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Who Gets Frustrated & What is the Remedy


This email contains three sections:
1. Posting: Why Frustration + Cure
2. End Quote: Why Buddhists Got Confused
3. Links


Fatigue and frustration are common human ailments that many people suffer from at some point or another. People even lose inspiration and energy for pursuits that were of great interest to them. This is the widespread malady.

As sadhakas, by His grace, we can escape this dual problem of fatigue and frustration, and invite a perennial source of energy and inspiration into our lives that will touch every facet of our existence.

It is our duty to theoretically and practically understand this matter so we can implement it in our own lives and guide others. Specifically, why do people lose energy and inspiration and become frustrated. Second, how can one overcome, nay eliminate, fatigue and feel inspired in all types of work and duties. That is what this letter is all about.


Many people get tired during the course of their day. Those working daylong for someone else’s profit are generally the first to get tired. Their day will just drag from the moment it begins. Their muscles ache; their brain gets dull; and there is little motivation or stamina for them to continue. They just slog through their day.

In your comings and goings around town, you have surely seen such persons. Their mind is not connected with the work they are doing. This is the first category of people: They become tired almost immediately.

Ananda Marga teachings state, "When people’s actions are supported by their physical energy and actional faculty but not by their spiritual energy, they become easily tired in the process of work." (1)



Next, there are those who seem to truly like what they are doing – whether it be their job, hobby, sports, or family time. Often, such persons are motivated by some type of psychic desire such as name and fame, money, spouse, family status, prestige, and so on. They will sacrifice much to achieve their worldly ends and material pleasures, and it looks like they can continue forever, but even they get tired – invariably. This is the common phenomenon.

When they do not receive the psychic-cum-material reward for what they are doing – such as recognition or money etc – then their attraction for that project will wane. And ultimately they will give up entirely. This is the normal course.


For instance, this often occurs in the general society with political leaders before elections. In that pre election period, they are very active in doing all sorts of service / seva. But the moment they are defeated in that election they give up doing those service projects. Similar is the case with those who volunteer for mundane non-profit work. They may be psychically motivated to feed the poor or clean-up the environment, but when hurdles arise then at some point they lose inspiration. They feel that, "It is not worth it." So they select a different course in life. Those volunteering for their own name and fame will give up the task even more quickly. Whereas those who think that - "This is His work and He is giving me energy and I am doing to please Him” - are blessed with perennial inspiration for their pursuits.



Unfortunately, we see examples of this in our Ananda Marga as well.

Amongst our wts, some entered into uniform to travel the world, or to get respect, or for any number of reasons. And when the real challenges of their endeavour come to the fore, that longing for fame or prestige is not enough to carry them through. In that case, they may just take rest in the jagrti for hours, or days, or months, or they may leave entirely.

And this happens in family margii life as well. A person formerly committed to Ananda Marga social service projects might become frustrated by the lack of results, or they may feel that no one else is helping, and think "Why should I be the one doing this." Overcome by that angst, they divert their energies elsewhere and spend all their time exclusively doing for their own self or laokik family. Whereas those who think that - "This is His work and He is giving me energy and I am doing to please Him” - derive perennial inspiration for their pursuits.

In both cases, with Wts and family margiis, we see how frustration and fatigue sometimes gain the upper hand.


This happens with each and every worldly work if their efforts are not fueled by spiritual inspiration. Why? Because those worldly pursuits, endeavours, and hobbies fail to provide eternal stamina and inspiration to continue. No matter how enthusiastically and seriously one is involved, tiredness consumes them. No material pursuit driven by some desire like name, fame, or social status etc can provide ongoing energy. Inevitably fatigue consumes them. Only those who devotionally and  psycho-spiritually involved can persevere. They think that - "This is His work, He is giving me boundless energy, and with that stamina I am doing to please Him.” They are blessed with ongoing inspiration for their endeavours.

Ananda Marga philosophy guides us, "When people are engaged in intellectual activities, their work is bound to be temporary; likewise, when they perform action simply for the sake of action, this too is only temporary." (2)

That is one end of the spectrum: Worldly pursuits buoyed by some or more degree of psychic motivation.


On the other end of the spectrum are those who derive their inspiration from the Supreme. For them, the aim is not any amount of name or fame, or material wealth or prestige, or any other mundane or relative factor. Nor are they motivated by an intellectual or social interest in a given issue like the environment or women’s rights. They are exclusively motivated by the idea of serving Parama Purusa.

When one has wholly adopted this spiritual outlook, they think that "This is His work; He has blessed me with the energy to serve; and I am doing to please Him.” By His grace, this idea imbibes each and every cell of their mind. They derive ongoing inspiration for their pursuits. Such persons never experience frustration or fatigue.

Ananda Marga philosophy states, "Since devotion has awakened in them and they have been endowed with spiritual inspiration, they are sure to attain success in whatever action they undertake. Plunge into action and you will find that you will be able to do anything and everything." (3)

Buoyed by spiritual ideation,one will never grow tired and one will always have ample energy to continue on in their noble endeavour. And they will do all sorts of great, lasting work for society, i.e. establishing His ideals.


Thus one must always cultivate the right outlook: "This is His work and He is giving me energy and I am doing to please Him." With practice and perseverance, this outlook along with spiritual sadhana will give one tremendous scope to perform all actions devoid of any feelings of frustration.

This is how Baba says we are to proceed. No matter the work, whether it be physical, psychic, or spiritual, if one moves ahead with true spiritual feeling, then one will never experience frustration or fatigue.

Ananda Marga philosophy states, "The momentum or attraction of the psychic realm is much more powerful than that of the physical world, and the momentum or attraction of the spiritual world is still more powerful. When people hesitate and doubt whether they can accomplish something, and if they start to work in that hesitant frame of mind, they can never accomplish that task. But if they plunge into action thinking of their goal with courage, imbued with spiritual inspiration, they are sure to be crowned with success. No action is greater than the human capacity to perform it. Of all the manifold entities in this expressed world, human beings are the most powerful." (4)


At the beginning of this letter, we discussed those who work motivated by physical or psychic longing. Both of these types of people are bound to suffer from fatigue – quickly. There are no shortage of examples of this in our human society.

Whereas, the one who ideates on the Lord and thinks that - "This is His work; He has blessed me with the energy to serve; and I am doing to please Him” - they derive ongoing inspiration for their pursuits. Because that bhakta sees one and all as the manifestation of the Supreme. In that case their mind is ensconced in the thought of the Divine, even though they are living and working in this world.

So the ideation behind the action is what determines whether that person is prone to fatigue or not. Those who think that - "This is His work and He is giving me energy and I am doing to please Him”- are truly blessed and receive ongoing fuel from Parama Purusa for all their pursuits.



In our Ananda Marga, you may have seen some Wts become frustrated by their dharma pracara or social service projects. Mentally, they were more involved in worldly measurements and completely missed out ideating on and serving Him. Such workers were easily frustrated & often left. A classic example of this is type of mentality is to see how a Wt behaves after losing their post. If they become depressed and inactive, then it means they were motivated by having that high post and prestige. Whereas those doing to please Him always feel buoyant, blissful and ready for life - irrespective of their organisational stature etc.

That is the stark difference between those who think that "This is His work and He is giving me energy and I am doing to please Him” and those motivated and affected by worldly gains and losses. If one is doing any service project or seva in order to please Parama Purusa, and not for name and fame - “I did this, I did that, this work was done by me” etc - then one will get ongoing inspiration. Fatigue will never sap them of their energy and motivation. Undauntedly, they will move ahead.


This should be the approach cent-per-cent of the time. For that, one must critically analyse their motivations and evaluate the nature of one’s work. Is this work solely for my individual or petty gain? if so, one is sure to lose inspiration quickly. Whereas those who think that - "This is His work; He has blessed me with the energy to serve; and I am doing to please Him” - receive ongoing fuel from Parama Purusa for all their pursuits.

With this type of self-analysis – along with regular spiritual practices – one will always persevere and gain success. Because they think that: "This is His work, He is the Supreme Doer, I am a mere tool in His hand, and I am doing to please Him." Then by His grace one will never experience any sort of fatigue. One will receive eternal inspiration from Him to complete each and every task in a nice way.


Thus one must always cultivate the right outlook: "This is His work; He has blessed me with the energy to serve; and I am doing to please Him.” With practice and perseverance, this outlook along with spiritual practice will give one the scope to perform all actions devoid of any feelings of frustration.

By cultivating this spiritual outlook one will receive endless inspiration, while those motivated by mundane gains burn out quickly. Adopting a spiritual perspective is our strength. This is how Baba says we are to proceed.

When a person feeds their baby and thinks that they are serving Parama Purusa in the form of this child, then they will go on and on and never tire of their duty. Similarly, when one thinks of Him and raises the Prout slogan to please Him – and not for some unit psychic desire of getting elected to public office etc – then no matter the outcome one will not tire of doing Prout pracara work.


Here we should be aware about one thing: People look around the general society and often think that so-and-so individual is great and has boundless energy. They glorify their neighbors, friends, and acquaintances because they only see part of the picture. They know the problems that crop up in their own house, but they naively think others are immune to such issues. Thus they indiscriminately place a gold ribbon around such persons.

But this is wrong. None should fall in this type of delusion. What they are seeing is not the full picture. Those on the path of materialism are subject to fatigue, frustration, ignorance and despair. Keep that in mind the next time you see someone around town and think, "Wow, that person is really great in all respects."

Never forget, materialists are prone to fatigue and frustration. No matter how grand their life may look from the outside.

One can only overcome all tiredness and frustration by thinking that "This is His work, He has blessed me with the energy to serve, and I am doing to please Him." By this approach, fatigue will disappear and one will get renewed energy to do all kinds of good deeds and welfare projects for Him.


One must always cultivate the right outlook: "This is His work, He is the Supreme Doer, I am a mere tool in His hand, and I am doing to please Him." With practice and perseverance, this outlook along with spiritual sadhana will give one the scope to perform all actions devoid of any feelings of frustration. Frustration has an inverse relationship with spirituality. The more spiritually-based a person is, the less they will feel frustrated or mentally dejected. 


Sadguru Baba has blessed us with a proper social-sum-spiritual outlook, dharma sadhana, and the way to ideate while working in this world: "This is His work, He has blessed me with the energy to serve, and I am doing to please Him." One must practically and theoretically realise these gifts. Then there will never be fatigue in life; one will always feel that they are at the lotus feet of Parama Purusa.

Ananda Marga ideology guides us, "When human beings seek to do something lasting, or build something new, or promote human welfare, or establish something valuable to society, they must establish themselves in spiritual life. Without devotion, without inspiration, they cannot achieve anything." (5)

Sadguru Baba says, "Never think that you cannot do a certain work; just commit yourself to doing that work and you will see that you will certainly be able to do it. When you start working for the welfare of society, society can never remain backward; it is bound to progress, and through the advancement of society you will also achieve success in your life." (6)

Again, the only way to avoid feelings of hopelessness is to do for Him - and not for any selfish or worldly motivation.

Thus one must always cultivate the right outlook: "This is His work and He is giving me energy and I am doing to please Him." With practice and perseverance, this outlook along with spiritual sadhana will give one the scope to perform all actions devoid of any feelings of frustration.

This is how Baba says we are to proceed.


Ananda Marga philosophy states, "In this way it becomes easy to perform righteous deeds. What is important is to move towards Parama Puruśa, the only permanent Entity, along with one's knowledge and action, which we collectively call devotion. Without the inspiration of devotion, nothing lasting can be achieved. Thus conscientious people, whatever actions they may perform, must not deviate from the Supreme Goal in life. Ours is a subjective approach with objective adjustment: our main purpose is to continue with our mundane activities while placing our minds at the feet of Parama Puruśa. You must accept Him as the ultimate Goal of your lives, and then move on. If impediments arise in your movement towards the Goal, they must be removed from the path; and those circumstances which are beneficial to your progress must be encouraged. In this way you will individually progress, and that individual progress will also advance the collective life." (7)


To cultivate the feeling of “doing to please Him,” one must have reverence for Parama Purusa. And this only comes from sadhana and devotional longing. Without spiritual practices, one will be perplexed and wonder, “Why should I do for Him.” That is why non-sadhakas cannot manage this approach. Only those bhaktas fueled by sadhana and the thought of Him can think, “This is His work and He has blessed me with the opportunity to serve and by His grace I am doing to please Him.”

When the goal is pleasing Parama Purusa - and not worldly factors like praise, adulation, or post - then it does not matter if one is being heralded by others or not. Because one is not striving for or hoping to get that type of self-acclaim etc. In that case, if you are serving Parama Purusa and His creation and no one is praising you, then you are not deterred or deflated. Rather you will continue serving - fueled by that eternal source of inspiration. Regardless what others think or say, that sadhaka will continue working to please Parama Purusa. All because one is motivated by a deep spiritual yearning - not for any mundane gain. Then and only then does one receive perennial inspiration to move ahead.


The overarching idea of this entire letter is that those motivated by mundane longing and worldly attainment invariably experience frustration and other psychic ailments. While those who take His name and work to please Him receive perennial inspiration to move ahead and never feel an ounce of frustration. That is the remedy.

in Him,

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== Section 2 ==

The sections below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above material. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Why Buddhists Got Confused

"Regarding jiivátmá [unit consciousness], Buddha did not use the term jiivátmá or any such word, but he uttered one sentence, Attáhi attánaḿ natha. This sentence may have two meanings. One meaning is, “One is the lord of one’s own self,” and the other is, “Átman is the lord of átman.” The second meaning perhaps is more acceptable because in the Prákrta language the word appan is generally used to indicate one’s own self, while the word attá is mainly used in the sense of átman, or soul. Thus one cannot conclusively prove that Buddha did not accept the existence of átman; there is sufficient scope for controversy on this point." (1)

"Buddha clearly and firmly supported the doctrine of rebirth. In fact, no doctrine before him had placed as much stress on the theory of rebirth as his did. One who accepts the theory of rebirth is bound to accept the existence of átman also. If the átman is non-existent, then who will take rebirth?" (2)

1. NSS, Dsic: 18
2. NSS, Dsic: 18

== Section 3 ==



The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Answers on Pranayama

11 Question: What is práńáyáma?

Answer: Práńáyáma is defined as: Tasmin sati shvása prashvásayoh gativicchedah práńáyáma. That is, “Práńáyáma is the process of breath control along with the imposition of the ideation of Supreme Consciousness.” It helps the mind in concentration and meditation.

12 Question: What is the spirit of práńáyáma?

Answer: Pránán yamayati eśah práńáyámah. That is, the word práńáyáma literally means “controlling the práńáh [vital energy]”. The psycho-philosophy behind the practice of práńáyáma is that the spiritual aspirant tries to let the práńendriya [ten vital-energy currents] remain in a state of pause so that the paused unit mind will merge into the ocean of consciousness.

13 Question: How many types of práńáyáma are there?

Answer: There are two main types of práńáyáma: hat́ha yaogika práńáyáma and Yudhiśt́hira práńáyáma. When práńáyáma is done without fixing the mind on a particular point of concentration, and without imbibing Cosmic ideation, it is called hat́ha yaogika práńáyáma. But when práńáyáma is performed with the mind fixed at a particular point along with Cosmic ideation, it is called Yudhiśt́hira práńáyáma. [The eldest Pandava, Yudhisthira, was the first person to popularize práńáyáma according to this method.] (Yoga Psychology, Questions and Answers on Meditation)

Dirty Mindset in Medical Profession

This email contains two sections:
1. Posting: Good & Bad Doctors
2. Links
Jan 15, 2015


These days there are many good doctors, but also many ills within the medical profession - especially where extreme capitalism has taken hold. And the root cause behind these deficiencies is a faulty mind-set.

So long as doctors feel that they are doing business and need to make a profit, the medical profession will never be able to right itself. That outlook is what taints the field.

Shrii PR Sarkar has made this a major theme in His Prout teachings. And He has furthermore recounted His own personal interactions with doctors who tried to cheat their patients. All of that and more is told below - including the psychology that should drive medicine, not the profit motive but rather service psychology.



Here Shrii Sarkar recounts one incident of when He took one small boy to the doctor for treatment.

"Let me recount an incident that occurred several years ago. In 1940 I went to a homoeopathic pharmacy.With me was a boy of twelve or thirteen, the younger brother of an acquaintance. I had gone there for some medicine for the boy. The doctor took pains to examine the boy properly, then prescribed some medicine. He said, “Please return with his medical report on Saturday afternoon.” I replied, “Will Saturday morning not do? On Saturday afternoon I will be going out of town; I will be going home.” Further discussion revealed that we came from the same district and our homes came under the jurisdiction of adjacent police stations on opposite sides of a river. The doctor then asked me to return the medicine and said, “I am giving you another medicine.”

"When I asked why he said, “Both medicines are good, but I give the first medicine to people I do not know because it takes a little longer to cure the patient, hence I sell more medicine.”" (1)

By Shrii Sarkar's above first-hand account, it is quite apparent that some doctors employ various tricks to make a bigger profit.

Note: In His personal accounts that appear throughout this letter, Shrii Sarkar is describing medical practices in India during the 1940’s and 1950’s. But such issues are no doubt prevalent in various forms around the entire globe. Top of all, Shrii Sarkar is exposing the defective mentality that has become rampant in today’s for-profit, medical industry.



In places like the USA - where materialism is a distinct disease and doctors and the pharmaceutical companies view the field of medicine as a way to accumulate riches - the situation is a thousand times worse: Wrongful medicines are given; expensive procedures and costly treatments are needlessly performed; research is profit-driven; curable but uncommon diseases are overlooked; and, patients are seen as paying customers, not as fellow human beings who need care.

Plus there are so many other related problems that compromise the medical profession like the exorbitant cost of medical treatment. All such ills are in vogue now and will continue into the foreseeable future - so long as capitalism is the driving force behind the medical profession.

Prout philosophy states, "No matter what country you belong to, tell me honestly, how many doctors can you really trust and respect? Among the doctors you know, you may believe in one or two at the most, but those who have won your faith may or may not command your respect. In other words, the doctors whom you believe in, who can cure a patient, are not accessible because they cost too much." (2)

What is rampant in the USA is fast spreading to all points across the globe. So we should all be alert.

All familiar with the teachings of Prout know well that the answer lies in turning medicine into a service oriented profession. This is not a far off ideal, it is entirely feasible and that is the only way to undo the nightmare of today's medical practices.



In capitalism, society is driven by the profit-motive - period. Everyone works for their own selfish interests and by that way society moves. Everything is done out of the business motive.

But humans have the capacity for service. Animals primarily do only for their own stomach, i.e. self-interest. Humans though feel moved internally to help and serve others. A mother nurses her baby, people donate money to those in need, youths volunteer their time in destitute regions. Good people want to serve.

And this ideal should be encouraged and honoured more and more. People who have love for humanity should be goaded into service oriented professions like medicine. And they should be respected for their noble choice. In that way the medical profession can regain its integrity.

Prout philosophy states, "The medical profession as such has more to do with social service than with professionalism. Social service is the main aim of the medical profession. But then social workers cannot live on air, so they have to accept some money for their livelihood from the government, autonomous bodies, public institutions or ordinary people: in short, from those they serve. To be a doctor may appear to be a way of earning a living to an unemployed person, but it cannot be categorized as a business under any circumstances." (3)

Thus under no circumstances should doctors be in business for themselves. In that case they will compromise the health of the patient in order to make more money. Rather they should be guaranteed funding by the government and be given recourse to pursue their profession according to service psychology.



Unfortunately, the situation is not like that today. See here how doctors cheat their patients to make more money.

Shrii Sarkar says, "Of all the doctors you have come across, how many are idealistic and dutiful? If you visit a doctor, he will prescribe strong medicines for a light illness. This will inevitably be the case if he owns his own dispensary." (4)

And indeed these days some surgeons perform open heart surgery just so that they can collect a big fee. Or some doctors prescribe lab tests because they get a "kickback" (i.e. payment) from the lab for each test ordered. Or there are so many scams going on. These are common occurrences in places like the USA. And in unregulated markets like Mexico, China, and India, other types of issues surface. All of this is rampant these days among certain doctors and it is only spreading more around the globe.

And the problem is further multiplied by the entire pharmaceutical profession - as vast subset of the today’s profit-oriented medical industry. These pharmaceutical companies have one bottom line: Maximum profit. That is their driving agenda and to increase profits they resort to numerous seedy and dishonest ways.



The crux of the matter is that doctors hold a unique position in society. Nobody wants to get sick and certainly nobody wants to die, so they go to the doctor filled with hope, regard, and respect. They feel totally dependent and think of that doctor as a saviour or demi-god.

Prout philosophy states, "A helpless person, no matter how great his financial, social or intellectual capacity, considers a doctor to be a ray of light in the darkness or a lifeboat which can save him from drowning." (5)

In that case, doctors can easily exploit the situation in their favour. They have the upper hand. The patient needs help and the doctor promises a cure. In that case, the doctor can do anything he wants.

In a service oriented profession when the welfare of the patient is put at a premium, then all is well. But when big $$ profits are at stake, doctors often exploit their position and take to underhanded business maneuvers.

Here the point is that when given the power, selfish doctors fall prey to abusing and cheating their patients in all kinds of ways: Sexually, financially, medically etc. Tragically, capitalism initially rewards those greedy, selfish doctors by giving them huge stature in society. And if they break the law it can take years to unearth their wrongdoing and sentence the doctor to jail.



Here is the Proutistic overview of a few of the ills in today's medical industry in some countries.

Prout philosophy states, "Countless complaints can be made against doctors and the medical profession. Although it would take a lot of space to list them all, let me briefly mention a few: patients have to settle for adulterated medicines unless they bribe the pharmacist; sweepers, orderlies and nurses do not take proper care of a patient’s needs unless they are tipped; a patient writhing in pain may be rebuked instead of being given medicine; if one does not call the doctor at least once for a personal consultation so that that doctor can earn some extra money, one may be unable to secure a bed on one’s next visit to the hospital; a medicine that is supposedly out of stock in the hospital can be illegally purchased in a nearby shop at an exorbitant price; without bribing the doctor a sick patient will not be admitted to the hospital; during the compulsory medical examination for a new job, all the medical staff put out their hand for a bribe; the doctor in collusion with the optician fails many people in their eye tests so that they will have to buy glasses; hospital patients are served food which is cheaper and of poorer quality than what they are entitled to; milk and fruits reserved for patients are consumed by the hospital staff; spurious drugs and injections are administered to patients. Such grievances are endless. Some are extremely serious, involving accusations of such irresponsibility that it is difficult to believe that people actually have these experiences." (6)

All such incidents will wash away with a service oriented medical industry. The day is not far off.


Another common malady in today's medical profession is the lack of research in less common diseases.

At present, so many companies invest money into researching new hypertension (high blood pressure) medicine because they can gain enormous profits. When the better option is to guide the patient how to cure hypertension through lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, meditation etc). But this they do not do because selling high blood pressure medicine is a gold-mine these days. People will take that medicine for the rest of their life: What a sale - daily consumption by tens of millions of people.

Yet at the same time, there are so many diseases classified as "rare" where no medical research is underway due to lack of funding. So from the outset the tendency is not to research and make medicines for rare diseases. And if a medicine is made then the cost is astronomical - and may take years or a lifetime for the common citizen pay. Yer there are around 30 million people in the US alone suffering from these "rare" diseases, and there is almost no hope in sight for them. The same tragedy plays out in other countries as well.

Some common "rare" diseases include: Vitiligo (white patches on the skin), testicular cancer, gastric lymphoma etc. Many suffer from countless conditions and numerous syndromes.

Basically, if less than 200,000 people suffer from a disease in the US it is labeled as "rare" or "orphan" in most cases drug companies do not want to touch it as it is too costly for them, i.e. too difficult to make a big profit. Hence those patients are just left to suffer while medical research aims towards bigger financial catches.

It is for this reason that Shrii Sarkar tells the following story in His Ananda Vacanamrtam series.He recounts how nobody wants to go to Kishanganj because the incidence of malaria is very high there. Only doctors like to go there because they will have a huge number of patients. Such doctors even pray that let people get sick so I may earn a good living.

For this reason and more, people commonly view many doctors as being greedy businessmen, nothing more.

Prout philosophy states, "We hear many people say, “The medical profession is a business like any other. Can such a business prosper without doing anything wrong? It is impossible to run a business if one is totally honest.”" (7)

When this selfish mentality is rampant, then how can the medical profession ever truly help society.



Shrii Sarkar's answer to the failing medical profession is quite simple.

Prout philosophy states, "The welfare of the patient should be the main aim of the medical profession." (8)

In order for the patient's welfare to come first, doctors and pharmaceutical companies must be more interested in providing a service to society than fattening their own wallet. Unfortunately, in capitalism the profit motive is running rampant in the field of medicine, but it need not always be like this.

In past societies and in the future when Prout is in vogue, so many good-hearted people will venture into professions with the sole motivation of helping others. Youths who are broad-minded should be encouraged in this way.

We must remember that a service psychology is not an unheard of phenomenon. When a child is sick, the mother does not think that now is the time to cheat her child, rather she thinks she must sacrifice and do all she can to cure her baby. This is service psychology - when one's heart is moved to help someone, setting aside all personal interest. Many people do such selfless acts everyday and it is time that this come in vogue in today's medical industry.

Let us also remember that the 5 minimum requirements must be guaranteed to all - including proper medical care. So there is no option but to resurrect and right the current medical model, otherwise society will never move ahead.

Here again Shrii Sarkar is giving a personal account of what happens when doctors are driven by greed and profits.

Prout philosophy states, "Once I heard about a doctor, standing by the bed of a poor, distressed patient, who said in an authoritarian way, “You must pay my fees at once. I won’t listen to any excuses.” A poor relative of the patient left the house in despair, borrowed money by giving an IOU, and paid the doctor’s bill. I doubt whether a country can be considered civilized if the strictest reform measures are not taken against such human demons." (9)



All have the inherent desire to serve. If this quality is cultivated and nurtured, all the many ills infesting today's medical profession will vanish. To doctors, here is this final guideline.

Prout philosophy states, "The convenience of the patient must be given more consideration than your own." (10)

Then and only then will they be rid of their dirty mind-set.

People who have inherent love for humanity should be goaded into service oriented professions like medicine. And they should be respected for their noble choice. In that way the medical profession can regain its integrity.


The general human tendency is towards service mentality. So that should be encouraged. Those driven by a business mentality should not become doctors. While those with a service mentality should be given a stipend to complete their education. Then there will be a sufficient number of doctors to serve the society.

Remember, according to Prout, the medical profession should not be not an industry per se. It should not be a business venture or individual enterprise. Rather, this must be run on a cooperative basis - no profit, no loss, guided by a service mentality. By society will be far better off. Many illnesses will be wholly eliminated, the overall health of society will improve, and those who do get sick will receive proper care.

in Him,
Moksa Deva


When people talk about expensive drugs, they usually are referring to drugs like Lipitor for high cholesterol ($1,500 a year), Zyprexa for schizophrenia ($7,000 a year) or Avastin for cancer ($50,000 a year). But none of these medicines come close to making Forbes’ exclusive survey of the most expensive medicines on the planet.

The nine drugs on our list all cost more than $200,000 a year for the average patient who takes them. Most of them treat rare genetic diseases that afflict fewer than 10,000 patients. For these diseases, there are few if any other treatments. So biotech companies can charge pretty much whatever they want.

Alexion Pharmaceutical’s Soliris, at $409,500 a year, is the world’s single most expensive drug. (Courtesy of



Astronomical prices for breakthrough new cancer drugs are pushing up treatment costs for patients as well as insurers, making it tougher for patients to complete lengthy therapy at a time when it's increasingly effective.

Global spending on cancer medicines hit $91 billion last year, up from $71 billion in 2008 and $37 billion a decade ago, according to a report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. That's despite factors that have slowed the average annual increase in cancer drug spending to 5.4 percent over the past five years, down from 14.2 percent increases each year from 2003 to 2008.

"We'll cross (the $100 billion) threshold in the next year or so," predicted Murray Aitken, the institute's executive director. That amount would be about 10 percent of worldwide spending on all prescription drugs.

In the U.S., a month's supply of a brand-name cancer drug is now about $10,000, double what it was a decade ago, according to the report. The most expensive drug, at $117,648 for a course of treatment. (Courtesy of


Recently, two pediatricians in the state of Ohio were sentenced to long jail terms for sexually abusing their patients, i.e. young boys. Their criminal behaviour went on for years and years before they were finally caught and sentenced.

A gynecologist in the US was recently sentenced to 45 years in jail for sexually abusing his patients.

Sadly, there are some doctors who resort to such degrading acts - though this is not the norm.

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From: "Marc Pele" To: Subject: Dirty Mindset in Medical Profession Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 15:52:58 +0000 Baba "Kenoi va' ele, dola' diye gele, na' bale gele cale, phele a'ma'y..." (PS 1995) Purport: Baba, You have been gone so long, why did You come and stir my heart only to then go away without saying a word-- thereby leaving me all alone. Baba, neither do You have any love for me nor do You understand the aching pain of my heart. Baba, after coming and reciting one fairy tale, where did You go. Baba, I want You to remain here with me. Baba, amongst all the dear ones, You are my dearmost. Why then do You not reside eternally in my heart. Baba, You are my dearmost and innermost, then how can You justify going so far away from me. Is it proper to leave me isolated and all alone. Please tell me. Baba, You are so dear to me, no matter what I will never forget You; Baba, I will never leave You. Not at any cost will I ever wipe You away from my mental plate-- from the memories of my mind. That I will never do. Baba, even if You do not desire to remain with me-- even if You want to hide-- I shall always keep You in the golden casket of my heart. Baba, You are eternally mine; my everything is surrendered at Your lotus feet...



*********************************************** Deserts Needed
Baba says, "Ecologists claim that some deserts are essential for keeping the global ecology in a balanced state. The high day temperatures and the cold night temperatures that occur in desert regions create a useful effect. The hot, dry desert air rises and creates a vacuum which sucks in cool air, generating a chain reaction. Moist air is sucked in from the sea and formed into clouds which then rain on the land. If deserts vanish entirely, the overall rainfall will be reduced." (PNS-16, p.37)



(Note: This is part 2 of this series, a link to part 1 has been appended below.)

In this present era, we are step by step witnessing the spread of various mental disorders etc. This outbreak is happening most drastically in those so-called first-world nations.

Around the globe, and especially in the materialistic communities, many medical professionals and psychologists are under the impression that all such mental disorders fall within the realm of brain diseases. Thus whether one has brain cancer or clinical depression, western medical specialists are treating all mental disorders as brain diseases, using traditional allopathic medicines. This is their standard approach.  (1)

But brain diseases and psyschic diseases are not the same. In the first letter of this series, this topic has been discussed at length and here following are further thoughts on this distinction between brain diseases and psychic diseases.



So then how do psychic diseases occur? Often times people harbour thoughts which are figments of their imagination or which are untrue ideas. People can think that there is a ghost in their house; people can think that everyone hates them; people can think that they are better than everyone else; or, people can be afraid of the dark etc. And when any of these types of ideas dominate one's thinking and flood the objectivated mind, then that results in a psychic disease.

Here Baba explains further how such psychic diseases like superiority complexes and inferiority complexes develop.

Ananda Marga philosophy states, "A defect in the objectivated mind may also cause inferiority complex or superiority complex. When the objectivated mind becomes large enough to pamper one's ego, one develops a superiority complex. One starts considering oneself to be superior to others in points of knowledge, the capacity to act, organizational calibre and other qualities of leadership, and unnecessarily slights others. Such a person expects preferential treatment, VIP status, and unquestioning obedience. If by accident their ego is hurt even slightly, they become violently angry. This is another kind of mania." (2)

And here below Baba describes another type of psychic disease.

Ananda Marga philosophy states, "Moreover, because of problems in the objectivated mind, people suffer from various psychic complexes. For example, there are those who are inclined to think that no one, neither their friends and relatives nor even their domestic animals, cares to think of them. They unnecessarily think that everyone deliberately avoids them, dislikes them, or ignores them, and therefore they become disappointed, dejected, and dispirited. Life loses all its charm and attraction for them, and they may even commit suicide. This type of mania is called melancholia." (3)

So whenever anyone's mental plate gets polluted and deformed due to such type of faulty ideas then we say there is a defect in their objectivated mind. And when those ideas enter the objectivated mind in an uncontrolled manner & people become obsessed with that idea, then we say it is a psychic disease.

So a psychic disease occurs when one is fully consumed by a particular defective thought process such as 'everybody hates them', or 'there is a ghost in the house'.


Once again all psychic diseases stem from a defect in the objectivated mind. And through constant thinking about those faulty ideas, day after day, then a particular psychic disease develops.

But if it happens just once then we cannot call it a psychic disease. For example, if after playing a good game of cricket Shyam then thinks that he is 'king of the world' for an hour or two but then he returns to his normal state, then we cannot say that Shyam was suffering from a psychic disease.

Only when those defective thoughts happen on a continual basis can we say it is a psychic disease. When those fabricated ideas pollute the objectivated mind ceaselessly then that is the stage when it becomes a psychic disease.


As mentioned above, there are various kinds of psychic diseases such as inferiority complex, superiority complex, phobias, manias, depression, etc. Unfortunately now according to material science, everything is treated as a brain disease and they do not recognise the existence of psychic diseases.

For that reason if someone is suffering from depression western doctors & psychologists prescribe some type of strong allopathic medicine for that patient. Because those doctors think the patient is suffering from a defect in the brain, when in fact that patient is suffering from a defect in their thinking - not a defect in the biological structure of their brain. So that patient does not actually need allopathic medicine or drugs per se. Rather what they need is a change in their thought process. That is the proper treatment.

Unfortunately though, in countless cases, material science addresses psychic diseases as brain diseases. That is why some doctors prescribe medications to a grieving widow or they will prescribe other medicines to a child who is afraid of dying. But this is not the proper way because such persons do not have an organic problem in the brain - just they suffer from defects in their objectivated mind., i.e. in their way of thinking.


At present, the manifestation of psychic diseases is growing exponentially due to the fast-paced, imbalanced way of life. Everyone is feeling tension and stress and harbouring defective ideas in the mind like 'I am shelterless', 'nobody loves me', 'I am inferior', 'nobody cares about me', 'everyone hates me', 'I am ugly', 'I am alone' etc. This type of defective thinking creates depression and other types of psychic diseases.

By this way psychic disease has become rampant t yet all such patients are all being treated as if they have brain disease. And they are given various steroids or drugs in order to treat the problem. But that only makes the situation worse.



So for the situation to be remedied, allopathic medical science has to accept the existence of mind and then treat ailments related with the objectivated mind as psychic diseases - not brain diseases. And the main treatment for psychic diseases is sadhana. That is beyond the arena of present day medical science. They think that belongs to theology. But Baba guides us that sadhana is alone is the proper treatment for psychic diseases.

Sadguru Baba says, "Most psychic diseases, if not all, grow out of the defective control over the objectivated mind. If one is alert, any trouble can be avoided. Those who regularly practise Iishvara pran'idha'na or dhya'na (meditation) can remain free from these diseases, as their minds will remain in a balanced state. One of the numerous benefits of sa'dhana' is that it keeps the mind free from psychic disease and encourages the natural growth of the mind." (4)

The culminating idea is that we should be clear on the difference between brain disease and psychic disease and such ailments should be treated accordingly. And as Baba describes above, psychic diseases are best treated through sadhana and spiritual practice.

So it is our dharmic duty to propagate sadhana to save this situation because with the development of science, psychic diseases are spreading more and more, especially amongst our younger generations. With them it is becoming rampant.

Psychic diseases are far more prevalent in areas dominated 'modern materialistic living’.

So as Ananda Margiis we should be vigilant and remember that sadhana alone is the remedy: We must propagate sadhana in order to build up a healthy humanity.


Baba has graciously blessed us with a human framework - such that one can perfect themselves through sadhana.

Ananda Marga ideology states, "The entire universe has the grace of Brahma, but human beings enjoy greater grace. They are endowed with the privilege of practising sa'dhana'." (5)

in his service


We should also remember that tandava is the only exercise for the brain and this will help in both curing and preventing the onset of brain disease. About this, the medical community should conduct research. And soon this is going to happen because already the medical community is pouring money to investigate how yoga asanas help prevent and cure diseases. So the day is not far when it will become known that tandava is a great exercise for the brain.



Baba describes how criminals may suffer from either (a) a mix between brain disease and psychic disease or (b) exclusively from a psychic disease.

[A] Here below Baba guides us how in-born criminals suffer from both because brain disease and psychic disease.

Ananda Marga philosophy states, "Psychologists cannot treat the mental diseases which inflict born criminals all alone; the cooperation of physicians and sociologists is essential. Psychologists will diagnose the mental disease and explain its origins, and they will also play a role in helping cure it as far as possible. Doctors will be responsible for curing the disease through medicine or surgery, insofar as it is caused by physiological abnormalities. Then sociologists will have to arrange for the social rehabilitation of the criminal after he or she has recovered." (6)

With inborn criminals, the problem is two fold. They have defects in their objectivated mind which makes it a psychic disease. Plus there is often a faulty development in the formation of the brain organ, which makes it a brain disease as well.

[B] And here below in this next example Baba discusses how some criminals - i.e. criminal by snap volition - suffer from kleptomania which is exclusively a psychic disease.

Ananda Marga philosophy guides us, "Another type of crime occurs occasionally. This is a temporary criminal urge, a special type of mental disease which suddenly appears in a certain type of environment and again subsides after a short time. Kleptomania is an example of this kind of mental disease. After committing a crime kleptomaniacs feel ashamed and are anxious to return the property that they have stolen to the owner. They have sudden fantasies about stealing, abducting people, becoming drunk or indulging in decadent activities. But analysis shows that they do not in fact have the slightest personal interest in such things." (7)


By Baba's grace, by ideating on Him we can overcome all defects and become pure and pristine - physically, psychically, and spiritually.

Ananda Marga philosophy teaches us, "In Brahma, the Entity who liberates one from all mundane ailments and the cycle of rebirth, lies the total cessation of all afflictions, the freedom from all ailments. He is the only dependable panacea for microcosmic distortions and imperfections; there is none other than Him - Na'nyah pantha' vidyate ayana'ya." (8)

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******************************************** Speciality of the Rg Veda
Baba says, "Although the Rgveda is mainly concerned with hymns, it also contains various tales and anecdotes. While not all of these stories and tales carry equal spiritual value, they are representative of the cultural heritage of those ancient humans. They paint a portrait of the gradual advancement of human thinking and the structure of society. When considered from this point of view, the language, literature and expression of the Rgveda is of special value to the world." (SC-2, 96-7)

Forward Movement

Jan 18th 2015


Our AMPS was built to do great things in this world - in this universe; and by Baba's divine grace today our organisation is rapidly advancing along the path of progress.
Certainly looking around and seeing the group-oriented conflicts etc, some may just think that our AMPS is riddled by chaos, factionalism, and lawlessness - and that there are no positive developments.

However, upon closer examination and more careful assessment, we can easily see that our Marga is actually a budding flower - getting ready to bloom into greatness.

By these below practical indicators and verifiable evidences, it becomes  apparent that our AMPS has made tremendous strides since 1990 - and that things are only getting better and better, day by day.


Before 1990, under Baba's direct physical guidance, our AMPS was one shining light bringing welfare to all.

Then for a few months & years our organisation fell into a bit of a quagmire: The main problem being that everyone passively presumed that those in the helm will guide us straight to glory. Living under that false assumption - and just depending on those top posted workers - a thick stagnancy settled into our AMPS.

Now, however, as we look around, that stagnancy is quickly dissipating and our AMPS is moving through a period of great revitalisation. Here is the proof.


First off, everyone's awareness is on the rise and there is a stream of ideological consciousness amongst margiis and wts that was not present earlier. Currently there is active and on-going talk about key ideological issues: margii rights, the need to follow Baba's teachings such as Sixteen Points and Caryacarya, authenticity of published discourses, and about so many other burning and vital issues.

This has all brought about a heightened understanding of Ananda Marga ideology - a new level of awareness.


Religions are essentially based on dogma where people are ordered to follow certain codes and rituals. They are indoctrinated into the tenet, “Don't use your brain.” That is the way religion works. Their followers blindly adhere to their edicts. Yet those same religious followers use their brains in other fields: Business, technology, science, schooling and colleges, competitions etc; but not in religion. Yet religion is full of dogma that chokes human progress and that is why it is very dangerous and deadly.

Ananda Marga is not a religion. Before 90 Baba was controlling everything. After all, Baba is Baba Parama Purusa; so whatever He was directing and telling was perfect. And when margiis and wts followed those orders then the outcome was very good. But after 1990 AM shifted gears and adopted the mode of a religion. Whatever the priests, rabbis, mullahs, or popes of Anada Marga told, then that was treated as the word of God. There was no need to consult Ananda Marga philosophy. Within a short period though, margiis started understanding they should not blindly follow their preachings. That is when the ideological renaissance started in Ananda Marga and there was more inquisitiveness about AM teachings. The strong desire to know what Baba told - what is right and wrong - came into the mind of sincere margiis and Wts. Since then tremendous progress began in Ananda Marga. This mode was not present earlier.

This change is not just an ordinary affair but an extraordinary development. It is by thinking and discussing about Ananda Marga ideology, and assimilating those ideas into our individual and collective consciousness, that the ideology ultimately gets implemented.


Between 1990 and 1995, the “mullahs” of Ananda Marga were thinking that, “We are everything - what we do everyone must follow.” Those top Dadas did much harm. They were committing sins in the field of publications and trying to befool margiis with their conniving tactics as if nothing was wrong and that they were following Baba’s order. They went to extremes to prove that regardless of any discourse Baba wants that it should be written as original Bengali. That era was so under-developed and primitive that even the vast majority of margiis believed those falsehoods that were propagated by Publications etc were okay and perfect.

But after some time the hypocrisy of Publications was unmasked. So a lot of progress happened. In Ananda Marga, in the field of Publications regarding the dogma that everything should be translated from the original Bengali, a sea of change happened. Margiis speak these day or not, but 75% of the margiis know that Baba’s books are not proper and should be made proper. The hypocrisy of Publications has been exposed. They have no room to run and hide. A big change has happened - a veritable revolution.

Those who were distorting Guru’s teachings are now scared to do so because margiis are alert. If anyone purposely alters Guru’s discourses then they are shamed. So those wrongdoers know they know they can no longer distort His guidelines and get away with it. Rather they will be caught and taken to task in full view of all margiis.


Like this in Ananda Marga, on many fronts, there have been a plethora of positive changes and those will be discussed in further emails etc. Some are here enlisted here. So many other false things like dogmatic tiirthas, so-called mahaprayan, and Fake Ananda Vaniis etc are disappearing in the light of Ananda Marga ideology. As ideological awareness rises, those dogmas wane and ultimately become extinct.

So this dual approach of a rise of ideological consciousness and the obliteration of dogma is the first  benefit.



The second dramatic change is that now in our AMPS people are understanding 'who is who'. In 1991, it was thought that those in the helm were divine and could do no wrong. With that misconception so much cheating, distortion, and exploitation was going on.

Now margiis and field workers are no longer blinded by the colour of the dress or by stature of the post etc. These relative factors hold no water on their own. Now everyone can see who is who through the lens of Ananda Marga ideology.

That means those in Centre are being measured by their conduct, not their dress or post. And when group and factional interest is at a premium in the upper echelons of the organisation, margiis and general workers can understand the extent of the problem - and take steps to fix things.



Because now there is no longer an idle dependence on "a few high posted dadas". Instead, sadhakas are taking Baba's name and being led by His divine teachings. They no longer have blind faith in group leaders. And by this way the pathway to following Baba's divine ideology has been cleared. That is one great development. Now everyone realises that the way to evaluate anyone is by seeing their conduct - not by their post or dress.

Ananda Marga philosophy states, "Your ideal is represented by your conduct..." (1)

Any by that way - by understanding who is who and ensuring people follow the proper code of conduct, the ideology will get implemented.

Ananda Marga philosophy guides us, "Human beings cannot propagate a great ideology by their knowledge, intellect, or social status...they can only do it through their conduct." (2)


Thus from the innermost seed vessel in the mind to our outer expression, there has been a monumental shift and significant changes in our AMPS. Now people realise that this is the time to follow ideology and not get misled by dogma.

Baba says, "When clouds collect around the pole-star and cover it, your duty will be to remove the clouds and follow the pole-star without caring to see where the clouds have gone." (3)

And by Baba's grace that is happening - everyone in AM is getting their vision fixed on the pole-star, on Baba.


Thus a key element why Baba's teachings are getting properly protected and instilled within the consciousness of Ananda Marga is because of sincere interest by margiis and wts to safeguard His teachings. And certainly the best way to safeguard such teachings is to follow them in individual life and implement them in the society. And this great process is going on in our Ananda Marga.



Thus even though there are still group clash and infighting is going on, behind the scene something much, much deeper is happening. Everyone is learning Ananda Marga ideals, by His grace. Sadhakas are now putting philosophical understanding into working knowledge.

So, all in all, everything in our AMPS is moving in a remarkably positive direction and it is only a matter of time till all groupism and selfishness is gone from our Ananda Marga.

The main thing is that our AM ideology has been saved; it is well protected; and there is a growing awareness about Guru's true teachings. By that way it is sure that everything will be okay both in our organisation and in the society at large. Because the presence of ideology creates a positive flow in the mind and a stir in the society.

In contrast, those selfish parties that hold power and seem strong - either in the organisation or in the general society - will be pulled apart and rooted out since they lack a universal outlook


Thus day by day things are moving ahead in a positive direction in our AMPS; so none should fall in the depths of frustration. Awareness is growing fast in our Ananda Marga and it will not be long till that positive development is reflected in all the facets of Ananda Marga life - including in a bright new leadership as well.

Now everyone realises that no group or subfaction is fit to rule. So many good people in our Marga are coming forward and one day theyw will dharmically lead our Marga. The era of groupism is fas coming to a close and new life is getting pumped into our Marga from the ground up. That will be reflected in our leadership as well. That day is soon to arrive.

Baba says, "Leadership is not imposed from above, rather it establishes itself through dedication, sincerity, ideological zeal, fighting spirit and all-round capacity. Leaders gradually acquire such capabilities -- step by step." (4)


By Baba's grace we are building up that healthy AM society and will spread His divine teachings to all the four corners-- to every place in this universe.

Baba says, "Remember -- you have to serve humanity. You have to dedicate yourself to the cause of humanity as a whole. Your life is valuable; your time is all the more valuable. You should not waste a single moment. The task is glorious. The task is novel. Lead the life of a warrior and constantly fight against evils. You will be victorious. So march ahead!" (5)

We have to do many ideological teachings to propagate - until each and every person accepts Ananda Marga ideology our work is not finished.

“Remember, until every person in the universe accepts the Ananda Marga ideology, you have no opportunity to rest.” (6)


The great tide of ideology is coming forth in our Ananda Marga and with that rising tide the era of staticity is crumbling to dust. By His grace those who have assembled in His Marga and are upholding His divine teachings will spread the great ideology and bring welfare to every nook & corner of this universe. This is His guarantee. So our future is bright - assured.

Baba says, "Crisis is quite natural for something moving. Wherever there is movement, there is struggle...But you know, I am not a pessimist. I am always an optimist. And I want all my sons and daughters to be optimists. And I want them to struggle against this death signal of humanity, and come out successful."
"And I am sure that you boys and you girls must be optimists; and it is your duty to save humanity. And I hope you will be able to save humanity, because, just like me, you are also optimistic. You should know that great, or good, people are few in number, they are not many. They do not come within the scope of millions or billions. They are always few in number. And these few, they are the torchbearers of human society, they are the pioneers, they are the vanguards of human society. So it is your duty to save humanity. And those who are unable to shoulder their own bags and baggages -- their responsibilities are to be shouldered by you. You should remember that the life of a spiritual aspirant is a mission. One's entire life is a mission, one's entire existence is a mission. And your mission is -- what? To save humanity from this crisis. I hope you will be successful. And I not only hope, I am sure that you will be successful." (7)

in Him,



Here is one more proof about the uniquely positive scene these days.

All are certainly aware that in the past when any Taraka Brahma took advent on this earth then those teachings could not be protected. Lord Shiva's and Lord Krsna’s teachings were mostly lost or forgotten and replaced by dogmas. Thus society could not get full benefit of their auspicious advent. Because their divine guidelines could not be saved and propagated age after age. But this time around, His teachings are mostly in tact due to alertness and awareness of margiis and a lot of pracara work is going on about this.

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*************************************** Futility of Materialism
Baba says, "Materialism is the sign of shallow knowledge. Due to lack of proper understanding and ignorance people become materialists. Human beings should study more and acquire sufficient knowledge. Then they will understand that in materialism there is nothing." (DMC 84 Delhi, SS-16 (H))

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