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A Dogmatic Ploy for Money

From: "Amoghasiddhi Ray" To: Subject: A Dogmatic Ploy for Money Date: Wed 08 Oct 2008 22:18:25 +0530 Baba "A'jake sa'njhe madhur sa'jhe ke else go, ke ele..." (P.S. 5006) Purport: In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone's life and in everyone's heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind, He has come in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together...
Namaskar, Now everyone understands that the false creation of Mahaprayan Day (MPD) is just a dogmatic tradition started by one group as a money-making venture. Over the years, B group has always tried to be coy about this. Generally they tried to downplay their financial interest and instead attempted to highlight other strategies of the program. This was their ongoing trickery. Of course those attempts were also full of dogma. Because everyone knows that one of B group's dreams is to turn Kolkata into a religious tiirtha site by instituting their crude and dogmatic Mahaprayan program. They hope that Mahaprayan will bring them lasting financial gain. So the whole thing is one mish-mash of dogma and greed. More recently though the, new element has been how "up front" they are about their greed. They are openly talking about using Mahaprayan to suck the money from margiis pockets. It must be that B group's financial war chest for their ongoing group fight is running extremely low because in the past they were not quite so blatantly crude in their request to get money from margiis. But now look at what stunt they have pulled in their recent mailing about their upcoming dogmatic Mahaprayan program. See here what B group has written in their public invitation to their Kolakata Mahaprayan program, from recent years past. "You must be aware that behind the successful conclusion of any program, finance always plays a very important part. Hence I want to draw your kind attention to this aspect too. I firmly believe, as in other years, this year also the program will be a grand success with sincere cooperation from you in this regard." (B group Mahaprayan Invitation) Thus they measure success of the program based on financial return only. And now look how crude they are in their tactics to get money from margiis.
"You must admit that to make this program an all round success, a huge amount of money is necessary... Hence I sincerely appeal to all the Márgii brothers and sisters of our different A.M.P.S units to donate liberally." (B group Mahaprayan Invitation)
So B group is openly sticking out their palm and demanding that margiis give huge dollars to their silly cause. And here below they have tried to institutionalize their greedy attempt to get money from EVERY margii around the globe for their dogmatic program and war games. This is their audacity. "Each Unit Secretary is requested to collect contributions from his/her respective units and send with the representative Márgii, Dádás or Didis." (B group Mahaprayan Invitation) Hence it is terribly evident that B group is just trying to capitalize on the dogmatic creation of Mahaprayan to fill their own bank accounts with a fresh load of money. In the past they were sneakier about this; but not they have no shame about it. This goes to show how crude they have become due to their ongoing groupist activities. So that is one aspect of the crude and dogmatic Mahaprayan program. And here below are some other aspects that also shows how they just turn Kolkata into some fake dogmatic tiirtha.
This earth has seen three Mahasambhutis. And in the case of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna, they both came with their own great teachings to uplift the people. But each time their own priest disciples undermined and derailed those very guidelines. And now again a similar scene is unfolding. And further proof is that one recently mailed invitation was sent out that shows how a certain party is trying hard to repeat that same history. Please read the following.
When Lord Shiva came on this planet then He propagated the ideal teaching of Tantra and introduced all sorts of dharmic practices like sadhana & tandava etc for the elevation of the people. But then due to the negative dealings of certain chief disciples and selfish priests, Lord Shiva's whole existence got locked into certain dogmatic tiirthas (holy lands). So that now in Indian soil Lord Shiva is just equated with certain temples-- the most holy, dogmatic place (tiirtha) became Varanasii. Thus in the name of Lord Shiva's Tantra sadhana, people are doing negative idol/stone worships-- that is the degenerated state of Lord Shiva's original teachings. Means these days nobody knows about His dharmic guidelines but all are familiar with all the negative things wrongly attributed to Lord Shiva which various priests started propagating like smoking hashish, using intoxicants, and running from one dogmatic holy land to the next etc. So Lord Shiva's glorious Personality was tainted by the priests. And He got locked into various dogmatic holy lands or tiirthas.
And during Lord Krsna's time a similar thing occurred. Lord Krsna also gave so many beautiful dharmic teachings to the society but crafty priests locked Him into various temples and various tiirthas. And everyone was forced that at least once in their life they must visit those holy spots of Lord Krsna. This dogma they learned. But Lord Krsna's true teaching was about 'yoga-sadhana', not idol worship. Yet now nobody in India knows about yoga sadhana. So mostly Lord Krsna's teachings are gone into dust. Like this these two Personalities got locked into different temples and got tied up permanently in the holy tiirthas. And the key is with those negative priests who are giving alluring lectures to the public that 'Come here to this holy land and you will get this boon or that salvation'. Like this opportunistic priests created so many false tales and negative books & brochures about the teachings of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna so that they (i.e. those priests) could greedily fill up their own pockets. So this is the fate of the first two Mahasambhutis.
And now if we are not careful then the same thing is going to happen this time. Because certain groupist leader(s) are engaged round the clock in trying to limit Baba to one or another holy land /tiirthas. Specifically B group is sending out invitations and letters etc for visiting their holy land sites in Tiljala etc. And they are asking for huge money etc. Most understand the crude tactics of B group but even then some simple, unsuspecting margiis are falling in the trap, possibly. So if we are not alert then the same tragedy that happened to Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna is going to happen this time to Baba's lofty ideals and teachings: 'Baba is with everyone', 'Baba is for all', 'Baba resides in everyone's heart', 'All places are holy', 'Where my devotees sing and dance there I go'. All these are Baba's devotional teachings.
Means Baba has graciously come and beautifully given the devotional outlook that He resides within everyone's heart.
"Dura't sudure tadiha'ntike ca..."
Baba says, "Only the one who looks into the inner most recesses of oneself can realise the Supreme Entity.... the bhaktas or devotees say, 'He is near, so near that the distance is immeasurable.' Those who have eyes to see, see that Parama Purus'a is in the core of their hearts; He is within the very existence of each and every entity, so there is no necessity of moving about in search of Him. He resides within the very "I- feeling" of everyone." (AMIWL) And here again Baba guides us in a similar fashion. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a always remains with you, within the very core of your heart. So search within, O spiritual aspirant, not without, but within, within your very existence." (AV-12, p.41) Hence Baba has taken His seat within the heart of all devotees. But that formula these B group priests want to bury and instead establish their negative agenda: That to see Baba then you have go to Tiljala holy land etc. And by that way you will get sadhana / samadhi etc. That is B group's tune these days. All so that they can make huge money from the margiis for their group fight. So just as those negative priests of old tied Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna to one or another place of dogmatic pilgrimage (holy land) etc, same thing B group is doing these days. Of course Baba is within all and He resides in the hearts of devotees. But the misguided creators of the current holy land dogma are telling that it is not like that. So they are just like those dogmatic, exploiter priests from Varanasi and other tiirtha sites of the dogmatic Hindu religion. So this is sad scene they created. The sticking point is that B group personnel are giving all sorts of bait and alluring lectures and brochure to attract the margiis to their holy land because they need money. So what was done in the past to Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna we must not allow the same to happen with BABA. We should not allow them to trap or confine Baba to certain rooms or building etc. He lives in everyone's heart. But these priests cannot tolerate the idea that Baba is living with everyone, rather they are giving their tactics that 'you must come here and surrender dollars at my feet and then I will realise Baba for a few seconds and then you will get samadhi otherwise not'. Why do they want to confuse others that Baba is not in their heart. Such culprits want to root out this idea by imposing dogma and steering devotees away from devotion etc. But those trying to subdue the flag of dharma by imposing dogma, they will never get success. But that is B group's position. In Ananda Sutram Sutra 2-10, Baba describes this eternal truth. That Parama Purusa is living 24 hrs with devotees and one should not search HIM outside by avoiding His presence inside the mind.
[2-10] "Otahprotah yoga'bhya'm' sam'yuktah Purus'ottamah"
"Purusottoma, the Nucleus of the universe, is the witness of and is directly concerned with every unit entity."
And in Karma Yoga book, Baba says:
"Madbhakta Yatra Gayanti Tatra Tist'hami Na'radah"
Baba explains, "Where My devotees laugh, cry, sing and dance and remain intoxicated in my name at that place only I love to remain."
It is clear from the above shloka and explanation by Baba, that Parama Purusa lives in the hearts of devotees. Where they sing kiirtan He remains. As we know Baba in Prabhat Samgiita number 4425 Baba wrote like this. Baba says,
"Vrnda'vanam parityajya pa'damekam na gaccha'mi..."
"I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees. That is Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am eternally present along with the devotees." Namaskar Amoghasiddhi Note 1: A couple simple people may be affected by B group's dogmatic campaign but devotional and senior margiis know that Parama Purusa resides in their heart. Baba says, "People generally want to live without intense sadhana in the spiritual sphere and without much effort in the mundane sphere. When people seek to acquire fortune or attain salvation without proper effort, then they try to remove their sins by visiting the so-called holy places...The merchants in those holy places understand this mental weakness of the people, and by taking advantage of it exploit them to the utmost." (NSS) Note 2: Baba says that we should search God within, not without. BABA says "Tiles'u taelam' dadhiniiva sarpira'pah... Do you know how He is implanted in everything? Just as oil remains in the sesame (Til). But if you look at the sesame superficially, you will see only sesame; churn it and the oil will come out. He abides in everything, but you cannot see Him, if you look at it superficially. Do the sa'dhana' - meditate churn any object or entity by meditation and He will appear." (SS part IV) Note 3: B group Dadas are the ones who invented this holy land dogma. First they started the holy land in Bengal by making the dogmatic holy land tiirthas at the Mahasamadhi at the Memorial in Tiljala. That was the first dogmatic holy land that got created. And then others like H group by seeing things created their own Holy Land at Jamalpur, Bankipur Jail (Patna), and at Fiesch (Switzerland) etc. But B group are the main culprits because they started this negative parade of making dogmatic holy land tiirthas. Note 4: The worst type of sinners are those who create something negative that has a long-term, detrimental effect on the society. Baba terms such people as mahapatakis (permanent sinners). They introduce one harmful disease in the society that has on-going, negative repercussions again and again for thousands of years. So AM was perfectly clean before 1990, but B group had a lot of power and they invented a lot of dogmas and now in competition others are copying those things. Because they saw how B group was using this dogmatic holy land as a way to attract and entice innocent people into their groupist platform-- so other groups also took to this approach in order to increase their own power. In this way the whole scene became terribly degenerated. Note 5: In fact, since 1990 B group has invented one after another dogma as a means to bring more people into their group fold. For example in their duplicity they started making Prabhat Samgiita cultural programs when all along they were destroying Prabhat Samgiita. Because since 1990 they never followed Baba's system and they did not create even one single Prabhat Samgiita tape of songs in sequential order. When Baba was always doing like this. But not only that B group began putting photographs of negative filmy female singers on the cover of Prabhat Samgiita cassettes, thus ruining the sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita. By this way everyone came to understand that their PS cultural programs was just one fake show of allegiance to Prabhat Samgiita by B group. So that got exposed. And earlier B group made the kiirtan program at Mahaprayan in hopes of increasing their group numbers, but that also did not work because devotional margiis rejected the dogmatic Mahaprayan program as being one totally negative affair. So now with no other options, B group has started this dogmatic tiirtha Tiljala program as yet another negative ploy in hopes of bringing more people into their groupist agenda. So al three of these tricks were done as a means to suck people into their negative party and get their money. Note 6: Indeed B group is so crafty that they avoid the use of the term tiirtha because they know that everybody understands that tiirthas are negative and dogmatic and against AM. So instead they do not use the tiirtha word but even the what they are doing is nothing but one dogmatic tiirtha / holy land. But this year due to their greed they are openly asking for huge money-- shamelessly. Note 7: In their propaganda letters B group is always laying the false claim that they are doing and dying for ideology. When in fact they are the ones who went against AM ideology by curtailing margiis rights, destroying the BP system, and distorting Baba's scripture. And the creation of dogma itself is destroying the ideology. So they are not the saviours or vanguards of AM ideology. Rather they are anti, and it is just their hypocrisy that they present themselves as being the flagbearers of AM ideology. But no rational margii is befooled by their ridiculous claim. Note 8: In their MPD circulars B group has always claimed that if one does few seconds of sadhana at the holy place in Tiljala then they will get huge realisation and samadhi. But what happened to all those groupist Dadas who murdered one of our own avadhutas in cold blood. Who can forget how Ac Abhipremananda Avt was killed by B group attackers. Means they killed their own brother, yet they are the controller of this dogmatic tiirtha where anyone can get high sadhana there. But what is the matter they did not do that sadhana or it is not working for them-- otherwise why did they murder their brother like that. No spiritualist could commit such a horrible misdeed / crime. Note 9: Here Baba guides us that those who dogmatically think that Parama Purusa resides in one holy land or another, they push Him even farther away than that.
"Dura't sudure tadiha'ntike ca..."
Baba says, "If you think that He is far, then He is very, very far away. The jina'nis or philosophers think that He is very far -- so far that the distance is immeasurable." (AMIWL)
NOTE 10: BUDGET FOR B GROUP'S DOGMATIC MAHAPRAYAN PROGRAM (This was 2006, now it is even more!!)
So there are multiples things going on. One is that Mahaprayan itself is a dogmatic program and no true margii follows this. Because we know that Baba resides in the heart. But B group is trying to convince everyone that to get Baba one must go to Kolkata. This dogmatic idea they are trying to propagate so that they can get money for their groupist agenda. Yet this they cannot tell openly so instead they tell how they are using huge money for their dogmatic Mahaprayan program. But what little they spend on that, they are trying to collect many fold times that and use all the funds for their groupist power plays. So the whole thing is one farce. Even then for everyone's knowledge see here the crude budget B group posted around town 2 years ago so that they can pressurise innocent margiis to give huge money. But now people are understanding so who is going to donate their hard-earned money to B group's dogmatic Mahaprayan program-- nobody.
Budget l. Pandal a) A.S.D. Roof 2400 Sqft × 8.00 19,200.00 b) Jagrti Roof 1000 Sqft × 8.00 8,000.00 c) Dining pandal 7200 Sqft × 8.00 57,600.00 d) 14 Stalls 8,400.00 e) Cloth decoration (Including walls)..10,750.00 f) Ceiling over the approach road (3000 Sqft) 16,200.00 g) Kitchen pandal 7,200.00 2. Decoration 27,000.00 3. Flowers for 6 days 8,400.00 4. Light (all pandals, approach road, stalls, kitchen etc.) 5,500.00 5. Special light arrangements 7,000.00 6. Postal & Printing . 22,000.00 7. Sanitation 12,000.00 8. Narayana Seva 7,000.00 9. Sound System 9,000.00 10. Insurance (of all pandals) 12,400.00 11. Labour 3,600.00 12. Miscelleneous. 11,000.00 Total :- 2,52,250.00
"I sincerely appeal to all the Márgii brothers and sisters of our different A.M.P.S units to donate liberally for this noble cause." (B group Mahaprayan Invitation)
When any group like H, B or EC, involves in such scheming activities then we should pay heed to Baba's warning. Baba says "Those who do not follow the spiritual path may perform harmful actions at any time. Even those whom society respects as intelligent or learned may, in reality, be no better than "polished satans", or what the scriputres call "demons". Our modern society is full of such people." (Baba's Pravacan.
***************************************** Humans, Animals, and Instincts
Baba says, "Animals are guided by instincts. They do not know the why and the how of things. Human beings, on the other hand, are led by the mind. Animals cannot go beyond their instincts. In case of [great] intellectual clash, however, the animal mind, like the human, gets more suble. This is generally found to occur with those animals who remain in contact with humans. But the development that is discernible in this case is not spiritual, it is simply intellectual. Dogs and monkeys who are trained, for instance, can be made a bit [more intelligent] than other ones." "Human beings, on the other hand, have the capacity to develop even in the spiritual realm. Those who do not pay heed to this special gift are animals, nay, even worse than animals. Animals are unable to make efforts for their spiritual development, whereas humans do have this ability." (SS-24) Note: Here above Baba is pointing out some of the basic differences between humans and animals. The main aspect being that instinct plays a vital role in the life of animals. Whereas the mind plays a dominant role in the life of humans. Even then tragically some degenerated human beings surrender this cherished human quality and foolishly submit their existence at the alter of instinct. Even though they possess a human mind they live like animals-- always in the grip of their baser propensities. By Baba's grace we are fortunate that we are blessed with a human body and mind. Our Guru has blessed us with the tool of spiritual sadhana so that we can become divine.

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