophy today are valuable aids to human progress. The people of today are able to realize the Supreme Entity in one life, or maybe in 15 to 20 years, for which they had to practice penance for lives together in the past." (AFPS-3) Here again Baba guides us: Baba says, "Spiritual progress is the only real progress. Those who deem mundane or psychic movement to be true progress are misguided and are wasting their time. Whatever Ka'l Purus'a giveth with one hand He taketh with the other." (AV-12, p.158) Kindly write your own thoughts and experiences. Namaskar, Hariish
******************************************** Use of Divine Powers
"As't'aeshvarya tumi cha'r'a', anye kare vivek-ha'ra'..." (PS 3333)
Note: In the above teaching Baba graciously guides us that only Parama Purusa knows how to utilise the divine powers-- no one else. If anyone has occult power then they misuse it. And it becomes the cause of their degradation. But some jinani Dadas are confused. They are telling that sadhakas should use occult powers for serving others. But these jinanis don't know that their delirium is pleasing to the ears only. The eternal truth is the aforesaid Baba's teaching.

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