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Naive People: Issue of Establishing Prout

Subject: Naive People: Issue of Establishing Prout Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 07:55:28 From: "Gaurishankar Agrawal" To: AM-GLOBAL Baba "Tumi esecho, bha'lo besecho, mana jine niyecho..." (PS #1516) Purport: O' my Baba, by Your grace You have come. You are so charming and attractive. I am completely lost in Your bliss and divine love. Your presence is so divinely intoxicating; how magnificent it is that You Yourself have come in melody and dance. Baba, before this I was unaware, just I was surrounded by my own hopelessness. But now, by Your grace, my entire existence is radiating in Your divine light & filled with Your endless bliss. Baba, You are so magnificent. By Your causeless grace You have come and showered Your love on me. Baba, how gorgeous & beautiful You are. You are mine and mine alone. Now and forever, You are always with me...
Namaskar, Lately, a few misguided souls have fallen into the fold of one impostor and they are declaring in their silly manner that this impostor is going to magically establish Prout on this earth by merely through his so-called declaration. Whenever a margii, new or old, is unaware about Baba's teachings, then they are prone to fall into such type of confusion - i.e. they can be easily duped. They will mistakenly believe such things. All because they lack the requisite knowledge and proper understanding of Baba's guidelines, i.e. Ananda Marga ideology. A few days ago a letter was posted on the need for knowledge of AM teachings and that without it people fall into problem and confusion: The same theme rings true here. Some naive people have gotten caught up following an impostor thinking that with the wave of his hand and issuing of a proclamation for so called "dharma yudh", Prout will magically take root on this earth. Of course, no rational Ananda Margii will fall prey to this type of misplaced belief.
Baba's teachings are cent-per-cent practical, rational and logical. Ours is not the path of magic, illusion, and false dreams of grandeur. Whatever, we do in our Marga begins from the ground up - brick by brick - through the practical application of Baba's teachings. This applies to the establishment of Prout as well. Baba says, "Those ks'atriya- or vipra-minded shu'dras who are the pioneers of revolution will have to learn to be disciplined, take proper revolutionary training, build their character, be moralists; in a word, they will have to become what I call sadvipras." (HS-2) And indeed it is such sadvipras who will establish Prout on this earth. But as Baba says, it will not happen overnight, nor without effort, nor through some silly proclamation as one impostor claims. Rather Prout is going to get established from the ground up through: proper conduct, consciousness raising, intense effort, public education, and so much more. In His historic discourse, Nuclear Revolution, Baba clearly discusses many of the ingredients needed for the revolutionary approach that will establish Prout. Baba says, "PROUT advocates another type of revolution called “nuclear revolution”. In nuclear revolution, every aspect of collective life – social, economic, political, cultural, psychic and spiritual – is completely transformed. New moral and spiritual values arise in society which provide the impetus for accelerated social progress. The old era is replaced by a new era – one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress." (PNS-21) Baba says, "Nuclear revolution can only be brought about by sadvipras who reside in the nucleus of the social cycle. Through their concerted effort, moral and spiritual power and all-round endeavour, they mobilize the exploited sections of society to overthrow the ruling class – the exploiters. This very struggle for mass upheaval liberates society from exploitation and ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity." (PNS-21) By the review of Baba's above teachings - and by being familiar with Baba's many discourses on Prout - anyone can certainly understand that Prout will result from a distinct and concerted effort led by sadvipras. Prout will not magically arrive through one impostor's day dream or tall talks. Any right thinking margii understands that.
Now see the ridiculous proclamation of this impostor Chakradhar. "To establish Prout I am going to declare dharma maha yudh...After these 2 months I am going to declare dharma maha yudh on 01.01.2010 at 00:00hrs." - Chakradhar Such is the hue and cry created by Chakradhar - as if by his silly say-so Prout will be established. One or two naive margiis may have gotten befooled. But those proper margiis who do sadhana and read Baba's discourses can never be duped by such an impostor. Baba Himself makes a joke about the false proclamations of impostors like Chakradhar. Baba says, "It is very easy to talk big about revolution. Audiences may be awestruck and applaud, but to actually bring about a revolution is not at all easy." (PNS-6)
Let's just think of it this way. The impostor Chakradhar is saying that he will magically bring about Prout through his own proclamation. However, just as a gold palace cannot be built out of mud - one must have gold. Similarly, this impostor Chakradhar cannot establish Prout with the quacks who follow him - one must have sadvipras. That is why all rational margiis are just laughing at the tall talks of Chakradhar. This impostor just makes one false claim after another so those with the practical understanding of AM ideology can easily see that Chakradhar's teachings are nothing but hot air - period.
The people who are most prone to fall into Chakradhar's fold are those looking for a "quick fix" in life. In every sphere they are looking for a shortcut. Instead of working hard and following 16 Points and studying Prout and educating the masses, they easily get duped into hailing the words of this impostor because it is the easy thing to do. It is just one "quick fix" type of approach. Such persons are the same ones who sit for 2 minutes in sadhana, do not fast, and skimp over all of Baba's guidelines. Following dharma is too difficult for them so they are looking for some other "quick fix". Just as dogmatic people embark on pilgrimmages to some holy land thinking that by this easy way they will attain salvation, those with Chakradhar are think by this short-cut method they can establish Prout.
By Baba's grace He has given all the guidelines and teachings to build up a bright new humanity through the establishment of Prout. That is the only way. Various impostors like Chakradhar will come on and go from this earth. Along the way they may dupe a few people, but in the end all their tall talks and proclamations will come up empty. Only by Baba's practical methodology can Prout be established. Baba says, "We are waiting for the rising sun with crimson rays. Even now the crimson rays are a bit visible. These crimson rays are the rays of PROUT." (PNS-17) Namaskar, Gaurishankar
Baba says, "Before the revolutionary organization gives the clarion call for revolution, there must be intensive preparation. In spite of the presence of all the conditions for revolution, revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded. Ideologically educated revolutionary workers will have to channelize the psychology of the common mass towards revolution and inspire them to undertake revolutionary struggle! Such workers must adopt a rational approach inspired by the positive philosophy, have a well-developed socio-economico-political consciousness, and be dedicated to uplifting the standard of the common people. The duty of these workers is to inspire the frustrated masses along the path of revolution. Through their dedication and dynamism, they will be able to bring the collective psychology in their favour." (PNS-21)
************************************************* Truth Behind Mesmerism
Baba says, "This sort of treatment by hypnotic spell, people say, was started by Dr. Mesmer of France, and so this system is known as "mesmerism." But prior to Dr. Mesmer, this system was known to Indians. In India it was named "raksasii vidya." In ancient India (by ancient India I mean the non-Aryans, the natives of India) there was a non-Aryan lady doctor, Karkatii Raksasii. This raksasii was very famous for her mesmeric treatment. This sort of treatment should therefore not have been known as "mesmerism" -- it should have been known as something different." "Hence we find that in the Mahabharata age, there was surgery, ayurveda, vaedyaka shastra, visa cikitsa, and homeopathy ; and people were not unacquainted with mesmeric treatment either. This proves that medical science was not underdeveloped." (MHB, p.25)

Missed the Point on Devotion

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:46:41 -0000 To: From: Tapan Prabhu Subject: Missed the Point on Devotion Baba "Toma'r tare, jiivane bhare, sedhe gechi jato ga'n..." (P.S. 3747) Purport: Baba, by Your grace throughout my entire life I have been singing Your blissful songs of divine love-- Prabhat Samgiita-- in order to satisfy You. O' Prabhu, now, however, I do not know which particular song to sing in order to please & satiate You. Baba, all the time-- from the middle of the night up to the morning dawn-- I go on practicing and singing those tunes and melodies according to Your direction with deep longing in my heart, hoping to bring You close. And I have also sung Prabhat Samgiita in the scorching heat and in the tune of the evening sunset. All the time I sing for You, with only one motive to please You and bring You in my close proximity-- O' my dearmost. Baba, when I sing for You and repeat Your name in Your divine ideation then by Your grace a very special feeling comes in my heart, and tears roll down in love for You. Baba, that intense love I am unable to express in words, You know. Those blissful feelings cannot be conveyed by language. Because of that blissful feeling for You, my mind always longs to sing the song to call You. And also I have sung the song in the spring season along with the flowers and sweet breeze of the effulgent purnima night. Baba, with the strong feeling of yearning in my heart, I have also sung Your songs in the terrible whirlwind of the hurricane of the pitch dark amavasya night. Baba, by Your grace You have made me understand that everything is Your divine blessing and I go on singing Your song, irrespective of the time, season, hours, and days. Baba, by Your grace I have only one longing in life: To satisfy You and bring You close. Baba, please be gracious on me...
Namaskar, As we all know on the spiritual path, devotion is one precious gem. And in so many discourses & in various ways Baba beautifully outlines the speciality of different stages of bhakti. And it is this unique quality of bhakti that established devotees in the Supreme rank. Unfortunately one or two are taking the matter in their own way Here first are some of Baba's guidelines. Baba teaches us that in lower devotion, a particular complex remains within the mind of the devotee. This complex is termed as: 'Mahimnajinana'. And that means, the devotee thinks that Parama Purusa is too great to be attained. In this stage the devotee feels 'How I can go close to Him? I am full of imperfections and He is so high.' This feeling of lowliness is Mahimnabodha.
Baba is further then explaining that when one attains the higher devotional state of Parabhakti or absolute devotion, then there is no chance of degeneration. Furthermore Baba guides us that Mahimnabodha cannot exist once Parabhakti is reached. Means Baba outrightly states that when one is established in higher devotion or Parabhakti, then the devotee does not feel any kind of inferiority complex. Thus when one comes within the close proximity of Parama Purusa and the devotee is established in the realm of parabhakti, then all feelings of lowliness & inferiority completely disappear. This is all explained quite clearly in the discourse, "The Path of Salvation", (Reference Subhasita Samgraha Part-11, page 39). Plus in a separate discourse Baba makes the point perfectly clear. Baba says, "Those who possess parabhakti or kevala'bhakti are free from Mahimajinana-- the notion that God is too perfect to be attained by a mere mortal." (AMIWL-7) The fundamental point is that Baba pointedly tells us in this discourse that the negative complex of Mahimnajinana cannot exist side by side with Parabhakti. If the feeling of mahimnajinana or lowliness exists in the mind of devotees, then it is clear that they are not established in the highest level of devotion-- Parabhakti. Likewise, Baba guides that those who have reached the status of Parabhakti cannot feel mahimnajinana.
However one respected Dada is explaining this matter quite differently from Baba. Means he has given his own version that is not consistent with Baba's teaching. Specifically in his book "Glimpses of a Mystery" (p. 87), this Dada writes: "When Parabhakti (absolute devotion) is granted, there is a risk that the devotee can suffer from a special ideation called Mahimnabodha. This causes the aspirant to feel so petty, so small, so insignificant that he or she feels unworthy of the endless, vast, incomprehensible...Brahma." -- end of quote from Dadaji's book. So here above this Dada is telling that when sadhakas reach to the highest realm of devotion, then still they feel that that they are inferior and low. Hence what his "preaching" goes directly opposite to Baba's eternal guideline. Means Baba's 100% perfect spiritual guideline is that when parabhakti (absolute devotion) is reached then there is not any iota of scope for mahimnabodha to remain. So this Dada's published writing is going against Baba's teaching and is misguiding the situation by writing the direct opposite. Means Dadaji is telling that mahimnabodha does remain with Parabhakti. By comparing Baba's pure guideline on the one side and then seeing Dadaji's explanation, it becomes apparent that the latter has gone off the track. Means that he has gone awry.
So the whole matter is quite serious and demands our attention-- because nowadays there is so much fake yoga floating around and what distinguishes Ananda Marga from these other so-called paths is the uniquely devotional approach given by Baba. So devotion is one special point in AM but when our own Dada's undermine the speciality of all this by misunderstanding this essential point of devotion, then that will bring question and confusion in the minds of readers and new people. And they will question what is so great about AM's devotional approach when in the top stage still one suffers from basic weaknesses. So all these types of doubts are cast due to Dadaji's misunderstanding. Here following are some deeply inspiring words from our Beloved Baba on the point of Parabhakti. Baba says, "Para'bhakti (pure devotion) liberates spiritual aspirants from the bondage of 'I'- feeling permanently. One should bear in mind that Parabhakti is not a state of inaction; rather a tremendous vital faculty lies behind Parabhakti." (AMIWL) Baba says, "One who has attained Para'bhakti will be a great worker. The strength of their devotion will establish them in action, and this will benefit the world." (Karma-Sannyasa) Baba says, "Spiritual aspirants with developed parabhakti can proclaim that the universe is all Brahma - that Brahma alone is the Supreme desideratumLinkof all microcosms." (AMIWL-7) Namaskar, Tapan Note 1: Central to this entire topic discussed in this letter is this following guideline of Baba. BABA says, "The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused." "There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures as a means of livelihood. They utterly fail to present the proper matter in the correct perspective before the audience...[and] do more harm than good to the society." "[They] interpret the scriptures just to exhibit their intellect--to procure for themselves a certificate of erudition. They remain far from the living spirit of the scriptures." (NSS) Note 2: I think all are aware that Dada Bhaskaranandji is the author of "Glimpses of a Mystery"-- so he is the one who is confused about Parabhakti, or at least he was at the time of writing. If his understanding has indeed changed then best is for him to issue a statement so readers can correct their books. Beyond that everyone should be careful when reading Dadaji's book because when he has made such a fundamental error about the all-important point of devotion, then there may be numerous other problems in the book as well. Others should also come forward and share their insights about this. Indeed there are other errors.
*************************************** Margiis' Status
Baba says, "Most people spend their lives on this planet eating and drinking. Sometimes they contract diseases, their stomachs become distended, and they die. But there are certain exceptional people who say, 'No, we have not come to eat, drink and make merry.' Those who lead licentious lives foolishly get involved in brawls and fights, but the exceptional people say, 'No, we don't want to live such a life, we have to lead an ideological life on the path of "A'tmamoks'a'rtham' jagaddhita'ya ca." "Those people who are society's exceptions are extraordinary people. They alone will build human history. Others cannot and will not do it." "These exceptional people are sometimes seen as lunatics by the naive public, but the fact is that these exceptional people do something new and constructive for society." "You should also know that you are exceptions. You too will do something great, will build up something historical." (9th January '79) Note: The life of each and every good margii is looked upon as something peculiar in the eyes of the common people. The reason is A-grade margiis are not involved in the religious dogma or materialistic ways of common people; plus all margiis are practicing yoga, kiirtan, sadhana, eating only sentient food, and following progressive ideas. So margiis' thinking and living and socializing are quite different from the common public. That is why the common public thinks margiis are peculiar people. But sincere margiis are not worried about this; rather they know that this is one merit. Such margiis are great exceptions and they are also the vanguards of the entire society. All sincere margiis are making the path which the common public will tread in the very near future.

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