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Myth About Democracy & Prout's Solution

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Myth About Democracy & Prout's Solution Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 23:42:31 +0000 Baba "Egiye calo, egiye calo..." (PS 156) Purport: My brothers and sisters, we should move on towards our goal, Parama Purusa. Today the glorious dawn has come. We should take everyone along with us; no one should be left behind. Everyone is ours; Nobody is alien. We all belong to one family-- Our Father is Parama Purusa. We have to move together on the path which He has shown us. Human society is one and indivisible, no fissiparous tendencies should be allowed to divide it. Baba's divine grace is with us...
Namaskar, Nowadays, in most countries of the world, people hold high hopes that the next democratic election will set things right-- alleviating economic distress and political confusion. Time and again people get duped into this false belief that democracy is great. Mostly because they think that the victory of their candidate or party leader will end today's misery. Nowhere, it seems, is this myth more prevalent than in the US with its upcoming presidential election. The economy is awful; the political policies are creating untold harm; yet people continue to live in false paradise by thinking that the answer lies in the next election and the victory of their chosen candidate. But neither will this US election, nor any other election within the realm of political democracy, bring an ounce of relief to the people's woes. Because today's democracy (i.e. political democracy)-- and its inherent flaw of economic centralisation-- means the rich get richer and the people get poorer. Plus democracy brings on so many other ills. The needed change to solve all this lies not in the capitalist or communist approach of political democracy, but in Prout's way of economic democracy. Only economic democracy can lead the humanity in the proper direction.
As we see, these days democracy-- in one form of another-- exists in most of the world's nations. And the mere mention of the term 'democracy' brings a smile onto people's faces. They think it is great, especially so in the US where constant booming by the capitalists has totally sold the population on democracy. Baba says, "In all countries where democracy is in vogue today, people have been deceived into believing that there is no better system than political democracy." (PNS-21) Thus the myth and false hope about democracy is just about everywhere, yet it is reaching its soaring peak in the US as people sit with baited breath waiting for their chosen candidate (i.e. Obama or McCain) to come onto the scene. That said, democracy is quite prevalent now on this earth. Specifically, as Baba tells us, democracy (i.e. political democracy) has two distinct branches: liberal democracy where capitalists have all the money like in the US, and socialist democracy where the state has all the money like in China. And one or another nation follows one of these two pathways. Baba says, "Liberal democracy has been established in such countries as the USA, Great Britain, France and Canada, while in China, Vietnam and Eastern Europe socialist democracy is the dominant system." (PE) So democracy is all over and only spreading. Tragically, the gullible people gleefully embrace it, thinking that it is great, not knowing that democracy will bring their demise.
With their tall talks of freedom, their silly policy that all (even fools) can vote, and so many other neat sounding proclamations, democracy promotes itself as being the grand solution. Yet, democracy means economic centralisation and political centralisation captured by capitalist sponsored puppets-- both of which spell disaster for the people. Baba says, "In all the democratic counties of the world, economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals and groups. In liberal democracies economic power is controlled by a handful of capitalists, while in socialist countries economic power is concentrated in a small group of party leaders. In each case a handful of people – the number can be easily counted on one’s fingertips – manipulate the economic welfare of the entire society." (PE) From an economic perspective, democracy consolidates the wealth, ruins the purchasing capacity of the people, turns most people into mere tools for the ruling capitalists, and ultimately causes a world-wide financial depression. And from the political side, democracy is equally harmful. Baba says, "Today in most democracies, people of dubious character and those with vested interests are elected to power. Even bandits and murderers stand for election and form the government." (PNS-21) Thus from both an economic and political perspective democracy is a mess, yet people all over, especially in election years, embrace the myth that democracy is the ideal solution. Baba says, "Political democracy has become a great hoax for the people of the world. It promises the advent of an era of peace, prosperity and equality, but in reality it creates criminals, encourages exploitation and throws common people into an abyss of sorrow and suffering." (PE) Right now, the US presidential candidates are promising all of the above-- "an era of peace, prosperity and equality"-- yet the people will not taste one ounce of these things once any candidate is elected. That will never happen. Because capitalists, political scammers, and special interest groups have the whole affair skewed in their favour. And those manipulators, including the candidates themselves, hide behind the facade of democracy. So it is our duty to break down the aura of democracy and lead the people into a new era of economic and political justice by raising their social consciousness. The current democratic structures will only lead the people deeper into hell. Even then, people foolishly dream that the next democratic election will bring all the solutions. That is the prevalent myth of the day.
Baba says, "Political democracy cannot fulfil the hopes and aspiration of people or provide the basis for constructing a strong and healthy human society. The only way to achieve this is to establish economic democracy." (PNS-21) The question then is why our Proutistic vision of economic democracy is so much better. Here are some points all of which come directly from Baba's stated discourse: 1. In Prout's approach of economic decentralisation, the economic power lies with the people. That means job stability, increased purchasing capacity, and so many other financial benefits for the general citizens because the money is not being hoarded by a few capitalists. 2. Prout also advances the guarantee of minimum requirements to all. Democratic capitalism never preaches this and certainly cannot fulfill it as the only goal is to make more and more money at the expense of the common people. 3. Prout puts political power in the hands of moral leaders how watch for the welfare of the people, while democracy gives rise to political leaders who are but stooges of capitalism and suck the blood of the people. 4. Prout also advances the idea of a local economy where resources stay within that region and get manufactured there as well bringing in money to the local people, as opposed to those same resources getting dragged to other places so big capitalists can earn money from other those very raw materials. 5. Prout is sensitive to the earth's ecological and environmental balance as each and every samaj gets developed in a sustainable manner that takes into consideration the well-being of animals, plants, and inanimate resources, whereas today's democracy allows all those corporate giants to wreak havoc on this earth in every way imaginable so that they can make a bigger profit. 6. Finally, Prout ensures that every citizen gets ample opportunity for psychic and spiritual pursuits. For more information about Prout's view of economic democracy review the section, 'Requirements for Economic Democracy' from Baba's discourse "Economic Democracy" of June 1986, Kolkata.
By Baba's grace, the very practical methods of Prout will soon be implemented bringing economic justice, political dignity, and social equality to each and every land. Baba says, "Prout's slogan is: 'To end exploitation we demand economic democracy, not political democracy'." (PNS-21) Namaskar, Karma Karma
As we speak, greedy capitalists are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the US political conventions-- the Democratic convention in Denver as well as the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St Paul. All because such capitalists are anxious to perpetuate the current era of exploitation under the mask of democracy. Such corporations and capitalists have a huge interest in this, and it is for this reason that they are giving truck loads of cash in support of these conventions, not because they want to cure the ills of the people. So none should think that those corporations are being so generous in giving aways millions, because they are only doing so in order to bankroll billions within the favoured system of exploitation known as democracy.
In His below teachings from His discourse, 'Economic Democracy', Baba perfectly point out the ills of today's democracy and also shows how Prout alone has the answer and solution for the humanity. Anyone interested in this topic should read Baba's entire discourse. Baba says, "Political democracy has...snatched away the right of economic equality. Consequently, there is gross economic disparity between the rich and the poor, immense inequality in people’s purchasing capacity, unemployment, chronic food shortages, poverty and insecurity in society." Baba says, "The prerequisites for the success of democracy are morality, education and socio-economico-political consciousness. Leaders especially must be people of high moral character, otherwise the welfare of society will be jeopardized. But today in most democracies, people of dubious character and those with vested interests are elected to power. Even bandits and murderers stand for election and form the government." Baba says, "The farce of democracy has been likened to a puppet show where a handful of power hungry politicians pull the strings from behind the scene. In liberal democracies, capitalists manipulate the mass media such as the radio, television and newspapers, while in socialist democracies the bureaucrats lead the country to the brink of destruction. In both forms of democracy, there is little scope for honest, competent leaders to emerge in society, and virtually no possibility for the economic liberation of the people." Baba says, "In economic democracy, economic and political power are bifurcated. That is, PROUT advocates political centralization and economic decentralization. Political power is vested with the moralists, but economic power is vested with the local people. The principal goal of the administration is to remove all the impediments and obstacles which prevent the economic needs of the people being met. The universal aim of economic democracy is to guarantee the minimum requirements of life to all members of society."
************************************************** Good Teaching
Baba says, "Those who wrongly worship Parama Purus'a in the form of clay, iron, or other material substances, are ultimately transformed in Prakrtiliina*. And those who run around externally in hopes of finding Parama Purusa outside, they also be come Prakrtiliina." (15 May 1982, Hindi Section) Note: Those who are searching Baba in one or another holy land, they should be especially careful about this above teaching. *Prakrtiliina= This is one type of microvita which is under punishment of reaping of reaping its own negative samskaras.

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