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"New" Definition of Divine Love

Date: 29 Jan 2011 12:39:38 -0000
From: "Gaurishankar  Agrawal"
Subject: "New" Definition of Divine Love



One time on my holidays I started reading one Dada's book with interest,
thinking that I will find some inspiring Baba stories. But instead I
came across one "special" interpretation of "divine" love. Here is the
story of that occasion.

                          WHAT IS IN THE BOOK

Specifically, in the book there is a story of one disciple named Khushru
who was doing idol worship of his dogmatic Muslim guru Nezamudin Aoulia.

And this book - by one of our own Dadas - puts for the notion that this type
of dogmatic belief is divine love and that is highest devotion. Because this
poem itself is used as an example in the chapter titled, "Divine Love..."

See here the dogmatic Muslim poem which appears in the chapter titled,
"Divine Love..." of respected Dada's book:

"I am a non-believer, lost in love
I am intoxicated from head to foot
With the love of my master,
Nezamudin Aoulia
I don't have anything to do with Islam.
Every vein of my body is intoxicated
With divine love for God
Therefore I do not need the sacred thread either
Worldly people call me an idolater
What reply I can give? I have only this to say,
'Yes, yes I am an idolater'
What do these worldly people
Know of my idolatry" (p. 86)

So what is been written above is just a collection of misguided
ideas - not a poem exemplifying divine love.

Firstly, the dogmatic disciple is himself explaining, "With the
love of my Master, Nezamudin Aoulia, ... every vein of my body is

Hence the misguided disciple Khushru has wrongly taken his "master
guru" to be the embodiment of the divine.

Then the dogmatic Muslim poet who is disciple of his own dogmatic guru Aoulia,
further writes: "Worldly people call me as idolater...Yes, yes I am an

So in the above lines, he gives credence to idolatry.

In a nutshell, these are but a few of the critical examples of misguided
devotional expression put forth in this sequence. And more about this
is written below.


Before commenting further on the above Muslim poem, here we should all
remember Baba's divine teaching that-- Brahma alone is Guru and none other,
no one else.

That is why Baba says in Ananda Sutram:

     3-9 'Brahmaeva gururekha na'parah'
     Only Brahma is the Guru, no one else

And in another devotional discourse Baba says:

"Nobody else is the guru. Ta'raka Brahma is the only Guru." (Ananda
vacanamrtam, part 2, p.4)

Plus in Caryacarya II, Baba guides us:

"The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme
Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings-That
alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed
Brahmavidya' (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and
form of Anandamurtiji. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty".
(Carayacarya. part II, p.1)

So in all these above teachings in clear-cut unambiguous language Baba is
directing us that only that Cosmic Entity can be Guru not x, y, z, a, b, c, & d

                  WRONG CLAIM IN THE BOOK

But in Dada's book, Baba's above teachings are not represented.
Instead the notion is given that Nezamudin Aoulia is the master guru.

So that is one falsehood or dogma. If that appeared in some non-margii
book we can ignore it, but when one of our esteemed senior acaryas puts
such a thing in print, then that demands our critical attention.

Let's continue on in our analysis.

By seeing those above quotations about this Muslim poem from the book,
any Margii can clearly understand that the way in which the dogmatic
disciple Khushru is worshiping his so-called guru Nezamudin Aoulia is
just a gross dogma and it has nothing to do with divine love.

Because, Nezamudin Aoulia was not divine. So how you can say that loving
Nezamudin Aoulia is divine love? Maybe we can call it attachment, or blind
dogma, or as you like you can name. But surely it cannot be divine love
because there is not an iota of divinity present there. We all know that Muslim
dogma and idol worship have nothing to do with divinity.

Baba says, "Those who in the name of the beginningless, endless, formless Brahma
worship idols, are indulging in deliberate slander. You must not give indulgence
to this type of Mahapápa (great sin)." (Caryacarya, part 2, Sadhana, point #18)

Baba says, "As, in principle, you do not support the philosophy of those who,
in the name of worship of God, indulge in idolatry." (Caryacarya, part 2, Society
point #35)

There is no need to give any long explanation here. Baba's teachings are
crystal clear and all Ananda Margiis understand the grand difference between
the dharma sadhana on Brahma and the ritualistic worship of Nezamudin Aoulia.


For example, by showing one dirty crow, you cannot claim that this is a
pristine  swan--the essence of purity. The idea is that you cannot say it
is one beautiful divine entity when reality is it is one crude entity.

Or, by showing the dirty sewage water you cannot claim that this is fresh,
clean, mountain spring water.

Similarly, Divine love is far, far higher than these pseudogurus' dogmatic
beliefs. One is complete dark; another is effulgent.

It is a peculiar affair that our Dada seems to have so much affinity with
Islam? I don't understand why such a misguided approach was taken here,
because every conscious person on this globe understands that the
problematic Islam religion is full of dogma.

Indeed, persons from all corners of the globe, various types of race,
nationality, country and language, all came to AM to became one with the
Supreme Entity. But Islam / Muslim people have traditionally kept
themselves at a far distance from AM. They like to live in the dark.


It is just like how as illiterate village man was not aware about the tomato
fruit. But he was quite aware about the meat. Because in his Kali temple,
goats were sacrificed. So when he heard that a tomato is red, then he
mentally calculated that " a tomato is nothing but red meat". Because in his
knowledge, the only red edible thing he knows is meat. So
he ended up with final conclusion that meat and tomatoes are the same thing,
just two names of the same thing. In other words, the new name of meat, is tomato.

Excuse me but same way, Dada's book could not conceive the idea about
the divine love. And instead it propagates about some dogmatic faith where
crude disciples are involved in various types of rituals with full
attention. And then the book concludes by saying that it is divine love.
But those who are rational-minded margiis, they understand that this type of
preaching is completely dogmatic.

Indeed no margii can appreciate that worshiping one Muslim guru Nezamudin
Aoulia, is divine love. But this is the claim made in this book by one Dada.

Unfortunately this is not the only Dadas' book which falls into such problem.
Many Dadas books are like this which are full of dogma.

Please write your own experience about any Dadas' book which is written as
a Baba's story and instead is spreading dogma. By this way we will be aware
and keep distance. And not only that, Dadaji's reputation can be saved as he
can go back and edit his publication. That way in the future people will not
form the wrong opinion about Dada.

                               BABA'S BLESSING

Overall in my life I have experienced that Baba's books are the only treasure
and they alone are worthwhile to read.

Baba says, "The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute knowledge.
The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal,
rational and psychological." (Prout Nutshell, pt 18, Prápta Vákya and Ápta Vákya)

In Him,

Note 1:              WHICH DADA AND WHICH BOOK

The book referred to in the above letter is "Glimpses of Mystery" by Dada
Bhaskarananda ji. It was that book in the chapter entitled "Divine Love" that
the dogmatic poem was used - as if that exemplified divine love.

All in all it is unfortunate that this was written in the book as I personally
do not believe that this reflects that totality of Dadaji's thinking on
Ananda Marga.

Best will be if the book is corrected or taken out of circulation. That will be
the best thing for Dadaji's career and for readers as well. I personally feel
Dada Bhaskarananda has many wonderful contributions to make and he should not
be defined on this book alone.

The whole idea is that when any Dada or margii writes books, then those
publications are successful when they reflect Baba's divine teachings,
otherwise we run into misconceptions as happened above.

                          PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Tumi sudha'taraunge khelicho raunge saba'r saunge niyato..." (PS 700)


  Baba, You have been playing Your divine game since eternity. It is
filled with the vibration of colour and nectar. You are playing with one
and all. You never get tired; You never stop; You go on working day and
night. Your liila is eternal. 
   Even when there was no creation, no planets, stars or galaxies, and also
there was no existence of the vast sky, that time there was nothing. In
that great void since eternity You were ever-present, remaining alone. Even
before and prior to the beginning of the creation You were there, emanating
with Your divine vibration. 
   Baba Your liila cannot be expressed in words and language. Since
eternity You have been present and You will remain forever. You are the
Nucleus of this whole cosmic cycle...

                 They are not Asset but Liability

Baba says, "Now it is the duty of all living beings, not only of human beings, to
accelerate the speed of movement, accelerate the natural flow of life the
natural flow is unto the Cosmic hub, unto the Parama Purusa. And this
process of acceleration is the spiritual march, is the spiritual practice.
You'll see many people in this world who are bachelor but they are neither
monks nor they have got the sacrificing spirit to serve the society. Such
people are actually, they are liabilities, not assets to the society."

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