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Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #3

From: "Ram Dayal" ram.dayal.deva@photo-lab....
Subject: Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #3
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 21:34:58 +0000



~ Part 3 ~

(Note: This is the third letter in this series. Links to the first two letters on this topic are appended below. - Eds)

"When Mrs Indhira Gandhi lost power and the new government came into power then many, many disciples came to see Baba - thousands went to see Him. Baba would say something and margiis used to come back happy. With good intentions, they would write and publish whatever they they could remember and make that into leaflets and magazine articles. In this way, all kinds of stories and inauthentic accounts were printed. No doubt they saw Baba and certainly Baba told them something, but what they remembered and wrote down hours later is not an accurate depiction of what Baba spoke. That is the main issue and that is what happened with this passage from the Supreme Expression book."

Yes, I remember well those days when we could visit Baba in jail. Here are some of the details which I recall - and indeed it was impossible to note down or remember exactly what Baba said - and because of His fasting sometimes He did not speak at all and instead just wrote on one simple, small piece of slate.

So here is how it went...


When margiis or workers would arrive at the jail to visit Baba, then, first of all, they were met and searched by a plain-clothes policeman. At that point, any visitors for Baba would have to leave behind any recording devices, pens, paper, and various other things. All those types of items were held by officials at the gate or the reception area of the jail. It was only after totally emptying your pockets and bags did the jail officials allow you to enter the facility to visit Baba.

Then once with Baba, the plain clothes policeman would remain just 4 feet away - very close. If you were fortunate to arrive on a day when Baba was talking, then His talk was extremely quiet - like a whisper. That was because He was extremely weak from undergoing that epic fast; and, because the policeman was close by and Baba did not want the policeman to hear what He was saying. Thus to hear Baba, you would have to go very close to Him and turn your head so your ear was lined up with His mouth. It was like He was just whispering in your ear - and it was very difficult to decipher all His words. Even if one could hear, one may have misunderstood the idea that Baba wished to convey. So there were multiple issues involved.

Then of course, on many occasions, Baba was not speaking at all. He was just too weak. In that case He would just give hand signals or use chalk and a small piece of slate. Really the slate was only big enough to write 1 or 2 words. Obviously then, His communication under such circumstances was extremely limited.

So there was just no way to receive a full discourses or even a short talk or teaching from Baba while He was in jail. The communication was extremely limited for all the aforesaid reasons.

Supposing one did arrive on a day when Baba spoke in greater length and in a more full voice - which rarely, if ever, happened - but supposing it did, then there was one more hurdle. The human mind is simply incapable of recounting each and every word of a sentence, let alone a paragraph or more. It is impossible. Remember, no pen or paper was available, so one would have had to perfectly memorize whatever Baba spoke and then keep that in mind until one could write it down. Forget about a page or a paragraph, humans could hardly remember even one sentence properly. So it was a struggle.

That is why no printed article based on jail visitations are official discourses or considered verified accounts. With their zeal and love, margiis tried hard, but those accounts are just not accurate. That is why the book - Supreme Expression I - is not at all credible nor accepted by our Publications Dept as legitimate.

I hope this helps people understand why the merge-in-mission quote is bogus and unsubstantiated.

Ram Dayal

"Kenoi va' ele, dola' diye gele, na' bale gele cale, phele a'ma'y..." (PS 1995)


Baba, You have been gone so long. Why did You come and stir my heart only to then go away without saying a word - thereby leaving me all alone. Baba, neither do You have any love for me, nor do You understand the aching pain of my heart. Baba, after coming and reciting one fairy tale, where did You go. Baba, I want You to remain here with me.

Baba, amongst all the dear ones, You are my Dearmost. Why then do You not reside eternally in my heart. Baba, You are my Dearmost and Innermost, then how can You justify going so far away from me. Is it proper to leave me isolated and all alone. Please tell me.

Baba, You are so dear to me, no matter what I will never forget You; Baba, I will never leave You. Not at any cost will I ever wipe You away from my mental plate - from the memories of my mind. That I will never do. Baba, even if You do not desire to remain with me - even if You want to hide - I shall always keep You in the golden casket of my heart.

Baba, You are eternally mine; my everything is surrendered at Your lotus feet...

Baba Story: I asked Baba


This email contains three sections:
1. Posting: Baba Story: I asked Baba
2. Request to Story Thieves
3. Links

Baba Story: I asked Baba

At the time, I was working as an LFT in one of our Ananda Marga schools as a teacher. I had a strong desire to become a wholetimer, but had some hesitation as well.

On various occasions, by His grace, I had gotten the opportunity to see Baba. Always He told me so many things about my life: What mistakes I had made in the past, where I had been, as well as what I was feeling and thinking during specific incidents. Baba even recounted my dreams. It was quite apparent that He knew everything about me.

After being a margii for about 4 - 5 years, I began to see how Baba knew everything - not just about me, but about everybody. I used to talk with various margiis from all different areas and they told about their personal experiences with Baba. Time and again, sadhakas from diverse lands expressed how He was aware about their every thought and dealing. Regardless with whom I spoke, always the outcome was the same: Baba knew everything about everybody. That was everyone's experience.

I get to pose my question to Baba

One day, I was blessed to have another opportunity to see Baba. During that occasion, He looked at me and said, Do you have any questions to ask?

I asked, Baba, how do You know everything about everyone? How do you know everybody's thoughts and deeds?

Baba replied, When you create a horse in your mind then naturally you will know everything about that horse - because it is within your mind, not outside it. Similarly, for Parama Purusa, all are within His mind - this entire creation - nothing is outside His mind. So naturally He will know everything about everyone.

Hearing this I got my answer. Human beings must assimilate external knowledge within - that is knowing. To know anything one must read, study and depend upon external knowledge. In the case of Parama Purusa, it is just the opposite. Everything is within His mind. He need not take any extra effort to know anything.

Everything is within His mind
 Ananda Marga philosophy says, “How does Parama Puruśa remember so many things? Here lies the difference between human beings and the Supreme Entity; He does not learn only to forget; in fact He does not even learn – He just knows. Everything is within His mind.”
   “What is the knowing faculty? Knowing means subjectification of external objectivity, and as there is nothing outside of Him, so the question of subjectivisation does not arise at all. For Him everything is internal; He does not know things by turning the pages of books to see what is written therein. As everything is within His mind, He already knows everything. Tatra niratishayam sarvajiṋabiijam: rtambhará tatra prajiṋá: Whatever was and whatever will be in future is all known to the Supreme Cognitive faculty.” (1)

Ananda Marga philosophy guide us, “He is the Supreme Progenitor, all are His children. He cannot hate anybody, although He knows everything. He knows what you did, He knows what you said, He knows what you thought, because everything is within His mind. [Everything is] a Macropsychic conation.” (2)

Without having any Intelligence Agency to inform Him

“This Puruśa possesses infinite knowledge: He knows the inner essence of every mind of all living beings. Even the most hidden thoughts of an individual are known to Him, for the thinking power of all creatures comes from Him, and without His energy they cannot think anything, even for a single moment. Whenever human beings think something, He immediately knows it. Thinking is actually like talking within: that inner vibration of mind is immediately caught by Parama Puruśa. Not only one’s thoughts, but all the inferences you perceive – sound, touch, form, taste and smell – and whatever actions you perform, are immediately known by Him. Without vibration, no sensation can be perceived and on action can be performed; and all these vibrations are within His infinite body. Everything in this universe is vibrational, and all the vibrations first emanate from Him and finally merge in Him. Thus He comes to know of everything – and without having any Intelligence Agency to inform Him!” (3)

Whatever that rhinoceros is thinking you are hearing

   “Suppose you are creating a rhinoceros in your mind and that rhinoceros is moving within your mind. Whatever that rhinoceros is doing, you are seeing. Whatever that rhinoceros is saying, you are hearing. And whatever that rhinoceros is thinking you are hearing. Whatever the rhinoceros does, there and then it is being witnessed by you. No activities, no thought waves, of that rhinoceros, are a secret for you – you know everything. And whatever is being done in the Universe is nothing but a mental creation of Parama Puruśa. Everything is within His mind. He is the Macrocosm, and everything is microcosm.”
   “So each and every man is moving within His mind. Everything is within Him, nothing is without. Whatever is being done He sees, He knows, He feels. This universe is nothing but a mental projection of that Parama Puruśa.” (4)

Not an iota of secrecy or an iota of confidentiality

“This Puruśa is all-pervasive, all-pervading – because for Him everything is internal, psychic. When the entire town of Ernakulam comes within your mind, no space remains a secret for you, you see everything. Similarly, this entire universe is within His mind; that’s why He sees everything, He knows everything. And nothing of the past, nothing of the future is a secret for Him. There cannot be an iota of secrecy or an iota of confidentiality for Him.” (5)

in Him,
Praphulla Dhar

1. AV-31, Supramundane Heritage and Supramundane Desideratum
2. SS-24, The Causal Matrix
3. SS-12, Puruśa
4. AV-12, The Supreme Witness and the Great Thief
5. SS-21, Unit Spirit and Cosmic Spirit

Note 1: About the above story

The top portion of this email is the first-hand account of Ac Bhavashuddhananda Avt. Following that are some very inspiring guidelines and related teachings from Ananda Marga philosophy.

== Section 2 ==

~ Request only to story thieves ~

It is the accepted international standard and our way not to copy another's work and publish it in your own way. Baba has given a very strict rule on plagiarism.

Why is Baba against this type of plagiarism or stealing someone's work? There are many reasons:

1) It is against the code of asteya (non-stealing).

2) The individual who steals gets degenerated and it sets a bad example in the social sphere.

3) It impedes social progress as others will not be inclined to pursue new and original work as they think that others will just steal it.

4) It breeds a society of lethargic people who will always wait for others to create something new. It is just like those who are lazy in the kitchen do not cook - just they wait for others to prepare food and then they eat.

5) Countless stories of devotees need to be published. But some do not want to do the hard work of compiling and writing these stories, so they just steal them from others. But new stories need to be told, otherwise so many unpublished stories of sadhakas will be lost and forgotten forever.

6) The sole motivation is to publish the maximum amount of Baba stories. Everyone should work hard and try to contribute original material in this respect. All unpublished stories should be written.

7) In addition, by following this code then fake stories will not be circulated as everyone will be responsible for demonstrating the authenticity of each story.

8) Thank you for abiding by this ethic and code that is both today's international standard as well as Baba's given system. Again, it is our formal request not to plagiarise this story.

So please do not circulate any letter or story letter on any other network without keeping the full and complete letter including the header, signature, and all related notes and references. In addition, it would be proper to introduce the letter as "Courtesy of...". Then everyone will clearly understand from where you got the letter. This is the accepted standard.

Baba says, "It is not possible to guide others merely with cheap,  superficial knowledge, like a half-baked pandit who reads a half-a-dozen books and then spouts a few mouthfuls of grandiloquence, and who has obtained a doctorate degree by plagiarising others’ works." (1)

1. PNS-1

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