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...Baba is on My Side

Date: Sat 21 Nov 2009 12:15:21 +0530 To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Pandit_Sudhakar" Subject: ...Baba is on My Side Baba "Tumi esechile, mrdu hesechile sudha' d'ele..." - P.S. 2309 Purport: Baba, You came and smiled softly and graced me with the showering of Your divine nectar. Unfortunately, that time I was just engrossed in my own lustful and crude attachments; I was oblivious of Your divine presence. Neither did I turn around to look towards You; nor did I talk with You. That was my pitiful condition. Baba, keeping my room bolted shut, in that isolated state I was just secretly involved in thinking about my own greatness. In that crude state of mind I was constantly hankering for more and more prestige-- for more name and fame. Baba, I was sitting on the shore of the black river* only involved in my own crude, selfish, and egoistic thoughts. O' my dearest One, I did not look towards so You left-- but even then You graced me with Your abundant love. Baba, You are so gracious. In spite of my not caring about Your arrival because my mind was so crude, even then You showered so much grace that the whole world is dancing ceaselessly in Your divine love. Baba, the colorful flowers are ensconced & swaying in Your loving vibration and they have started blossoming uncontrollably. It is Your causeless grace. O' Baba, You are so magnificent & gracious; You have come and blessed me with Your divine love-- You have saturated my whole existence. Baba, You are grace personified... ASTERISK NOTES: * 'Shore of the black river' [krs'n'a' nadiir ku'le]= This represents that dark, negative, or degenerated state of mind where one's mind is dominated by all kinds of crude thoughts and desires. Thus when the mind is very low and one is just hankering for prestige, and singing about their own glory, and they want that others should praise them;-- Such persons are degenerated. Their mind is in the lower kosa. And they do not want to listen to anything other than the tales of their own greatness. This is what it means by sitting by the shore of the black river.
Note: An important audio file that is highly related with this topic has been uploaded to the AM-GLOBAL Blog: (Reference the sound file on the left column titled, "Baba is on my side".) Namaskar, At present, our Marga is gripped in the throes of groupism - huge clash has been going on for years. Both parties are thinking that, "Baba is on my side and that I will be victorious", and in that way they continue their fight. Yet in His teaching from Purnea DMC (1971), Baba clearly warns that if one engages in such crude battles for post and power then it means they have fallen away from ideology, in which case they will lose Ista also. That is the very real concern that all in our Marga should consider, especially those of our brothers and sisters involved in the factional fighting. Everyone in AM loves Baba, but in this era of group clash we should all take a moment to reflect on how far we are truly serving Ista and adarsha, or giving way to factional interest.
At Purnea DMC in 1971, by His grace, Baba issued a dramatic teaching that is highly applicable to the state of affairs these days in AMPS. The original Hindi sound file from that Purnea DMC has been uploaded to our blog. (Reference the sound file on the left column titled, "Baba is on my side".) Baba says, "About thirty-five years ago [in 1936], a war was going on between two countries, the citizens of which have the same religion (Buddhist). When the soldiers went to war, their mothers used to pray to Lord Buddha to save the lives of their respective sons. What will Lord Buddha do? Save this man or that man? Both have the same “Is't'a,” but both parties have totally forgotten their ideology. If they were established in the ideology, they would not have gone to war." (SE) In the above teaching, Baba is clearly stating that both Buddhist groups lost their ideology. The proof being that the two camps went to war with each other for their own petty gains - each praying to Buddha to gain victory over the other. Thus, despite being followers of the same ista, they began fighting for their own selfish agendas instead of following the high ideals of Buddha. Sound familiar? What Baba has recounted in His above Purnea DMC teaching from 1971is highly applicable to what is going on in our AMPS these days. All the various camps in our Marga share the same Ista, but they have gone to war with one another for their personal gain - thereby losing AM ideology. That is Baba's explicit teaching. Because instead of adhering to the neo-humanistic principles of Ananda Marga adarsha, such groups have been swallowed up by their own groupist tactics - the race for name, face, post, power & prestige. Just as those Buddhist parties were praying to Buddha for their own victory, nowadays in AMPS the various camps also believe "Baba is on my side and therefore my camp shall be victorious". But when any party strays from AM ideology, then how can such a party gain Baba's favour. They cannot. Rather they are doomed to their own destiny. Toady's fight is 100% about groupism and has nothing to do with ideology. They are fighting over land, resources, post, power, money, jagrtis, buildings. Their fight is cent-per-cent selfish. There is no higher ideal in mind. Due to their rigid adherence to their groupist battle plan - and not AM adarsha - they have also forgotten Ista. Because when one's mind is involved in self, self and self in the form of power and prestige, then it is impossible to think of serving Ista. That is the stark irony of today's groupist battles. They justify to themselves and others that, "Baba is on my side", yet the tragedy is they have left AM ideology and drifted from Him entirely. That is the very sad and unfortunate state of affairs going on now in our AMPS. I have deep love and respect for all in AM. Everyone has come out of love for Baba. That is why it is so difficult to watch what is going on now. Today is not the time to blame, but to awaken, realise, and march side by side holding the flag of ideology. What Baba warned us about in 1971 with those two Buddhist camps has now become a living reality in 2009 in our Marga. The current clash in AM has nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with factional power. Indeed this has been the running theme of our AMPS in this post 1990 era. Let us hope that things change soon by His grace.
We must recall that life in our Marga was not always like this. Rather, in the past, all our struggles with outside elements were for the establishment of AM ideology. By Baba's grace we fought and were victorious over communists, Hindu fundamentalists, capitalists, and so many other negative parties. But our fight with them was not at all personal, it was for the spread of Baba's teachings: AM ideology. Thus each struggle and subsequent victory led to the great establishment of the Marga - the establishment of universal dharma. However, there is not a shred of ideology or welfare in today's group clash. There is not an ounce of dharma involved. Rather, day by day ideology is on the wane as the flag of groupism reigns. This terrible state spells the destruction of AM, if we are not careful and allow it to continue.
Today's group clash has been marked by killings, beatings, distortions, thievery and the fight for resources and land. Avadhutas like Abhipremannda have been killed - others have been maimed - jagritis have been destroyed - and Ananda Marga has turned into a war zone. So much destruction has occurred. Yet all the while, the various group camps think that "Baba is on my side and soon we will get victory." This is their contorted outlook. In their heart they think it is true. But now, by His grace we know what is true. Just as Baba points out how the fight between the two Buddhist factions represented the demise of ideology, we are witnessing the same misfortune nowadays in AM. The group clash itself means the loss of ideology, and subsequently the loss of ista as well. In that case the outcome of such groupist fighting is beyond bleak. Baba says, "Suppose somebody has no ideology in his life and for a moment forgets his “Is't'a”, he will degrade. So the wise man will always remember that he has to follow the ideology and more important, the “Is't'a”." (SE) Let us no longer think of such dark outcomes. Now is the day to once again keep the banner of AM ideology flying high and end all groupist squabbles.
Please understand that this letter is not an attempt to condemn any person or any party. Ours is a neo-humanistic mission and all are my own brothers and sisters. I do not want to see either side win or lose - nor blame anyone. Only the aim is to watch all come back under the banner of AM ideology and once again become a follower of Ista. All in our Marga have feeling for Ista and it is a shame that the clouds of confusion have caused some to drift away. They feel they that they are doing for Baba, but by the practical expression of their groupist campaigns, it is plain as day that they have fallen from the path of neo-humanism. They are thinking of the survival of their group, not universal welfare.
While there are many problems and issues in our Marga, this group clash is the worst problem. It signifies the loss of ideology. So this is the biggest issue - the most dangerous disease. For us, this group clash is cancer. It kills. In contrast, all those smaller issues and scandals like school enrollments, press malfunctions, basic money issues etc are comparatively small things. In comparison to the cancer of group fight these problems are like cough and cold. And again it should be repeated: The reason why the present group clash is cancerous for us is that it represents the loss of ideology. That is Baba's clear-cut message. In the face of group power struggles, ideology is totally forgotten - and along with it Ista as well. Verily, without adarsha and ista, our Marga is doomed, just inviting destruction. The most pressing task at the moment then is to end this groupist conflict. Not by creating a peace proposal and merging the various camps, but rather by bringing AM ideology to the fore. When that is done, our Marga will surely survive - and not just that but thrive.
By Baba's grace, the call of dharma is being heard all around. Instead of getting befooled by group factions that proclaim, "Baba is on my side", when in fact their ways are utterly devoid of adarsha and ista, true Ananda Margiis have set their sight on ideology. By that way, we will sure to be victorious and build up a bright new Marga, by His grace. Baba says, " O human beings! be established in the radiance of divinity and the splendour of valour and chivalry, because yours is the path of revolution. Your path is not the path of extra caution and scheduled movement. You are the traveller of a rugged path. You are travellers of an impregnable path. You have to march ahead proudly with the flag of Marga upright. You have no time to stagger or to look behind." (SS-1) Namaskar, Sudhakar
For further reading about the nature and root cause of today's group clash, please reference these below letters.
*************************************** Colourful Future
Baba says, "As life becomes increasingly easy, there will be greater opportunities for intellectual pursuits. A day will come when there will be hardly any need for human beings to work. This may sound strange today and perhaps we might not like to hear such a thing, but that day will surely come. Physicality will be transformed into more and more intellectuality, and intellectuality will be transformed into the culminating point of spirituality." (PNS-17, p.36)

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