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Some Still Praise Him

Date: 30 Sep 2008 23:28:03 -0000 From: "Gregory Hamick" To: Subject: Some Still Praise Him Baba "Toma'ri deoya' pra'n'e, toma'ri deoya' mane..." (PS 3624) Purport: Baba, You are the Giver of Life. This very existence of mine has been bestowed upon me by You. This very mind of mine has been given to me by You. Now by Your grace, my whole mind and heart, which have been given to me by You, are focused solely on Your meditation-- ideating on You. Baba You are my Goal and my sadhana revolves around You. I am thinking only about You. Baba, by Your grace I understand that everything belongs to You. Except You, nothing exits. You are everything. Baba, I love You so much; I am crying for You; I have so much longing for You. I want that You should come close to me-- in my sadhana, in my dhyana. Besides You there is no one who is mine. I do not have anyone. But You are not coming close. Baba, why do You remain far away, O' Heartless One. Why do You remain forgetful of me. Why are You throwing me aside and instead going to some far distant place. Baba, please come close; those things which I have kept in the casket of the inner core of my heart I want to whisper in Your ear. And among them, one of them is the intense desire to get You. Baba, I have so many intimate things to tell You. I have so many thoughts to share with You. O' Baba, my only request is that I should get You. Baba, please be gracious. Baba, due to my crude mind, for ages and ages I remained oblivious about You. I was not keeping You in my mind. Baba, I do not know how long it has been that I have forgotten You. During that time I just danced in the rhythm of this crude material world. I was just infatuated, intoxicated and engrossed with the mundane allurements of the relative sphere. O' my dearmost, today You have graced me and made me understand, that I am only Yours. By Your infinite compassion, all my thoughts, plans, programs, aspirations, sorrows, happiness, desires-- everything revolves only around You. Baba, You are my Polestar; You are my everything, I surrender at Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, Still in some areas-- especially the west-- the general society has a strong fascination for M.K. Gandhi. Sometimes it literally seems like they never tire of singing his praises and using his figure as the measuring rod for greatness and beyond. Harvard scholars hold Gandhiji as their holy exemplar and the common masses tout Gandhiji as being the personification of peace. Like this so many naively raise Gandhi's name as being one of the real greats. However in our Marga, Gandhiji is not 'our man'. Rather Baba Himself has strongly pointed out many of the extreme defects of Gandhism. While such a position could run dozens of pages in length, here below is a short overview of some of the common points.
Indeed nowadays each and every intelligent Proutist / Ananda Margii knows well that Baba his unequivocally stated that Gandhi's teachings experienced an early death-- and they got wiped off of this planet many, many decades ago. So what to speak of being a seer or visionary for the society, Gandhiji is just one outdated character. Baba says, "The philosophy of Gandhi died before India got independence-- it died long before Gandhi died." (PE) By Baba's above teaching it is clear that Gandhism died more than a half-century ago. Means it already died. It is not existing anymore and thus has no practicality or prana (life). This is Baba's teaching. But in the mind of 1 or 2 very weak persons sometimes Gandhism appears as a hallucination. And in that dreamy state they write something on the basis of their imagination, hallucination. But we Ananda Margiis should be perfectly clear about the inabilities and drawbacks of Gandhiji's imbalanced and harmful teachings.
Here below Baba points out the twisted, hypocritical nature of Gandhism Baba says, "The so-called Gandhian doctrine of non-violence certainly lacked simplicity." (S.C.- 5, disc #33) So Gandhism lacked the clarity and straightforwardness of dharma and instead muddled around in the dark and murky waters of self-contradiction and deception. Here Baba points out more of the inherent defects of Gandhiji's ways. Baba says, "Mahatma Gandhi did not channelize this awakened mass consciousness along the path of struggle. Rather, the so-called originality of all Mahatma Gandhi's principles and policies was directed into a negative and passive movement which was adverse to struggle." (S.C.-5, disc #33) So here above, Baba is revealing the fact that Gandhism is a blatantly misguided doctrine and that Gandhi's non-violence movement was pessimistic and useless. It did not give any proper yield. Rather it led the masses into despair, poverty, and countless sufferings.
Plus, as we all know, Gandhiji was just a tool or pawn of the capitalists. Gandhi sold out-- giving away his own blood as well as Indian soil to the ruling capitalists of the day. For a little notoriety, he sold his soul to the western capitalists. And all this is common documented fact accepted by the people. And in His historic discourse in Shabda Cayanika Baba exposes this truth. And here below Baba shows how their entire platform lacked any vitality. Baba says, Regarding "the leaders of the Independence movement [Gandhi etc], I (Shrii P.R. Sarkar) would like to say that those leaders [Gandhi etc] did not have any social awareness or revolutionary zeal, or had no clear cut constructive political strategy or socioeconomic program." (S.C.- 5, disc #33)
Here again in His below teachings Baba critiques Gandhi's showy and negative leadership. Baba says, "What they [Gandhi etc] wanted was to whip up public sentiment against the British in various ways, and by angering them, to reap the harvest of political freedom by lightly applying the sickle of political agitation in the country." (S.C.- 5, disc #33) But we Ananda Margiis know that the reality is that Gandhiji was the tool of capitalist blood suckers. Gandhiji divided India into three pieces and he is the cause of the butchering and death of millions and millions of innocent citizens. The harsh and politically motivated division of India was one of the worst blood baths in the history of humanity. A huge massacre happened when India became divided and the innocent masses were desperately running as mere refugees in their own land-- trying to find refuge. Gandhi destroyed the lives of untold families and communities. That is why today common Indian citizens understand Gandhi's duplicity and hypocrisy. And they hate him for this also because Gandhi created that type of misery which could not be easily healed. So on this point all Ananda Margiis are clear and we should spread this truth in those various western circles when the occasion arises.
By Baba's grace may we move ahead carrying the touchstone of Baba's divine teachings to the people. Baba says, "Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on its one side and the worn-out skeletons of the past on the other. People have to adopt either of these two. You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshipers of Life Divine, hence I call you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious light. Victory is surely yours." (Ananda Vanii) Namaskar, Gurumurti
In India it is well known amongst the common people-- and certainly with margiis-- that Gandhiji's teachings were nothing but a scab or scar on the society. It caused endless problems from the wonton destruction of public property to the blatant rejection of needed technological advances. By this negative philosophy, Indian nearly faded into oblivion during the 20th century. The rest of the world was building rockets and high speed engines and computers etc, and Gandhiji was leading the masses back onto the archaic spinning wheel. This was his so-called greatness. That is why in India many have come to the realisation that Gandhiji just created hell in the society and they do not like to hear or see his name anymore. Still a few are misguided on this point but most are understanding. That is why they are calling for the removal of his statues at various city centers and chowks, and in the intellectual community they understand well that Gandhiji's loose preachings are static and fit for the round filing cabinet-- ie trash bin. Indeed in the hearts of the people Gandhiji died years back. So it is only in the west that some unknowing person got glued up in adoring Gandhi.
Every so often one of our AM magazines commits a small faux pas if not a more serious error by highlighting the feats of Gandhi. Needless to say this is totally wrong and unacceptable. We should eliminate such mistakes from happening. Because if we ourselves propagate the dead teachings of Gandhi then how can we lead the society onto the path of light. Again this is not a common occurrence since most are understanding well about Gandhiji's defects and flaws. However even then one or two people let negative statement slip through their fingers and in turn Gandhiji gets highlighted in our AM magazines. Here below are a couple of misguided things that appeared in our AM magazines about Gandhi. Needless to say such mistakes should not be repeated. "Mahatma Gandhi is adorned as a great man not because of his intellectual height or political acumen. ... The secret of his power was his morality. He never asked anyone to do anything what he did not practice himself. For political expediency, he never compromised with morality and his ideology." "Gandhi wielded power to inspire the masses (Indian masses) for action, Gandhi possessed strong moral force." So statements such as the above are nonsense and should be torn from published materials made by our misguided magazine editors. Baba Himself has never supported Gandhiji's politics so neither should our magazine editors. Ours is the voice of the eternal and dharma, and not the outdated cries & whisperings of the dead.
******************************************** How Lukocuri (Hide and Seek) Works
Baba says, "The Supreme Truth is hiding; you are chasing Him and He is hiding behind you. And again you are chasing Him and again He is hiding. It is like a hide-and-seek game. And He is happy about that. You are chasing Him and chasing Him and chasing Him and He is hiding [from] you, and you want to chase Him again."(AV-31) Note: In His above teaching, Baba is presenting one description of the devotional play-- 'hide and seek'. But that is not the only definition of the divine play of hide and seek. In Ananda Vacana'mrtam part 13 (Hindi) chapter 7, pg 66, Baba explains the devotional concept of hide and seek in a whole new way. There Baba tells that when under the spell of maya, then sadhakas think that Parama Purusa is far. So when a sadhaka is thinking like this that is the stage of Hide. Because they feel that He is away somewhere-- out of sight. Whereas when they think that Parama Purusa is close then they feel that they have found Him. So by this new definition, the whole liila of hide and seek depends solely upon the unit mind. Parama Purusa Himself is not intentionally anywhere. Rather His presence is just dependent upon the sadhaka's state of mind. By this way we can see that the divine liila of hide and seek is not totally beyond the understanding of the jiivas. Because Baba's explanation from AV-13 (H) gives a very rational explanation about hide and seek where it is just a matter of one's own unit feeling-- nothing more. When we think He is far then that is His hiding and when think He is close then we have found Him. That is the entire thing. Furthermore Baba explains this same idea in the following shloka.
Du'ra't sudure tadiha'ntike ca pashyatsvihaeva nihitam' guha'ya'm.
Baba says, "If you think that He is very far from you, He will remain forever beyond your reach. If you think that He is near, He will be so near that you need not move even an inch to attain Him." (AMIWL-5)

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