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Story: Throwing Person into the Well

From: "Mohini Ghosh" To: Subject: Story: Throwing Person into the Well Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 22:13:34 +0530 Baba "Toma'r katha' bheve din ket'e ja'y, toma'r chavi mane bha'se..." (P.S. 1391) Purport: Baba, thinking about Your glory & Your tales, my days are passing by. Your form is always floating in my mind. It is Your grace. When I think about Your sweet smile, then my mind gets inundated with bliss. I forget the days and dates. Even I lose myself entirely. When I go on thinking about You I lose myself in Your flow. By singing Your glory and Your kiirtan and moving around You, my heart always dances in bliss. It is Your grace. My situation is as if I am one musical instrument and You are the Player. Or I am a drop of water and You are the vast ocean. Baba, I am within You, and You are infinite. Only one thing I ask then, that You please always remain in my each and every breath. Baba, You are my everything...
Namaskar, One Didi's "Commentary" book on Ananda Sutram puts forth one story that we should deeply consider. In short, we must ask ourselves: Should her story be followed or not. And, of course, the best way to get the answer is to look at Baba's divine guidelines.
Baba has given so many special teachings for the humanity, and as His disciples our bounden duty is to: (a) Highlight those teachings, (b) expand upon them, and (c) deliver those very teachings to the people-- in their true form.
So when one Didi has written her "Commentary" book on Ananda Sutram, then we would expect for that book to be a clear representation of Baba's ideas. Because after all, perhaps more completely than any other series of discourses, the eternal and sublime truths which Baba has elucidated in Ananda Sutram represent the very essence and full gamut of His AM ideology. It only stands to reason then that any "Commentary" book on Ananda Sutram should wholly consistent with AM ideals-- short of that we'd be forced to think of that "Commentary" as a failure, most likely. So let us come to the point at hand. Didiji has written one story in her "commentary" of sutra 2-14 and we have to evaluate whether this should be our approach or not, whether this represents Baba's teachings or not.
To begin then, in Neo-Humanism and throughout His vast teachings Baba pointedly directs us that we are to overcome and eradicate all dogmas with our logic and rationality. This is Baba's tried and true teaching which we all know well, as He Himself has emphasized this point dozens and dozens of times. Baba says, "What will you do to counteract [dogmas like] geo-sentiment, to safeguard yourself and also the collective body? (It is more important to protect the collectivity than to save yourself.) First, you will study. And what will you do to remove the defects in study? You will have to come to a logical decision after examining the positive and negative sides. And then, after reaching a conclusion, you will decide whether that conclusion will be implemented or not; whether or not you will materialize that conclusion will be decided on the basis of whether or not it is conducive to human welfare. When you reach this final decision, this final desiderative point, that is your conscience. Finally, through your conscience, you can successfully combat [dogmas like] geo-sentiment." [NH-LOI: Disc 9] So in His above teaching, Baba guides us that we are to save the humanity from harmful dogmas through our logic and developed conscience. We are to benevolently convince the people about the truth using our developed intellect-- our logic and reasoning. And here below Baba again emphasizes what our given approach should be to eradicate dogma. Baba says, "Many people have come into this world, who by their cunning have instilled various dogmas in peoples' minds and exploited them in various ways. Ultimately the greatest necessity to fight against them is your conscience...You must keep your conscience ever-vigilant...In this way you will have to fight against [domgas] through study and rationalistic mentality. Keep your conscience ever-vigilant. Develop a firm rationalistic mentality, and no one will be able to deceive you by false [dogmas]...You will not only gain vocal strength, but become strong in all respects." [NH-LOI: DIsc 9] So by all this it is clear that we are to benevolently awaken the people about dogmas through our logic, reasoning, and rationality. And by this way we can surely bring all unto the path of welfare-- unto the path of Ananda Marga.
Unfortunately in her "Commentary" book, Didiji employs one story that gives a vastly different perspective on the matter. In trying to explain sutra 2-14, Brahma satyam' jagadapi satyama'peks'ikam, Didji goes off the deep end-- both figuratively and literally. Because in her story, Didiji writes that when a pundit tried to preach a false and dogmatic theory, then the people tortured that pundit again and again by throwing him repeatedly into the bone-chilling, cold water of a dark, deep well. This is Didiji's given approach for dealing with dogma-- by physically torturing a human being. She writes this in her "Commentary" book as if this is something Baba advocates and that we should also do. And here we must remember that this is not Didiji's personal recommendation-- from her own personal memoir etc. Rather she was written this crude and defective story in her so-called Commentary book on Ananda Sutram. So anyone reading this story will be led to believe that this harmful method is the teaching of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. So the whole episode is a disaster. Because as we all know Baba's teaching is something sublime and as His disciples we are to spread that eternal truth, yet donned in her saffron garb and high prestige, Didiji writes something that is 100% contradictory to Baba and then has the nerve to put the name "Shrii Shrii Anandamurti" on the front cover of her book. As if her words are just like Baba's, perfect illustrations of Ananda Sutram. This is her audacity or what should we call it. And tragically, because of Didiji's book, two very negative results will happen: Baba's ideas are totally misrepresented and the people will get a wrong approach about how to combat dogma.
Some innocent or lazy people may think, 'Oh what is the harm-- Didiji's story may be wrong, but at least she has written something so just let it be etc'. This is what some may be thinking. But we have to remember that the public is highly impressionable. What they see, what they watch, what they hear-- they emulate. And the proof is that is how people have become so absorbed in the defective ways of pseudo-culture. Bad ideas are put forth in books and movies and the unknowing public follows those things-- especially kids. Who can forget the movie in India about the Ramayana where one scene showed the monkey god Hanuman breaking off part of a mountain and repeating Rama's name and then jumping and flying across the ocean to Sri Lanka. The scene was depicted in such a real way that there was a rash of young kids who started jumping off the 2nd and 3rd floors of their houses. It became so bad that the public officials had to withdraw the film from the theaters. Plus in the western cinemas, heroes & bad guys are regularly shown killing people, robbing banks, and doing drugs etc. This is all highlighted in so many books, films, and novels. And the impressionable public follows those things. Here the point is that people blindly follow whom they trust and whom they admire and whom they want to be like. And the day is coming fast when the world is moving towards the ways of Ananda Marga. They will be looking for the very answers which we have-- which Baba has given. But when some-- like this Didiji-- have badly misrepresented Baba's teachings, and when throwing someone in a well or harming them physically is so much easier than teaching them the proper way through logic and reasoning, then the naive and unsuspecting public will easily be drawn to Didi's faulty teaching. And they will think they are following Baba. This is the hell that could easily happen. This is the very real danger involved. Because a teenager who becomes attracted to AM will surely be surrounded by others who are eating meat and mocking him about his meditation etc, and then instead of keeping a cool mind and convincing his antagonisers about the truth, that young, impressionable teenage may just give way to anger and vent his fury and smash those people in the face-- or beat them with sticks. All because he got that idea from Didiji's so-called Commentary book. Such a scene will prove disastrous.
As Ananda Margiis, the public will one day see us as guides. They will not study Baba's words at first. Rather they will watch our actions and listen to what we say. We will be the intermediaries between them and Baba's teachings. This is the way it works. So we have to be vigilant and ensure our expression and conduct properly represent Baba's ideals. Otherwise the public will be led astray. But tragically that is the very problem we are facing with Didiji's so-called Commentary book on Ananda Sutram. It defaces Baba's teachings. That is why many call it a 'so-called' Commentary book, because page after page it veers far, far from Baba's own ideals. Verily, there are dozens and hundreds of mistakes, misnomers, and false representations in Didiji's book. Yet still that book is being using in our WT training centres-- as if such a "Commentary" book will instill Baba's ideal into our trainees. So the whole thing is a debacle from beginning to end, and the best approach at this point is to simply remove that fake Commentary book from our bookshelves and AM libraries and get some qualified thinkers in AM to either correct it, or if it cannot be corrected, then it should be thrown into the ocean, never to return.
Here Baba clearly describes who is capable of properly explaining His teachings and side by side He also warns us what happens when any pseudo fellow or Didiji tries to do. Baba says, "Without proper interpretation, the sha'stras remain difficult to understand and sometimes unintelligible. Thus the scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused." (NSS, Disc 14, 'Shivopadesha-4) So we should not allow such things to happen with Baba's teachings. Unfortunately, that is the very crude direction things are going with Didiji's so-called Commentary book. That is why now, and not later, we should take a definite course of action and not just let this book fester on our shelves any longer.
By Baba's grace He has given us all the necessary teachings to guide the humanity so we should be vigilant not to let faulty elaborations like Didiji's to hound the society. By presenting Baba's ideas in a straight and clear way, then surely we will bring all unto the path of welfare and the people will realise the greatness of AM ideology. Baba says, "A correct spiritual ideology is the only solution to the problems confronting the world. From this perspective we can call Ananda Marga ideology the philosophers' stone. Just as the philosophers' stone is meant to transform everything into gold, Ananda Marga ideology can, most definitely, find a just and rational solution whenever it is applied to any problem." (POD #36) Namaskar, Mohini
I was deliberating whether or not to type Didiji's full story here. In the end I did type it but opted not to include it here-- in its entirety. Because Didi Ananda Mitra's book is filled with many misguided ideas and really everyone should grab a copy and see for themselves. And then while that book is in their hand they should decide whether it should be placed back on the shelf or tossed in the trash. For your review, the said story described in this above letter appears in Didi's "Commentary" book under her description of sutra 2-14. And the paragraph containing that crude story-- where it says we should harm those who preach dogmas-- begins and ends with the words: "Once there was a pandita...finally the villagers became so frustrated with him that one day they threw him down a well to teach him a lesson. It was very cold water, and he cried loudly for help. 'Get me out of here'...The villagers were furious and threw him right back into the well. This time, half frozen, he begged...'please save me'." (From Didi Ananda Mitra so called Commentary Book on Ananda Sutram) This is how Didiji wrongly presents Baba's ideal about how to deal with those preaching dogmas. So decide for yourself and then take the proper action with Didi's book-- should it be kept or tossed. Just remember Baba's guideline that we are to convince the followers of dogma with our logic, reasoning, and benevolent intellect. And then see how Didiji advocates that we should instead just torture such a person by throwing them into the depths of a well. I have firm faith that all Margiis will make the right decision concerning about what to do with Didiji's so-called Commentary Book.
*************************************** Sadhana Problems and Solutions
Baba says, "After involving in mundane works one is generally plunged in worldly thoughts. So then if one sits in sadhana, in the mind you will think that 'Tomorrow I will go to Arariya town. Indeed I have to go in the morning. I will have to catch the first bus'. You will sit in sadhana and go on thinking like this. In this situation what should you do? Before sitting for sadhana you should do kiirtan-- either 2 min, or 5 min, or 10 min. So first one should do kiirtan. Because by doing kiirtan the mind will get elevated. After that immediately one should sit in sadhana. Then you will see that there will not be any worldly thoughts. Then sadhana will be proper...Do not worry you have learned sadhana and I am always ready to help and serve you." (22 Nov 71 Purnea, Bihar) Note: Every sincere Ananda Margii wants to do sadhana. Yet most of the time this aforesaid problem occurs. And our Guru understands this. That is why He has graciously given such a beautiful solution-- as mentioned above. I think many may be following His divine guideline; and for those who are not, they should do so from now onwards, i.e. sing kiirtan before doing sadhana.

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