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Not Mania, But Phobia & More

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 23:37:21 -0000 To: From: V. Rajpurhit Subject: Not Mania, But Phobia & More Baba "Toma'r ka'che ca'ite giye lajja' peye ela'm phire..." (P.S. 652) Purport: With so many worldly desires in my mind, when I came close to You I was thinking to request You to grant me boons. But without asking anything I returned in shyness. Because I saw that You know better about all my needs and requirements than I. What I have or not, that it is all within Your mind. Whatever little I know and however little I know You, about me You know far more than that. What You desire, You go on doing without my asking. Baba, You are my eternal Bandhu. You have saturated my heart with Your colourful charming attraction. Everything will be changed in this universe, but the garland of love which has been made, means the bond between You and I, that will never perish. Baba, You are most loving...
Namaskar, If nothing else, our duty is to safeguard Baba's teachings and present them in a complete and pristine manner to the world. This sacred duty Baba has bestowed upon us. Of course it is everyone's dream to also implement His divine teachings as well. And certainly we are all working towards that lofty goal. Yet, it has to be recognised that the first and foremost step is to keep all His teachings in a proper order-- in their original condition. Because if we fail to do this then for generations and generations the wrong guidelines will be in vogue. And not only that, at present also when we read Baba's discourses then we expect that those printed words are the actual words which Baba Himself spoke. This is our expectation-- and understandably so. Unfortunately, in our printed publications, at present, there are piles and piles of mistakes: Some due to blatant distortion and some due to poor working style. Whatever the reason these types of errors are rampant in all of our AM books. Such alterations are everywhere and the problem is only spreading as more wrong faulty editions are printed. So we need to reverse this faulty trend so that ultimately there discourses are finally corrected. Otherwise the phrase-- Baba's books-- will be a namesake only, as His books do not contain His true words but rather carry thousands of errors made by our Publications Department. Here are but a few examples for your review and assessment.
In this following paragraph from the discourse 'Faculty of Knowledge-3', one critical mistake has occurred.
"Various psychic diseases may arise if there is any defect in the process of the objectivization of mind. Remember that psychic disease and brain disease are not the same thing; they are quite different. Brain disease occurs due to some disorder in a part of the brain, or due to a congenital defect, or perhaps due to hereditary causes which hamper the proper formation of the brain. Mental disease is different. It arises due to a disorder in the objectivated mind, in the first stage in the process of subjectivization. Many people who, while creating thoughts in their objectivated minds, repeatedly form the same image out of weakness or fear, suffer from a mental disease called mania." (YP, '98 Edn, p.56) So in this historic discourse Baba is introducing His revolutionary concept about mental diseases, a.k.a. psychic diseases. Yet in last line of the above noted paragraph about this important topic, the wrong name of the mental disease has been given. That mental disease which Baba is describing above is known as a "phobia"-- not a "mania". Yet in so many printings and reprintings the Publishers have written "mania" when in fact, per Baba's definition, that type of irrational fear complex is known as a "phobia". But the Publishers wrongly wrote "mania". By this way readers may think Baba is classifying all such fear syndromes as manias. But that is not true. According Baba such conditions are known as "phobias". But the Publishers could not catch this point.
Some may think that this was a mere typo-- but please take a further look. In the book "Yoga Psychology" alone, this so-called typo has occurred in not less than five printings. The 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2005 edition of the "Yoga Psychology" books all carry this wrong terminology. Once again here we are talking about the discourse 'Faculty of Knowledge-3' which was originally given in Bengali. And in all the English printings of the discourse the publishers and translators wrote the wrong word. And not only that, on the 2005 edition of the "Yoga Psychology" book, that very faulty paragraph has been specially highlighted on the glossy back cover of the book-- but even then the publishers could not realise their blunder. Plus this discourse-- 'Faculty of Knowledge-3'-- was also wrongly printed in the book "Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell" part 5 and also "A Few Problems Solved" part 7. In all these discourses the wrong printing of the discourse has occurred. That means, at minimum, this discourse has been wrongly printed seven times. There is no publishing house in the world that would create such a mess like this, yet that is happening with our AM Publications Department. So the problem is systemic in that it occurs again and again. First B group made the mistake and then in the later editions it was H group who made the error. And the chief problem behind it all is that the publishers have no interest in such matters. Otherwise before printing a new book they would review and correct the printings of Baba's discourses. But this they never do. Just they want to get a new printing out to make more money. When in fact the discourse has neither been reviewed nor corrected. For that reason and because of their inherent laziness and disinterest, they keep printing those old, error-filled discourses. This is the on-going problem. In that case who can claim it is just a typo. Rather by this type of repeated mistake it is clear that this is a systemic problem that will multiply more in the future with each and every faulty publication. Until finally the errors are just too numerous to fix. And the people just accept those wrong things. That is the fear; and that we should not allow to happen.
Everyone knows that Ananda Sutram is known as our philosophical treatise-- yet tragically this text also has been spoiled in so many places. Wherever the Published got scope to commit a wrong it was committed. For example see how they defined this below sutra. 4-4. Dvitiiya' sakale prathamodgame Bhaeravii Bhaerava'shrita'. dvitiiya' = second; sakale = having a soft sound; prathama = first; udgame (7th case) = sprouting forth; Bhaeravii = name of Prakrti in the second phase (fem. of Bhaerava); Bhaerava = name of Purus´a in the second phase; a'shrita' = sheltered On their own the publishers inserted the above word by word translation. But they could not do it properly. Because the second term-- 'sakale' does not mean 'having a soft sound'. Rather the 'sa' prefix means 'with' and the root 'kal' means 'germ' and the ending 'e' is a regular case ending. Thus the proper definition of sakale is 'sprouting or germinating'. And this make perfect sense too. Because see here Baba's original purport of this sutra 4-4. "Purport: With the loss of equipoise of the triangle, the germ of evolution sprouts forth from any of the vertices and moves forward as a straight line as per degrees of the gun'as. This state is really the manifested state of Purus'a and Prakrti. Here Purus´a is sagun'a [qualified], for Prakrti has got the opportunity of expressing Herself. Prakrti the creatress of this state is called Bhaeravii shakti, and the name of the witnessing Purus'a is Bhaerava." In the first line of the above paragraph Baba Himself says "germ" as in the "germ of evolution sprouts forth". And this is all reflected by the term sakale. But in their sloppy definition, the Publishers wrote that sakale means 'having a soft sound'. But that is totally inane and ridiculous to say like that. Anyone with a balanced mind can see that Baba's purport has nothing to do with 'having a soft sound. That idea is not at all present in Baba's discourse. Yet in their untidy and untrusted manner that is what the Publishers wrote. And throughout the Ananda Sutram book there are other such error present.
Now here see this next sutra. 4-7. Sthu'liibhavane nidrita' sa' kun'd'alinii. And here below is the word by word meaning which the Publishers made: sthu'liibhavane (7th case) = in the process of crudification; nidrita' = sleeping; sa´ = she; kun'd'alinii = coiled serpentine But what they wrote is totally wrong and incorrect. Specifically the first term is completely off base. Because the term 'sthu'li' means 'static', and 'bhavan' means 'house or mansion' and the case ending 'e' means 'in'. And anyone with any understanding reaches the point that full term 'sthu'liibhavane' refers to that mansion or house which is totally crude. Thus the term 'sthu'liibhavane' refers to the muladhara cakra. Because the muladhara cakra is the home of all static energy and it houses the sleeping kulakundalini. Hence the literal word meaning of 'sthu'liibhavane' should be 'crude mansion' and the symbolic meaning is the muladhara cakra. But instead the publishers wrote their own quirky definition which has nothing to do with the literal or inner meaning of this sutra. Here the point is that Baba is just giving another name for the muladhara cakra. That was part of the purpose of this sutra. But this point the Publishers could not grasp that is why they instead wrote their own silly definition. Now see here Baba's original purport for this sutra and the whole matter becomes perfectly clear that He is talking about the muladhara cakra. "Purport: The last expressional point, which is the fringe of the Bhava´nii shakti, is the ultimate state of expression of force - the ultimate state of crudity. In this state of crudity the para´shakti [introversial pervasive force] that is lying in a quiescent state as the jiivabha´va [finite subjectivity], is called the kulakun'd'alinii ["coiled serpentine", or force of fundamental negativity]. Thus by analysing this sutra from top to bottom it is clear that the word by word definition which the publishers gave is totally wrong.
There are a variety of reasons why this problem is going on. And these will be explored further in this next part of this series. Suffice to say here that the disinterest and lethargic approach of the publishers is the main issue. And when informed of the errors they only shrug their shoulders and sigh. No effort is made to update the discourse. That is why to this day the critical paragraph about margii rights is still deleted from the 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse. Yet as members of AMPS and as disciples of Baba and as students of His philosophy it is our birthright to have His books printed in the proper manner. So it is our responsibility to raise this matter again and again and create sufficient psychic pressure such that those lazy and half-baked publishers start doing their job in a proper way-- or they can give up the task and we will place proper people in their chairs. Otherwise, the words which we read in our AM books will not be Baba's but rather faulty translations and wrong insertions by the publishers. This is the tragedy.
By Baba's grace we will get His scripture updated and shining and make it a reflection of what He actually spoke. Then our AM books really will be divine. Baba says, "Absolute knowledge is the direct message from God...The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge." (PNS-18, p.10) Namaskar, Vidyasagar
**************************************** How Sadguru is Still Present
Baba says, "The entity by whose grace one comes into contact with Sat...that entity, or rather, that framework through which Parama Purusa is working or Ta'raka Brahma is functioning, is the Sadguru." (AV-3, p. 48) Note 1: And here below Baba defines the meaning of 'Sat'. Baba says, "Sat, the non-changeable Entity, the non-changeable stance, the non-changeable Nuclear Entity around which so many electrons move". (AV-3, p. 48) Note 2: That Sadguru still exists and one can see Him through our various spiritual practices. In that way one can have His loving communication and grace-- everything. So the form upon which each and every sadhaka ideates upon Him in sadhana, that form is the Sadguru. And through the medium of that form every disciple gets His blessing. And that is why still today when an acarya initiates anyone they say that your Guru is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.

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