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To Margii Artists

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 23:39:09 -0400 To: From: "J Ostrove" Vijaya@financialcorps... Subject: To Margii Artists Baba "Toma're khunjiya' gechi vane vane maner kon'e khunjiya' dekhini..." (2807) Purport: Baba I went on searching You in the external world, in the holy lands, in the forest, in the cave of the mountain, but I never tried to search You in the corner of my mind. I never looked there. I observed many types of penance and took trouble to travel to the various holy lands in search of You and I remained engaged in external worship using the traditional paraphernalia with lots of ostentation. All the while I never understood that You are remaining so close to me-- this I never thought. Oh Baba, oh divine Entity, You are always sitting in the mind and You love me very deeply and intimately. And You shower Your love on everyone day and night. With my little intellect what I understood, I tried to execute that with my full strength and energy. I remained lost in various attachments. I also searched You through the exploration of knowledge-- remaining busy with pen, paper and ink. By this way my time got wasted. And I could never catch hold of You. But by Your causeless grace now I understand that You are always hiding in my mind. Your divine flute is always resonating. Baba, You are always gracious...
Namaskar, At the beginning of the film we can show a picture of a baby being born: An infant pure and innocent who comes into this world with no belongings and no possessions. Then the film can immediately flash to a person dying and how they leave this earth with no objects or earnings. Thereafter graphic disparities of wealth can be depicted wherein some own mansions and airplanes while others have not a morsel of food to eat nor a piece of clothing to wear. This 25 second sequence will set the stage and give the idea that we come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing, yet in the span in between so much exploitation and corruption occurs. All of which is avoidable if we learn to treat one another as brother and sister, as family members on this earth. Already many in the world are moving towards this truth-- to some or more degree-- and our film can take it one step further.
In a film for AM pracara, we can highlight the idea that all the conflicts that occur on this earth are man-made. And that the singular solution to all these problems is found in a radical shift in thinking. And what is that shift in thinking: That we all come from one God and that everything on this earth belongs to Him. All are kith and kin and all the objects in this world are meant to sustain one and all, and not be hoarded by a few. Until that divine realisation occurs, the gross disparities and violent conflicts will not stop. Regardless of one's religious or social outlook, the only practical way to bring peace in the social sphere is to adopt a spiritual outlook where there is one Parama Purusa and all are our brother and sisters. To the degree that one falls fails to understand and realise this truth, is the degree to which one will be prone to falling into the trap of materialism, with all its greed and inhumane treatment of others. In an artistic and visual way, our margiis cinematographers and film-makers can think how to present this in a short pracara film. Around the globe, people are looking for answers and it will not be long before they realise that an Obama presidency or such & such bailout are not the answer. The world is quickly running out of answers and possibilities. Only the ideals of AM are the solution, and films are a wonderful way to plant the answer in people's minds, in seed form.
In one family, where a mother has 5 sons, then all are expected to treat each other in a brotherly way, with love and respect. This is not an unheard of notion. And if one brother is disabled or autistic and needs extra support, it would be looked upon as mean-minded and cruel to let that one brother suffer. No one would appreciate that behaviour. This analogy everyone on this planet can understand. All that is needed is to project this same sense of caring and family feeling to the greater humanity.
To get this that point, a few basic ideals are needed. An outlook that encompasses one and all as part of our own universal family as well as the idea that the resources on this earth are limited. Only through family feeling and rational distribution can we escape the torment and torture that now pervades this earth. The glue behind it all is a truly God-centered and universal outlook. All want happiness yet the present social order does not and will not satisfy that yearning for happiness. And people are looking for answers. The above may sound basic; it may sound too far out there; this may sound so many things. But if we do not amplify this idea soon, others will beat us to to it. If they haven't already. And while we do not need to get the credit per se, the fact remains that only the teachings of AM really are the solution. There are many things that may sound like the solution, when in fact they will fail to give the right answer.
Human life is short and if we can help instill the notion that we are all part of the same family then that will be a great boon for humanity. There are many ways to make such a film. Our margii artists will know the best way to proceed. Such films will help bring people together and open their eyes to the great wonder that really can manifest on this earth-- if we truly realise we are all one, part of that same human family, living under the sweet shelter of One Supreme Entity. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Baba says, "None of the movable or immovable property of this universe belongs to any particular individual; everything is the common patrimony of all, and the Father of all is Brahma. All living beings can enjoy their rightful share of this property, like members of a joint family in the Da'yabha'ga system. As members of a joint family, human beings should safeguard this common property in a befitting manner and utilize it properly. They should also make proper arrangements so that everyone can enjoy it with equal rights, ensuring that all have the minimum requirements of life to enable them to live in a healthy body with a sound mind." "We must not forget, even for a single moment, that the entire animate world is a vast joint family. Nature has not assigned any portion of this property to any particular individual. Private ownership has been created by selfish opportunists, as the loopholes in this system provide them with ample scope for self-aggrandizement through exploitation. When the entire wealth of the universe is the common patrimony of all living beings, can the system in which some roll in luxury, while others, deprived of a morsel of food, shrivel up and starve to death bit by bit, be said to have the support of dharma?" (POD #1) Namaskar, Vijaya
*************************************** Health Guideline: Cause of Cancer
Remaining awake after midnight and sleeping after sunrise comes under the definition of being awake at night and sleeping during the day. And that very condition invites cancer: Baba says "Persons... [who] sleep during the day and keep late nights are most likely to be attacked by cancer." (YT, p. 19) Note: Sleeping during the day does not just mean at taking a nap in the afternoon or in the late morning. Sleeping during the day also means not getting up in the early morning for paincajanya.

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