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This Is Not Baba's Book

From: "Girish Nath Biswas" To: Subject: This Is Not Baba's Book Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2010 23:05:55 +0530 Baba "Priyatama ama'r ghare eso a'loy purn' kare..." - P.S. 3776 Purport: O' my dearmost Baba, please come to me and fulfill my ago-old longing. Please grace me and satiate my desire. Please come with Your sweet smile and with Your heart-rending most attractive lips. Pleas grace me and fill my heart. Baba, I do not want anything from You; I want to surrender everything unto You. I only want to offer You. I want to ensconce in Your tune and melody. I want to move on that path which is the most pleasing for You. I want to involve in Your shravan, manan, japa, niddhidhyasana, japa and dhyana. In the past I wasted a lot of time running after imaginary things-- mirages. I was chasing after & following many dogmas-- temporary and ephemeral things, thinking that they are permanent shelter. In the past I was involved in spreading various dogmas: Thinking that someone is low and someone is high, creating disparities & differentiations, giving unnecessary importance to temporary and worldly things etc. By this way so much time and money went in vain. My whole life went in this way. Now by Your grace I have understood that only You are the eternal truth. Baba, please come to me; I want to surrender...
Namaskar, These days some Dadas or some groups are printing Baba's books and ruining the name of the book which Baba has Himself titled. They are giving their own meaningless title that in no way reflects what Baba has given. In addition such publishers are going against our ethic in AM by praising themselves on the Publishers page for their hard work in editing and publishing the book. When our true spiritual approach is that every work - big or small - is done in service to Gurudev; in that case where is there scope for individual credit. As disciples of Baba it is the duty of each and every Ananda Margii to step forward. We should not overlook this situation. Here are the facts of what recently occurred.
One group translated the book, Path Calate Itikatha' (Bangla), and named it as Path Katha' (Hindi). To some naive people the translated title may look like it is quite close to the original, but in reality it is not even close. First we should understand the meaning of the original name and that way we can best evaluate this scandal - and correct it. Path means "path" in English; calate means "while walking", and itikatha means "history". Thus, the original title given by Baba means "History Told While Walking". But these publishers did not keep Baba's original title, Path Calate Itikatha'. Instead these publishers titled Baba's book as, Path Katha'. Path means "path" and katha' means "tale". Thus their translated title means "Tale of the Path". So the whole situation is ridiculous. Indeed, there is not even the slightest semblance between Baba's original title and the fake title invented by such so-called publishers. Baba's original title was Path Calate Itikatha', and the publishers renamed it as Path Katha'. Thus they deleted the second word, i.e. calate, of Baba's title and cut the third word in half, from itikatha' to katha'. That is tantamount to translating Baba's book "Namah Shivaya Shantaya" from Bangla to English and then titling the new translation as "Namah Taya". That is what would result if one were to omit the second word and cut the third word. That would just ruin it entirely and the new title would go against Guru's wishes, and be utterly senseless as well. Yet that is exactly what such editors did by distorting, if not mangling, Baba's original title of Path Calate Itikatha' and instead calling it Path Katha'. So that is one scandalous issue regarding the so-called translation of this book. In that case who can think that this is Baba's book. Because when the bastardized the title, then who knows what these translators might have done to the actual text. Clearly their misdeed brings their entire publication into question. Who can think they have been faithful to Guru's words.
Then there is a second matter of great concern regarding this book. In the Publishers' note on the inside pages, the publishers wrote their own praises for getting this book published. They sang their own glory about their own hard work. Because on those pages, great thanks and glory is given to family acarya Prata'pa'ditya (Gorakpur), Ac Rudrashiva'nanda, and Ac Uttya'ga'nanda. These three are the publishers and they have given huge credit to themselves for publishing the book. But in Ananda Marga, this is not our way. We do everything in His service. There is no question then of trying to get individual credit. Baba says, "When you perform acts with the ideation that the person served is Na'ra'yan'a, there is no possibility of arrogance or the desire for fame growing in your mind. Then you will realize that through the grace of Na'ra'yan'a you have been given the opportunity of serving Na'ra'yan'a." (SS-1) Obviously these three persons - Prata'pa'ditya, Rudrashiva'nanda, & Uttya'ga'nanda have not the slightest understanding of Baba's above teaching. Not only did they make a mess of the title but then on the inside pages they printed words of praise to themselves. This is really a big step below our norms.
Prior to '90, no Dada or margii was ever given such credit on the inside of our AM books. Never, never, never - not on one occasion. Most certainly, those books do formally list the names of the editors, translators and publishers - but that was only to hold certain people accountable for the work. It was not done in their praise. You will never find a book wherein Dada Vijayanandjiwrote: "Our deepest gratitude must be conveyed Ac Vijayananda Avt for his diligent efforts in bringing this book to fruition. Without his hard work this title never would have come into print." The late Vijayanandaji never wrote like this in any book - and he was involved in the publication of countless titles. But he never tried to issue praise for himself in the book. But in this publication, these three Dadas have openly written about what a great job they did in getting the book completed. They want to whole world to know.
It is similar to persons who donate money to a Hindu temple and in turn have a brick or bench named after them within the temple itself. A typical Hindu temple has thousands of inscriptions detailing who gave and did what etc. Every inch is donated of the temple is dedicated to one person or another. But in AM we never do like this. So many of our fellow disciples gave money, sweat and tears in order to build AM jagrtis and never were their names inscribed into the building. Nor did those Dadas or margiis wish to see their name highlighted in this way. Rather they selflessly donated their money and time to the construction of the jagrti in their loving service to Baba. There was no question of wanting or desiring any credit, name or fame. But the editors of their so-called book Path Katha' clearly went to great effort in order to get their names put in lights. This is not at all good. This goes against our entire code of service. Baba guides us to put forth effort to help others and then forget about it - not highlight the glory of one's efforts. And indeed every Ananda Margii does like this. All have the heart-felt desire to do something for Baba. This feeling of service comes when one develops that inner link and devotion Him. Then one naturally feels the duty to serve Him and carry out His sweet will. But this entire spirit was lost on the publishers of their fake Hindi translation. They openly praised themselves in completing the book etc.
Everyone in our Marga realises that Baba has blessed them with the opportunity to do service. In that case their is no scope for self aggrandizement or individual credit etc. Baba says, "The best you can do is only to serve. Remember, you are to serve bearing in mind that every creature is verily the living manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness. Remember also that the credit of service is not yours; it is due to the Supreme and the Supreme alone, whose ideation has inspired you to acquire the capability of rendering service." (A'nanda Va'nii #23) So these three publishers are way off base in their approach. By thanking themselves on the inside pages of the book they may feel that their names will be enshrined forever. In truth though, instead of glorifying themselves they have embarrassed themselves in the eyes of others and paved the way for their own degradation. Baba says, "Sometimes their self-praise is so intense that others are obliged to say, 'Please stop praising yourself so much'. They forget that their self-applause is rather boring for others. Human beings should realise that no one likes to hear the self-praise of others." (AV-8) Baba says, "Your vanity may increase. You may think "I have done this, I have done that, I am not an ordinary man'. This is a psychic disease." (PNS-14, p. 84)
There seems to be only one other such case where someone tried to glorify themselves on the inner pages of our AM books. This posting details who was involved in that pathetic display:
The point of this letter is that we should not allow this types of publication errors to continue - regardless of which group or who is involved. No one should be knowingly or unknowingly distorting the given title of Baba's books. This is totally unacceptable. Baba's original words must be kept "as is". There is no other way. So when these three persons changed the very title of Baba's book, then so many other mistakes are sure to be on the inside. The original Bangla edition is fine, but when translating it into Hindi they changed the title and with that the possibility is there for so many other twists and turns to have been included. In that case how can we say this is Baba's book. We cannot. We should take strict efforts to rectify the situation and undo this entire scandal.
By Baba's grace we are to work cooperatively and selflessly to propagate His teachings and keep His printed books in proper shape. That will be true service unto Him. Namaskar, Girish
We should all remember that the term itikatha (history) and itihasa are different. Only that history which has educative value - not that portion which does not have educative value - is itihasa. So in his book when Gandhi tells that he was sleeping with his wife and involved in sensual passion when his father died, then this will come under itikatha, not ithasa. Just he is relaying the fact - there is no great teaching or real educative value.
****************************************** Animals or Humans
Baba says, "Those who have established themselves in their spiritual being through the practice of spiritual cult are the real human beings. Others, who do not move on the subtler and sublime path of spirituality, and behave like animals, are humans only in name. Human beings alone have the privilege to do sa'dhana'. Animals, because of their intellectual deficiencies, are unable to adhere to the spiritual cult..." "Human beings, on the other hand, have the capacity to develop even in the spiritual realm. Those who do not pay heed to this special gift are animals, nay, even worse than animals. Animals are unable to make efforts for their spiritual development, whereas humans do have this ability." (SS-24) Note: Modern medical science classifies everyone with a human body as being human, but according to Baba's above teaching all are not human. In the above guideline Baba differentiates how and why.

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