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Bright Side of Groupism

Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 21:41:29
From: "Hitendra Deva"
Subject: Bright Side of Groupism



In the history of every religious movement and spiritual following, after the passing of the prophet or founder, the ruling priests have always adulterated the teachings for their own selfish gain.

This is the common trend across all religions, regardless of where or when they started. Shiva's teachings, Buddha's teachings, Krsna's teachings, as well as in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the opportunistic priests implemented their own dogmatic rules after the preceptor died.

And in result, the original teachings of the prophet or leader were diluted, forgotten and lost. All that remained was dogma.


As we know, for the last 20 years, our Marga has been plagued by groupism. Yet at the same time we know that everything in the universe happens under the sweet will of Parama Purusa. Nothing occurs against His wish - everything moves according to His desire. Even a blade of grass cannot move without Baba's permission.

Baba says, "The idea, the spirit of “prapatti” is that whatever happens in this Universe of ours is nothing but an expression of Cosmic desire or Cosmic will. Neither can there be any volcanic eruption nor can any blade of grass move without His order. Everything is pre-ordered, pre-ordained by the Supreme Entity. Man can do nothing. Living beings cannot do anything without His support; that is, when a human desire and His desire coincide, then only does the human desire become fruitful, otherwise it is a sure failure. When the jiiva’s desire coincides with the desire of Krśńa, then it is successful, otherwise not. This is the spirit, this is the central idea of the term “prapatti”." (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 2, The Excellence of a Bhakta)

Some skeptics think there is no God and that whatever a person decides to do is what gets done - otherwise not. It is all based on individual effort, nothing more. But in AM we openly accept and embrace the philosophy of prapatti vada.

By this way, we can even accept and understand that all the groupism after 1990 was also His wish.


Keeping this in mind let's examine the situation in our Marga since 1990.

From 1990 - 97, when all the groups were united under Sarvatmanandji's leadership then so many dogmas were introduced into our AM society. (See the appended list at the bottom of this email.) By his mere order, Saravatmananda was able to infuse any dogmatic rule he wanted. All were living under his leadership, so his orders were essentially uncontested. In this way, one dogma after another was imposed. Who can forget those days.

Then in 1997, groupism became more pronounced and various factions became visible to the naked eye. And as we see, from 1997 till today, so many splinter groups have been formed. Most of the time this groupism is based on geo-linguistic sentiment.

And all of this has gone on according to the sweet will of Parama Purusa.


So then what is the great benefit of groupism? Verily, there has to be a benefit or redeeming quality to groupism. Parama Purusa never sabotages anything. Why then did Parama Purusa wish for groupism to happen? Why was that His desire and, in fact, the need of the day?

As every Ananda Margii will easily understand, the great benefit of all this groupism is that now it is not easy for any single person or group to implement dogma into our Marga. Because when they try, naturally the opposing group(s) adamantly speak out against it. Whereas if all the groups were united and consolidated under one person's rule, such as from 1990 - 97, then one after another dogma would be unanimously approved by everyone. But since the division into multiple groups, that is not the case. Now it is impossible for one person to universally implement a dogma.

Should any group leader aim to impose a new dogma, then backlash will occur immediately - within hours, or even minutes. For political reasons or for any reason, the other factions will vehemently attack that dogma. It is just like how political parties automatically oppose what their opponent says. Same is the case here. If any group tries to implement something irrational and dogmatic, then a loud chorus will be sung by the opposite group and that dogma will be exposed, not approved.

In this way, the very existence of groupism has saved our Marga from countless dogmas. Otherwise, if all the groups teamed up together, then every day or month from 1997 - 2011, a new dogma would have been introduced just as was the case from 1990 - 97 when all the groups were united under one roof.

So great benefit of groupism then is that Baba's divine teachings remain largely in tact. They have not become diluted and untraceable; they have not become buried under a heap of dogmas. Baba's divine guidelines are quite well-defined and accessible to all.

We are fortunate that only a few dogmas were imposed; and in those cases also there was a lot of opposition.

In this way - because of groupism - we have mostly averted the tragedy that happened with all of the various religions and spiritual movements. Our situation is not nearly as bad as what could have been. If one person had been ruling a single group of workers from 1997 - 2011, then our Marga would be littered by countless dogmas.

Furthermore, because groupism came in vogue, general margiis and workers have keenly studied Baba's teachings and taken great interest in AM ideology. They know that they have to carefully watch those Dadas who are at the helm.

So really it is Baba's grace. Nothing transpires in this cosmos without His consent. He has allowed this groupism to flourish as He knew that would help maintain the integrity of His divine teachings and keep our Marga healthy. 


Reading the above, i.e. that it was Baba's wish for there to be groupism, we may not feel comfortable. But here it is not the question of what the human mind likes or does not like.

We are talking about the liila of Parama Purusa. Parama Purusa is the Controller of heaven and hell - good deeds and bad. He is the only  source of energy; just as the virtuous get energy from Him, so do the wicked. This is the way the liila goes on, and on, and on. Indeed, Baba has stated in so many discourses that all reside in Him, sinners and virtuous alike.

We must see everything as per prapattii vada. It is all His wish and without His sweet will nothing happens. Then how could groupism be formed without His desire? It could not.

It is very clear that He wanted groupism. We may not like it but that is what He wished. So there must be some great cause for it.


Of course, groupism is not good but we must remember that even demons are fed by Parama Purusa. There is no second entity. The conclusion is that we should see the bright side of everything - including groupism.

Had groupism not openly surfaced in our Marga, then so many more dogmas would have been imposed, as happened with all the religions. And our AM ideology would not be in tact.

At the same time none should think that we should therefore plunge deeper into groupism. After all, with their free will human beings make so many mistakes, get punished by nature, make atonement, and then grow from that experience. But that does not mean that one should purposely make mistakes in order to grow. For instance, no one driving a car should not intentionally hit a pedestrian in order get the lesson that one should drive carefully. There are many other better ways to grow than by purposely committing mistakes.

Similarly one should not intentionally indulge in more groupism in order to get the benefit, as if by this way our Marga will thrive. Groupism was a "sign of the times" after 1990 and we should leave it as part of our history and move forward on the path of dharma. It is purely Baba's grace that the post-1990 era of groupism helped off-set the imposition of more dogmas upon our AM society. That was the only benefit - that was the bright side of groupism, beyond that it only produced a field of horrors. Now is the time to move on - totally free from all groupism and dogmas.


Baba says, "Establish yourselves above the boundaries of dogma, and be established in the excellence of human glory." (AFPS-4, Dogma – No More)



Here are but a few of the many dogmas they imposed in the 1990 - 97 era:

1. Fake BP Manual 1997
2. So-called mahaprayan
3. Fake Ananda Vaniis
4. Scriptural distortions
5. Curtailment of margii rights
6. S'ad Dha'm Akhanda Kiirtan (Six Tiirthas):
7. Expulsion as a weapon
8. Dogmatic holy land tiirthas at Jamalpur & Kolkata
9. Bangalisation
10. Elimination of the ACB
11. And so much more...

With tremendous speed all these dogmas were imposed and took root from 1990 - 1997. Still we are dealing with these problems.

Can you imagine what it would have been like if one group leader ruled from 1990 up till today?

Really it is Baba's grace the proliferation of groupism arrived as that put a halt to the creation of all these crooked dogmas. 

"Aja'na' Pathik a'ja, tare ghare d'eke na'o..." P.S. 4342


Today the Ajana Pathik Parama Purusa Baba has come! Don't miss this grand occasion. Receive Him with Your full heart and bring Him home without delay. Let your heart be saturated with the divine effulgence which He has spread all around. Now is not the time to waste in dogma, drowsiness, and slumber.

Baba has come for you, for me, for everyone. He loves everyone-- each and every place, each and every country, all. He feels pain and cries when seeing others' pain. And He smiles when He sees others smile. He loves all.

By His grace, this is the time to surrender everything at His lotus feet. Missing the opportunity is not intelligent. Baba has come! Receive Him and bring Him close...


Baba says, "In the subtle economic sense, the value of wealth is the real wealth. Wealth, if not properly defined, may mean only riches. But the value of wealth is to be measured in terms of its capacity to purchase commodities. That is, the purchasing capacity of wealth is its real value. This real value of wealth has not yet been properly understood in numerical terms by economists." (Proutist Economics, p. 269)

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