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Indeed Margiis Can Teach

Date: Fri 8 Apr 2010 18:45:27
Subject: Indeed Margiis Can Teach
From: "Ishvara Deva"


                              == INDEED MARGIIS CAN TEACH ==

Recently in our unit, some of us were involved in teaching others about AM, and one Dada intervened and stated that we should not do this as we were "not qualified".

This made us feel very sad. By Baba's grace we then consulted with one very senior acarya Didi and here following are the points she gave.

Really this was a very sentimental time for us and I remain so grateful for the guidance I received from Didiji.

For those more prone towards philosophical dialog, here are the essential questions we are raising.

1. Should we start teaching others about AM only when we get moksa, i.e. perfection?

2. Should we wait until we have been on the path 10 years before teaching others; or should we wait until we become a wholetimer before guiding others?

3. When can a general margii start teaching others about AM? When should a margii begin preaching the gospel of AM ideology?                  

Again, here it is not that I want to be a "great" Ananda Margii and give high-sounding talks to big audiences. That is not the spirit of this inquiry. Merely with our own inner heart feeling, a few of us were quietly sitting and talking to others about AM when that Dada came over and told us not to do like that.

                                    MUST START TEACHING RIGHT AWAY

Only after consulting with a senior acarya Didi, did everything become clear. Here are the key points raised by that senior acarya Didi:

The bottom line is that it is the duty of each and every Ananda Margii to start teaching others about Ananda Marga immediately. Even the day a person is initiated they can, nay must, start doing pracara with others.

Here is the support from Baba's teachings:

(A) SIXTEEN POINTS: It is the duty of every Ananda Margii to follow 16 Points and embedded within 16 Points is service or seva. As we all know there are 4 types of seva in AM: shudrocita seva, ksatriyocita seva, vaeshyocita seva, and viprocita seva. And Baba guides us that we, i.e. all margiis, are to perform all four types of seva, including viprocita seva, which includes preaching the ideals of Ananda Marga.

Baba says, "We can give joy to Parama Puruśa by serving His creations – human beings, animals and plants – and this service will be the best application of neohumanism. This service can be done in four ways – viprocita sevá (intellectual service), kśatriyocita sevá (service of courage), vaeshyocita sevá (economic service) and shudrocita sevá (manual service). None of these is inferior: we cannot ignore any one of them. People should render service according to their capacity. Those who like intellectual service, can do that; those who like manual service, can do so. But it will be best if all the four types are performed." (17 May 1982, Calcutta)

In His above directive, Baba clearly tells that everyone - new and senior margiis alike - are to engage in all kinds of seva including teaching others about AM philosophy and lifestyle. Everyone must do this according to their capacity.

That means even a newly initiated margii can and should teach the general public about kiirtan, or yama and niyama etc. To the degree one is properly aware about Baba's teachings is the degree to which they should teach others. Then they will be performing seva and following 16 Points. That is Baba's mandate.

The Ananda Marga mission - self-realisation & selfless service - concerns each and every Ananda Margii.

Baba says, "What should a person do? Life is a mission. I have said that human life is an ideological flow. That is, human life is a mission; life itself is a mission; one’s very existence is a mission. Átmamokśárthaḿ jagaddhitáya ca – “Whatever one is to do one is to do for átmamokśa – for his own liberation – and for the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society.” One is to do both these things: that is, these two things are one’s mission." (AV-30)

Thus here again Baba is directing each and every person in the Marga to perform service - i.e. helping to care for and elevate all beings. Upon entering into AM, everyone must do this from day 1. Baba does not say that one should do sadhana for ten years - or after getting perfection, i.e. moksa - then one should start doing service. It is not like that.

Rather from the very beginning every margii is to do sadhana and perform service by preaching the ideals of dharma to others. So here again Baba is mandating that every Ananda Margii must do AM pracara and explain the tenets of AM to others.

(C) SUPREME COMMAND: In our Supreme Command too Baba tells each and every Ananda Margii to teach others about dharma and inspire them onto the path of spirituality.

"...It is the bounden duty of every Ananda Margii to endeavor to bring all to the path of bliss. Verily is this a part and parcel of sadhana, to lead others along the path of righteousness." (Supreme Command)

Thus by Baba's teaching in the Supreme Command, it is clear that all margiis - young or old, male or female etc - must embark on teaching others about AM ideals.

                                ALL MUST PREACH THE GOSPEL OF AM

Through His mandates of Sixteen Points, by His mission statement (Átmamokśárthaḿ jagaddhitáya ca), and by the Supreme Command, it is quite clear that every Ananda Margii should teach others about AM ideals from the very beginning. To delay this is to go against Guru's teachings. No one should have any complex about this nor should this point be shrouded in confusion. All - I repeat all - are to teach others about the principles of AM.

                                            IGNORANT ACARYAS:

                            NO DADA CAN BAR YOU FROM TEACHING

Thus if you or anyone in your unit is sincerely teaching others about AM philosophy and a Dada tells you that you are "too new", or "not senior enough", or "not smart enough" etc, then just inform that Wt that Baba's guideline is that, "I must perform all 4 sevas each and every day and that includes teaching others about AM ideology, according to the level of my own knowledge base."

Thus no Dada can give any lame excuse and prohibit any margii - new or old - from guiding others on spiritual life and AM ideals.

Actually, it is the dogmatic religions that preach how lay / family people cannot teach the tenets. In Christianity only the priest can do; in Islam, only the mullah can do; and in Hinduism only the pundits can do. They are the only ones to preach the gospel of their religion - not the common people. So AM is totally unique. Baba says that all can and should do.

Unfortunately some ignorant and crafty Wts want to introduce religious dogmas into our AM society by stating that only the priest class can guide others. They just want to "copy & paste" such dogmas into our Marga.

But we must remember such dogmas are hellish.

Baba says, "These [common] people were deprived of the right to study the Vedas. The Antyaja Shúdras, if they even heard the Vedic chants, or the controlling Vedic mantra aum, or the “Savitr Rk” mantra, would be committing a great sin and molten lead would be poured into their ears so that their hearing would be destroyed forever. Nor were women, however educated, allowed to hear such sacred chants." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 5)

Indeed in those days of old, what to speak of not allowing the common people to preach the philosophy, they would not even allow the common people to learn it. If general citizens came in contact with those teachings they would be tortured and shunned - i.e. scarred for life. That was the way those dogmatic religions operated - and still today that is their modus operendi. They feel that mantras or prayers can only be solemnized when they are recited by priests etc. According to bhagavad dharma, there is no 3rd person between the devotee and God, but in such religions, the priest / mullah etc is the so-called intermediary. Here the point is that in the dogmatic religions, only the priest is able pass on religious knowledge, not anyone else.

Tragically now some Dadas are leaning in this direction and not allowing margiis to teach the philosophy to others. We have to oppose such Dadas.  When any Dada is forbidding a margii to propagate the gospel of Ananda Marga or neo-humanism, we should alarm everyone about that Dada and unmask their name and address.

AM is totally different from the dogmatic religions. Baba has blessed us with a revolutionary approach where all have the moral duty to preach and teach the tenets of AM. 

Unfortunately, some Dadas puffed up with vanity feel that only they should talk about dharma. They want everyone to listen to them. That is what their ego tells them. So they feel threatened if a margii sincerely engages in talks about AM philosophy with others.

But again, Baba's mandate is clear and pointed: Every initiated person in Ananda Marga must preach and teach others about our AM way of life.

                                   IMPORTANT STIPULATIONS

Now that it is clear that it is the duty of every Ananda Margii to perform service and teach others about the philosophy and ideals of AM, there are a few easy points to keep in mind.

1) One must not teach others about the lessons of sadhana unless one is an tattvika, or acarya etc.

2) One should not teach aspects of Baba's teachings that they themselves are not adequately familiar with. If one does this then two negative results will arise. Firstly, one will spread faulty explanations and confuse others; and secondly, the person you are trying to teach will lose faith in you.

So ti is important to educate oneself about AM ideals and consult Baba's discourses by reading Ananda Marga books.

Indeed, every Ananda Margii should be eager and ready to preach Baba's gospel to any and all who are interested. And even if they are not interested, we should try and inspire them.

Margiis can teach our kiirtan mantra to anyone. We can teach them to sing internally or externally.


                            SERVE OTHERS TO PLEASE HIM

Here is another dynamic to be aware of when preaching AM ideals.

Some sincere margiis start doing pracara and mistakenly think that because they are doing dharmic work then people should appreciate them. Although this is not a totally degrading mindset, but for bhaktas this is not a very lofty outlook. This has a distinct drawback as well because if people are not appreciating you, then you feel there is no point in doing the work and you may drop it entirely. Furthermore if anyone criticises you then you will be totally dejected. Side by side, some opportunists might praise you to the sky in order to exploit you and get you to attend to their agenda. These are the pitfalls of getting caught up in praise and censure.

The best is for every sadhaka to serve other and propagate AM ideal thinking that they are doing everything for Parama Purusa - to please Him.

Then if someone opposes or praises you it does not matter. Your mind will remain balanced and you will not veer from your course. Why? Because you are doing to serve Parama Purusa, not to garner praise etc. Here the whole idea is that one should not be a slave of praise or censure. Then one cannot fulfill their duty on this earth.

Those who do pracara dharma with idea that they are serving Parama Purusa never get frustrated by others' negative comments. That is the expression of real devotion. And such persons do not anticipate that others should praise them because they are doing a great job.

Whenever a person believes in their heart that it is their duty to do a particular task then they do not expect that people should praise them. For example, when a mother is caring for her very small infant, then that mother does not care if the neighbor praises her or not.

Similarly, a good sadhaka will preach the gospel of AM without any expectation of praise and without any concern for censure. One will fulfill this blessed duty to please Parama Purusa.

Baba says, "Nindantu niitinipuńáh yadi vá stuvantu: “If I am too concerned with those who praise or censure me, I will not find time to do my real work. As I have come to this world only for a short period, my only concern should be to keep on doing the duty the Lord has assigned to me. And while doing this allotted duty, I should remember that I belong to Parama Puruśa. I have come form Him, and I will have to return to Him – and to do that, I must complete my allotted duty.” (Subhasita Samgraha, part 12)

Baba says, "Regarding those who are likely to create obstacles in your path – let them do so. You should remember that those who are the actual pioneers, the real vanguard of the society, are always a microscopic minority, but it is they who are destined to be victorious. Those who once opposed, or are now opposing or will oppose in the future, will in the future admit: “Yes, we are now driving our vehicle safely and comfortably along the very path which that vanguard once opened by clearing the jungle.” This means that those who cleared the obstacles in the beginning will later be recognized as pioneers. The funny thing is this, that people do not give recognition at the time it is due. This is the natural law. And at the same time you should also remember this simple truth: that in a jungle the number of tigers and lions is always few; the jackals far outnumber them. Yet in the jungle the tigers and lions reign supreme, not the jackals. The jackals are sure to howl, that is their nature; but the tigers and lions will not be frightened." (AV-6)


Note 1:                            IMPORTANT PROVERB

One should never forget that human life evolves gradually from animal life in the cosmic cycle of brahmacakra. Human beings were animals in the past and those propensities are still dominant in many of our fellow human beings. For this reason some people feel the need to oppose good work. If we all keep this in mind then one will not get affected when others are opposing your righteous deeds.

Always remember this proverb: No good deed goes unpunished. The sens is that certain notorious people want to abuse you because their own prestige is at stake. But pay no mind to them, go on propagating the ideals of dharma, always singing Baba's name.

Exploited Trainees of Varanasi TC (Part 2)

Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 09:21:36 -0000
From: NJK Majumdar
Subject: Exploited Trainees of Varanasi TC (Part 2)



                                       ~ Part 2 ~

This is the second part of our investigative report on the conditions of our trainees at the Varanasi WT training centre.

As you may recall the first letter detailed how trainees were given old, dirty clothes to wear and deprived of even the most basic foods. Plus other issues were raised including the very dramatic story of dharma samiiska. A link to the first letter is noted below.

Here in this second letter further matters are explored.

                         AGE OF IDEALISM

We must remember that our trainees are youths - mostly teenagers - and they arrive at our doorstep with tremendous idealism. They want to do something to change the world and serve Baba. They have a mind, a heart and they have feelings. They know a little about Ananda Marga yet have a strong desire to know more. That is why they have come - that is why they have chosen to dedicate their life. They have come in search of living for a high ideal.

                    NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO TALK

Of course it is our duty to create a Training Centre that nurtures their inherent desire to lead a spiritual life and serve humanity. But our TC is operating in a different manner.

At our Varanasi WT Training Centre, our trainees are malnourished. They get 1/2 the calories needed to maintain a healthy human body. They growing bodies and minds are deprived of the food needed to grow. Just they are left to suffer and waste away. Yet, side by side, these same trainees see how the Trainer Dada is eating like a king.

By Baba's grace our trainees have great dedication for our AM ideals and love for Parama Purusa. For this reason they do not run away.

Indeed they are cognizant that Baba's teachings of neo-humanism and Prout hold immense beauty and hope for the society. Our trainees are attracted by the ideals of a single human family. That is why they debate these points among themselves. One trainee was telling that Baba's teachings are for others, but not for those in AM. Then other trainees retorted that if we ourselves are not practicing these ideals then how can we teach them to others. This type of back and forth discussion is common at TC. When the trainer Dada hears this he feels irritated and does not wish for the trainees to discuss such matters and / or the irregularities at TC.

Verily, the Trainer Dada does not like that his trainees should reflect openly on such topics. Many say that the Trainer Dada is himself defensive about the the double standard set between the trainees and himself. So the Trainer Dada does not want them talking about our AM way of life lest they question about all the injustices and inadequacies going on in TC. He wants that they should keep mum on all these topics.

For their part, the trainees are not complaining, merely they are immensely interested in and curious about Baba's divine teachings. But the trainer Dada is not apt to let them grow or discuss in this way.

That is why for the last several months, the trainer Dada has imposed a curfew: No talking on any point at all. If any trainee wishes to express any idea then it must be conveyed in writing only. One may not talk on any topic. When taking a collective meal, if a trainee wishes to have some salt on their food then they have to write that down on a piece of paper and hand that to the trainee who is near the salt. That is the extreme imposition going on at TC these days. The trainees are not allowed to talk amongst themselves - period. They must bear their mistreatment in silence.

Such harsh rules do not exist in any civilised country or modern society. There is no way to justify the imposed silence order by the trainer Dada at Varanasi TC.

Here it should be clarified that the ruthless and repressive policy of TC cannot be classified as maonbrata (vow of silence). We must know that maonbrata is an internal discipline not to talk - it comes from within and is not imposed by others. Plus maonbrata is for limited time - it is not meant as a permanent way of living. Hence what is going on at TC is a complete injustice. It is just the case of a repressive regime wherein the trainees are forced into silence in order to keep their mouths shut about their miserable living conditions.

Only in Nazi concentration camps or in Communist work prisons would such harsh rules be imposed. So it is quite ironic that this is happening in our own WT training centre - a place that is supposed to be the embodiment of neo-humanism, yet instead emulates the ways of dark, totalitarian regimes.


When it was asked why trainees are not given proper food, the Trainer Dada replied that he was not getting sufficient financial contributions from margiis. He added that if donations were good, then certainly the trainees would be properly feed.

However, later on I found that this is not true as most of the money that comes in goes to the upper / WT kitchen. That means Dadaji and some visiting avadhutas are eating up all the donations on rich, tasty food for themselves. Hence just the bare minimum is left for feeding the full team of trainees.

Even when a margii visits and wishes to arrange a nice meal or donate food for everyone in TC, that plan is rejected by CTS (i.e. Trainer Dada) and in turn he controls that money and spends very little on food for the trainees. This also I came to know.

Plus, in order to save his post, the Trainer Dada diverts money towards Rudrananda.

                 STYLE OF AM EDUCATION AT TC

Let's again stand back and ask ourselves why such trainees felt inspired to attend TC. It is very easy to understand that all these youths reached from around India to get training and learn about AM philosophy: Both its theoretical and practical aspects.

But what is the reality that is going on?

One particular aspect they have learned first-hand is: How exploitation occurs when those at the top do not view others as their family members. This they have learned first-hand while in TC.

With regards to their theoretical learning, there is virtually no teaching going on at all.

The trainer Dada is busy all day with his local school kids. From early in the morning to evening time he is busy at his school in order to make money. He does not like to hire teachers as that would be an added expense.

But the truth is that our Trainer Dada should supervise the school on the greater level and let hired teachers run the daily operations of school. In addition, the trainees should be taught how to supervise a school. That is why Baba has given such a system.

Unfortunately the trainer Dada just drowns himself in the mundane dealings of the school and totally overlooks his duties at WT Trainer. All because he is more concerned with making money at the school. So when he returns back to the TC in the late evening, he is tired and he reads the newspaper and plays computer games. That is how the days pass. There is no time to teach anything to the trainees. Yet they yearn to learn about Ananda Marga.

We should remember that the WT Trainer Dada is a trainer first and a school principal second - not vice-versa. His title is WT trainer. Yet this role he mostly overlooks.

So after three years in TC, it is sadly apparent what our new brahmacariis have learned about AM. Just ask such new wts a question and see what they say.

For instance, ask them to explain about brahmacakra, kosa, loka, three causes of sin - all these basic points. They will not know the answers. Believe it or not, some passed and do not even know how to dance kaoshikii and tandava, yama and niyama, 16 Pts etc.

Please do not think that I am blaming our trainees; they are A-grade. All blame goes to those in-charges who do not feed or teach them. They neither teach the trainees by their conduct nor in the classroom. No education is imparted whatsoever.

Instead those in-charges impose all kinds of dogmas and complexes. Such bosses eat while their trainees starve.

This cycle of exploitation goes on and on.

Tomorrow these trainees will become brahmacariis and then avadhutas. Unfortunately, many of them will pursue these exploitative methods with their juniors. This is vicious cycle that is being perpetuated.

It is no different from the mother-in-law who beats her daughter-in-law. One day that daughter-in-law grows up to be a mother-in-law and she does the same repressive tactics to her daughter-in-law.

The situation is so extreme that one trainee became mad and was kicked out from TC and his laokika parents were searching for him. For all we know he may be begging in Varanasi or has been placed in some lunatic asylum.


Here is one hard fact we all must face. These days the number of aged Wts is much more than the number of incoming Wts. Should this trend continue then we will have a severe crisis and shortage of wts in AM. At present more than 50% of our workers are 50+ yrs of age. No one likes to think like this, but these wts are not going to live forever.

We should all take it upon ourselves to consider this situation: Ineveitable shortage of workers. Any organisation suffering from this type of trend will become extinct in a short time. This was the recent trend of Christianity in Europe and now today there are thousands of churches that are essentially vacant. The church has basically given up in various European countries.

Here the point is that our WT training centre has a big role to maintain and protect those who come to train. But that is not happening. Our level of retention is very low. If 100 reach Training Centre then from the time of their arrival to the time they have graduated and worked in the field for one year, then only 5 remain as workers. That means over the course of training and within the first 12 months of field work, we are losing 95% of those who enter TC. That is a very dramatic figure. No organisation can survive with such a low rate of retention.

Whereas if our trainees and new workers are instilled with a deep sense of family feeling and supported by their seniors, then one can weather all kinds of problems etc. Then our retention rate will be much, much higher.

Unfortunately when a family feeling is not cultivated and trainees are not encouraged in sadhana or given the opportunity to garner a deep spiritual base, then so many young trainees and wts are lost - they just leave entirely. Without the requisite spiritual base and guidance, their chance of gaining success as a Wt is very low. So we cannot blame them as individuals. Only we must reassess what is going on in out Training Centre(s).

Of course I have great regard for our trainer Dada; he is a learned person. Dadaji has extraordinary qualities but he mostly uses them for Oriya trainees, not others. If that same ethic was applied to all, then things would be much different. Dadaji must sacrifice and pour his heart for all trainees, not just for those who hail from Oriya. Then so many good things will result.


All this is not a fairy tale. This is the unfortunate scene happening in Varanasi TC. If you have real interest to know more, talk to any trainee who just came from TC or do your homework of investigative reporting.

Pushing aside others plight by claiming their ordeals as mere hearsay is heartless and not the way of any true sadhaka. We have to have sympathy for those suffering and we must have the courage to step forward and put a stop to their misery. Things must be set right.

                       BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace He has given the perfect remedy for addressing the problems going on in the Varanasi Training Centre.

Baba says, "The incapability to recognize the requirements of others because of insensitiveness is a psychic disease. Those afflicted with this disease are also members of the vast human family; they are also our brothers and sisters. So, either by making humanitarian appeals or by creating circumstantial pressure, arrangements will have to be made to cure them of their ailment." (Problems of the Day, #4)




The below letters tell more of the story and history of life at training centre. Please write in with your experiences and thoughts as this is a critical matter of utmost importance to all.

                              PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"A'ma're dekhe calecho prabhu more pu'n'ya phale..." (PS 4477)


  Baba, because of the virtue of having Your grace, I can feel that You are so close and that You are looking at me all the time. Baba, You are with me each and every moment, in the brilliant effulgence and in the cimmerian darkness-- constantly, all the 24hrs. In my good days and bad days always You are and will remain along with me. Baba, You are so gracious.
  Baba, when I am surrounded by the fog of hopelessness and despair, & when my life becomes burdened, then it is very difficult for me to move ahead-- all my inspiration is lost. And when I cry in pain and the tears are rolling down my cheeks like a river, and when I am drowned in pessimism, then I think that this life is useless and that this whole world is poisonous. In that case I feel it is better just to die. When I am in such a crisis, then with a very pleasant and sonorous voice, Someone appears in my mental abode and in a very sweet & intimate way He whispers, 'Do not worry, I love you'.
   Baba, the effulgence of Your divine love never gets extinguished; Your love is eternal and never fades or ends. In this mundane world, everything comes and goes. Baba only You are eternal and infinite. You are the sweetest Entity. You are that force that never stops. You are that magnificent bliss that never diminishes-- always that bliss is growing and growing. Baba, You are my everything: The be-all and end-all of the life. By Your grace I am under Your shelter. Baba, in the deep core of my heart the only request I have is that: Please do not forget that I am sheltering myself in You, at Your lotus feet.
   Baba, by Your infinite grace-compassion You are remaining by my side always...

              Sarva'unga'sana and Vipariitakarani Mudra

"Question: What is the difference between sarva'unga'sana and vipariitakarani mudra?"

"Answer: In sarva'unga'sana we have to fix the mind at the point of the toes, whereas in vipariitakarani mudra we have to fix the citta or mind stuff at the tip of the nose or at the navel point." (YP, p.117-18)

Note: Sarva'unga'sana and vipariitakarani are very similar-- they are almost the same thing. Just a few little differences are there:

(1) In sarva'unga'sana the mind and eyes are fixed on the center point between the two big toes while in vipariitakarani mudra the mind focuses on the navel or the tip of the nose.

(2) When the body is very straight and it does not have to exert a continuous effort to maintain that position-- rather it is easy and comfortable to hold that posture-- then it is sarva'unga'sana. Whereas mudras, such as vipariitakarani mudra, demand a constant and ongoing effort to maintain the posture. Asanas, on the other hand require a little effort to enter into the position and thereafter it is comfortable and easy to maintain.

(3) In sarva'unga'sana and vipariitakarani mudra, although the postures look the same but the effort exerted and way of approach are a little different as explained earlier. And in addition they effect the body in different ways. Sarva'unga'sana affects the glands & cakras, and the secretion of the hormone; while mudras give strength to the muscles and nevers. These ideas have been given by Baba in His various discourses.

(4) In WT reporting sessions, Baba used to sometimes give atonement by demanding that some or all do vipariitakaranai for a long time. Sometimes for 1/2 hr, 1 hour, 2 hrs, at a stretch. Naturally that qas quite enjoyable for everyone to do. And the underlying reason behind this was that the majority of WT had acidity problems and this Vipariitakarani mudra was the cure. So in the name of doing atonement it was actually Baba's blessing.

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