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PP Election: Margiis Not Handicapped

Date: 17 Oct 2008 22:06:39 -0000 From: "Subhash Dholakia" To: Subject: PP Election: Margiis Not Handicapped Baba Intro to PS: The following is the marching song which expresses the idea of neo-humanism. "A'dha'r sareche, a'lo jhariya'che, ekhan shudhu egiye ja'oya'..." (P.S. 2183) Purport: By the grace of Baba, the cimmerian darkness has vanished; the effulgence is showering. O' my brothers and sisters, this is the proper time to march forward, march forward. With fear, the creatures of the dark have become lifeless. Now is the opportune moment to sing the devotional song in this quiet atmosphere when the demons who were creating horror have disappeared. O' brothers and sisters do not waste time by looking backwards. Wasting the time thinking by harbouring over the past is foolishness. We must not forget that human life is very valuable. We should not waste one single moment. After forgetting all the gains and losses we have to march forward keeping the goal fixed towards Him. Our life is passing beautifully like this: Keeping everybody together, collectively we are moving ahead towards our Goal-- towards Him. After forgetting all differences we are loving each and everyone with the family feeling. There is no time to sit idle and waste. Now is the time to go on rowing the boat of life briskly up to the Goal. His grace is showering on us immensely-- nothing is impossible. By His grace everything is possible. What the duty He has allotted us we have to complete. By His grace the darkness has faded away. The crimson dawn is knocking at our door. The golden era has advented. This is the right and opportune moment to march forward...
Note: Here it should be understood that margii means followers of Ananda Marga, be they householder or whole-timer, as per the dictates of the Supreme Command. Namaskar, In aftermath of PP Dada's demise, and with the upcoming selection of a new PP, various margiis have been lamenting that they have no voice in this process, or that this is purely a WT organisation, or that there is no scope for margiis or general workers to affect the situation. These are but a few of the things we are hearing. When actually, Baba's true system is that margiis (family margiis and general Wt's) are to play a tremendous role in all aspects of the development and leadership of AMPS, including in the selection of a new PP Dada. So we should all be aware about these following ways that we can positively affect the transformation of our Marga organisation, as in the coming days a new PP will emerge. As we speak, the various groupists are plotting their devious course.
As we know, as per Carya Carya 1, PP is elected by the purodhas. None should therefore conclude that no family margii gets to vote. Because it is Baba's distinct system that family margiis are also purodhas. It was Baba who made the late family acarya Raghunath a purodha; it was Baba who made the late family acarya Candarnath a purodha; it was Baba who made family acarya Kinshuk a purodha. So family margiis are meant to have a distinct voice on the purodha board, and hence in the selection of a new PP. However, because since 1990 various groupist, power-hungry Wt's have kidnapped the organisation, they have isolated and disenfranchised margiis. And many of those householders whom Baba designated as purodhas have since died. In result, now the purodha board is dominated by wholetimers (sannyasis), i.e. ones who totally lust power and control. So it is just a myth or a mirage, or a factional ploy, that only Wts can be purodhas and that only Wts will select the next PP. This is all just a dogmatic scheme put forth by a few power-hunger leaders. In response, margiis (householders & general wts) must demand the right to become Purodhas. Remember over the course of history, opportunists have always railroaded the power into their own hands, and it is the duty of good people to snatch back their right to also govern. Now is the right moment to raise the voice that we margiis must also be included on the purodha board.
Baba Himself created AMPS as a vehicle for promoting and propagating AM ideology. So any given leader of AMPS must follow our AM constitution and Guru's teachings. They have no scope to transgress AM ideology or go against the AM constitution. So if any factional leader tries to use AMPS to further their own group cause by fixing a PP election, or by selecting a paper-doll PP, then that totally contravenes Baba's teachings. In that case all margiis-- general acaryas and householders-- must raise their voice, protest, practice silent action, and refuse to cooperate with such crooked groupists in the guise of purodhas. Everyone should express their feelings and generate tremendous pressure. That is enough to create a stir. The group leaders are few in number and have no moral strength; thus when the general workers and family margiis number in the thousands, then with our moral conviction we can easily pressurise those purodhas into following Baba's teachings, or force them to step-down. We have great tools like silent action, multimedia communication, not to mention the ideals as laid down in AM ideology & the AM constitution. All these things can and should be used to force purodhas to follow Guru's guideline of coordinated cooperation between wts and margiis. And if those leaders refuse to accept and follow Baba's teachings, then they should be subjected to extreme pressure, if not humiliation, and be forced to leave the post.
Thus there is lots and lots that we margiis can do to remedy the situation and claim a voice in the election of the next PP. Should we fail to make a strong stand, then we will be merely extending the rule & domination of groupist wts. We must not become spineless victims, but rather must stand up and demand, nay snatch back, our rights. This is the only option.
Ours is not a dogmatic Muslim organisation where the Mullahs have the final say on every decision; our Wts cannot behave like that. Ours is not a dogmatic Muslim organisation where females are totally mute and voiceless; we margiis must not allow ourselves to be suppressed like Muslime women. We have been given a big role in AMPS by Baba. AMPS is a dharmic organisation given by Sadguru where all margiis have the God-given right to actively participate in the governance of the organisation.
So we must not sulk or complain or sit around and moan, thinking that we must always be subservient to those groupist Dadas. That is not our way; that is not our destiny; that is not our dharma. We are to stand up strong and demand that our voice be heard and make it completely uncomfortable for those factional heads who try to suppress us. Because we have a lot to say in the running of AMPS, and in the election of the next PP.
The next PP election is coming very soon, and as margiis we must know that we have the right and the responsibility to have a deciding voice in that election. Ours is a position of coordinated cooperation in AM, not anything else. So when top groupist wts try to suppress us by shoving the new PP down our throats, we should quickly and mightily rise up and never let that come to pass. That is what Baba wants us to do. Baba says, "In every field of collective life there should be cooperation among the members of society. Where this cooperation is between free human beings, each with equal rights and mutual respect for each other, and each working for the welfare of the other, it is called “coordinated cooperation”. Where people do something individually or collectively, but keep themselves under other people’s supervision, then it is called “subordinated cooperation”. In each and every stratum of life, we should do everything with coordinated cooperation and always avoid subordinated cooperation." (PNS-14) Namaskar, Subhash
Here are some of the things margiis are saying-- tragically a few of our brothers and sisters are sunk in the murky waters, thinking that they have no voice in AM. It is our duty to awaken one and all about the great role we margiis have in the governance of AMPS. "What can we do? As simple margiis, there's not much to do. The acaryas hold all the cards...In AM culture, Sannyasis have all the power. It is a sannayasii order." - Brother J "According to the rules, the margiis and acaryas have nothing to do with electing a new PP, that is the job of the purodhas." - Dada V "As per Baba's system -the majority of Margiis have no say about who will be the next PP. it is in the hands of few." - Sister H "...there isn't much most of us can do..." - Margii C
****************************************** LONGEVITY
Baba says, "Spiritual practice makes the mind calm and quiet, and maintains the nerves in a state of equipoise; and thus spiritual practice increases longevity. Those Vaishnavites who are vegetarians, who regularly sing spiritual songs, do meditation, perform virtuous deeds and think pure thoughts, live longer than ninety years." (AV-33, p. 113)

New PP: Talks on the Town

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 16:03:40 -0000 To: From: Mishra" Subject: New PP: Talks on the Town Baba
Namaskar, Here is what margiis and wts are saying about PP's cremation ceremony and related events.
1) After much discussion they say that finally Ranchi Administration decided on A'nanda Shiila' for cremation of PP dada. Because Ranchi thought that B group will disturb it. People were talking in Ranchi that B group was fixed with Pundag police that when PP's body will come to AN then Police will take over the body for postmortem. According to the news moving in the air of Ranchi- B group had some bad motive to proof that Ranchi has killed PP. That's why Centre decided A.shiila' for cremation.
2) At 9 am morning procession started from BQ Ranchi. PP's body was on Tata 407 (mini truck) decorated with flowers. there were 3 Buses for dadas and margiis. 17 Van and cars were there. Many two wheelers were there. In this procession only Ranchi group dadas & didis and margiis were there. B group persons and 3rd front persons were not in this procession. they went to A. Shiila' separately by their private vans. Ananda Giita didi and other 3rd front didis were also not part of this procession. They went separately to A. shiila'. 3) The body reached at 10.45 am in A. Shiila and for 2 hours it was kept in hall for shraddha'njalii. After two hours at 12.42 it was with fire in Training Centre campus. Dhruva'nandajii first put fire and then other like Nigama'nanda, Rudra'nanda etc. 4) Some margiis, didis and dadas were weeping. Yesterday day time Nigama'nandajii started weeping in BQ in daylight among everybody. Yesterday in BQ many margiis were doing Sastauga Prana'ma to the body. Other dadas and didis margiis were coming and putting flower, garland on the body, doing pranam and that's all. 5) Many reported that Sarveshvara'nanda, Pranava'tmaka'nanda, Kalya'neshvara'nanda and Bhavesha'nanda were there from B group. All others are sitting in AN. Parmeshvara'nanda and Vandana'nanda were there. 12 didis were present and dozens of dadas were there with more than 500 margiis. One van of police was also present. 6) 5 persons were banned by RAnchi administration. They are: Dhiishuddha'nanda, Rupa'tiita'nanda, A'rtaprema'nanda, Sambhutya'nanda, Vitamoha'nanda. They did not come.
7) The report is that Sarva'tma'nanda did not go anywhere. He is sitting in kolkata. On the name of Ramanandajii he told that Ba'ba' had kicked him out from the post of PA. and Rama'nanda jii has weakness of delicious food. He is telling this openly. Here Sarvatma'nanda is talking like a child. He has nothing to tell agaisnt Ra'ma'nandajii. Tomorrow some will reveal that what they are telling against Ra'ma'nanda.
8) 3rd front is telling that if Ra'ma'nanda will become PP then they will return back in the org. They were telling these things to margiis in Ranchi.

12) 15 days ago Vandana'nanda told certain Mumbai margiis not to "not write any word in the favour of B group. He told that B group is like Satan. Satan can come for unity but on our condition." If these news are true then it seems that Nigama'nanda will oppose Rudra'nanda and Ra'ma'nanda can become PP. Some have heard that after all discussion 4 persosns name is in the race: Ra'ma'nanda, Rudra'nanda, Dhruva'nanda and Keshva'nanda.
13) One other suspision is that someone might go to the court and take stay order. Because B group was telling that Shraddha'nanda jii is their PP. They may say to the court that any election for the PP is illegal without them.
14) B group people told margiis in Ranchi that they won't support anyone elected without their census. They also told that there should not be any election for PP for some months. B/c if Ranchi will make any person who is against us then we have to make our own PP. And then it will be permanent division in AM. B group, SS Goenka and some others are suggesting for acting president or acting PP for some months.
15)Anyhow it will be clear in 2 days. 16) On 19th of October Sunday there is Shra'ddha of PP Dada. Namaskar, Satyanarayan

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