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Spirituality Inside WT Campus

Date: 21 Aug 2009 11:37:21 -0000 From: "Surya Rao" To: Subject: Spirituality Inside WT Campus BABA "Tumi a'ma'r a'tma' maner a'dha'r priyo sarva'dha'r..." P.S. 4588 Purport: Baba, You are my soul; You are the base of my mind. O' my dearmost, You are the base of everything. Everything is depending upon You; everything is revolving around You. In life, in death, in both these things You are existing all the time. In my life You are everything and after my death also You are everything. Baba, You are the sun of the day, and the moon of the night. Baba You are the stars, nebulae, & galaxies-- You are everything. Days and nights come and go by Your order. Baba, You are the controller of everything. The first time I experienced Your divine effulgence in my life, then I lost myself completely. Baba, with Your divine effulgence please remove all my samskaras, all my negativity, and make my life successful. Baba You are my Soul of souls, Heart of hearts-- You are my everything. I surrender myself completely unto You...
Namaskar, Nowadays in this present crisis, the main issue has been that since 1990 those controlling the organisation have not been practicing Baba's teachings and ideology. Rather people were thinking that AM ideology is for others-- not me. Those controlling were thinking like this and also in some rare cases 1 or 2 margiis also got misguided-- those who are power hungry etc. In all such instances they were proclaiming loudly that 'Baba's teaching is for the society and we are exempt'. But that dogma has gotten rooted out, gradually. But because Baba's teachings could not come in the practice in everyone's personal life, so a few people's personality could not grow properly. Or those who are in power were thinking that they were perfect and qualified. When in actuality they were not. By that way they could not carry the responsibility to establish that very ideology which they themselves did not like to follow. And because they were not following then if other workers showed any inkling of interest in following Baba's things, then those sincere workers got harassed and tortured. Especially all these misdeeds started happening after 1990. So the atmosphere of AM is that the ideology is something very lofty, very high-- "A'tmamoks'a'rtham' jagaddhita'ya ca"; but in practical life the standard of general Wts is not like that. So this is the practical experience how these things are happening these days. And how general workers are doing in their day to day life. This is one scene or sketch which I have personally seen how this all unfolds. And it is not just with one Dada but I have seen such type of mistreatment happen with so many Dadas; means numerous field workers undergo this difficulty. Thus this is not just a story of-- this is actually going on in our present day AMPS organisation. And this whole report is based on this idea where seniors are destroying the sadhana of the junior workers.
Baba tells us, "Dhruva had been sitting in prolonged meditation. As Dhruva was but a young boy and was making steady progress on the spiritual path the other great sadhakas became alarmed. Indra, Barun and Agni were concerned that they would lose their prestige if this continued so they began to conspire against him." (AV-4, p. 67) Because of this entire negative scene, then for that reason all sorts of negative things have taken shape in our Marga. Please read the following. The main point of this letter is that when in our Marga the philosophy is-- morality is the base, sadhana is the means, and Baba is the goal, then why is there this group clash and spilling of blood. Where one WT is hungry for the blood of another WT. Why like this? Many concerned margiis are also seriously wondering how these belligerent minded people lived together under one shelter for all these long years.
If we seriously think about the reason why this negative situation has surfaced in our AMPS, then we will find that, for the most part, it is due to negligence of spiritual practices. Because of lack of proper sadhana, the mind got degenerated. And in result mean thoughts, mean ideation and mean objective of goal of life-post, power, purodhaship or purodha pramukhaship etc. These negative thoughts and desires dominated. This is not to say that spiritual practices is neglected by everyone in our organisation. But if anyone sincerely tries to do sadhana, then they were discouraged, demoralized, and abused or tortured. Because if one thinks seriously about that why these terrible things are happening or happened in our AMPS, then by understanding about human psychology one will easily reach to the answer. Authorities / seniors are thinking that if juniors will start doing better sadhana or long sadhana then the respect of seniors will be punctured. Because senior authorities have neither the mind nor the physical strength to do long sadhana or regular cemetery sadhana or following strictly 16 Points etc. So when brahmacariis, fairly young WTs, with enthusiasm they want to do sadhana, they receive no support. Rather they get victimised, get leg-pulling, or taunting from their seniors. Plus circumstantial pressure is created by giving them useless projects and demoralising them by various reports and reviews. Here I have to add one thing. I am not talking about those who are lazy and do not want to do any work and instead want to close their eyes and sit. But I am talking about such Wts whose out-turn is good, better than average WTs, and they are engaged in social service projects sincerely. In spite of all this, if they follow a strong routine of sadhana, instead of gossiping and sleeping more and snoring (even in daytime), then all sorts of problems come that I am narrating in this letter. If you misuse the time in sleep, snoring and gossiping around then there is no problem, you will not be victimised for that because majority is doing like that. But if whatever little leisure time you have and you sincerely want to utilise that in doing sadhana, then jealous motivated authorities will create countless problems for you. They will taunt like 'great yogi, always lives in samadhi', 'look a yogi advented from the Himalayas, we should sit around and get blessing'. And side by where you are doing sadhana they will talk loudly that 'we will also catch his tail and reach salvation'. And some talk nearby that 'hey smell how sweet aroma and fragrance is vibrating whole air, we are fortunate to pass by'. And various types of taunting they do. In that atmosphere then what concentration and what sadhana one can do. And when you are not doing sadhana even then they will taunt you that, 'when you are going to get realised'. And some will say, 'give me also some little grace'. So many things like this. Mostly this happens in WT meetings. In this way the whole atmosphere of WT gatherings and way of surviving is just extroverted, degenerated. The central idea is that deep motivation towards sadhana is not at all appreciated. Rather it creates big problem. Anywhere, whether in the field or in the meetings / gatherings. So you can imagine that in this harsh atmosphere, then what type of standard is there of our WT brothers and sisters. Because of all these reasons one rather feels to go and earn some money by doing some job or business than to convince some wealthy, monied person to donate some huge amount for big projects. Because to inspire others it needs a mind which has a strong spiritual base. Entire point is that in so many ways victimisation occurs to young, sincere WTs. And in result young WTs, whether brahmacariis or Avadhutas, they stopped doing sadhana out of fear. So the whole trend is full of duplicity and hypocrisy. One may believe or not believe, but this is the hard reality which I know personally. That is why Avadhutas and Acaryas are moving around with saffron robes, but in real sense their mind has remained stained and stained. Earlier it was not easy to speak like this, but now people are ready to read such type of things that is why I am writing. Because you yourself think. Would you have read this type of letter earlier, means before all this negative group clash. If you read this letter then, would you have believed it? If your answer is 'yes', then surely you know better than average. But since last 13 years this trend of groupism and victimisation is growing & growing, more & more.
Here again it should be clarified that mostly authorities fall in this category of not doing sadhana and terrorising others if they try to sincerely involve in their spiritual practices. And authorities does not just mean just a few highly posted Purodhas but rather authorities refers to so many supervisory workers across the globe who are in positions of leadership-either in their sector, region, or as a global worker. Hence those enthusiastic WTs who want to do sadhana, they always face big crisis. Because the top posted workers created this negative scene and the vibration then shoots throughout the organisation-- from top to bottom. In contrast if the top posted WTs are ok then the whole organisation will be alright. And this is not an unusual thing in human life that negative persons create hindrances in the life of sadhus. Wherever or whenever anyone starts doing sadhana then this thing happens. Means then the selfish minded forces / authorities start opposing. One such story has appeared in one of Baba's discourses which I posted above about the young boy Dhruva. So in our organisation, AMPS, the situation is the same as described in that story. In their own way senior authorities are disturbing, terrorising and threatening those who wanted to be sincerely involved in meditation.
But we have to understand that without giving importance of sadhana, to reach to Parama Purusa is a far cry. Even any mundane (worldly) things such as the propagation of ideology or the establishment of Prout cannot be done without proper sadhana. Because degraded minds have no capacity to manage anything. If you try to touch gold it will turn into cow dung. That is why we are seeing how this golden organisation AMPS which is made by Baba, and since groupist humans started controlling then our AMPS became completely different. Even then there is no question of any pessimism. Each and every problem we have to see solution from Baba's guidelines. And in this case the answer is that in our personal lives we must give importance to the practice of sadhana, because this is the goal of life. Baba says, "The sooner human beings realize this Supreme Truth, the better it will be. Some understand it in youth, others in old age. The earlier one understands, however, the better it is." (AV-4) at His lotus feet, Surya
Human life is a result of crossing so many lives of animals and plants and in the last we got human life. Means after crossing the path of saincara and pratisaincara, by the grace of Parama Purusa, we got human frame. In human life though we see that there are many shortcomings. Generally we see that so many drawbacks are there; the reason being because in previous so many lifetimes human beings passed their lives as animals etc. And those inherent samskaras are overpowering sometimes. To overcome them Baba has given the path of spiritual practice. So Tantra is the path of liberating all those bondages. To shun and get rid from those shortcomings and bondages. We also see in our practical life that when sadhana is good, then so many crude desires gradually get controlled. And when sadhana is not good then animal instincts aggravate us. And in the path of sadhana there are various kinds of obstacles and oppositions which we face. Opposition from the general society, friends, relatives, dogmatic-minded people. Internal obstacles are also there: 6 enemies (sadripus) and 8 bondages (asta pashas). So many negative instincts are pulling the mind in a downward direction. That is why, because of any reason, if sadhana is not done properly, then human beings start conducting themselves like sub-humans or even animals or worse than that.
************************************** Special Point of Unity
When the Goal is spirituality, Parama Purusa, then on that very basis one human society can easily be built up. On this point of establishing unity, Baba's following teaching is very meaningful. Baba says, "The Cosmic Ideal alone can be the unifying force, which shall strengthen humanity to smash the bondages and abolish all narrow domestic walls of fissiparous tendencies." (I & I, p. 75-6)

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