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Not A Saint But A Hypocrite

Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 22:05:16
From: Prakash Deva
Subject: Not A Saint But A Hypocrite


"Tumi esecho bha'lobesecho phule hesecho..." (PS 2778)


Baba, by Your divine grace You have come and loved me and You are smiling like the flowers. Baba, by Your grace You have brought the message of hope along with You, and infused the feeling of optimism in my heart. My mind which was clouded with hopelessness has now gotten new light by Your august arrival. Baba, You are gracing me by singing Your divine songs.

Baba, You have inundated this entire universe with the nectar of immortality. With the sweet and gentle breeze and with the warmth of the heart, You have graciously infused devotion within each and every created being of this expressed universe - by this way You go on divinely dancing [1]. From the
mountain peaks down to the ocean depths up to the deep blue sky, everywhere You have saturated everything in Your divine love.

Baba, You have divinely vibrated the great sky with the eternal sonorous sound of Your nu'pur [2]. Hearing the attractive melody of Your divine flute, my heart and mind sways in bliss. Baba, You have graciously lit the lamp of devotion in my heart; my entire existence-- my every atom and molecule - is ensconced in the bliss of Your supreme ideation.

Baba, with Your sweet and charming smile, You have come in my heart and loved me. Baba, You have showered causeless grace...


[1] Divinely Dancing: This entire universe is His divine dance; all the flora, fauna, everything is His expression and moving according to His rhythm. That is why Baba has given the title of one book as, "The Eternal Dance of the Macrocosm".

[2] Nu'pur: The literal meaning of Nupur is ankle bell but here it does not mean that Baba is dancing on the stage in a large performance hall with an ankle bell on His foot, just like other dancers do. Rather His divine ankle bell represents the expression of that eternal sound: Omnkara. So ankle bell means one of the sounds of divine realisation. For Baba's descriptive discourse about the sounds of realisation please refer to His famous discourse titled, 'The Six Stages of Realisation', which is the third chapter of His book, "Nama'mi Krs'n'a Sundaram".



Baba says, "During the struggle for independence, a great blunder was committed by Mahatma Gandhi. In order to show his innocence, he said that he would not support the communal award, but nor would he vote against it. That is, indirectly he supported it. At that time he should have said, 'No. I do not support the communal award'...But Mahatma Gandhi neither supported it nor opposed it. He committed a great blunder. At that time he should have said that we can neither split the country nor disintegrate it. What happened to the country after this was due to the Himalayan blunder committed by Mahatma Gandhi. As a result of the communal award, the country was trifurcated into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This was the result of the blunder of Mahatma Gandhi." (20 Oct 1990)

In His above teaching Baba is exposing the hypocritical ways of Gandhiji. Due to Gandhi's coward-like and duplicitous ways, India got chopped into three pieces. In the west however, Gandhi is given regal if not saintly status. Means capitalists praise Gandhi up to the sky because Gandhi's theories are conducive to the growth of capitalist exploitation.

So the capitalists support Gandhi and proclaim him to be one saint.

On this point a few margiis are also confused; they think Gandhiji is divine. From time to time, simple margiis raise Gandhiji's flag and praise his greatness. However, putting forth a vote for Gandhi and supporting his theories only means delaying revolution.

Gandhi made a pact with the Britishers. The conniving Britishers were pushing hard to divide India and Gandhiji supported Britain's negative approach. So Gandhiji just became the tool of British exploitative machinery.


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