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New Definition of Pandavas

Subject: New Definition of Pandavas Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 9:55:28 -0400 From: "Gaurishankar Agrawal" To: AM-GLOBAL Baba Introduction to Prabhat Samgiita #3008: This song explains how Parama Purusa plays His divine game of hide and seek, or maya, with His bhaktas. Prabhat Samgiita #3008 Ma'-ya'loke- eso aja'na'pathi--k Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, A'a'----a'a' Tandra'vija-r'ita mor a'nkhite--- Kua'sha'r a'varan'- bhed kare--- Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Tumi cha'r'a'a'r kichu ca'oa'r je na'--i A'-------------------------------------a' Tumi cha'r'a'a'r kichu ca'oa'r je na'--i Dvitiiya kono kichute tripti na'pa'--i Us'a'r uday hote prati pale ta'--i Liila'y bhola'o shata- ru'pa dhare--- Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Kichutei bhu'libo na'a'mio liila'--y A'--------------------------------a' Kichutei bhu'libo na'a'mio liila'--y Mor man tava bha've sam'sthiti ca'-y- A'loke a'ndha're eki sure geye ja'--y Ma'ne abhima'ne eso- pra'n'a bhare--- Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Ma'-ya'loke- eso aja'na'pathi--k Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Purport: O' Ajana Pathik, please come into this world of maya. At least come to my abode by accident, piercing the veil of mist in my drowsy eyes - as it seems You do not want to come on purpose. Baba, besides You, I do not long for anything else; I do not get satiated by any other thing. Because of this, from the dawn, from my very birth, each and every moment You distract me with Your liila in Your innumerable forms. Baba, at any cost, I will never be sidetracked by maya. By Your grace, my mind yearns to be ensconced in Your ideation always. In light and darkness, my mind sings only one tune - only Your ideation. At any cost, please come filling my heart. O' Parama Purusa please come into mental abode, please grace me...
Namaskar, Just the other day a certain "leader" are called out from his public platform announcing that so-and-so groupists are the Pandavas. See for yourself if this invites a whole new definition of Pandavas or not.
Heralding some as "the Pandavas" is essentially branding them as the vanguard of dharma & AM ideology. Thus this is not something to be taken lightly. As we know greatness does not lie in grandiose words alone. Rather it must be reflected in one's practical approach-- i.e. in one's conduct. So to verify the present matter, to see if such persons are really Pandavas or not, we should check the concrete actions of those involved and see how far that statement is correct-- or not.
Specifically, in his recent mailing of 12 June 2010, one email list holder made the following statement.
"The five Pandavas are Kolkata..."
These are the words of one e-mailer. Yet these "proclaimed Pandavas" are the very persons who in so many arenas have tried to destroy or manipulate Baba's treasures for their own selfish group agenda. However, do not just take my word for it, let's examine the facts and then decide.
As the history tells us just after 1990 B group snatched up all the power. There was no second party those days. There was Sarvatmanandaji and his hardcore crew of B group personnel like Pranavatmakananda. And all together they created one serious ring of terror in our AMPS.
In rapid-succession this systematically took away all the margii rights. Because those days Sarvatmanandaji already had all the H group Dadas in his pocket. So the only thing left in order to have unchallenged authority of AMPS was the margiis. And rather than try to appease the Margiis, B group kingpin Sarvatmanandaji opted to reduce margiis to skin and bones by stripping us of our natural rights as bestowed upon us by Baba. So B group had one nefarious plan and they executed it step by step. Here are some of they things they did.
B group took away an entire paragraph, which was very significant, from Baba's discourse AM A Revolution. And many more rights they curtailed just like Bhukti Pradhan rights were taken away. And so many more injustices were done such as victimisation & expulsion of innocent margiis. Because those days if anyone complained or spoke out about B group's deviousness, then that individual margii was black-balled by B group's special team.
And it was under B group's negative rule that the Bhukti Pradhan (BP) system itself got ruined. The BP rules have been changed, & the rights of BPs have been minimized. Not only that, the BP election procedure has also been changed drastically. So in consequence, good margiis will be filtered far away. They will not be allowed to vote. So in conclusion, this BP structure turned into something very different from what Baba made in the pre-1990 stage. We should not forget that the altered BP Manual published in 1997 was dictated & published by Sarvatmanandaji and that this altered BP Manual was written and signed by Sambhutyanandaji-- both of whom key B group personnel.
And here is another example of how those same fndamentalists altered Baba's AM scripture. If you open Ananda Vacanamrtam (AVM), Subhasita Samgraha (SS) or so many other books which were printed after 1990, then you will see that in most of the books on the publisher's page it is written "Translated from the original Bengali".
Certainly B group was so stern in their governance and left behind a huge laundry list of misdeeds and exploitative acts. Now H group is desperately trying to cash in on mostof those dastardly tricks that B group invented. Because if H group desired they could rectify some of the dogmas which B group invented. But instead of that H group is satisfied to take advantage of those things for their own group agenda. So, like this, the stage has been set and even though B group is not officially in power these days, it is they who still create much terror.
Because who can forget that in addition to curtailing and eradicating margii rights, and using expulsion as a weapon, B group strong arms are also the direct culprits behind the murder of one of our own avadhutas. So although they may like to claim in their speech that they themselves are the leaders of dharma it is quite clear that they regularly use their muscle power to stain the grounds of our Ananda Nagar with blood. Because they are the ones who murdered of Acarya Abhipremananda with crude hand tools. And they also gouged out the eyes of another of our acaryas. So when seeing such actions who can believe B group's duplicitous words that they are the incarnates of dharma. Who can believe such empty claims. Hence from A to Z, from the curtailment of Margii rights to the execution of our Dadas, B group has been the author of untold negativity and harm to our Marga. And while H group is also doing numerous things for their own group interest, it is B group who are the more terrible culprits. And perhaps the worse part is that B group does not have even an ounce of repentance for what nastiness they did.
Just they go on justifying everything through the tainted eyes of their own groupism. In this regard we deeply understand Baba's following guideline. Baba says "Ism [groupism] overshadows human intelligence in such a way that even if one has been defeated through logic or reason one refuses to accept the defeat. Therefore, human beings have to extricate their minds from the supreme shackles of ism." (PNS 16, p.4)
Thus when one emailer writes that B group is the Pandava side, then the only conclusion that can be drawn is that thieves, criminals, liars and cheats can be Pandavas. Or what else are we to think. Ultimately this groupism is on the way out-- gone. Their mask of has been torn off by their own misdeeds and their true colour revealed. No margii or good wt can possible think that B group are the present day Pandavas, and it is surprising that this email would make such a proclamation. The days of true peace are await us on the near horizon. In this regard Baba's blessing is with us. Baba says, "Your final destination is extremely glorious, it is crowned with supreme effulgence. So, where is the scope for you to be afraid of defeat of any sort?" (AFPS-4, p.24) Namaskar, Gaurishankar
Here below Baba is describing to us the proper approach how sadhakas should behave. Baba says, "Trn'ddapi...." Meaning: "One should be as humble as the grass" Baba warns us, "Vanity harms the mind, [it creates] an inflated ego, and self-aggrandizement." Baba concludes, "Humans should always be free from ego, free from any superiority complex. Each complex is a type of psychic disease...They are most detrimental to human progress. A person seeking all-round welfare should not allow any complex to take root in the mind." (AMIWL) Hence none should follow in the arrogant, self-engrossed footsteps of B group or any other group.
See here again how in their recently email of 12/6/10 written by SS Goenka.
"The five Pandavas are Kolkata..."
Baba says, "Do not be misled by anyone's tall talk. Judge merit by seeing the performance." (CC-2, p.14)
*************************************** Real Prapatti / Surrender
Lord says, "Without Cosmic desire, nothing can exist, nothing can move, not even a blade of grass. So in accordance with the spirit of prapatti, that the body is a machine, we can say that He has been kind enough to provide the body and mind, to be utilized for work only. Hence I follow the spirit of prapatti in using them...So a boy or a girl who does work is surely following the path of prapatti." (NKS '97, p.40)

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