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Re: I do not Belong to any Group

From: "R Deva"
Subject: Re: I do not Belong to any Group
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:16:05 +0000


              == I DO NOT BELONG TO ANY GROUP ==

                                  ~ Part 4 ~

Everyone knows that in AM we are to follow Baba. His way is our way--
not any groupist, double-groupist, or triple-groupist approach.

Unfortunately, one new syndrome has sprouted in AM where some are
claiming, 'I do not belong to any group', but in truth they are
double-groupists or even multi-groupists.


A person says, 'I do not belong to any group', yet during AM programs
they read out Fake Ananda Vaniis from all the groups. Thus they are
double groupists because they are following the dogma of two different

Here is another example.

A person says, 'I do not belong to any group', yet they attend both the
dogmatic Mahaprayan program as well as the dogmatic Jamalpur tiirtha
program. Hence once again they are double groupists because they are
following the dogma of two different groups.

Of course, we should not follow the dogma of any group, but now what is
happening is that in the name of not being part of any group, some are
following the dogmas of all the groups.

In this latest schema then, a person can be a double, triple, or even
multi-groupist. That is the unfortunate way things are unfolding at
present in our Marga.


The same tragedy befell dogmatic religious worshipers in India. As more
and more deities came into being, simple worshipers began honoring all
the gods. In the beginning people were following Lord Shiva, just like
Ananda Margiis were meditating on Baba. But then as time went on, more
and more deities came into being and those worshipers of Lord Shiva
began incorporating all those dogmatic deities into their prayer system,
until there became an entire plethora of gods and goddesses: So many
idols, so many pujas, so many deities etc. This type of dogmatic
pluralism is the chief downfall of religion in India. And Baba strongly
condemns this faulty approach in His discourse, 'Omnkarnath & Ista Mantra'.

In a strikingly similar pattern, in the beginning Ananda Margiis were
only following Baba. There was no question of doing anything else. But
after 1990 groupism started and ever since more and more groups and
sub-groups are sprouting up-- just like mushrooms in a cow field. In
that event, some naive and some opportunistic people have begun
following the dogmatic ways of multiple groups. They attend a groupist
seminar here, participate in someone else's Mahaprayan program, read
another group's Fake Ananda Vanii, go to yet another rally, support one
group's puppet BP candidate, and so many things they are doing. They are
following all the groupist dogmas-- they are double or even
triple-groupists-- yet all the while proclaiming, 'I do not follow any

                   MUST BE STOPPED IN AM

This tragic phenomenon of double groupism and multi-groupism must be
completely eliminated from our Marga. Single groupism must also be
stopped. But this double and triple groupism is even worse as it
reinforces all the dogmas: Scriptural distortions, Fake Ananda Vaniis,
MPD, tiirthas, wrong seminar system, and so much other nonsense.

So when anyone says, 'I do not belong to any group', then we must watch
them carefully and see if in actuality they are really a double or
triple groupist. Unfortunately, this is the way things have been taking
shape lately.

                      BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace, all groupism-- single, double, triple, and multi-- will
vanish from our Marga in the wake of following one pristine,
neo-humanistic ideology.

Baba says, "Universalism does not depend upon any relative factor, hence
it is free from the vices of ism. Ism thrives on the angle of group
interest...Those who are eager to establish peace should
shake off [groupism] and other allied isms." (PNS-4)


Note 1:              JUST THEIR SELFISH FIGHT

Right now, huge group clash is going on, but their fight is purely personal, i.e.
according to their selfish agendas. To undertake a truly dharmic stand, certain
ideological integrity must be maintained. The below letter reviews critical
ideological issues that must be addressed.


                   PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Pathe pathe ghuri toma'rei smari, dekhite na' pa'i keno bolo..." (PS 2904)


 Baba, I am wandering around on the path thinking about You. In my
journey of life I am moving ahead, ensconced in Your divine ideation. By
Your grace my life is passing in this way. Baba, even then I am not
getting You. I am putting forth effort in my sadhana but I am not
getting Your close proximity nor Your sweet, divine touch. Baba, I am
not feeling Your intimate closeness in the way I desire; please tell me
why that is. Baba, Your karuna'* is my sadhana. When You shower Your
grace compassion then my sadhana is blissful-- otherwise my sadhana is
dry. So I am just depending on You completely. When You shower Your
karuna' then that is my sadhana. Baba, why are You playing this type of
liila with me-- why are You not always coming in close to me in my
meditation. Why do You remain so elusive.

 Baba, You are the Goal of everyone's dhyana. You are the Ista. Baba,
You are the dearest One; You are the terminus. In everyone's mind and
heart, You are the most venerable one: You are varaniiyo. Baba, until
one gets You, they cannot be satisfied. You are the eternal and infinite
Source. Only You can satiate everyone's heart. That is why everyone
loves You and yearns for You. Baba, please bring complete satiation to
everyone's mind; please light the lamp of devotion. Sometimes my sadhana
goes up; sometimes it goes down. Baba, please light the lamp of devotion
in my heart so that it remains eternally effulgent.  

Baba, although I want You to come close and sit and talk with me so I can see You,
although this is my desire but You do not come close. You are not coming
according to my desire. Baba, in that case, go on playing Your divine
liila; there is no harm. Because by Your grace whenever I call You-- I
easily get You in the deep core of my heart. By Your grace I see that
You are sitting there smiling. For that very reason, I have surrendered
all my love unto You. It is Your grace. Baba, I want You-- You are my
dearmost. Please make me ensconced in the depths of Your ideation,
eternally forever and ever.

 Baba, with Your ahetuki krpa, please shower me with Your parabhakti...

                    Eternal Source of Energy

 Baba says, "Because each and everybody in this universe gets energy
from Parama Purusa, He is the Supreme Source of energy."
 "This earth and all the other planets and satellites of this solar
system get their energy from the sun. The sun is the source of their
energy. But He is the source of the sun's energy. And that's why He is
 "And that's why I have said that there won't be any thermal death of
this universe. Because He is jvalantam, He is present, and He will be
present forever. So there won't be any shortage of energy in this cosmic
system, though there may be a shortage of energy in some particular
portion of the earth or the cosmos." (AV-3, p. 26-27)

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