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Baba Story: Teaching on Fireworks

Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2012 20:36:02 -0000
From: "Naresh Singh"
Subject: Baba Story: Teaching on Fireworks



Here is a story from the 1960's as recounted by senior margii, DR P.D. Singh, an orthopedic surgeon from Ranchi.

The quoted lines below are direct, exact words from our dear margii brother, Dr Singh. That is why this story is told in the first-person using "I".

Here begins the story....


During the 1960's I was a medical student and I would go and visit Baba often; He was always very gracious would give guidelines and speak on various topics. I had a close and respectful relation with Baba.

On this particular occasion, in late October, during the time of Diipavali / Deepawali, all kinds of festivities were going on, including fireworks / firecrackers.  In celebration of this festival, many in our local neighborhood were also shooting off firecrackers.

At the time, I was sitting with Baba, attending to Him, in His quarters. Baba was speaking on various subjects, but He was interrupted again and again by the loud and disturbing noise of those firecrackers. Finally, He stopped talking entirely.

After a few moments, I said, "Baba, people spend crores of rupees on firecrackers. These firecrackers cause hearing loss and bodily injuries - they are so dangerous."

Baba replied, "Yes you are right, people misuse crores of rupees (tens of millions) on fireworks and erecting huge, multi-story paper temples on the road for this festival, and these temples only last 3 - 5 days. Yet the common masses and poor people are suffering; they do not have proper food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education. They lack the basic requirements. It would be far better if they served those impoverished people with that money - instead of wasting it on firecrackers and other dogma. That would be great social service."

Baba continued, "Not only are these firecrackers a drastic misuse and abuse of funds; they also create lots of noise and air pollution."

Baba added, "The money misused on dogma should be used for social service. Those who love humanity will not misuse their hard earned wealth in this way."

That concludes the story as told by Dr P.D. Singh.


I think this above story of PD Singh gives a very good and meaningful guideline to us all.

Unfortunately, nowadays in our Ananda Marga there is also a competition of shooting off fireworks. Tragically, that negative trend has been adopted by some during diipavali / deepawali, as well as Ananda Purnima, and on select other festival days.

In the general society, firecrackers / fireworks are commonly used for marriage celebrations, New Year's festivities, and during Durga Puja, Deepawali - among other times. In the western world like the US, firecrackers are used to celebrate Independence Day.

As Ananda Margiis, we should all be more conscious about this. We should not fall into trends of the general society. Those who purchased fireworks for the upcoming Diipavali festival (Nov 13, 2012) should sell them back to shopkeepers. That is the best thing to do; that will be in keeping with Baba's stated guideline.

It is just like if someone purchased poison for their own personal use and later realised that life itself is very important, then they will not ingest it. Rather they will throw it away.

Similarly, those who purchased fireworks should not use those firecrackers.

I also used to shoot off fireworks but after hearing this story I stopped immediately. This is a very practical and meaningful guideline. After all, money should not be used and abused but rather spent in a proper way, i.e. for the service of those in need.

Naresh Singh

"Esechile prabhu surer máyáy..."   (P.S. 1274)


Baba, You have graced me by coming with the magical tunes and melodies of Prabhat Samgiita. You Yourself have taken advent here, & on the pathway You are singing Your blissful songs.

Baba, in the early dawn everybody was sleeping so there was no one there to receive You, even then that time You came by singing the song on the path - resonating all around the divine vibrations of those loving, charming, and sweet songs.   

Baba, You are so gracious. You are not concerned about any getting type of special reception. You do not have the longing that everyone should come to receive You. Nor do You desire to be garlanded - that also You do not care about. And on Your blissful arrival, the hari pari mandal, the circle of devotees also were not there to receive You.

O' my Dearmost, on Your face there was a sweet smile, and side by side You were keeping the flute of omnkara. You came step by step, taking one after another divine form.  

Baba, You have taken advent Yourself in the depths of my mind, in the deep core of my heart the omnkara dhvani - eternal sound - of the ankle bell is resonating. O' Baba You have taken Your place in my heart.

In my mental Vrindaban, secretly and surprisingly, You have come and in Your eyes there is anjana. Baba, You have graciously saturated the heart of all those who wanted to be loved. Everyone got drenched in Your love.  

Baba, You have come on this dusty earth and filled the whole universe with Your divine music. The whole creation is vibrated by Your aura...


Note 1: In the above song, the flute is not literally a flute but rather one of the eternal sounds that signifies the Presence and divine advent of Parama Purusa. His Presence brings the sound of om'ka'ra.

Note 2: This song also represents the unfolding of the cycle of Brahmacakra as step by step from the eternal stance of Nirguna Brahma He is manifesting Himself in different forms and colors. And in this way the created universe has come into being.

Note 3: In various discourses Baba describes how the om'ka'ra dhvani, or divine sounds of realisation, has different expressions such as the sound of the ankle bell or the roaring of the ocean etc. And according to their samskaras, sadhakas hear these different sounds. (Reference: 'Six Stages of Realisation' in Namami Krsnasundaram.)

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