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Proof of Hypocrisy

From: "Shantatma Kerketta" To: Subject: Proof of Hypocrisy Date: Wed 03 Sep 2008 23:16:15 Baba PS Intro: In this following song the devotee is talking to Baba, all the while indirectly referring about himself. "Jeo na', shon'o katha, bojha vytha', abujha hoyo na'..." (PS 660) Purport: Baba, please be gracious, please do not leave me all alone, please do not go far away; please keep me in Your shelter. Baba, please listen to the tale of my aching heart; please understand my pain and suffering-- because of my deep longing for You. Baba, I beg You not to remain aloof about my yearning and crying for You. Baba, You have graced me and have made the flower of devotion blossom in my heart. And these flowers are solely for making one beautiful garland for You-- ultimately surrendering them at Your lotus feet. Baba, please do not mercilessly crush those flowers. Baba, please be gracious. Baba, by Your infinite grace please keep me close. Please do not permanently forget about that person who is under shelter day and night. Baba, it seems You have removed him from Your memory. Baba, please recall how in the past You loved him deeply up to his heart's content. That time You saturated his mind with bliss and filled his eyes with Your loving gaze. You were so gracious those days. Baba, You know that very person was with You in each and every rhythm of the song, he was also with You in all kinds of works-- always remaining by Your side. Baba, please do not forget him. Baba, by Your grace I never forget this eternal truth that You are everything. You are the effulgence of the day as well as the darkness of the night. Baba, in this life of mine I have loved only You. Baba, You are the heart of my heart. Please shower Your divine grace on me day and night, incessantly. Baba, even if You always remain forgetful of me, that I can tolerate. Only I ask one thing of You. Baba, please do not push me away from Your holy, lotus feet. Baba, You are my closest & dearest One. You are my everything. Baba, please keep me in Your shelter...
Namaskar, Many books published since 1990, including Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 11-12 (2008), contain countless critical errors and avoidable mistakes. There are a few basic reasons why these books are not getting printed properly: (1) Failure to refer to the original cassette of Baba's discourse; (2) Translating all discourses into Bengali & using the Bengali version as a master, even if the discourse was originally given in English, Hindi, etc; (3) Not wanting to print Baba's teachings that go against their own agenda-- hence the deletion of margii rights paragraph from the AM Revolution discourse; These are the main reasons why the discourses keep getting printed in faulty ways. And there are literally thousands of examples of such wrongdoing which have been brought to the fore in the past.
In this letter, the focus will be primarily on AV-12 (2008), since the Tiljala camp touts this publication as being flawless when in fact it is riddled with innumerable errors. Indeed the Tiljala camp says that AV-12 (2008) is a sterling example of the work they can do and they brag again and again how they verified each and every word from the original cassette. But such a proclamation is nothing but their hypocritical tall talk.
Noted below, in this very email, are the corrections to so many mistakes, oversights, and errors from this very book, AV-12 (2008). BIG, BOLD WORDS that were originally spoken by Baba have been added below and need to be included in the printed discourse, 'Everything Comes From Something'. All of this is in this very email, just a little bit further down. Plus, the dramatic section about the priest paragraph has also been included in this mail. See note 1.
Before reviewing all those corrections, let's just also address one somewhat common mentality. Some may be wondering if correcting the book is needed. For instance, some-- in India & in other places-- think that only devotion is needed to reach Parama Purusa, in which case what is the use of examining all these discourses and engaging in jinana faculty. Just let those Dadas publish what they like and forget about it, whether it is right or wrong. However, here Baba has given one very critical reply. Baba says, "With bhakti only you can get Parama Purusa, but you must have some jinana otherwise some people may misguide you and goad you toward dogma and lead you on the wrong path" (paraphrased from the original Hindi, 'Direct Perception & Indirect Perception', 29 June 1980 (Bettiah) So in the above lines, Baba Himself is emphasizing that if we do not develop our knowledge faculty and ensure that His printed publications are correct, then so much dogma will be infused in the society. Indeed our children and grandchildren will be indoctrinated into that dogma and Baba's truth will never reach the people's ears, mind, and hearts-- if we do not ensure the His books are proper. Rather crude dogmas about the curtailment of margiis rights, destruction of BP system, so-called Mahaprayan, fake Ananda Vaniis, as well as the deletion of Baba's criticism of Christianity and Islam etc, will be passed down from generation to generation, keeping our innocent children duped and in the dark and away from the true path of AM. So, there is no question that the need of the day is to correct all our printed publications. This is perhaps our most urgent work, lest we invite the systematic distortion and misunderstanding of Baba's divine discourses.
The most effective way to increase the standard of our printed AM books is to simply not purchase books like AV 11-12 when it is printed. Because the Tiljala team is printing these books to make buckets of money and to increase their prestige-- not to save and propagate Baba's teachings. That is why it is so needed to boycott the purchasing of these books. If we buy the book and side by side tell team Tiljala about the mistakes, then they will not care about fixing Baba's discourse, because already they got what they wanted: Your money. The way then to empower our stand that Baba's discourses should be properly printed is to totally refrain from purchasing new publications which are faulty and littered with errors, like AV-12. Then the Tiljala people will listen, because they will feel the pain of not making their profit. That alone with get the point across. So do not purchase AV 11-12 (2008).
Here then for your review, are word for word corrections to the printed version of Baba's discourse from AV-12. Now you can see for yourself the rampant array of errors. And all the discourses from this book are in similar condition, some containing errors that are more grave and serious.
'Everything Comes From Something' 2 June 1979 evening, Lyon (France)
(Note: All below words in BOLD LETTERS are words Baba spoke in His original English discourse but those BOLD LETTERED words did not get published in the printed edition of AV-12. So they must be added. Plus there are many phrases below which Baba did not speak but which were added; those should be deleted and are marked as such below.) Here below Baba's discourses begins... "Everything cometh from something. Something cannot come from nothing. And the source of SOMETHING [DELETE: anything] has GOT an inferent [change to: INHERENT] link with its expression. The source may be cruder or subtler, but the inferent [change to: INHERENT] link must be there. The human body, AND the physical body [BODIES], along with the nerve cells and nerve fibres, YOU KNOW NERVE CELLS AND NERVE FIBRES although [THEY ARE MEDIA OF] [DELETE: there may be a] psychic body [DEL: and a] [OR] psychic structure, BUT THEY themselves are something physical.' "Structures coming from something PHYSICAL OR SOMETHING of quinquelemental origin have HAS GOT the mind, the psychic body IN IT, [DEL: in them], SO the potentiality of the mind was in the physical structure. THE So-called quinquelemental entities have in [DEL: them] the potentiality of living minds, and that’s why we can COULD get living minds or microcosms from them. Had there been no mental potentiality in this quinquelemental universe, there [WAS] would have been no possibility of the human mind. And this physical word [WORLD], because of its having the possibility of mental expression, certainly had its origin in some entity in which there was immense psychic expression. So the microcosm had HAS its origin in the quinquelemental entity, and the quinquelemental entity had its origin in the Macrocosm. Microcosms, as the name denotes, are many in number. There are innumerable NUMBER OF microcosms. But the root, the source, is single. The Macrocosm is a singular Entity." "Now is this Macrocosm the causal matrix? No, it is ALSO not the causal matrix either. Because “Macrocosm” means a kind of movement, and what is movement? Movement means change of place. This bolster is here; I put it here; this is movement. That is, movement means change of place. And the Macrocosm, what is it? A wavy movement. MacrocosmIC movement means wave, means vibrations. So for Macrocosmic expression or Macrocosmic movement there must be space. The spatial factor must be there." "And not only that – because there [IT] is movement, there must be some intellectual support behind it. So not only the spatial faculty or the spatial factor, but also the personal faculty is ALSO a necessity. And WHEREVER [DEL: whenever] there is action in the realm of physicality there must be the tempos eternal. There must be the time factor. So the Macrocosm that can function within the periphery of time, space and person cannot be the Supreme cause, cannot be the causal matrix." The corrections to the rest of the discourse will be sent out in a future email. So in just these first four paragraphs of this discourse published in AV-12 (2008), there are more than 50 errors of omission and commission. And not just these four paragraphs, the whole entire book is like that, one mistake after another.
Yet this is the book, AV-12 (2008), that the Tiljala Publications Team brags about being perfect and true to Baba's original discourse. So their claim is nothing but sheer hypocrisy. They say they checked and verified each and every word, when in fact, nearly every line of the entire book is riddled with mistakes. Such is their audacity and hypocrisy. If the Tiljala personnel had humbly written that this was the best they could do under the circumstances, or if they had put out an appeal for help, or best would have been if they had distributed copies of the original audio file to margiis in order to try and make the printed discourse proper, that would have been acceptable, or even praiseworthy. If they had done any of these things, the situation would be far, far better. But instead, all the Tiljala camp does is gloat, gloat, and gloat and try to deceive everyone into believing that they (Tiljala) are the unparalleled and holy champions of printing Baba's discourses. That is their false front. When in fact their work is totally off the mark and misleads the reader about Baba's teachings. That is why their hypocrisy is so despicable.
By Baba's grace the day is not far when as one united AM family we will print and publish all His divine discourses in a perfect manner and spread His teachings across the universe. Not for one more second should be tolerate the altered and sloppy publication of AM books, like AV-12 (2008). Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless, and the pioneering personality must be a strict and benevolent guardian with unyielding conviction." (NSS) Namaskar, Shantatma
The following was previously posted by one margii in the letter: Here is another critical example. In the 3rd to last paragraph of the discourse, 'Everything Comes From Something' (2 June 1979 evening, Lyon, France), those publishers wrote it entirely wrong. THEY WRONGLY WROTE: "And you should never think, 'Oh, because the priest didn’t issue me any ticket for Heaven, I won’t be able to go to Heaven.' No, no, no, don’t say that. The priest has no right to issue you a ticket, and who is going to issue you a ticket to Hell? No, no, no, your good actions will bring you closer to Parama Purus'a, and finally you will become one with Him by dint of your sa'dhana', by dint of your occult practice." Yet see here what Baba really spoke. BABA ORIGINALLY SPOKE: "And you should never think, “Oh, because the priest didn’t issue any ticket for Heaven, that's why I won’t be able to go to the Heaven.” No, no, no, don’t think that. The priest has got no right to issue you a ticket of heaven, and who is going to issue him with a ticket to Hell? No, no, no, your good actions will bring you closer to the Parama Purus'a, and finally you will become one with Him by dint of your sa'dhana', by dint of your occult practice." The above is what Baba originally spoke in English as He was in Europe at the time and this discourse was given 100% in English. So in Baba's version, He is pointing out the injustice of the priests and making a joke about how those dogmatic priests should sent to hell. BABA SPOKE: "The priest has got no right to issue you a ticket of heaven, and who is going to issue him with a ticket to Hell?" Here Baba is making a direct statement about how crooked priests have no right to misguide exploit the people based on the false notions of heaven or hell. Rather, those priests themselves will live in their own hell if they continue to perpetrate crimes against humanity. That is Baba's essential point. But the publishers of the book changed that very section to make it sound like you the reader, not the priest, is being sent to hell. THOSE PUBLISHERS WROTE: "The priest has no right to issue you a ticket, and who is going to issue you a ticket to Hell?" So they totally skirted the issue of Baba mocking and attacking that priestly dogma. So their new edition of AV-12 strays far from Baba's teaching. Because in His revolutionary way, Baba is boldly pointing out the dogma of the priest class and bashing and mocking their so-called authority, yet our Publishers changed that section entirely. And again, the main critical error of this passage is that those publishers distorted the section where Baba is saying that the priest will go to hell. This is a serious point. Because AM is against all kinds of dogma, especially religious dogma as that stifles the growth of the whole society. And Baba is adamantly telling that not only do those priests not have the power to send anyone to heaven, but because of their shams and duplicity those crude priests themselves will go to hell. That is Baba's dramatic statement. Yet the publishers missed and distorted this point entirely when printing the latest version of Ananda Vacanamrtam 11-12. Baba makes a revolutionary stand against priest dogma and our respected publishers deleted that point.
Was the error done deliberately by our publishers-- i.e. The Tiljala camp. Was it a mere oversight-- along with thousands of others? How did it happen? Only we can guess. But one thing is certain: Since they are so enthusiastic to translate all Baba's discourses from Bangla, irregardless of the original language, perhaps that is the cause of this problem. That is one hypothesis. Or maybe those Dadas just want to preserve or protect the sanctity of the priest class. Or maybe they are scared of criticising those priests. Any or all of the above may be the reason why this horrible distortion was done. Let us remember that in the recent past, these same publishers deleted the final three paragraphs of the discourse 'Liberation of Intellect' (NHNS) where Baba points out how the dogma of Islam says three females are equal to one male.
*************************************** Who is blessed one?
Baba says, "The man who is intelligent should, from his very childhood, move along the path of proto-spirituality. The sooner a man starts and moves along this path of psycho-spirituality, the better it is. He is the blessed one." (AV-12, p.75) Note: With the start of this happy new year we should once again reflect how Baba has graced us by providing us all the tools and teachings for moving along the path of spirituality. So again with renewed vigor we should be more firm and more sincere in our adherence to Sixteen Points.

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