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Call of the Day

Date: Mon 27 Apr 2009 22:17:41 -0700 To: From: Matt Ornbecker Subject: Call of the Day Baba "Anek shun'iya' anek bhaviya', toma'kei bha'lobesechi..." (PS 1041) Purport: Baba, Your tales are infinite. From the mouths of devotees I have heard endless heart-touching stories how You have showered Your boundless love and grace. Baba, as soon as I heard all those things about You, I began to contemplate about Your grandeur and glory, over and over again. By that way I realised that You are inseparably linked with my heart, mind, and my entire existence. Baba, I have fallen in love with You; I can't live without You. You are my most intimate One. Baba, in order to find You I have searched in each and every town and village, by the rivers and the oceans, in the hills and the valleys, in the mountains and the caves. I have searched You in the sky and earth-- everywhere. Baba, by Your grace I have discovered that You are that priceless jewel sitting in my heart. Baba, I do not have any explanation why I have fallen in love with You. All I can say is that it is solely Your grace. Love knows no logic or reasoning. All I can tell is that You graciously pulled me towards You and by that way I have fallen in love with You. It is Your grace. O' my Dearmost, I do not love You in order to get mukti. I love You because You have tenderly brought me close to You. Even then I am not an A-grade sadhaka. I do sadhana and by that way receive Your bliss. I think that is the reason why I love You. Baba, I love You to get a'nanda. This is the aim of my life: To love You so that I may be bathed in Your bliss. This truth I understand. O Lord, I do not have parabhakti-- highest devotion. But keeping in mind that parabhakti is the greatest quality, I will go on doing Your work and serving You according to whatever strength I have. I will expend every ounce of energy to satisfy You. Baba, by Your grace, I understand that, 'I should love You to give You bliss-- not for my own bliss'. This is the culmination of all I have learned, by Your grace. Baba, by Your grace I have fallen in love with You. My sole desire is to serve You and please You...
Namaskar, Right now the whole globe is in a socio-economico-politico quandary. Leadership is changing from one party to another, from one front to another-- yet still there are no answers in sight for the common people. So we must put forth our call of the day: The word and slogans of Prout. Because-- as will be outlined below-- only Prout has the logical response to solve the world's present ills. Only our call is the call of the day. All other so-called alternatives are mere dogmas.
Frustration is running high as the capitalistic tool of democracy is failing time and again to bring relief to the people. Money is being stuffed into the corporate vaults and the people have not what they need. So they put in for a change of political leadership, but no good results come. This is the story in dozens and dozens of countries. That is why this is the best time to put forth the name of Prout. None should think that our Marga is marred in groupism and therefore we should not wave the Prout flag. Rather it is our moral duty to aid the society by giving the name and rational of Prout. Capitalism is creeping to its ugly end-- and there is no alternative in sight. Communism is dead and gone; Islam & Christianity are known dogmas; and the newly revamped socialism of Chavez is nothing but a freshly-painted communist platform. So literally people have nowhere to turn to find relief. That is why one party after another, one capitalist regime is rising to power after another-- all because the people want change but they do not know any other place to look than by changing from one capitalist leader to the next. But ultimately this capitalism is running out of gas, both literally and figuratively
It is just like in India in 1976 when Jayprakash Narayan swarmed to power with his cry of Sampoorna Kranthi (total revolution). He ousted the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But ultimately he was all talk and no action. And in a short time he was out of office and back on the streets-- and all the youths who followed him were in a state of desperation and angst. And the irony of all is that Mrs. Indira Gandhi reclaimed the power. The same dismal scene is taking the world by storm right now. One misguided leader comes to power-- one after another-- with none of them having the answer to the ills of capitalism. Rather they are the agents of capitalism and in the guise or ushering in change, they are protecting the status quo. Indeed it is only Prout that has the answer.
Others give false claims to having the solution to capitalism but their ways are totally unsatisfactory. For example, the Muslims will say that just keep all the women locked inside the house and make them wear a burka from head to toe. But who can think this will be the answer to capitalism. Then there is the Christian church that wants to give up scientific thought in the face of creationism and adopt all the canons of the church. This also is nothing but a misfiring. Finally, Mr Chavez puts forth his daydream of socialism which is nothing but communism going to a masquerade party. So none of these things are going to work-- and beyond that there is nothing. Yet all the while capitalism is on its last legs so something will have to take its place.
So something needs to come forward and fill the gap; and that something is Prout. And here is the logic we can use. In this world there is abundant wealth-- there is plenty for all. And the wealth & property of the world belong to all. Everyone is the son and daughter of Parama Purusa, Cosmic Consciousness; all are part of the whole. Nobody has the right to hoard. Creating disparities is not good. Diversity, not disparity, is the law of nature. Amongst this diverse human population, everyone belongs; all have their rightful place. Let us grant access to the resources of the world to all, so that all may not only survive but thrive. This type of basic idea is enough to give people a taste of Prout. And indeed this is a consistent theme in Baba's main treatises on bringing forth a new socio-economico-politico order as outlined in Problems of the Day, Discourses on Prout, & Talks on Prout. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a [Supreme Consciousness] is my Father, Parama' Prakrti [Supreme Operative Principle] is my Mother, and the universe is my homeland. We are all citizens of this universe...everything is the common patrimony of all, and the Father of all is Brahma. All living beings can enjoy their rightful share of this property, like members of a joint family...As members of a joint family, human beings should safeguard this common property in a befitting manner and utilize it properly. They should also make proper arrangements so that everyone can enjoy it with equal rights, ensuring that all have the minimum requirements of life to enable them to live in a healthy body with a sound mind." (POD #1) So we should echo Baba's wides in each and every hallway and meadow on this earth. And side by side we should tell the people, what is needed is economic democracy, not political democracy. Baba says, "The days of political democracy are numbered. PROUT demands economic democracy, not political democracy. To make democracy successful, economic power must be vested in the hands of the common people and the minimum requirements of life must be guaranteed to all. This is the only way to ensure the economic liberation of the people. PROUT’S slogan is: 'To end exploitation we demand economic democracy, not political democracy'." (PNS-21) This is our platform and by the above teachings and logic, we can rationally convince the general populace that Prout is the way to go. Until this is done, the miseries of this world shall remain.
So in each and every station we must spread the word and teachings of Prout. We should use pamphlets, blogs, books, discussion forums, neighborly meetings, email, web-sites, town halls, cartoons, films, skits, and so many other avenues that are out there. All the while none should fall prey to the inferiority complex of shyness etc. Then nothing can get done. 100 years ago those propagating the teachings of yoga were not shy; and now look how popular yoga has become. But if nobody had talked about it, yoga would have fallen by the wayside. Likewise, 100 years ago, women had almost no rights on this earth. They could not vote or work or do anything in society. And if anyone said they should, then it was just a big joke--nobody believe it. But now there are women leaders all around the globe-- and more will come in future. All because some had the courage to come forward with new ideas. Similarly today, some may laugh when we say that this entire universe is the property of Parama Purusa and that we have all come from Him etc. People may think this is an outlandish idea. But in a few short decades or even sooner, all will embrace this spiritual idea as it is the only way to build a world-based human family. And the early pioneers of Prout will be lauded up to eternity. So courage and confidence are needed to put forth new ideas; so we should ideate on Baba, let His strength charge our bones and mind, and without a second to lose we should propagate the ideals of Prout. None should be timid in this regard.
By Baba's grace we should put forth our call to the people-- all our brothers and sisters of this universe...
Morality is the demand of the day 'Prout' the cry of the suffering humanity. Wise you be, may not or may, If sincere, success a certainty. Fee Fy Fo Fum. Expel the demons from physical stratum. Fee Fy Fo Fum. Expel the exploiters from economic stratum. Fee Fy Fo Fum Expel the brutes from psychic stratum. Fee Fy Fo Fum Expel the parasites from spiritual stratum. Human body is to serve one and all, Human mind to attend Cosmic Call, Human spirit at the alter Supreme, Surrender and be Supreme.
Namaskar, Mahendra
This materialism of capitalism is leading everyone into the dungeon of hell-- all are getting degenerated. The exploiters give way to greed and heartlessness and just indulge in their own vices as they squeeze the life-force out of the masses. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, the common people either resort to crime or focus exclusively on getting the minimum requirements and have not time or energy to do anything else. And on the top, suspicion and mistrust are at an all-time high as each and every day brings forth new security measures to protect the divide between the haves and the have-nots, rich and poor, and privileged and suffering.
*********************************************** Look How Even the Deaf can Hear, by Dhyana Baba says, "A deaf man sincerely wants to hear what the Sadguru is saying, the positive microvita radiated through these two mudra's are sure to help him-- they will certainly help him." (Questions & Answers on Microvita, Answer #17) ***********************************************

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