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Spreading the Dharma of AM...

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Spreading the Dharma of AM... Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 07:27:36 +0000 Baba PS Intro: This below Prabhat Samgiita highlights the divine glory and greatness of Parama Purusa. Note: The audio file for this song has been uploaded to our AM-GLOBAL blog, "Tumi kotha'y chile, kotha'y tha'ko, keu ta' jane na'..." (PS 540) Purport: O' Parama Purus'a, where were You - where have You been? I have been searching all over for You. Where do You reside - nobody knows. I have been looking everywhere for You. You are the smallest of the small and the most vast of the vast [1]. I have not been able to find You anywhere. Baba, those who want You, ultimately You make them Yours, You merge them into Your Divine Self [2]. O' Infinite Entity, You are boundless, You cannot be held. O' Parama Purus'a, where do You reside - nobody knows. O' my Dearmost, in this entire universe, no single manifestation can express Your full beauty. The moon's smile - the ocean breeze - the smiling flower - the sweet charming sky - all these beautiful things were created by You. You have filled this world with Your divine expressions, yet they are not Your True Self. They are not Your full expression nor can they express Your full sweetness. All these things are mere small reflections of Your infinite charm. O' Ananta, You are limitless. Your full glory cannot be expressed in words, shapes, or forms. O' Parama Purus'a, where do You reside - nobody knows. O' Parama Purusa, You are so gracious. In my ideation and in my meditation, my every atom and molecule are dancing in Your flow - it is Your grace. You do everything for me. Baba, You have been playing the flute [3] since time immemorial and You will continue up to eternity. By this way, You have been attracting me and drawing me closer to You. O' my Lord, Your effulgence is infinite and unfathomable. O' Parama Purus'a, where have You been, where do You reside - nobody knows. O' Baba, please grace me by coming close... Notes for Prabhat Samgiita #540: [1] Here below Baba explains how Parama Purusa is more vast than the vast and smaller than the small. Becuase of this one cannot find Him with their crude senses. Baba says, "On the one hand Parama Purus'a is very vast; on the other hand He is very small. He is so vast that you cannot fully see Him. In Sam'skrta, there are a few words to describe something very vast: visha'la, vira't'a, brhat, etc. Out of these, the words vira't'a and brhat are used to describe an entity which is immeasurably vast, and visha'la is used for an entity which may be vast, but can be measured. For instance, the Himalayan mountains are very vast in size, but still they can be measured in terms of miles, from south to north and from east to west. In the scriptures it has been said.
Brhacca taddivyam acintyaru'pam'...
"Parama Purus'a is extremely vast: then how can you see such a vast Entity with your dim vision? It is impossible. And besides seeing such a divine effulgence, your eyes will be blinded; your vision will be completely lost."
Su'ks'macca tat su'ksmataram' vibhati
"Parama Purus'a is not only vast. He is small as well – so small, so subtle that you cannot see Him with your physical eyes. Human ocular power is extremely limited: if an object is very vast it cannot be seen, and if it is very small and subtle it cannot be seen either." (SS-12) [2] In these below quotes, Baba is telling that one cannot go close to Him and still remain separate. When one gets closer and closer, then by His grace, the bhakta will merge in Him - just like a piece of salt gets merged in the ocean, it can not longer remain a separate grain of salt. Baba says, "If a salt doll goes to fathom the sea, it will certainly melt and become the sea itself. Similarly, if the knower of the Supreme Consciousness goes to fathom the Supreme, he merges in the sea of Consciousness and becomes Supreme himself. Be constantly absorbed in the thought of the Supreme Consciousness and you too will become Supreme." (SS-2) Baba says, "If a salt doll goes to measure the sea, it will melt into it. Neither can it measure the sea, nor will it ever return, its existence will merge into the vastness of the sea, releasing it from all cares and worries. If one wishes to take the form of the sea, one will have to become the sea itself; there is no other way. None of His qualities has any limit. His fragmentary manifestations are all passing through unlimited forms, due to His ceaseless imaginative flow: none of them is an end in itself." (SS-3) [3] Here below Baba explains the inner meaning of the sound of the flute and how the bhakta rushes towards Parama Purusa due to His divine attraction. Baba says, "The music emanating from Krs'n'a's flute shook the minds of the sa'dhakas, causing them to echo and vibrate. This resonance is nothing but prapattiva'da. Here there is scope neither for jina'na nor for karma. Here mobility is the only task, the only dharma. “The way He is calling me – I am to move accordingly.” This state of mind is one of the sweetest states, the madhura gun'a [sweet quality] of prapattiva'da. “I am rushing ahead due to the sweet call of His flute and entering into His sweet and blissful environment.” Hence for Vraja Krs'n'a, there is no need to interpret the faculties of knowledge and action. There is no scope for fighting over philosophical ideas. Only complete prapatti is there, and once it shakes the jiiva, he can no longer stay away. One rushes out and starts running after Him." (NKS, Disc: 4) Baba says, "The spiritual aspirant hears the various sounds of onm'ka'ra or pran'ava [like the sound of the flute] at various stages, during deep sa'dhana', during sweet sa'dhana'. The sound is called Krs'n'a’s muraliidhvani. The sa'dhaka becomes mad because of this sound and goes deeper and attains Ra'dha' bha'va more and more, and rushes headlong forward." (DKG)
Namaskar, Now in the general society there is an extreme dearth of sentient ideas. Rather the rancid mud of materialism has infiltrated into every arena of life. Even then good people all around are looking for some daylight by which to move ahead. In their heart they have a yearning to discover something better.
As Ananda Margiis, it is our duty to share Baba's ideas in all the ways and in all the directions. This is what the society needs and this is a sensitive time because right now around the globe people are in search of something. So we should satisfy their thirst with the benevolent teachings of AM. And if we refrain from doing so then someone will fill the gap with more faulty ideas, thereby leading the society astray. So it is a must for all Ananda Margiis to express Baba's divine guidelines in multifarious ways. By this way we can help the society to advance.
Some in AM may be thinking that they do not know enough; or some may be thinking that we need not do because Baba Himself will do; or some may be thinking that in the future they will do. But to all these thoughts, the reply is that what we know about AM we should teach in this present moment. We should not wait for the future nor should we remain passive thinking that Guru will do. Rather He has already given us the duty and now the moment is ripe. Indeed we are merely His medium, He is projecting through us. The more we try the more He will grace us to do His work. So what we know in any sphere of AM philosophy or AM way of life we should teach: In our workplaces, in our communities, in our travels, and in all sorts of new avenues. In all the places, in all the ways.
Because Baba's ideas must be spread to all people and as we apply ourselves in this great endeavour we will become more capable media for disseminating His divine teachings. Of course all of these above things everyone in AM is already aware about-- we know we are to propagate AM ideals. So please excuse me for repeating this now.
But at the same time in the practical sphere we are lagging behind, a little bit. Now so many so-called yoga groups are blowing their trumpets in full force. Yet what they have to share is not the panacea for the society. Here the idea is not to condemn all those saying anything in the name of yoga. Because they are also our brothers and sisters and they may be sincere in their approach. But nonetheless the fact stands: Only Baba is the Parama Purusa Incarnate and only His divine teachings of Ananda Marga are perfectly true across time, space, and person. Only His directives can lead the society forward. And only His teachings are logical and rational in all respects. There is no dogma only dharma in our AM - so it can all be explained rationally. So casting away all shyness and hesitation we should undertake our march and spread His ideals in all the ways: With our vocal chords, paintbrushes, keyboards, films, meetings, classes, etc. In all the ways. This is our allotted duty. We should be at the forefront and not be second to anyone in any regard. Reason being, Baba's ideas are best and they should reach the people's ears first, lest they led astray by something else.
Here Baba is encouraging all Ananda Margiis to come forward and express the benevolent ideas of AM-- in whatever way they feel they are most suited. By this way we can clean the muck from the society and build it into a brilliant, shining humanity. Baba says, "When litterateurs dedicate themselves to the service or sa'dhana' of literature, they have to let their creative genius flow in this very current: they have to cleanse all that is turbid, all that is inauspicious in individual life in the holy waters of their universal mentality, and then convey it sweetly and gracefully into the heart of humanity. Herein lies the fulfilment of their service, the consummation of their sa'dhana'." (PNS-10) Namaskar, Karma Rasa
As we know our AM teachings are grounded in benevolent truthfulness-- satya. So our minds should be coloured in this eternal ideal and not in pseudo-culture when involving in our pracar programs. Baba says, "The main duty of the Ta'ttvikas is to make a propagation which aims at collective welfare...At the time of propagation, your views, nay, all your tendencies should be pointed towards satya, because it is only through the propagation of satya that collective welfare is possible." (Tattvika Diipika- II)
******************************************** Human Life on other Planets & Stars
Baba says, "Humans of this world-- not only of this world, but of the entire universe there are so many planets and stars where there is human life-- and all humans of the universe have got the same wont. And they utilise and display these wonts according to climatic conditions, conditions of time and space. But fundamentally, humanity is a singular entity." (17 August 1979 DMC, Taipei) The above is what Baba actually has spoken in English. The below is how the Publications Department printed it in SS-12. "Humans of the world - not only of this world, but of the entire Universe there are so many planets and stars where there is human life - and all humans of the entire Universe have got the same course. They tend to display their wonts according to climatic conditions, conditions of time and space. But fundamentally, humanity is a singular entity." (SS-12) Note 1: In comparing the above two paragraphs, it is clear that so many small and big mistakes have been committed by the Publications Department. And there was no translation involved either. Baba spoke in English and the book is printed in English. Even then, there are a variety of changes which dilute the meaning of Baba's discourse. For example, they changed the word "wont" to "course". Plus they ommitted the word "utilise"; then they wrongly inserted the word "display". Indeed, each sentence has a minimum of 3-5 mistakes. So this is the grade of work that is going on in our Publications Deparment. And then of course there are the big distortions like AM-Revolution where they cut the entire paragraph about margii rights. Note 2: In His above discourse Baba is giving us the conclusive idea that there are humans living on various planets. This is not a hypothesis; rather it is a fact given by Parama Purusa. And He knows everything because this is His creation. So we should propagate this idea that there are humans living on various planets. Still modern science is unsure about this concept. They are using rockets to reach distant planets but what they fail to realise is that the speediest thing is the mind. With the mind one can easily realise this truth. It is our hope that in the near future scientists will reach this conclusion that human beings already on exist on many other planets. But in our Marga, this is a well-known, established truth, not a mere hypothesis.

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