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The Landscape of Party Politics

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 22:52:28 -0400 To: From: dharma@eco-net... Subject: The Landscape of Party Politics Baba "Kare ja'tra' halo shuru, bhule gechi se katha'..." (699) Purport: Baba, when exactly my journey started I do not know; it is not in my mind. I have completely forgotten the day when my journey towards You started. Since many lives, by Your grace You have been attracting me-- step by step. By Your causeless compassion I am moving in that divine liila-- reducing the radius gradually and coming closer & closer to You. How much I suffered on the way and, how many thorns pierced my feet and hindered my forward movement on the path-- that I do not remember. Those memories are not in my mind. On the journey towards You by Your grace I crossed the torturous fiery blaze of the burning desert. A nd other times I got totally drenched from the pouring rains of the thunderstorms. But, no matter what the obstacle, by Your grace You always gave me the strength and perseverance to move on. Baba, by Your grace You are always bringing me close to You. So many spring seasons and their beauty have come and I got intoxicated by that attraction. And in Your longing, in Your divine attraction, You filled my heart with devotion. And by Your grace I sang Prabhat Samgiita songs and kiirtan with heartfelt yearning and longing. In this way my life has passed-- sometimes in dark moments and sometimes in effulgent ones. But through it is, by Your grace gradually I have reached close to You, under Your shelter. Baba You are so gracious. Baba, You are my everything...
Namaskar, As the candidates in the USA make their noise and load up their political war chests for these mid-term elections, we can see how the entire field is being painted in party politics. This stands as yet another reminder how this party system fails to represent the finer aspects of humanity. In the current social milieu, the political landscape is dominated by the existence of 'oh-so-many' political parties. Each and every country is full of one party or another. That is the present reality as well as the way things work in today's crude political arena. In Prout, our stand is entirely different. Baba guides us that the party system is not at all good. Throughout His Prout philosophy Baba has exposed the defects of the party system and also provided us with the answer for what should be done instead.
In political parlance, the term 'party' is just a euphemism for 'groupism' where mighty party politicians rigidly cling to their narrow interests, i.e. their own political power. Baba says, "The problem of how to remain in power is the most important issue of every political party that comes to power in an election." (PE) So political parties are not concerned with human interests or the public good. That is not their primary aim, not even close. Their raison-d'etre (reason for being) is just to retain their tight-fisted grip over the masses. Here below Baba further condemns how in the party system, politicians ruthlessly push for their own personal prestige and the agenda & stature of the party-- blatantly disregarding the welfare of the common citizens. Baba says, "It is noticeable that politicians, to further their party interests and to enhance their individual power and position, do not hesitate even to cause suffering to millions of people." (POD, point #29) Thus from top to bottom the political parties are infested with extreme selfishness and the lust for power-- completely devoid of any benevolent motive. Here are a few more of the many reasons why Baba warns us about the inherent dangers & crooked dealings of political parties. (a) In the party oriented system, due to extreme political propaganda, the common people get befooled into voting 'the party line'-- & not for the quality of the individual. In result all sorts on nonsense characters get placed into office. (b) Party leaders do not stand on their own individual merit & abilities; instead they just rely on the political muscle and reputation of the party, thus enabling greedy rascals to come into the fore. (c) As the world has witnessed, from democracies to socialist & communist regimes, all such political groupings have committed countless wrongs and inflicted untold injustices using the party system. (d) And so many more reasons are there. On and on we can go.
In truth, throughout the society, many good people abound who are interested in working for the well-being of the people, but in the party system such independent candidates or deserving individuals never even get the opportunity to contest elections. Instead the party just bulls their own member into the chair. Baba says, "Rich and influential people can compel other candidates, by financial inducements or intimidation, to withdraw their nomination papers." (POD, point #33) In such a dark political climate, the party system shuts down any attempt by individuals to run for office. Such independent candidates cannot compete against massive economico-political machinery of the top, ruling parties.
Whether near or far, it is blatantly evident how the party system just manipulates the field of politics and stands in the way of social progress. As the political antics of the USA spread around this earth we can take a peek into how the political party system unfolds there. As we see, in that exploitative democracy of the US party system, the naive & common people have no choice but to elect the party, not person. Because in each and every local or national election the people have no practical choice but to vote either: 'Republican' or 'Democrat'. One leader is propped up by each party and by hook or by crook the party works to get that fellow into the office. And now in this mid-term election, the Tea Party has also sprung into action as a subset of the Republican party. Basically it is just a negative see-saw battle between one party and the other-- the republicans and the democrats. Truly qualified people outside the party system cannot enter onto the stage. So the party just props up and masquerades their own unseemly candidate. This we all know. In that way certain political animals come into the limelight as someone great, even though they are propped up by others, only to get yanked down on the seat of their pants when their underhanded dealings and blatant lies get exposed. Then, like a broken record turning round and round, in reaction the public gets fed up and with nowhere else to turn they blindly resort to the other political party to bring some relief. Like this the ball bounces back and forth in the famed US democracy. Each party, whether republican or democrat, looks to capitalise on the other's black spots, simultaneously keeping the political runway clear of any other candidates. Though it has to be noted the Repubicans are more devious in this way. Now Obama is in the doghouse so the Republicans are smiling wide waiting to encash on the situation. Even then they have to deal with the Tea Party. So the R's and Dem's are like two gigantic hippos and independent candidates are just like ants. The ants get easily crushed and the hippos just wrestle in the muddy waters amongst themselves. This is the dirty sea-saw battle of party politics in the US-- and around the globe the same or worse is happening in each and every party system. Never can a proper candidate reach to the chair in with the party system dominating the scene.
By all this none should still think that democracy is still the saving grace because democracies invariably get bound up in the party system. On the surface they claim to be something else but we should examine how far this is accurate or not. With their own chicanery, party leaders try to convince the electorate that democracy is run and guided by the people. Baba says, "According to the definition in vogue today, democracy is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people." (PNS-14) As Baba points out, 'rule of the people' is the stated slogan of the top democracies. But upon closer look we see something else going on. Because in the present world each and every democracy is overrun by the existence of political parties-- democrats, republicans etc. This we can all see. So the people-- the denizens-- never really get the opportunity to elect an individual leader to represent them, but rather get stuck with a party puppet-- a mere political tool of the ruling party etc. Baba says, "In the name of forming a democratic government, different political and communal parties throw their hats into the election ring..[ultimately] parties are installed in power which go against the interests of the people." (PNS-14) Thus the political parties just burst onto the scene and crush the hopes and aspirations of the general populace. So with the existence of the party system, there is no relief in sight-- not in any direction. Democracy is supposedly 'of the people, by the people, for the people'; but in actuality it is 'of the party, by the party, for the party'. That is the hard reality of the day.
In response to all this political chaos and failures of the party system Baba's Prout offers the ultimate solution. Prout's main point is to create the environment where individual candidates, not parties, abound in the political scene. And the best person-- the one carrying the banner of neo-humanism-- should be supported. Baba says, "People should cast their votes for deserving human beings-- not for the lamppost [i.e. political tool] holding the party ticket." (POD, point #27) In such an open atmosphere not choked by the party system, the people are to elect a person based on their formidable credentials and worthy qualifications. This is Baba's teaching. Plus since the party system itself is the root cause of so much socio-political angst and manipulation then according to Prout there should not be any party system. It should be totally eradicated. So Prout does not at all support the existence of any political party. And when there are no political parties, and that day is not far off, then the qualities and characteristics of the individual candidates become more visible. In that case the educated voters will be able to discern who is who and what is what. That means candidates will have to stand on their own merit-- unable to rest on the laurels of the party. Thus in our Prout system, devoid of political parties and under the watchful eye of moralists and an increasingly educated public, more and more qualified candidates will get opportunity in the political field. And the best one should be selected.
Here again Baba issues His stern warning regarding political parties. Baba says, "You will have to propagate this mission from door to door. No political party...can bring salvation." (PNS-18) Hence just as dinosaurs disappeared from this earth, same will be the fate of these outdated political parties. And in the new era of Prout, we will see the rise of qualified candidates-- i.e. sadvipras-- to lead the people.
By Baba's grace, under the banner of neo-humanism & Prout our human society will be enabled to flourish. By His grace the day is fast approaching. Baba says, "Today or tomorrow the entire world will accept PROUT as the only panacea for all of the world's mundane and supramundane ailments. There is no alternative." (PNS-17, p.30) Namaskar, Dharma Note: All are encouraged to write in with their thoughts, experiences, and insights. With our collective knowledge and understanding we will more quickly be able to usher in that grand, new era of Prout. The world is changing fast-- ready to hear our words. Looking forward to hearing your views.
*************************************************** Remedy
Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)

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