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Moral Problem: Sisters WT TC

From: Sa'dhika' To: Subject: Moral Problem: Sisters WT TC Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 22:50:28 Baba "Toma'r a'ma'r bha'loba'sa' keu va ja'ne, keu ja'ne na'..." (P.S. 1423) Purport: Baba, You love me and I love You. This very fact is not commonly known. Baba, about my and Your love, a few may recognise but many not. Some believe that love between the unit and the vast is indeed possible, but some do not believe this eternal truth. When the garland is prepared with only an insignificant thread, some think that it is just a collection of flowers. While others can understand that this garland represents the very sweet feeling and deep loving relation for Whom it is made. Nobody cares to recognize that on even small dew drops the whole sun is reflecting. In a similar way, the unit carries a deep loving relation with Parama Purusa. And in its little heart, Parama Purusa remains close by. How much energy one little molecule can assimilate, the ordinary intellect does not realise-- nay cannot recognise. The little flower which is dancing keeping the nectar in its heart, that is the entire sweetness of the flower and its meaningful existence. In the same way, the beauty of human beings is to carry the loving feeling for Parama Purusa in their heart. That is the Goal of life. And then life becomes successful...
Namaskar, Our AM Childrens' Homes are meant to be special places for those young ones without parents. We are to cultivate a loving and nurturing environment and instill in them a sense of godhood so that these children also feel that they are cared for on this earth. Our standard practice is to teach them that their Father is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji and in their daily life they practice this also. By that way they do not feel shelterless, rather they feel loved. And if you ask them who their father is, they will reply, "Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji". Just as any of our sannyasis would say. Purposely then, the term "orphanage" was and is never attached with our AM Children's Homes as everyone in this world is the child of Parama Purusa-- so no one is an orphan. Everyone is the blessed child of the Lord. With this great ideal our children's homes came into being. So it is such a shame, if not sinful, that even our social service projects aimed at the welfare of children have also gotten entangled in the ethical issue that is discussed below.
Before I recount to you the tales of our home girls, you should know that I am a margii in Bangalore and I regularly visit the Didis training centre in Bangalore. I treat the home girls who have been brought to this TC as mine; I love them as my daughter. So this is my family relation with them. And I feel it my duty and responsibility as a margii to look after and serve them. As many of you may know, earlier the sisters WT training centre was in better condition, but ever since all the Home Girls from Uma Nivas (Ananda Nagar) were deposited here, the training centre has become a different sort of place. One which you will all find out about shortly. Anyway to continue, when the home girls used to come to town for marketing and for their various duties, then I would sometimes see them. They were some of the few who were sincere in wanting to become wt's and with whatever courage they had, they would share with me some of the things they were up against in their struggle to live a decent life in our sisters WT training centre. OK then, let us begin...
...As you all know, around the globe and throughout Delhi sector we have our AM children's homes-- some for boys and some for girls. And while there may be difficulties in our overseas children's homes, the events following described below are related with Delhi sector. And these are all events that I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears. In our AM Childrens Home, when these girls 'come of age' then rather than give them a broad vision and choice for how they would like to pursue their life-- either as a distinguished family person or a respected wt, before this ever happens, many Dadas have already "selected" which girl they want. This is especially the case in Ananda Nagar, among other places. So before they even get to experience their early adulthood, these young blossoms have already become the bedmate of one of more Dadas. And in places like Ananda Nagar those Dadas can "stop in" anytime, as they like. And then disappear. All of which leads to extreme confusion, disillusionment, and instability in the lives of those young girls. So rarely, if ever, are our young childrens home girls allowed to keep their innocence and honour; and rarely are they given the choice of getting married or not. Already they have been branded as being the property of one or another Dada. This is the well known fact. Many of the cases are documented and many more will be revealed in the next few days.
Regarding the childrens home girls, what happens next is truly unbelievable. If it were not for the fact that I met things girls on numerous occasions, I really would not know what to think. Of course amongst Wt circles this stage is well known, and slowly but surely more margiis are coming to know the truth. In order to end this injustice, here following is the story of what happens next to those home girls.
According to the ease and convenience of various Dadas, on one sunny afternoon, all those home girls were shipped en masse to WT Training Centre-- to Bangalore in the south. As we all know, such a decision of going to TC is supposed to be a well-thought out decision of every trainee-to-be, and it is not meant to happen under the pressure of circumstance. But H group lost control of the children's home in Uma Nivas (AN) which is where these girls were living. And there those girls were growing and planning to get married or attend college etc. But when H group lost control of Uma Nivas, then to keep these girls in their grip, H group shipped all these home girls down to the sister's training centre in Bangalore-- to become wts. Thus for all those home girls who have nowhere else to go, after coming of age they are shipped directly to TC. Yet many do not want to be there. They have neither the emotional stability nor the spiritual desire to become a wt. This is the case with most.
This then becomes a big problem for the trainer Didi. Because suddenly she has been deposited with "a whole crew of trainees" who mostly have no desire to be there. But as they have no parents and no money, they have nowhere else to go. And top of all, H group administration have given the order that they should be there. Many of those girls long to be married and become a mother one day and give the love and affection to their child what they themselves did not get. But this dream remains that-- just a dream. So now internally they are thinking they will pass and become WT and then choose someone with whom to start family life. They openly talk about this. For the time being though, they are pressed into TC and they get phone calls fortnightly from their various Dadas who are calling about them. And they talk and naturally you can imagine what is said. Let it be known that the situation is not good, and what is spoken on the phone is not something dharmic. As for those few girls who have the desire to be wt, they understand that what is happening is not right and they wonder if this is TC or something else. For this reason the whole environment of TC is not good. And not only that, they are watching love story movies, and they talk so much about the opposite sex and they openly discuss marriage and which Dadas they are "connected" with. This all happens inside the walls of the sisters WT TC (Bangalore).
Here are a few simple suggestions: (1) The Home Girls should not be categorically sent to WT training centre. Becoming WT is a personal decision-- it is not something to be imposed upon another. To send all the home girls is polluting the wt training environment. (2) Plus grown-up home girls who do not want to become wts should not live together with trainee sisters. Because many devoted and devotional sisters from all around the country reach Bangalore to become wt and they are forced to live with some other types of girls who are planning and dreaming to get married. This mixing does not work. Thank you for considering these suggestions. Here is more about this story...
The trainer Didi is then under pressure as to how to handle the situation. Because instead of training wts, her TC has become nothing but an extension of the children's home, and most of the girls are "linked" with one or more Dadas-- even top posted Dadas. So Didi is under pressure to keep a tight lid on the situation and protect the investment of those Dadas. And as you might have guessed, one day those poorly treated girls often do become Didis, and then guess how their time is spent: As the playthings of certain Dadas. Rarely are they able to escape from this downward spiral of life. And the same happens-- though to a lesser degree-- with the boys in our children's homes. Some of those cases are also noted below. In this present era, however, it is often the girls who are more prone to this type of mistreatment and abuse.
All in all, this is a most shocking situation and it is such a sticky net where there are so many complex injustices involved, it is hard to begin how to untangle such a mess. Firstly those poor girls are robbed of their innocence; then they are forced to forgo the decency of marriage and thrust into sannyasi life where they will be guarded by their Dada; and finally there is the aspect of how they will live as a Didi when they never got that training in the first place. That is what those poor girls face. And what does our AM face: Potentially the law. Which as we all know is cracking down harshly on children's sex rackets. If this scandal were to break on the international news, then where would we be. And some may say, 'Well then why are you writing about it on the email!'. And the answer is that, 'All other channels have been attempted and nothing was done!'. Still the problem is simmering if not boiling. With a concerted effort we should ensure such a depraved era comes to an end. It is an emotional mess, an ethical mess, a sinful mess, and something that should never ever have happened in the first place. But it did. And now as tantrikas, as moralists, as sadhakas, and as guardians, it is our duty to boldly and swiftly address this issue. Ultimately it should be done out of the love of our heart for those young tender girls who have suffered so. That should motivate all. Even then, if some are not so moved, then consider this. Should Interpol or any agency get wind of this, it would be the scandal of the century for our Marga. Each and every day from Thailand to Japan to the USA, such rackets are uncovered and reported and it reaches the headlines of every respectable newspaper around the globe. And thereafter jail sentence are issued. I do not think anything more need be said. Suffice to say a swift & clean resolution is the order of the day.
Regarding this entire series of WT sex gangs and Home Girls' debacle, our duty is to come forward and protect the situation. When facing such a crisis, we must not hide all this garbage and sweep it under the rug. Senior margiis must talk and come to a solution. Failing that, typically what happens is that some WT sex scandal breaks out in one unit but nobody talks about it outside their unit. And then the transfer orders come for that WT to move onto their next posting with a new name and then the same thing occurs in the next unit. Why? Firstly because that wt never had to rectify themselves and secondly because margiis were not notified by the other unit about what this Dada or Didi did. And indeed there are countless of cases like this. Surely we all know of one, two, three, or even six. Let us remember that in certain countries, there is big taboo not to talk about rape, sex diseases, or AIDS and in those lands where such topics are taboo, then the problem multiplies, spreads, and seethes due to utmost neglect. Until finally it becomes a world-wide issue where countless governmental agencies and NGO's get involved to stop the mess. For example in Africa they do female genital mutilation and now the whole globe is involved to stop this. All are involved from various countries. Such a disaster should not happen to our Marga. Then how will the people ever trust us again to be messenger's of Baba's divine mission. Let us act now and face the reality, rather than drown in it later.
By Baba's grace the floors, walls, and halls of our AM will be cleaned inside and out and we will proudly march forward and bring the whole humanity onto the path of bliss. Baba says, "Today I earnestly request all rational, spiritual, moral, fighting people to build a sadvipra society without any further delay. Sadvipras will have to work for all countries, for the all-round liberation of all human beings. The downtrodden people of this persecuted world look to the eastern horizon, eagerly awaiting their advent. Let the blackness of the new-moon night be lifted from the path of the downtrodden. Let the new human beings of a new day wake up to a new sunrise in a new world. With these good wishes I conclude my discourse." (HS-2) In Baba's above quote, sadvipra does not mean one showpiece with a high name plate, but rather a devoted soul who has the AM mission in the depths of their heart. Namaskar, Sa'dhika'
These childrens homes are run on international donations so for this reason it is important for margiis around the globe to be aware about this incident.
***************************************** We Should Take Lesson
Baba says, "If one stays away from objects of attraction, one has no chance of using them and they may thus gradually lose their attraction; while if one is near them one may be attracted towards them more." (AMEP, 98 Edn, p.126) Note: Reading negative articles, crude books & literature, filthy magazines, and watching crude movies invites degeneration.

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