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News: How Boomerang Worked & Is Working In Ananda Marga

From: "Seshagiri Deva"
Subject: News: How Boomerang Worked & Is Working In Ananda Marga
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 21:54:26 +0530




Note: All the quotes in this letter are from Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10, i.e. (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10).

This entire letter is related with a recent happening. As you read the following series of quotes and explanations it will all be quite clear how this relates to events in our Marga.


Baba says, "All created beings have a natural tendency to move along a straight path. But out of cowardice, selfishness or sinful propensities, humans and other creatures may resort to a crooked path, not only in the material world, but also in the mental world. That is, cowardliness, selfishness and sinful tendencies bring about curvatures in the world of thoughts. These curvatures breed mutual suspicion. Even innocent people are taught to think wrongly."

"Sometimes people grow suspicious of innocent people and mistreat them. Those who still have some amount of benevolent intellect feel pained and ashamed when they realize that they should not have suspected those innocent people. But those who are devoid of benevolent intellect do not feel at all ashamed of their conduct. Rather they think and also say publicly that it is better to suspect others first, and then gradually remove those suspicions later. This is the main characteristic of a sinner’s psychology." (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

In the above two paragraphs Baba is indirectly talking about Ac Sarvatmananda Avt, Ac Nigamananda Avt, and Ac Rudrananda Avt etc. If you can't figure out how this works then please go back and read that again.

Note: For those new margiis not aware about Sarvatmanandji's sinful dealings can write this network and proof of his misdeeds will be sent to you.

The basic point is that individuals like Sarvatmanandji, Nigamanandji, and Rudranandji harassed, humiliated, abused, and exploited countless innocent people. That is what Baba is describing in the above cited paragraphs.

However, the story does not end here; please read furthermore....


Baba says, "Individuals or groups or communities guided by this sinner’s psychology, become involved in various inhuman activities out of unjustified suspicion. Ultimately there comes a time when they no longer repent. Those doctrines and philosophies which teach people to suspect their fellow citizens, which teach people to treat their fellow humans as enemies, have done enormous harm to the world in the past, and if not restrained and controlled, will do so in the future also." (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

Baba's above teaching on sinner's psychology is very pointed and neatly encapsulates the ways of Sarvatmanandji, Nigamanandji, and Rudranandji as well as their blind followers. While in power they harassed, terrorised, beat, expelled and humiliated so many innocent people. Various margiis and wts wanted the organisation to move according to Baba's divine teachings, but those so-called leaders like Sarvatmanandji, Nigamanandji, and Rudranandji etc declared such idealistic margiis & wts to be enemies. Those same shameful leaders changed Baba's teachings including books Caryacarya Part 1 and many more.

During the 1990's, all know and saw how the boomerang effect took its course with Sarvatmanandji. If you are a new margii and do not know what I am referring to, then please write and we will send you proof.


Baba says, "The situation may come to such a pass that detectives may be employed against every person. Again, another set of detective personnel may be employed to watch whether each detective is functioning properly or not. Thus a vicious atmosphere of intelligence and counter-intelligence will be rampant in the society. And the dangerous consequence is this – that all human treasures having been poisoned, human existence itself will become meaningless. People will grow cynical, or will be forced to leave their country or their society to escape this venomous atmosphere." (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

In the above section Baba is describing the sinner psychology so beautifully. Good, ideological margiis and wts were kicked out or forced to leave and so many other atrocities were done. To this end, the "leaders" employed both intelligence and counter-intelligence. We all saw this happen.


Baba says, "The matter does not end here. The wickedness, the deceit, that pollutes human society first moves along a crooked path like its masters, and finally ends up by annihilating its masters themselves. The wicked persons at the helm of affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons, by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe, but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil like a boomerang on the sinners themselves." (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

Now let's apply this to life in our Marga.

From the outset after 1990, the top ringleader, "master", and most devious sinner was Sarvatmanandji. Just as Baba employs the word "master" in His above teacher, that is quite suited to Sarvatmanandji as he was the first at the top of the pyramid but then all his obedient followers like Rudranandji and Nigamanandji and their followers boomeranged on Sarvatmanandji. They wiped out his rulership and Sarvatmananda was left sitting all alone in one corner. That was the first stage of the boomerang approach.

If you are a new margii and do not know what I am referring to, then please write and we will send you proof.

In the next stage, this boomerang theory is related with another sinner: Dada Nigamanandji. Here again this boomerang effect has run its full course as all his followers have since turned on him.

In due course, the next stage will unfold and this same sinner psychology will boomerang against Rudranandji. Who will do this? Rudranandji's own followers will take him down.

And this boomerang effect will continue - on and on - until all the sinners have been wiped out.

Although we want to help, we cannot do anything to stop this effect - we are helpless - the boomerang has to run its course.


Baba says, "Those who deprive others of justice, who stifle others’ voices and try to immortalize themselves by their own loud proclamations, are themselves usually deprived of justice in the end. And their loud cries which had risen to the skies, are smothered in the underworld. Shiva the Omniscient was aware of these hard realities. So He warned the devoted and dharmic people, Pápasya kut́iilá gatih [“The ways of sin are always crooked”].(NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

We all know that since 1990 the main player and most devious sinner in all of this was Sarvatmanandji. He was the kingpin directly from 1990 through the mid 1990's. By that time, his obedient followers like Rudrananda and Nigamananda and their followers levied the boomerang effect on him. They wiped out Sarvatmananda's chair and he was left sitting all alone in the corner. That was the first stage of the boomerang approach.

If you are a new margii and do not know what I am referring to, then please write and we will send you proof.

But the boomerang effect did not stop there. It's next victim was another sinner: Dada Nigamananda. Now we see that this boomerang effect too has run its full course as all his followers turned on him.

The impending next stage will soon unfold and this same sinner psychology will boomerang against Rudrananda. Who will do this? Rudrananda's own followers will take him down.

And this boomerang effect will continue - on and on - until all the sinners have been wiped out.


Although we want to help we cannot do anything to stop this effect - we are helpless - the boomerang has to run its course.

This cycle will continue on and on because these people are not going to change their course or repent. They are set in their ways.

Finally if you want more proof on any point, just ask.

Seshagiri Deva


The following letter is but an example of how some of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. If you have any questions or comments, let us know...

From: dada nitya <>
Date: Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 11:54 PM

Yes, it is true, leaflets were put beneath the baggage of all dadas at night in Jamalpur jagrti hall . As soon as we came back to jagrti at night after programme some one shouted about discovering a leaflet, then soon Liilabodhananda rushed into the hall and snatched the leaflet from his and and shouted 'search every bed and collect every leaflet and give me soon without delay', Within 5 minutes he took away the leaflets with the help of a sycophant dada of him.

This Liilabodhananda was very vocal against dada Nigamananda. When the doctors told in New Delhi " the patient Nigamananda may survive, but cant be active as a normal person, he may lead a crippled life, his life is in danger, cant remain alive longer, any time he may colapse."......then soon after many dadas of Rudranada became more harsh, rude and started mudslinging against dada Nigam. These vocal opponents of dada Nigam are all Rurananda men......Liilabodhananda, Priyatoshananda, Madhuvratananda, Harishananda, Shvarupananda, Navatitananda, Chitshvarupananda etc...... .

These fellows realized that after Dada Nigam's demise only Rudrananda can give an umbrella-shelter to them and they can lead unhindered, unchecked, free life in Ananda Marga. To become Purodha Rudrananda's blessing is must sought. One year deserter along with a woman, Jaipur scandal creator is now a new Prudha, he is Navatitananda.

Dada Nigam was vigilant about some secrete business of Liilabodhananda, Madhuvratananda, Harishananda and checked them.....

Because of such attempt of Dada, these fellows became arch enemy of Dada Nigam. Some of these fellows wanted to become Purodha and had fear psychosis over Dada Nigham, so they wished Dada Nigam's every ill and prayed for his early death.
These people very strategically distributed leaflets defaming dada Nigam last year. Madhuvratananda was the ring leader and Harishananda was his assistant.
Both are running a smuggling syndiacate in the name of 'legal help' and making huge personal money. They both are running a good share market business in New Delhi.

Dada Nigam once asked them about such share market business, money invested in Life Insurance Policy and sought proper accounts of their bank transaction etc. Thus this duo became strong opponents and leaned towards Rudrananda. More over caste feeling( Brahminism ) is very rapidly spreading In Marga. More or less 'racial' attitude is florishing within Marga....for example...YOU ARE MARATHI, YOU ARE BANGALI, YOU ARE MADRASI...
We find ourselves in a situation 'from frying pan to fire'. We came to Marga to lead a pious, nice, hermit life. But nothing such of environment is here to become hermit, sanyasi. Where should we go?

Madhuvratananda, Harishananda and their whole group is enjoying life like kings, it was visible in Jamalpur, they never cared our comfort, food etc.They have every immunity granted by Rudrananda. Very surprisingly we found Madhuvratananda doing feet massage of Rakeshananda (PA) in Ananda Nagar.

This is a glaring example of easy method to go upward in administrative parlor in Ananda Marga. 

Brother Nitya.


"Mora ma'na'sa sarovera tumi son'a'lii kamal..." (PS 2209)


Baba, in the pool of my mind You are the golden lotus. Looking towards You - ideating and meditating on You - is my dance and my life. Baba, You are the sweet vibration of my heart.

Baba, the garden of paradise is filled with sun rays; the glow of Your beauty is resplendent. In grove after grove, the buzzing bees get the pure, sweet honey from that lotus, i.e. You. [1]

Baba, pleasing You is my sadhana - except You I want nothing. O' my Dearmost, O' the Liila Personified, please fulfill the longing of my heart.

Baba, please be gracious and shower Your causeless grace on me...


[1] In the above Prabhat Samgiita, the allegory is that Baba is the sweetness of the lotus blossom and the bhaktas are like the buzzing bees. Just as the buzzing bees are attracted are attracted by the nectar of the lotus, similarly, bhaktas are attracted by the divine charm of Parama Purusa.

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