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Human, Human, Human

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 23:04:53 Subject: Human, Human, Human Baba "Ga'ner tarii bha'siye diluma surer sa'gare..." (P.S. 753) Purport: Baba, by Your grace I am singing the song in this ocean of the tune. And my song is floating with this vibration: Now I feel that nobody is alien, everyone is my close. That very Entity which is so attractive and charming, I could not get Him up till this day. Today that very Entity came close with the resonance of this Prabhat Samgiita song. He came close and I caught Him. He Himself came, and He allowed me to hold Him. The song which could not be practiced up till now. The song which I could not sing with the strings of my viina. Today that very song told me "I am living in isolation. Don't You recognize me?" Baba, By Your grace I am floating my boat of the song in the ocean of the tune. And today that song has changed the entire vibration. So that now, nobody is alien, everyone is my own...
Namaskar, At present, various "leaders" around the globe are putting up a show of trying to create a singular humanity; but sadly, their unfortunate attempts and faulty strategies often end in anger and bloodshed, thus causing pain and suffering to the common people. That is why we can say that, in truth, only Baba has given the real formula for building one human society. And soon the whole world is going to search for this. Because ultimately the vast majority of people want to see peace and unity on this earth. They want people to learn to live together, somehow. But they do not know how to manifest this-- nor do their elected leaders. So it is just a matter of time before all eyes look towards Baba's neo-humanistic approach. In that case, we should be ready and pointedly understand it ourselves. Because as we know, Baba's divine formula of one human society will not just create a static type of peace in the society where all manage to co-exist due to circumstantial pressure. Rather, Baba's special formula will bring about that deep, rich, sweetness and connection amongst all-- where everyone is looked upon as kith and kin, where there is a bond of love between all humans. This is the gift Baba has bestowed on the humanity, by His infinite grace. And naturally, Ananda Margiis will be the media for getting this implemented.
Unfortunately what is going on around the globe at present is something much different. The various leaders are preaching social unity and oneness etc, but in effect they are doing something else: Maintaining divisiveness. For example, in India, amongst the general population, local governments are trying to encourage intercaste marriages by giving financial rewards to those who intermarry. So now if an untouchable or Harijan marries a Brahmin then they will get a "reward" from the government. That married couple may get RS 5000 or RS 50000 etc, or they may get a government job. Or they may get a free apartment etc. So on the outside it all looks quite rosy. But tragically this superficial approach is not and will not create true harmony in the society. That the government cannot deliver. Because in their defective governmental model, the caste system itself is maintained. Because before marriage both the bride and groom belonged to a particular caste: Either Brahmin or Harijan etc. And afterwards, those newlyweds will still be part of a particular caste: Either Brahmin or Harijan etc. The only difference is now they may get a little money-- that will eventually dry up. Beyond that nothing has really changed. Since the caste system remains in tact. Of course, in our revolutionary marriage system in AM, the caste system itself gets dissolved. People lose their caste and become human-- not Brahmin, Harijan etc. This is the beauty and uniqueness of our AM approach. In contrast, in the defective governmental model, the rigid caste division remains. Because newly married couples hold on to a particular caste. That is one divisive result. And not only that, other caste members in the society will lash out at those newlyweds for marrying across caste lines and taking prize money from the government. Not long ago, one newly married boy was killed because of this caste tension. And each and everyday this tension and social unrest is mounting. Because despite the prize money, still people in the general Indian society see others through the eyes of caste divisions. Because that is what the faulty leaders are advocating. In which case true unity and peace cannot be brought into the picture.
And this harsh type of social division is not just the case in India. This thing is going on everywhere: South Africa, France, USA, Peru, Morocco, Malaysia-- all over. In all these places, caste distinctions or racial differences are maintained-- propagated. And this splinters the society into various pieces. Whereas our approach in AM is to shed and crush all such distinctions by infusing the ideal that we all come from one source and all are human. We never look through the eyes of racial differences etc. But in the general society, that is how it is done: They give recognition to the distinctions. For example, in the US, there are African-Americans, Mexican Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans etc. Thus in the Americana attempt to give recognition to all, they have in essence divided the society. So although African-Americans may get a scholarship to attend college, still they are branded as African-American. Just as that married Harijan boy holds onto his caste distinction. And all this type of narrow-minded labeling leads to separation and differences in the society. That is why Baba harshly condemns this faulty approach.
Here below Baba strongly stands against those governmental and reformist agencies that try to heal social wounds by maintaining caste and racial distinctions. Baba says, "You may have observed many people in the world who delivered long lectures against caste discrimination and untouchability, saying, "No, all are equal. I will take food touched by any caste. If you give me filtered water in a clean glass I will not hesitate to swallow it - just watch me drink!" And the audience applauded, "Very good! Very good!" These people are called reformists; but their inner intention was to maintain the caste system." (NH-LOI, Disc:7) And in this next section Baba furthermore show the hypocritical nature of such type of "high-sounding" leaders. Baba says, "Had they really wanted to remove caste discrimination, they would have declared, 'The cause of this untouchability is the caste system. Because of the caste system, discriminations have emerged between high and low, touchable and untouchable, one caste and another. So let us first of all break the bondage of caste!' If they had had the courage to proclaim this directly, they would have become revolutionaries. But they lacked such boldness, and thus they did enormous harm to humanity." (NH-LOI, Disc:7) So all such models which dig social divisions by maintaining caste & racial differences are nothing but a big zero for the humanity. It leads to intolerance, hatred, prejudice, arguments, feuds, and the spilling of blood.
That is why in AM, our neo-humanistic model rejects all such crude social distinctions. In our revolutionary marriage system and in our social outlook there is no white and black, there is no Brahmin and Harijan, there is no Basque and French, there is no elite and peon etc. All those differences get dissolved-- both on paper and in the mind. There is only human, human, and human.
Many in the society look around and see the differences and feel a big headache. But they think anyway, by hook or by crook, we have to learn to live together. Otherwise each day there will be chaos. This is the approach some leaders and some reformists adopt. But this type of thing will not bear any fruit. Rather it will invite disaster. To bring true social harmony, that desire and love for humanity must exist deep inside the mind. And that is how it is in our Marga. Because, as we know unity in the social sphere cannot develop without a proper spiritual approach. That is why in our neo-humanism we do not just proclaim that there are no social differences, but in our heart we feel that all are one. We internally believe that are all the divine children of Parama Purusa. In that case there is no disgust in the mind when one sees the differences. Rather there is love and appreciation. Because the neo-humanistic mind rejoices in all the varied expressions of Parama Purusa and openly accepts everyone as their own. That is why one margii can be surrounded by 5 non-margiis of different ethnic backgrounds, but that margii will not feel any mental tension or problem. Rather he will think that, 'I have been blessed by Parama Purusa to have so many brothers and sisters and I have been born to help them all-- since we are all part of that same human family'. This is our approach in AM. And this is the practical difference between our neo-humanistic outlook and those defective models adopted by various reformist leaders etc.
By Baba's grace, in the near future the sweet winds of our neo-humanism will wipe out all caste and clan distinctions and build one great humanity built on the common bonds of love and welfare. Baba says, "Human society is one and indivisible. But today, due to superstition, dogmatism narrow-mindedness, separatism and all kinds of "isms" human society is splitting into numerous parts. Against this background, in order to build the human society it is necessary to adopt the path of synthesis, which originates from the psychology of service and welfare...You should remember it is not the barrel of a gun but the spiritual force of human beings that is the real source of power. ...[Be] dedicated to the service and welfare of one and all. You should immediately build a one and indivisible human society without further delay." (AFPS-8, 'Service Psychology and Group Psychology') Namaskar, Parashram
All the groupism going on now in AMPS, such as H, B, EC, NIA etc, these agenda-filled factions are nothing but a deep scar on our Marga. They are an open wound that is oozing puss and stench. When we ourselves are drowned in groupism then what do we have to offer the greater humanity. That is why we must quickly resolve our own clan and clash battles, thereby becoming that neat and clean example for the whole humanity. This is our duty right now. And certainly we are going to get success.
With our spiritually based, neo-humanistic approach, only our Marga can spread the seeds of universal humanistic feeling throughout the society. Baba says, "All the beings of this universe are the kith and kin of one another. No one is despicable. All are equally respectable and entitled to equal love and affection. No problem is to be ignored as an individual or group affair. Every problem is to be considered as the collective problem of universal humanity and is to be resolved collectively and resolved it must be. Let it be the vocal panorama of the newer world of today - the continuous musical notes behind the movement of Neohumanism." (A'nanda Va'nii #58)
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Baba says, "Only using a saffron costume does not make a man a sa'dhu. Sa'dhu is the inner sa'dhu. You should be sa'dhu internally. You may or may not use any external saffron costume." (AV-2, p.88) Patna, 27th September, 1978

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