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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 23:03:15 -0000 Subject: Ignorance To: From: Satiish K Bhatia" Baba "Pratham jiivane, tumi a'so niko, ta'r la'gi, mane kono klesh na'i..." (PS 379) Purport: Baba, You did not come close to me in the dawn of my life; but I do not have any agony in my mind about why You did not bring me under Your shelter that time-- why You did not come close to me and become very intimate. For that I do not have any mental anguish or suffering. But I do have repentance in my heart for why I did not search You that time. That is why my heart is burning and crying all the time. The fault is mine that in my early years I did not search You. For that I have deep remorse. Baba, that time You were so close to me-- living side by side, always. Even then I did not call You or try to search for You by learning sadhana. I did not care about that back then. Just my days and nights passed in vain, doing various useless pursuits that time in the early stage of my life. Yet, now in the twilight of my life, the more those early remembrances sprout in mind, the more pain I feel. Baba, by Your grace everyone comes onto this earth for a short span of time, for a calculated period. And there are so many works to do. Yet fruitlessly people waste their time blaming God for their misfortunes-- but there is no benefit in this. Because everyone is facing their own samskara. When they remove the umbrella of vanity, they will realise that Your grace is showering eternally. Baba, You are ever gracious; what You do is best for me. My only desire is to always remain under Your shelter...
Namaskar, With much hope and excitement, various margiis and acaryas are hosting a 24 akhanda kiirtan this Saturday, March 14, to celebrate the new Faridabad (Haryana) jagriti. In their email invitation, they say that it is their desire that this new jagrti will "become the epicentre of [a] united Ananda Marga." In their simplicity, exuberance and joy, they have great faith that this new jagrti will be a boon for our Marga - that it will bring unity in AM. At the same time, we all have to remember that no building or physical structure can bring unity. Unity is based on ideology, not anything mundane. Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere." (PNS-15)
In the past also, various people tried to bring unity through different mundane programs. Most notably, Mahatma Gandhi tried to unite all the dogmatic religions by building places of worship where everyone could to perform their own dogmatic rituals. But making a place where some could pray facing east and others could pray facing west, where some would use idols and others would resort to crude puja, where some would sacrifice goats and others would give bread, where some would pray to Allah and others would chant Rama - all those things could not work together to bring a harmonious human society. Merging the various religious dogmas under one roof did not bring unity, it only brought bloodshed - and lots of it. That is why during Gandhiji's time, there was so much religious strife and torment. As much as he tried to create unity, his approach was totally misguided. Unity cannot be built by gluing various dogmas together under one place of worship. That will only result in more dogma and fighting, not unity. But such was Mahatma Gandhi's misunderstanding. Such was his ignorance.
Similarly, in this present day, we cannot expect to create unity in AM by dragging all the groupist dogmas together. That will not work - not at all. To think that way is to fall into the abyss of ignorance. Thus when well-intentioned people build a new jagrti, they should not expect that with this building all will come together with their various factional agendas and live peacefully - i.e. forge unity. As much as it would be nice if it were that easy, but that is not the way to bring unity in our Marga. Yet unaware about what else to do, this is the approach that many good people are taking. They think: "Let's bring all the groups together at this retreat site near Bombay or at this jagrti near Delhi and let there be equal representation of the various groups and by that way we can bring unity." But this is not Baba's ideal and that is not the path towards true unity. Rather to bring unity, we must wipe out all the groupist dogmas and implement His ideological teachings. It is an internal phenomenon and cannot be achieved through physical structures, like building a new jagrti per se. Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind." (PNS-15) Only when His preachings of neo-humanism suffuse the human heart can we have unity in our Marga. To this end, strong sadhana and rational thinking must prevail and all must leave their dogmas behind. Then they are fit to enter the psychic abode of Ananda Marga. Just as Baba would not let anyone be initiated int AM until they renounced their caste identity, similarly no one can become a true Ananda Margii until they give up their groupist orientation. Just gluing the dogma of Mahaprayan with the dogmatic Jamalpur tiirtha program, and then giving representation to both B and H will only exacerbate (i.e. worsen) today's groupist struggles. It will not bring unity. We can only create unity when we are united in Him - not in our own factional agendas. Baba says, "One Cosmic ideology will have to be propagated too, and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity the Cosmic Entity is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come." (TTP)
Again let no one be discouraged from building any jagrti and we certainly do not want to undermine the great efforts that went into making the new jagrti in Faridabad. All are to be commended for this project. But to think that a jagrti alone can bring unity is to plunge the mind in ignorance. In their invitation to their akanda kiirtan program, the organisers declare, "Ek Culha, Ek Cowka, Ek Manav Samaj" - i.e one stove, one kitchen, one human society. But this should not be taken literally. For instance, if various dogmatic religious all cook their non-veg food on one stove then that will not bring peace and unity amongst all the religions. Something more is needed. Similarly, having the various groupist leaders cook their chapatis on the same stove will not bring unity in AM. Something more is needed. Yes, we all need come together. But that coming together must be based on manifesting Baba's divine ideals and implementing those in each and every locale, within each and every Ananda Margii. Simply sitting under the same roof with the mind full of groupist strategies is not enough. Creating one building and allowing all to enter with their groupist baggage will not lead to unity.
Our days now in AM are full of complexities, but not impossibilities. Those who built this new jagrti are to be commended for their excellent efforts, but at the same time it is sheer ignorance to think that such a building alone will bring unity. Unfortunately, all too often this is the direction in which people move in order to solve the current problems in AM. But our issues are deeper than the physical realm. We have to go deep inside the mind, root out the groupist dogmas, and then live each day thinking of Baba and His divine teachings. By following AM ideology, then unity will naturally result. And by His grace that day is sure to come. Baba says, "Social unity and solidarity are only possible if the members of society are inspired with... a common ideology," (APH-4) Namaskar, Satiish
With so much hope and anticipation this is how the organisers sent out their invitation for their upcoming akhanda kiirtan. "It [the new jagrti] will go a long way in furthering the great philosophy and mission of our Beloved Baba and we dream it to become the epicentre of United Ananda Marga." By now, I think all understand that no collection of walls and a roof can create unity in AM. By His grace, with our minds suffused in His thought, we will easily bring unity very soon into our Marga.
Many are aware that "EMS" (Ek Manav Samaj) is a branch of our organisation where we sit down with people from the various dogmatic religions and talk. One of the aims is to bring people from different faiths together so they can overcome their differences, hatred, and anger. This is one of the objectives of EMS, which is a distinct branch of AMPS. But this EMS branch where we mediate talks between different religious groups is quite different from our socio-cum-philosophical approach of Ananda Marga ideology. The idea and reality of a united humanity can only be achieved by creating one human society based on ideology. In that endeavour there is no scope or question of creating social unity by merging all the dogmas of the various religions, or compromising with different religious dogmas. That is never going to work - that will never bring social harmony. The only way to create a unified humanity is to rid society from all such dogmas and build a neo-humanistic social order based on the ideals of AM. Hence none should think that the tenets of EMS (i.e. talking with different religious groups) is part of the process of creating the social aim of Ananda Marga ideology. .
*************************************** There should not be any confusion
Baba says, "Now why does He come in contact with the quinquelemental factors? Why does He come within the jurisdictions of the temporal-spatial-personal factors, these three fundamentally-related factors? What's the cause? There are two reasons. One thing is, the human intellect may get satisfaction after coming in psychic contact with the Impersonal Entity, but the human heart is not satisfied with that Impersonal Entity. The human heart wants something closer, something more sentimental, something more pleasing. And that's why just to satisfy, just to give pleasure to, His progeny, He comes within the scope of these relative factors. Parama Purus'a becomes Ta'raka Brahma. And the second reason is that in this created world, in this universe, each and every progress is a progress through clashes and cohesion. And human beings must have sufficient intellectual stamina to move forward, fighting against all those pebbles of obstacles. When the human intellect fails to do something new in helping society to move forward, Parama Purus'a finds no alternative but to bring Himself within the scope of the temporal-spatial-personal factors just to guide the depraved and degenerate human society." (AV-12, p.43-44) Note: So Parama Purusa must follow His vow. That is He comes for establishing dharma. Everyone knows that dharma is getting established by His invisible grace. When Parama Purusa remains as an impersonal Entity then the heart of the devotee does not get satisfied. And when He comes in human form and teaches and guides the way to reach to Him, then He provides a ladder also. And with that help, devotees reach Him. We know that ladder is the process of dhyana-- which can link from form to formlessness. That is why the culmination of dhyana is the merging into formlessness-- dissolving the mind. Devotees always feels that Baba is residing there-- in their heart. We see in the history of devotion, that that each and every devotee in the world felt that the Lord is with them. Indeed the entire composition of Surdas and Mirabai is proof of that. No doubt, jinanis and karmiis may be thinking in their own way, but devotees feel that Baba is living in their heart.

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