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Plight of Floating Intellectual Laborers

Date: Tue 6 Apr 2010 05:45:27 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Plight of Floating Intellectual Laborers From: "Ishvara" Baba "Toma'y a'ma'y gopan dekha' habe priya maner kon'e..." (P.S. 2129) Purport: Baba, my dearmost, our intimate talk, our sharing of the heart, will happen in the remote corner of my mind where I will see You. Nobody will know and nobody will see-- and also nobody will understand the divine play going on in my mind. Baba, by Your grace You will arrive in my heart with the softness of flowers. Surrounded by garlands, You will sit. In the sweet atmosphere of that moon-lit night we will be together in the madhuban (abode of nectar) of my mind. O' my dearmost Baba, Whatever I understand of You and whatever I know of You, with my thought and with the language it cannot be grasped. You are transcendental; You are beyond the expression of language. Because of this You please come in my heart secretly. Baba I will see You in the madhuban of my heart, in the sweet and divinely intoxicated environment in the recesses of my mind...
Namaskar, Although capitalism has taken a 'hit' in the last 18 months, it is still ruling the roost and making a crushing impression on the rest of society. The top vaeshyas have everyone else completely tied up.
In this present moment, we are witnessing some very clear, tell-tale signs how this vaeshyan era is marching towards its ugly height. Now all around the globe, with the introduction of the floating labor market, workers-- not just ditch-diggers but everyone from computer engineers to certified accountants-- are suffering at the hands of these top vaeshyas. This is the latest global trend that is happening which squeezes even the intelligentsia to the very bone. Yet enamoured by the vaeshyan supremacy, these intellectual workers are mostly unaware of their own sorrowful condition. Rather they feel proud to be foot-soldiers in the capitalist army. As Margiis and Proutists it is our duty to understand this latest development so we can educate the masses and help advance the social cycle.
Now we are not living in normal times, as the vaeshyan exploitation is reaching its height. However, normally, the ruling capitalists understand that they themselves live off the sweat of their workers. This much sense, reason, and understanding such vaeshyas have-- in normal times. So even though they are dominated by greed, these capitalists do not want to break the backbone of the laborers as they understand that those very laborers are needed for their own survival. With that in mind, for much of the vaeshyan era, top capitalists made life 'reasonable' or 'worth living' for their designated shudras, whether they be vipra-minded, ksattriya-minded, or a shudra oriented shudra. Workers would commonly live with their families, go on vacations, have decent homes, and be able to afford basic amenities with a normal type of work week. Plus, to further satisfy and placate such shudras, all kinds of labor laws were enacted to ensure the safety and well-being of the workers. In this manner, the vaeshyas would rule, and the mass of shudras could comfortably survive. But we are no longer living in normal conditions; this is no longer the normal vaeshyan era. Things have become extreme. Because when the cunning vipran intellect and greedy vaeshyan mind merge into one, then those top ruling vaeshyas lose all their sense in their rampant race to exploit others. The outcome is a devilish mind known as a vipra-minded vaeshya or pseudo-vaeshya. This new breed of vaeshya is ruthless in the pursuit of money and wealth and they revise the system according to their desires. During such times, we see that all the labor laws get taken away-- and a perfect example of this is what has happened in the US since 1970.
In order to get maximum benefit of the labor market such vipra-minded vaeshyas invented one new strategy whereby laborers need not get any benefits of being permanent employees; rather, these vaeshyas will just temporarily drag laborers from afar, thereby eliminating the need for a permanent labor force. In various countries, this becomes manifest in the form of a temporary labor visa program. In that case, laborers, including engineers and doctors, will come for a limited time and work and then get shipped back to their country of origin when their skills are no longer needed. Here the point is that the captialists can just spit out such laborers when they are no longer needed. Furthermore, this strategy has two parts: Either the industry itself is shifted to poor countries or laborers are brought from neighboring countries. So that is their latest trick-- i.e. the floating labor market. Now, due to their extreme greed, the vaeshyas have gone off the deep end and made things nearly unlivable for everyone, including intellectual laborers. Because from computer programmers to agricultural workers to medical doctors, everyone is being sucked dry by the vaeshyan economic machinery. Such unreasonable greed exhibited by the capitalists points to the height of the vaeshyan era. That is Baba's teaching. Baba says, "The vaeshyas, maddened with excessive greed, lose their common sense completely and forsake their humanity totally." (HS-2) And that is what is going on now. How is this taking place-- primarily with their floating labor market. Now the vaeshyas have overlooked and disregarded the human needs of their workers. Now such vaeshyas tear intellectual laborers away from their families for months at a time using temporary visas, just like as has been commonly done with manual laborers. Around 100 to 200 years ago, manual laborers were brought along with their entire families and fed & sheltered etc. But now there is no need of such things. Today those vaeshyas just bring the labor they need for a few months or even weeks, and then they kick those exploited workers away. Earlier jobs were guaranteed but now there is no guarantee. Yet all along they are beating the drum and chanting about 'the advent of a prosperous world'-- where huge wealth is being generated. So now with manual laborers, either in Kolkata, New York, or France, these workers were ripped away from their families and homelands and forced to live in shanty towns, decrepit buildings, or in tent cities and work unseemly hours for months a time. It is not uncommon for laborers from Mexico or Algeria to travel to California or Europe with a shiny six month Visa and live in a room with 20 other immigrants and work day and night for these vaeshayas. All the while totally separated from their spouse and children. Thus in this early 21st century, vaeshyas have completely lost all regard for their workers, and no longer does this just apply to factory employees and farm hands etc. This entire intellectual community has also been wrapped up in this vaeshyan plot, sparing none at all.
Because the global gangs of vaeshyas scour the earth in order to maximize their exploitation. After all, such capitalists think, 'Why should I pay a computer programmer in US dollars when I can pay them in rupees or pesos or yen'. In consequence, the capitalists exploit the intellectual labor market in two main ways. Either they will lure engineers from other lands on a limited visa or they will outsource their work to some "third-world" nation where they can pay them next to nothing. Here the point is that gone are the days of health insurance, paid vacations, holiday time, sick leave etc. Now so many are forced to work for low wages and they only get paid for the exact minutes they are on the job. Or really they only get paid for working 8 hours when in fact they may work 10, or 12, or 14 etc. All because they are outsourced or work on a contractual basis only. Or because such engineers or programmers get their Visa to go to the US due to their relation with a particular corporation and they can only stay as long as the corporation keeps them in their employ. For that reason even chemists, computer analysts, and medical professionals, are forced to be complete tools of the vaeshyas, otherwise they may lose their work visa and "golden opportunity". By such techniques, the ruling vaeshyas get the cheapest engineers or doctors which they could otherwise find locally. Through it all, for those exploited workers, there is always the hidden threat that the vaeshyas will take their work elsewhere-- to some place where they can get even cheaper floating laborers. In the past work was done in Japan and Hong Kong, and then it switched to places like Taiwan and eventually to China. And now they are using India and Sri Lanka, and as the conditions ripen they move on to places like Bangladesh and Burma etc. This is all already going on. And indeed so many countries have been tied up in this net as today's global gang of vaeshyas literally scour the globe to get their ideal floating labor force. So this is how it is mostly working these days and it is only increasing day by day.
Hence, in this 21st century, all even intellectuals have been reduced to shudra-minded workers and such shudras are unaware about their own condition. Rather they revere the top vaeshyas and their dream is to one day become like them. So these intellectual shudras are happy to have a job and proudly wear the name of their corporation on their chest. They are being exploited to the bone and the owners are making huge money off of their intellectual talents, yet all along these intellectual workers are quite pleased with themselves-- having become a slave of some vaeshyan corporation. That is the unfortunate mentality that is prevalent these days. So even though the vaeshyan exploitation is nearly at its height, due to unawareness and blind acceptance by the intellectual shudras, the vaeshyan era is still in full swing, with no end in sight.
Here Baba describes who these vipra minded vaeshyas or pseudo vaeshyas are. Baba says, "Some vipras’ economic intellect is awakened while under the patronage of the economic intellect of the vaeshyas. Such people become pseudo-vaeshyas, and towards the end of the Vaeshya Age their dominance of society becomes evident. The vipras’ crooked thinking blends with the vaeshya-like economic intellect of these pseudo-vaeshyas, but the pseudo-vaeshyas do not possess any of the good qualities of either the vaeshyas or the vipras." ('Vaeshya Age') So the master-minds of today's corporate era are a bunch of shrewd, cunning, capitalists who are drowned in both excessive greed and the ability to deceive.That is whom the shudras of today are up against and that is why everyone from manuals laborers to the entire intellectual workforce has been c aught in the net of vaeshyan exploitation. Even then, the whole event is quite optimistic as this signifies the near end of the vaeshyan era. The time is not far when ksattriya minded shudras and vipra minded shudras will awaken and realise their miserable situation. In that case they will destroy the vaeshyan edifices and obliterate the sinful castle of capitalism. Baba says, "So although they [pseudo-vaeshyas] carry on the vaeshya legacy up to the very end of the Vaeshya Age, they finally fall into utter disgrace and disrepute." (HS-2)
So this is a massive topic a the vaeshyan exploitation has become a world-wide endeavour as the whole earth is tied up into one global economy. There are evidences of the vaeshyan exploitation everywhere and in all lands and all places it is not just the ditch-diggers who are being exploited, not it has been extended throughout the entire intellectual and professional arenas to include: Teachers, scientists, dentists, doctors, writers, professors, researchers etc. All have been sunk into the role of exploited shudras. In such a scenario there are endless array of examples and methods of how the top vaeshyas are exploiting one and all.
Even though the vipra-minded vaeshyas and pseudo-vaeshyas have come into power, for the vaeshyan to truly end there must be an awakening of consciousness among the exploited masses. Then only will the vaeshyan era truly be over. Baba says, "Vaeshyas believe that only a few people can accumulate material wealth, depriving the rest. Thus there will always be only a few vaeshyas, while those who are the objects and tools of their exploitation form the majority...When the majority, unable to tolerate this exploitation any longer or find any other way out, desperately leap into action, the Vaeshya Age comes to an end." (HS-2) So the day is not far when all the vaeshyas will be rooted out. As the various shudras unite and turn into viks'ubdha shudras, then only will the vaeshyan era truly end. And that is what we are going to see any moment-- very soon.
By Baba's grace, He has given us all the teachings of Prout and Neo-humanism upon which we can build that perfect human society where there is no exploitation and all can move towards that Cosmic Goal. Baba says, "O human beings, build the social structure considering the needs of humanity...look upon every living being of the universe with sincere feelings of love and compassion.Only then will you realize that whatever you make, retain or break is generated and controlled by the Supreme Entity. In that condition you will realize that all your positive and negative activities are embedded in the all-blissful state. Through action mixed with devotion and knowledge you will find the meaning of your life, the supreme treasure of your heart. This treasure you have unknowingly kept carefully hidden in the golden casket of your heart. " (PNS-1) Namaskar, Ishvara
**************************************** All Are Margiis
Margii means disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji irrespective of family person or dedicated monk. The Supreme Command is a very important thing. Because of its great importance, Baba has placed this in the beginning of each and every AM book. And the following lines of Supreme Command gives the feeling that all the disciples of Baba irrespective of their dress, are margiis. (A) "Every Ananda Margii will have to perform sadhana twice a day invariably; verily is this the command of the Lord." (B) "It is the bounden duty of every Ananda Margii to endeavor to bring all to the path of bliss." Obviously these above two quotations are not only for family disciples of Baba.

Why Not Baba's Book

From: "Mohini Ghosh" 
Subject: Why Not Baba's Book
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 14:24:28 +0530


"A'lo eseche ghum bheungeche, phuler vane raun legeche..." (P.S. 2253)


With the arrival of effulgence, all drowsiness & sleepiness have been vanquished. In the flower garden, new growth has come. The buds of those flowers which were in hibernation have now all bloomed. And they have filled the flowers with nectar; it is overflowing. Each and everyone's heart is vibrated with the new color. Each and every movement in life is vibrated in His flow. The air, the water, the earth, and the sky-- everything is filled with His vibration and charm. The advent of the new dawn has come; now there will not be any more cries or laments due to the darkness. In the language and expression there will no longer be any bitterness-- rather it will be saturated with sweetness and love. Love will be the source of all inspiration. This transformation has all happened due to the causeless grace of Parama Purusa; He created this momentum and changed the whole vibration of this entire universe. He filled it with His own color. The new dawn has come and the drowsiness of staticity and dogma has disappeared. The sweetness and charm of spirituality has taken advent...

One of the groups has always glorified the words Baba spoke in Bengali and printed them properly whereas what Baba spoke in Hindi they left lying in the dust. When Baba spoke in Bengali about points of samaj then they always made sure that got published in Baba's books such as Varna Vicitra and Shabda Cayanika etc. But when Baba speaks in Hindi about other samajas and their histories etc, then those discourses they manipulate stating that Ac. Raghunath is the author of those talks.

By having the book appear in Raghunath's name then people do not even know that this is Baba's book. And that is what is discussed herein.

I am reminding us all of what was witnessed by thousands of margiis who personally attended those DMC's during Baba's northern India tour in the first few months of 1984. And several thousand more margiis are there who did not attend but heard about all these things. Here then in story format I am sharing the details how Baba toured in 1984 but unfortunately the many discourses given on that lengthy tour never got printed in His name. Please read below.

Baba did one historic education tour in 1984 when He did more than one dozen DMC's across northern India & the following is the story of that time. When Baba did His grand tour and conducted so many DMC's in Hindi speaking areas in 1984, then that time Baba directly gave important guidelines to all the samaj secretaries from various samaj places which He visited.

Means it was an education tour and wherever He went all along the way Baba did field walks at so many temples, churches, forts, and old buildings. This was part of His pre-planned tour that during field walks He would visit so many historical and archeological sites.

And always local margiis accompanied Baba on these walks and got the blessed opportunity to hear Baba talk about all these places and much more.

Sure enough the DMC discourses and general darshans of this same 1984 tour which Baba delivered got printed in Subhasita Samgraha parts 16-17 and Ananda Vacanamrtam part 22, respectively. This was given.

In addition, it was also His big planning to make the tour and visitation of many historical sites. And in that way Baba gave in-depth and elaborate explanations of those sites to the Margiis and samaj leaders present. One other important point in all of this is that Acarya Raghunathji was assigned the specific duty of taking notes of all Baba's talks that time. So this type of program was going on during that historic tour because after all this was Baba's usual way.

Means not just on this tour but throughout His life wherever Baba lived and wherever He visited always He told all the histories, stories, tales, factual analysis and so many things about the surrounding area wherever He was. And these things Baba told to the local Margiis and attending Acaryas-- whoever was present. When living in Jamalpur, when touring Berlin Sector, when touring the Philippines, indeed all the time this was happening.

So naturally also then on His grand 1984 tour of Hindi speaking areas Baba gave countless talks about the history and archeology of that area. And as I say on His tour Baba visited hundreds of archaeological buildings that were hundreds and even thousands of years old. Places that had a rich history of deep archaeological importance such as temples, tombs, mosques, forts, monuments, historical buildings, etc. And Baba revealed a huge, never-before-known history during His tour which was noted down.

But the tragedy is that all those charming tales and hidden facts which Baba graciously revealed, all those things never got printed in Baba's name. Never. In contrast though, in the Prout books so many talks given on field walks related with Bengalistan have been added after 1990. So why did Bangalistan get the upper hand while all the talks from Baba's tour of Hindi speaking areas get completely neglected. Why didn't the Hindi area historical research and Baba's other direct guidelines, why didn't those get placed in book form in the name of Baba. Because after all, on this long 1984 tour of 4 months penance, thousands and thousands of pages worth of Baba's valuable teaching was given. Yet somehow it was deliberately left off the shelf of Baba's library.

Here then is the missing link: the answer why all those talks of Baba never got printed in His name. For that historic 1984 tour, Baba gave the duty to Ac Raghunathji to collect and manage the note-taking and publication of those talks. So Ac Raghunathji organised all the talks given by Baba during the tour. This he did from 1984 up to 1993 and in his own way Ac Raghunathji was trying to get the Publications Department to print these things. But B group Kingpin Dada Sarvatmanandaji pushed back the work. No doubt Dada Sarvatmanandaji did not cancel the project completely. Means he did not throw it into the river like some crude dictatorial madman. Dada Sarvatmanandaji is more crafty than that. Instead, he added one of his patented devious twists to the situation. Dada Sarvatmanandaji demanded that the book should come, BUT in the name of Ac Raghunathji-- not Baba.

So that was the nasty point. Reason being Dada Sarvatmanandaji wanted to undermine those things. Means he did not want to highlight anything other than Bengali culture so all Baba's talks about Hindi speaking areas, he wanted to push them down into the mud.

And what better way to effectively do this than to take away Baba's name from those discourses and instead assign them to someone else-- like Raghunathji. Because whatever words come from Sadguru Baba, those words are treated as divine. Nobody can compare with BABA.

So by manipulating the situation and instead crediting Ac Raghunathji and not Baba for giving all those talks, that was one way of undermining Baba's words about those Hindi speaking samaj areas. And that is exactly what Sarvatmanandji wanted to do. To crush the existence and push down the validity of Hindi speaking areas. And in fact he did like that. Because the book of history did in fact get printed in Acarya Raghunathji's name and still today it remains like that. About this book more I will tell below.

First though, with regards to Acarya Raghunathji, all we can say is that his position was like one bootlicker that time. That was why he did not adequately oppose Dada Sarvatmanandaji's fraudulent scheme. And in the end Ac Raghunathji actually thought that this was alright. Because after all the book was put in his name and that way he got the credit and respect for that. So that was the late Ac Raghunathji's way in all of this, and even when he was organisational president still he did not come forward to correct this thing. That is the proof that he approves of the whole situation.


But truly speaking those are all Baba's direct talks. And anyone who is at all familiar with Baba's style of discourse will easily understand that all those words belong to our Revered Baba, and not to Ac Raghunathji.

So it is a terrible wrongdoing that the book was done in a different way. It got titled as 'P.R. Sarkar on History' and the author's name is there in bold print: Acarya Raghunath. That is the tragedy. Because in this way, who can understand that this is actually Baba's book? Nobody. Because the title of the book itself makes it look like Ac Raghunathji is writing about Shrii Sarkar's ideas on history. When in actuality those are all Baba's discourses.

Altogether Sarvatmananda has created a big mess in Baba's scripture in order to prove Bengali superiority. And all along the present B group spokesman Dada Kalyaneshvarananda was aware about the adulterations and distortions being done go Baba's sacred discourses yet all the while he kept mum-- and just allowed that injustice to pass before his eyes.

Now it is the duty of one and all to put forth the demand that all Baba's discourses should be published in His own name and be included as part of AM scripture.


The discourses Baba gave during His 1984 never got printed in Baba's own books. Instead Baba's discourses got published under Ac. Raghunathji name in his book titled 'Shri P.R. Sarkar on History' by Ac. Raghunathji. This entire email tells more facts and figures about this wrongdoing, but here following B group spokesman exposes his own position that since long he was aware about the distortion done to Baba's discourses but never did he do anything to correct the matter.

B group spokesman Dada Kalyaneshvarananda once wrote: "'In His 1984 tour, he (Baba) spoke about different places and Raghunathjii noted it down and was later published [in Ac Raghunathjii's own history book] as "Shri P.R. Sarkar on History."

Best and Worst
Baba says, "Human beings come into this world and attend to so many duties...It is the sense of duty that makes a person great. Of all the bonds, the bond of duty is the strongest and the bond of moha [blind attachment or infatuation] is the worst. Humans will have to break the bonds of moha and increase the bonds of duty." (NKS,'97 Edn, p.111)

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