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Proof of Rebirth

From: "Blissful Tide"
Subject: Proof of Rebirth
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 19:00:45


                               == PROOF OF REBIRTH ==

Note: A new sound file has been uploaded to the blog that address the point of reincarnation wherein one western professor has done extensive research and presented case studies. This shows how specialists in various fields have unknowingly began putting forth the views and ways of Ananda Marga. The sound file is in the upper left corner of this blog. The below letter is also related with this entire topic of rebirth.

As we all know our AM philosophy espouses the notion of rebirth. You must have read about this in our various our scriptures like Idea and Ideology and AM Elementary Philosophy.

In contrast, materialism does not believe in rebirth. That is  why it is such a hollow life approach. They think that consciousness and mind are mere byproducts of the brain - i.e. beyond the brain there is nothing. Without any conception of rebirth, the unit consciousness need not become elevated and strive for moksa. So the concept of the human personality is completely different in materialsm.

                                            THE SCIENCE OF REBIRTH
Here below Baba distinctingly discusses how rebirth is a part and parcel of our AM way of life.

Baba says, "One will have to reap the consequences of one’s past actions until one’s saḿskáras are exhausted. If one’s previous deeds were virtuous, life will be blessed, but if they were wicked, one will be branded as a sinner. Only when all good and bad reactions have been expressed do the bondages of vice and virtue snap open." (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life-9, The Science of Action)

In this next quote, Baba furthermore describes how humans will reborn as animals if they lead a degraded life.

Baba says, "One acquires a physical body according to the nature of one’s samskaras. A human being who behaves like a goat or a dog may be born as a goat or a dog in the next life, because such an animal body is the proper base for the congenial expression of the latent saḿskáras. Hence it is not at all impossible for a human being to be reborn as a hog, a worm, a tree, or even a piece of stone. One’s destiny will be decided according to the nature of one’s karma – this is an infallible law." (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life-7, Form and Formless)

Thus from top to bottom, rebirth is a well-known and accepted concept in our Marga.

                                        WAYS TO VERIFY REBIRTH

The professor in the aforementioned sound file did excellent research in finding highly meaningful case studies related with rebirth. So one should really listen to that file - what the professor is telling is in harmony with our perspective, especially point #2 noted below.

Here are ways to verify one's rebirth:

1. Before 1990, Baba would often do demonstrations and reveal a sadhaka's past life. In particular, Baba often used Ac Dasarathji as a medium in these demonstrations. This is a famous and well-known aspect of our AM history. This alone is enough to prove one's past life as Baba is all-knowing. So there is no question of one needing further evidence.

2. When a person dies and gets reborn as a human being on the same planet in a similar locale and time, then it is relatively easy to identify one's rebirth. These are the types of cases the professor puts forth in his study. The main thing is that time, space, and jiiva must be similar.

For instance, if one's prior birth was on a far distant planet or if one's prior birth was 1000 years ago or if one's prior birth was as an animal, then trying to verify their past-life stories is basically impossible for us. Whereas when all those factors are similar, it is much easier to put the pieces together and verify those accounts.

3. Actually in India, claims of rebirth are quite common as the general populace firmly believes in reincarnation and are therefore more attuned to this. In the US it is much lesson common but this professor did indeed come across some very convincing cases.

4. In India, many try to enhance their prestige by claiming to be the reincarnation of Shiva or Arjuna etc. This is extremely common as it is easier to try to become great by being an incarnation of a great soul from the past than to lead a great life right now. So in India there are a lot of false claims. That of course does not mean that the philosophy of reincarnation is defective, it just means that some self-serving people use it to satisfy their own agenda.

5. Baba has told how in the future when people's minds are more developed they will easily remember and understand their past life and they will meet and greet people on the street who were their relations (family, friends etc) in prior births.

6. In this present juncture, people primarily remember their past lives in just the first few years of their current birth. Here below Baba explains this science:

Baba says, "After death the disembodied mind floats in the vast space with its unexpressed saḿskáras. Later on, with the cooperation of the mutative principle, the disembodied mind finds a suitable physical base. The memory of its past life remains awake for approximately the first five years of its new life. Although the child remains in a new physical environment, mentally it continues to live the joys and sorrows of its previous life. That is why children sometimes laugh and cry in their sleep, and their mothers often think they are talking with God. In colloquial Bengali this is called deola kathá. In actual fact this laughter and crying is nothing but the reappearance of past memories. To re-experience past events one does not need the cooperation of the old brain. The newly-born mind has not yet had time to build a close relationship with the new brain. The revival of experiences of past lives is what we call “extra-cerebral memory”, and is principally the task of the causal mind. The child’s mind being unacquainted with the outside world and the new-born brain being inexperienced, his crude mind does not function much." (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell-4, Cerebral and Extra-Cerebral Memory)

                          CASE RESEARCH BY WESTERN PROFESSOR

One western university professor is talking about this subject. It is good that our AM ideas are being discussed in various circles. Do listen to his sound file in the upper left corner of our blogsite. The interview is quite interesting and matches will with our AM philosophy.


Note:                                      MORE ABOUT DEATH

For those who wish to read more about death and how one can realise Baba in this very life itself. They can check out this below letter.


                                       PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Toma'y khunje khunje priyo, din je ket'e ja'y..."  (P.S. 3982)


  Baba, my most adorable One, with deep longing in search of You my days are passing in vain. In the absence of getting You my whole life is gradually getting wasted. O' my dearmost, where have I not looked for You. I have wandered around and searched in the seven oceans, on the mountain peaks, as well as on the earth, and also in the caves-- in every nook and corner of this world, but alas I could not get You.  
   Baba, day and night, secretly I also searched You in the flower garden and in various holy lands and tiirthas-- all done in hopes of getting a glance at You. Baba I searched everywhere with the hope that one day I will find You. But, in the end, all my efforts were for naught.  
   Baba, with deep longing in my heart, I have also searched You in the galaxies, meteors, nebulae, and in the stars-- all around & everywhere. Also I searched for You in the dark, black coloured clouds on the rainy days, in the scorching heat of the summer season, as well as in the shade of the tree in springtime. Baba, I have searched for You with a deep yearning and longing in my heart; I have looked for You everywhere.
  Baba, by Your grace on one colourful golden dawn saturated in the effulgence & aroma of a newly blossoming flower, You have taken advent in my heart. Your grand arrival came after a long, deep, dark, & painful night of searching for You. But in the end You graced me and came in my mind. Baba, You are so gracious...

                              To Solve the Problem

Baba says, "All the urges and longings should be channelised and directed towards the Supreme. If this is done indomitable psychic force and invincible spiritual energy will grow from within. This will enable people to solve all the world's problems--economic, social, cultural, big and small. Unless one develops oneself in this way, as an ideal human being, one will not be able to solve any problem, no matter how madly one beats one's chest or how loudly one shouts slogans." (AMI-10, p.758)

Note: In the above quote Baba guides us that spirituality is an indispensable quality to solve the world's social problems, become a Prout leader. That means only with the great force of true spirituality and by serving others can one be an ideal Proutist and lead the society along the golden road of welfare.    

However on & off again a few persons start thinking that non-spiritually oriented activists can be ideal Proutists. They get duped into thinking that any atheistic so-called social leader who shouts aloud their battle cry for public welfare in the street has all the requisite qualifications to be a Prout leader.

But Baba gives the reply to those harboring such an imbalanced idea by guiding us  that devoid of spirituality a service mentality does not sprout in the mind.

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