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Example of Pig

Date: 16 Jan 2010 19:51:40 -0000 From: "Sudhakar Pandit" To: Subject: Example of Pig Baba "Marmaviin'a'y eki sur a'chi ba'je diva'nishi mor virahii hiya'r ma'jhe..." (P.S. 480) Purport: Baba, day and night, in the viina of my heart, only one tune is resonating in my melancholic heart. O' my dearmost Baba please come. In the deep core of my mind only one tune is swinging: O' Baba, You are not far away, You are not far, You are so close, You are with me. Baba, when I see You in my karmayajina*, then I see You are remaining there also. Baba, You are with me in all the works. O' Baba, please come, O' Baba please come. With the full longing of my heart, in whichever direction I look, there is nothing else that I can see except for Your divine form. O' my Lord of Formlessness, with the resonance of the ever-new song, dance, & form, please allow Yourself to be held in my heart. O' Baba, please come, O' Baba please come... *Karmayajina= The work done with cosmic ideation is known as karmayajina; that alone is proper action. Thus karmayajina is any action or service done with the sole motive to please Parama Purus'a. In contrast those things done devoid of cosmic feeling, such selfish activities are called kriya'-- and that leads to bondage. So only those works done with spiritual ideation come within the scope of karmayajina.
Namaskar, In countless discourses Baba stresses the importance of working collectively and remaining united. All margiis know that Baba emphasizes how this is the way great things can be accomplished. By oneself one solve small individual problems, but doing great works on a massive scale is far beyond one's individual capacity. A strong collective effort is needed. That demands a methodical, organised approach and leadership. For this reason, the entire Mahabharata was planned. Human beings have the intellectual capacity to proceed in this collective manner. And certainly Baba guides us to work unitedly and collectively. His discourses on samgacchadhavam and so many related topics stress this point of collective movement. In addition, in 1990, Baba Himself took oaths from so many workers and margiis who pledged to Baba that they would work in a coordinated and cooperative manner with unity. Baba obviously sees this as a critical matter.
In one general darshan on 09 Feb 1989 in Diigha', Baba makes a unique distinction. In Bangla, Baba explains how pigs do not have the requisite intellect to work unitedly. When they move, they all run in separate directions. They just wander around on their own. They do not have the capacity to move together. They do not make a leader and follow in an organised way. Pigs never do like this. Instead they all run their own way. That is what happpens when any farmer lets a bunch of pigs out of their barn. Baba then goes on to say that human beings have the required intellect to work collectively in an organised fashion. That is part of being human. Baba then says that those in human framework who fail to work cooperatively and instead engage in acts that go against the collective movement are like pigs. Such people are like pigs, or even worse - i.e. even lower than that. That is the comparison that Baba makes in that unique discourse on 09 Feb 1989 in Diigha. Baba further emphasizes that humans should never move like pigs, hither and thither. Tragically, those involved in group oriented feuds, clannish battles, and factional struggles are by definition not working in a collective manner.
Now it is for you the reader decide who is who. We have to take a hard look at those involved in groupist activities and those fighting for their group interest instead of universal well-being. We have to see if they are the cause for why things in AMPS are going against Baba's directive of unity and working together. In samgacchadhvam, in His Ananda Vaniis, in Caryacarya, and in the 1990 oaths - as well as so many other occasions, Baba has highlighted that we must work together. That is ideal human activity. By the various actions of groupists, we all have to evaluate if such persons are following human behavior or something else which Baba has described above. You the reader must contemplate this on your own.
Some reading this may think that, "Oh my, I am involved in groupist and separatist activities and therefore I am a _ _ _, or worse." However, it is never too late to change one's approach and embark on great endeavours. So those who are sane will realise their mistakes, mend their ways and engage in collective works for the welfare of humanity from this very day forward. None should think they are permanently tied up in the ways of factionalism. All have the capacity to change and do something which is beyond the narrow boundary of self and group interest. They can do for universal well-being.
By Baba's grace, most margiis and field workers are deeply interested in working collectively for the upliftment of humanity. That is our human dharma. And by Baba's grace it will not be long before our Marga society is a perfect reflection of samgacchadhvam spirit. Baba says, "You will have to carry the collectivity with you, because the collectivity is yours. The collectivity is not outside you – your future is inseparably connected with the collective fortune. You must take the entire collectivity with you and move towards the sweetest radiance of the new crimson dawn, beyond the veil of the darkest night." (PNS-8) Namaskar, Sudhakar
The first posting below is related with the sound file of the oath Baba was taking from various margiis and acaryas about working collectively.

Meaningful Letter

From: "Shantatma Kerketta" To: Subject: Meaningful Letter Date: Sat 16 Jan 2010 13:43:02 +0530 Baba
Namaskar, Brother Goenkaji is doing a great job on tearing down the dogma of Mahaprayan Divas (MPD). In his below letter he is giving the proper logic and response to those groupist people who cling to their dogmatic notion of MPD. Anyone who is open-minded will easily understand Goenka's below point that mahaprayan is equivalent to the word "death" and is therefore regularly used in association with ordinary human beings. One such example is provided. In that case, it is totally misguided and dogmatic to use this same mahaprayan term in conjunction with our Revered Gurudev Baba. Mahaprayan means death, yet our Baba is the timeless and eternal Parama Purusa. Those who wish to know the truth will easily get the point. Respectfully, Shantatma
Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:40:07 +0530
I am enclosing herewith an evidence from a leaf of a souvenir to prove that the word 'Mahaprayana' means nothing but death. It is a photo of a literary person of Kolkata and it says that he was born on 11th September 1919 and he died (Mahaprayana) on 11th November 2008.
Your's brotherly,

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