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Re: Some Questions and Answers Related with Prevailing Dogma in Ananda Marga #2

From: "Praviira Matel"
Subject: Re: Some Questions and Answers Related with Prevailing Dogma in Ananda Marga  #2
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 12:33:44 +0000



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. A link to the first letter is appended below. - Eds)


"He [Sarvatmanandji] invented mahaprayan and glued it into Caryacarya Part 1 as the appendix.

Sarvatmanandji gave the justification that:

'It is our duty to include the mahaprayan program of annual remembrance in Caryacarya - because Baba does not want to discuss this sensitive issue in front of devotees.'

But all this is wrong. Baba has discussed His physical departure in various places such as in Senior Acarya Diary (Guru Puja section) and in other places as well. In those instances, He clearly guides us how to proceed and how to do guru puja when He is not physically manifest as Mahasambhuti on this earth.

So it is not that He is too shy or too hesitant to include so-called mahaprayan in Caryacarya.

Rather deliberately He has not put mahaprayan into Caryacarya because this type of false notion is not part of Ananda Marga ideology. He is along with us always - He has not left and He is not gone." (From Some Questions and Answers Related with Prevailing Dogma)

The above is well stated. Ananda Marga ideology is based on rationality and spirituality. Moreover, Baba, as the Supreme Sadguru, always give perfect, complete, and flawless teachings. No instruction - big or small - has been left out or forgotten, not for any reason. To harbour any doubts in this regard reveals one's own lack of devotion.

The reason so-called mahaprayan was not given by Him is because it is irrational and unideological. Now here is more about why some are attached with this bogus program.



Why are some people in AM in favor of observing so-called mahaprayan?

Firstly, when the human mind is overpowered by avidya maya then it plunges into dogma. And that is what mahaprayan is: A dogma. Parama Purusa is eternal; He never leaves. Baba as the Mahasambhuti is not gone - rather He resides within every human heart, and in every pore of this vast cosmos. He maintains a personal connection with every unit being through His ota yoga, and keeps a link with this entire cosmos through His prota yoga. By this dual and unique approach, He remains with every entity, always.

Secondly, Baba describes in His teachings on bio-psychology if a person's svadhisthana cakra - and related glands and sub-glands - is not properly developed, then that person is more prone to dogma. (Reference: Yoga Psychology, Aspects of Bio-Psychology)

Thirdly, here's yet another cause of this dogmatic program: Those who started so-called mahaprayan are so involved in their own geo-sentiment. They want to highlight that day to wrongly heighten the prestige of their land. They will do anything and everything for this lowly sentiment. That is, perhaps, the chief real cause behind the invention of so-called mahaprayan.


As true Ananda Margiis, we should put our mind beyond all narrow barriers and think rationally. We must not fall prey to the tendencies of the small individual ego, rather serve the divine will of Guru Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, who is within us.

Remember, this petty ego will not remain. Nothing of this world lasts forever; this entire world is ephemeral. Kings too become one with the dust. So we should only surrender to Parama Purusa and let His will be established. Concocting fake programs like mahaprayan is not the way.


When any irrational idea or dogma is left unhindered, it grows like cancerous wounds and swallows everything.

Consequently, in the past two decades, this mahaprayan dogma has created off-shoots. Just see the trend that has recently sprouted up, especially amongst a few margiis of India: When any family member dies, then those surviving margiis annually observe the anniversary of their death. This happens with a few margiis families across Delhi sector.

With their mouths, those involved wrongly justify that, "As this is happening with Guru in the form of mahaprayan, so I to should make a yearly day of remembrance for the death of my laukik father, or mother etc."

That is what they say.

Internally though, they are pleased to use this as an opportunity to follow the Hindu dogma of observing the anniversary of the death of dear family members. By this, they are able to convince their neighbors that they are good Hindus.

That is the hypocrisy going on: Internally those margiis are happy to be wedded to the Hindu dogma, yet externally they tell other margiis that they are doing this in order to emulate the mahaprayan program.

The situation is not at all good. We never celebrate the anniversary of the death. Baba has given the strict rule of a 12-day period of mourning. Thus with the invention of the so-called mahaprayan program, so many other dogmas have taken root. That is why Baba always warns us about the insidious nature of dogmas - they multiply.


So, we should all think. Do we want to be part of problem or the solution? What do you want? Think carefully.

Baba intentionally did not include so-called mahaprayan in Caryacarya, then who are we to do such a thing. Those behind the insertion of the dogmatic mahaprayan program into Caryacarya are deliberate sinners. We should save them from their complete annihilation. The first step of their recovery is that they themselves should remove the wrong they did. They should publicly announce the removal of so-called mahaprayan from Caryacarya. Once this is done, we can think what further rectification is needed.

Baba is the Divine Entity - to impose a so-called mahaprayan program that dictates that Baba is gone is sinful. All our Ananda Marga programs and festivals should enhance one's inherent and inner link with Him.

Baba says, "The Supreme Father, the Supreme noumenal entity is always with you. And that link with the individual is known as Ota-yoga. In the case of the collectivity it is Prota-Yoga; in the case of the individual it is Ota-Yoga. You are never alone. And your goal is that noumenal entity, that Parama Puruśa." (Subhasita Samgraha - 12, The Noumenal Cause and the Personal God)


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