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Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 1

From: "A. Roy" To: Subject: Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 1 Date: Sat Oct 2 2010, 06:05 +0530 Baba "Eso eso prabhu mor mana'ne..." (P.S. 4941) Purport: O' Lord, please come in my ideation, I am always looking towards the path of Your divine arrival. Baba, I do not want prestige, money, wealth, boon or any sorts of mundane gifts. I only want Your compassion. So please appear in my dhyana and bless me with Your sweet smile. Baba, ages have passed, so much time has gone by. So many dawns and evenings have come and gone-- crying in Your longing. My eyes are floating in the tears of yearning for You. Baba, please come in my contemplation, ideation, meditation and dhyana...
Note: You must read this as this contains local news of your area. Namaskar, There are many places where our Ananda Marga jagrtis, Baba Quarters, and land holdings are being sold and in queue to be sold. Let us discuss and examine the pros and cons of this approach - and give some news as well.
In general, our Marga gets new land parcels in these following ways: a. Donation of land by margiis; b. Donation of land by non-margiis; c. Donation of land by government; d. Financial donation by margiis for purchasing land; e. Financial donation by non-margiis for purchasing land; and, f. Land capture, i.e. in certain parts of the world if an organisation starts using unused government land for their social service work, then the government often passes ownership of that land to that organisation. This happens in India and elsewhere too.
In all these cases, there is a clear-cut goal and alloted purpose for the land; the land was not just meant to be sold. Irrespective of the way in which the organisation gets that land, donors feel that the land they are donating should be used for social service projects. That is their motive for donating the land. Baba says, "Indirect virtue is acquired when one’s service has a recurring effect, such as service to the society, planting trees, etc. If banyan trees are planted beside a hot and dusty road they will continue to give shelter to weary travellers for one thousand to two thousand years. Virtue acquired in this way is indirect virtue." (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 8) The general feeling is that people want to be involved in a social service project that is of a recurring nature, like land donation - in order to get virtue. Non-margiis often do like this.The person who donated the land cannot continue to get virtue if the land they donated gets sold. Indeed that is betrayal. So they want pious social service work to be done on that land - on an ongoing basis. By this way they will get virtue. Indeed even mahapatakiis (great sinners) may get moksa by this way. Baba has written that if even the worst sinner becomes involved in recurring welfare activities, then all their bad samskaras can be requited. So giving land for social service work falls in that type of good deed of recurring nature. In contrast, if at the time of donation they think that the land they are donating will be sold as part of a business transaction then they will not donate it in the first place. They are giving the land not for a business transaction but for social service.
Local margiis pay money to register donated land. In India there is a registration fee and in other countries there is a tax. In both cases, local margiis carefully save money from their limited family budget to donate towards this registration cost. In our Marga, it is not the ultra-rich who donate land, but rather it is hard-working common folk who donate land. And they face real hardship in order to get the land registered. In India, the registry fee is 8% of the total cost of the land. That is a high price to pay. But margiis and sympathizers will pay it because they wish to do social service. However, if they have any doubt that the land will be sold or used as part of a business scheme, then they will never undergo such financial hardship to register and donate land.
Land donors, be they margiis or sympathizers, are always very attached to the land which they are giving - it is like a part of their heart. Baba says the following about their deep attachment to land. Baba says, "Among all the attachments human beings suffer from, attachment to land is one of the strongest. Out of sympathy farmers can donate large amounts of produce without hesitation, but they will feel tremendous pain if they are asked to donate a few square metres of land. If they have to donate land to somebody, farmers feel that their ribs will break because of the pain in their hearts. Those who donate land do so for three reasons – to save the major part of their land, for a high humanitarian cause or out of spiritual inspiration." (Prout Nutshell-14, "Cooperative Production") Thus even when margiis & sympathizers donate land to our Marga they do not do so for someone to sell that land and then misuse the money - like some of our Dadas do. Rather people donate land with a high ideal in mind - to serve humanity. That is what motivates them to give that which they so greatly treasure. They donate the land because it is for Ba'ba's mission. They donate their land with the great hope that this will be useful for Ananda Marga social service work and that their offering of land will please Baba. Where there is no land donor, margiis save money for months & year to buy a piece of land with that same motive and hope.
In any place where we have land, jagrti or a social service project then, especially in India, that land or project is secured by local help - margiis & non-margiis. These properties are not constructed or purchased with monetary help from Centre. The local bodies pay everything. It is not like Christian missionaries where local people pay nothing and their global national or global church headquarters or governing boards pay everything. That is the way the Christian church operates in poorer countries. So, for instance, in Zimbabwe the local people may not mind if their church land is sold because they were not involved in acquiring land in the first place. But that is not the way it works in Ananda Marga. In AM, in most circumstances Centre does not give one penny for such locally donated properties, i.e. for smaller projects. Rather margiis and non-margiis are emotionally and financially involved with that property. Those sitting distance have no idea how emotionally attached the local people are to that land. Indeed, Centre has no role. Local margiis and local posted Wts are the ones who make every effort for the land and development thereof. All land registration is done in the name of the General Secretary just because of the organizational system; it does not mean that GS Dada has any role in purchasing the land.
Any place where donated land is sold makes for one negative trend of recurring nature. For instance, if a jagrti is sold as a business maneuver then the surrounding population will always think that margiis are fake and have nothing to do with social service. The locals will think that, "We donated the land and they sold it and misused the money." That gives one negative trend where in future no one will want to give land to AM as they will have read in the newspaper or heard stories that we are not really service mined. People will make jokes and ridicule us that, "They sold donated land and kept the money. Never trust these people." These types of stories will get published by enemies. This will create harm - not just in that place, but all over. Word will spread how, "I have seen where I donated money and now that land is sold and the money is gone. these are fake people do not trust them." Plus future historians will investigate and report how Ananda Margiis wrongly sold donated lands. They will dig up old newspapers and get the facts how a jagrti was donated by Mr So and So and inaugurated on such and such date. But they will see how that jagrti is now gone having been sold to some entrepreneur or capitalist for their business ventures. All this and more such historians will publish this in their book. By seeing all this new persons will not like to join they will think we are preaching and teaching lofty ideals but inside we are hollow. Miscues and shady land dealings will damage the image of AM in a recurring way for a long time to come. And indeed that is what we see happening right now. This will deter and scare off future philanthropic donors. You will never hear in India how a church, mosque or temple is sold. That is why Baba warns us against those Dadas involved in selling off AM land as it will have an ongoing, recurring negative effect. Baba says, "This maha'pa'taka is also atipa'taka, but the difference is that its effect is of recurring nature. Suppose a corrupt businessman uses papaya seeds [in the black pepper] – he invents a [new kind] of adulteration – papaya seeds. Now other businessmen will learn it from him, and the process will go on in recurring nature. So the particular businessman who invented this art is a maha'pa'takii. That is, its effect will be of recurring nature. It will go on forever." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-31, "Sinners and Their Rectification") So those selling AM land fall in maha'pa'takii group because after them some other Dadas will follow their negative example and sell more land and property etc. Furthermore, any organisation that thinks it will grow and last into the future then they will keep all their holdings thinking that people will come and join and run those projects etc. Only those organisations that are on their deathbed sell their land and properties. The entire public understands this. It is just like if a monarchy is in disrepair or if a rich business family is losing its stature then they will sell off their assets because they have no other means. And in that way they will ultimately sell off everything. So selling land has serious repercussions. It is a layered, complex scenario that bleeds in so many ways with unexpected consequences for a long time to come. What is going on now in AM - this shrinking and destruction - was going on in Prabash Tiirtha, back in the days of the Vrishni house after Lord Krsna left. The drunken Yadava dynasty destroyed themselves. That is what is going on now in AM, unfortunately. We should not watch helplessly.
That is why it is the duty of each and every margii, wt, acarya, and all those who love Baba to not allow AM land, property and jagrtis to be sold. That will create a negative situation for long time to come. Other greedy and manipulative people will learn what certain Dadas are doing and will cheat more.
Here is one trust story. In Bettiah, one non-margii donated land near a railway station, and the land was vacant and unused for long time. So the donor filed one court case to get it back because the land was not used for the stated purpose. His grandchildren demanded it back. Attorneys told local margiis and Wts to start something otherwise "you will lose the land." Immediately they started a children's home there and ultimately, that became our Didi's jagrti.
From the above story we can easily understand that those who donate land keep sharp eyes to ensure that their land is properly used. They write this in their memoirs and family stories. Countless non-margiis have donated land and buildings thinking that their own personal family will get ongoing virtue for the philanthropic work happening on that land. Selling it then is betrayal and leads to mistrust. And indeed those who gave the land will follow-up and find out what is going on. In turn, local margiis will be shamed; it will be difficult to face the public. Plus when people find one fault with us then they will blame Baba as well. For all these reasons and more this is a slippery slope and going in a negative direction. For any reason we should never do such heinous work.
We have seen that if anyone starts selling off their estate they become a beggar. So many times this happens. Likewise if any organisation sells off their assets and properties, they get reduced to zero. That is why any publicly supported organisation will never sell their property. Even if it is unused for long time they will always keep it. In India there are hundreds of thousands of churches and mosques that are unused but they do not sell them as they think times will change and they will recruit someone to manage those buildings. Unfortunately, now in AM some Dadas are selling our active jagrtis and schools. They are selling such properties to raise money for their group clash and court cases. This is the sinful injustice that is going on. Such Dadas try to convince margiis of their fateful logic but they themselves cannot see truth - they cannot see their sins - because their mind is in rasatala. Baba says, "The seventh hell is rasa'tala, the very crudest of all stages of existence. Obviously in that state human beings are no longer human beings: their minds, their intellects are reduced to extreme crudity, a stage of no return. Similarly when people start becoming degraded, a stage comes when they can no longer elevate themselves; rasa'tala is such a state." (AMIWL-11)
With deep devotion and strong emotion, margiis donate land to Baba so in that way AMPS is the worldly custodian of land, but is not the owner. Margiis feel that everything belongs to Parama Purusa. Indeed, Ba'ba' is the real owner because devotees gave to Baba.
In the next we will the name various lands & jagrtis that are in process of getting sold. If you have news about what is happening in your area, please tell. In this atmosphere it is not clear which jagrti will be sold next - anything can happen. Many are in use are under contract to be sold. It is not just that empty or unused buildings are sold. So beware. Remember we are dealing with groupists who are chasing after the power and control for their faction. They are veritable politicians; we cannot run away from this situation. We must be vigilant. Baba says, "For the selfish and hypocrites, politics is the best instrument to achieve their selfish ends; hence when dealing in politics proceed very cautiously and with sharp eyes all around." (Caryacarya-2) Namaskar, Amoghasiddhi
This following example of Baba gives this direction: That we should give first priority to honoring those whom nobody gives honor. Baba says, "To those who think for all... Who offer others seats of honour and respect... Who venerate others, instead of waiting to be venerated-- To them I dedicate this book with humble esteem, and deepest salutations."
(NHLOI, Dedication) ****************************************

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