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Utopia of Larger Unity

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 06:31:06 -0700 To: From: Reynolds_HT Subject: Utopia of Larger Unity Baba "Saba'r priya tumi saba'r a'pan..." (P.S. 4723) Purport: Baba, You are everyone's most loving and closest One-- everyone feels that You are their own. Baba, because You are, I am; And because of You this whole universe also exists. Baba, from the peak of the snow-covered, sky-kissing mountain to the deep, serene ocean; from the sun of the crimson dawn to the colourful evening sunset-- everything is Your divine creation. The flowers, fruits, shrubs, forest, and garden-- all are Your expressions. Baba, You are the divine Lord of everything. Baba, with Your compassion You are looking after one and all; You never hate anyone. Baba, You reside in the mind & You are in the heart-- even then I do not see You, but I feel You. Baba, You are so great: I am always asking Your forgiveness that You please grace me, and in full surrender I always do sastaunga pranam to You-- each & every moment. Baba, You are the most loving One, the most dear Entity of one and all. Baba, You have created this entire vast universe. Baba, You are so gracious...
Namaskar, Nowadays many in AM have come up with their own way of dealing with the rampant problem of groupism in our Marga. In particular, one item that comes up again and again is the notion of 'larger unity', i.e. merging all the various groups by forming some type of committee that consists of factional heads from all the parties-- and therein they will all share the power. This is the commonly proposed agenda in many of the "peace" meetings these days. So we should take a look at how far this proposal is viable or not.
Of course the best way to 'test' anything in this world-- such as a proposal for bringing unity-- is to investigate the matter through Baba's teachings. With regards to addressing problematic issues in life, such as groupism, Baba reviews, at minimum, three kinds of approaches. (#1) There are some who just complain and criticise about the problems all day long, but offer no solution or recommendation, whatsoever, about what should be done to correct the matter. Such persons are leftists. Baba says, "The leftist groups are engaged in criticizing the capitalists, which is bearing no fruitful results." (PNS-4) Thus, according to Baba, both communists and socialists fall in this category as from dawn to dusk they criticise the capitalist model but offer no solution of their own. Just they criticise and criticise-- nothing more. So this is one "way" to address a problem like groupism: By just criticising. (#2) There are still others who walk around with a utopian dream floating around in their mind. They have a grandiose theoretical plan that paints such a rosy picture of what "should be", but ultimately their way is totally devoid of any practical value. Such an empty theoretical approach is called saeddha'ntik tattva. And Baba warns us that this backwards way of approach is destined for failure. Baba says, "If theory precedes practice many difficulties will be encountered." (PNS-6, p.43) Often we see that political parties, such as the Republicans and the Democrats in the USA, fall into this pattern of useless theoretical strategies. One party or the other is always offering their own glorious strategies and promises about health care or bringing peace to the Middle East or some other issue, but when it comes time to implement their so-called golden plan it turns out to be a big, fat zero-- totally useless and full of pitfalls. So this is another "way" to address a problem like groupism: By formulating one's own useless theory without looking at the present reality. (#3) Finally there are those who adhere to the code of prayogbhaomik tattva-- or the tangible approach based on the existing realities. Prayogabhaomik tattva is a lasting theory that offers a correct solution as it is formulated on those systems and properties which are already existing and operating in the world. Baba clearly advises us that this should be our approach in life. Baba says, "A theory which follows practice will be successful." (PNS-6, p.44) For example, when the theory of gravity was put forth, first that great scientist saw the apple fall from the tree and then he proposed the theory of gravity. Similarly before devising the kaoshikii dance Baba thoroughly analysed the human structure and then based on that existing model He gave the kaoshikii dance, which is a proper cure for so many bodily and psychic problems. So this is the third approach-- and indeed the only way-- to address a problem like groupism: By analysing the situation and applying a dharmic solution, i.e. the theory should be based on practice. Naturally then any proposal to overcome and ultimately eradicate groupism from our Marga should be based on this third approach of prayogbhaomik tattva.
Unfortunately, those various groupist teams like EC, B, NIA etc always put forth their own empty theoretical plan that leaders from the various camps should all get chairs on some quasi board and share the power-- each with their own groupist interest etc. This is the theoretical plan they propose time and again, as if this will bring unity. But, what they fail to realise is that one cannot establish dharma, i.e. real unity, from a collection of groupist dogmas where all are hungry to grab the power. Yet that is what their theory proposes. That is to say, each of the warring factions has their own dogmatic beliefs such as the Fake BP manual, racist outlooks, Fake Ananda Vaniis, expulsion as a weapon, victimising margiis, punishment postings, eradication of margii rights, and their own power hungry tactics etc. And then based on all these rancid materials and past atrocities, they propose that unity can be made. Such is their so-called theory for unity: Take 7 B's, 6 H's, 5 1/2 NIA's, and 6 EC's etc and put them all in a pot along with their stew of dogmas lustful desires of power and voila!-- UNITY. This is their grandiose proposal. It is a theory with no connection with reality. Just it is a few person's pipedream. That is why their so-called unity proposal falls smack into the realm of saeddha'ntik tattva, a.k.a. useless theories. Because it is utterly devoid of any practical approach, just it is a compilation of dogmas and power hungry tactics that overlook the existing reality.
Here is another way to look at the entire situation. Suppose there is a serious drought in a village and there is hardly a drop of water to be found anywhere. Then, in one corner, some villagers will just sit around and complain about the situation without offering any solution at all. And, in another corner, others will invent some ridiculous theory such as gathering a whole bunch of dogs and collecting their urine in one pot and drinking that. Finally some rational people will adopt a scientific methodology, evaluate the present reality, and build an aboveground or underground system for getting water. Tragically, many of the so-called leading voices in our Marga propose their plan of 'larger unity', which is tantamount to drinking dog's urine in order to survive a drought. By doing that one is bound to get sick or even die of some grotesque disease. So those foolishly theorising that all the groupist leaders should share the power and divide up the booty as if this will lead us to the promised land of golden unity, the practical reality is that by doing so our Marga will just get caught in a suffocating chain of mishaps, dogmas, and disaster. Such is the outcome of their 'larger unity' plan.
Only those who follow the dharmic course of prayogbhaomik tattva understand that unity can only be formed on the basis on AM ideology, not via the collection of various groupist dogmas and power hungry schemas etc. Applying the principles of AM is the only way to surmount groupism and bring unity. Baba says, "A correct spiritual ideology is the only solution to the problems confronting the world. From this perspective we can call Ananda Marga ideology the philosophers' stone. Just as the philosophers' stone is meant to transform everything into gold, Ananda Marga ideology can, most definitely, find a just and rational solution whenever it is applied to any problem." (POD #36) And, little by little, more and more in our Marga are realising that only Baba's teachings can save us from this ugly net of groupism. There is no other escape or way forward.
By Baba's grace, we will discover our spiritual ideal and bring real unity in our Marga-- all based on AM ideology, not any blind or impotent theory. Baba says, "The entire society of A'nanda Ma'rga is founded on a common ideal, the goal of becoming one with Brahma...the unity in a society founded on the ideal of Brahma will be everlasting." (PNS-3) Namaskar, Harideva
In His below teaching Baba is directing us that only AM ideology can bring true unity; any such selfish attempt where various leaders from different factions share the power will just prove to be one bogus & hellish theory-- nothing more. There is no second way of bringing unity; AM ideology is the only course. Baba says, "One Cosmic ideology will have to be propagated and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity-- the Cosmic Entity-- Who is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other theory can save the human race." (To The Patriots, p.31)
******************************************** Dirty Habits Die Hard
Baba says, "[After] taking a bath...soap, oil, and comb should be used every day." (Caryacarya-III) Note: All around the globe every margii is aware about 16 Points and all of Baba's teachings on health and hygiene. Even then a few do not incorporate all these guidelines into their practical lives. Means some do not apply oil to their joints etc. So on paper they are aware about everything yet at retreats one or two may even tell others to follow those things when they themselves do not do this. So in total there are 4 categories. Those who are aware; those who are not aware; those who point out others; and those who do not recommend this to others. And there may be some other categories also. However, Baba has made it mandatory that after bathing one should comb the hair of the joints of the body and also apply an ample amount of oil to those regions well. This is Baba's distinct guideline and most margiis and wts strictly adhere to this teaching. But a very small population of Ananda Margiis shy away from this practice-- for one reason or another. It is sometimes seen that those stuck in a dogmatic western approach to life do not like to use any oil because they got addicted to using scented perfume etc. And there may be other reasons why in so-called advanced countries people do not follow this point of using oil-- neither they apply it to their joints nor on their head. And in other parts of the globe a few have their own private reasons why they avoid using oil. In contrast in those countries where oil is used more regularly used, then new margiis readily adapt to the practice of putting oil on the joints. Means they quickly adopt this new practice. Because their mind is naturally open to this idea; whereas in some western nations a couple people are reticent to ever use oil-- that is why it is commonly proclaimed that this is one of the dogmas of the west. But most Ananda Margiis practice the use of oil and certainly there are some sectors where it is even more widely practiced. And in that case those practitioners naturally get all the special benefits. And indeed there is a very significant reason behind all this which Baba has given. Namely that the lymph glands are located there in the joints and by applying oil to those areas then the lymphatic glands get the nourishment they need. Note 2: One need not spend a lot of money purchasing oil and it need not be an imported variety. Rather in each area of the globe margiis should use that type of oil which is commonly available to them at at reasonable price. At the same time the oil should not be low-grade either. It should be a standard variety from that area. In India many use coconut oil while in the Mediterranean olive oil is more widely available. And like that from lace to place it will vary so everyone should experiment and use one of the locally produced oils and find one they like best. this is the Proutistic way.

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