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Jinanis' Folly...

Date: Sun 15 Mar 2009 23:21:07 -0000 To: From: Jawaharlal Subject: Jinanis' Folly... Baba PS Intro: This following song expresses the deepest love towards Parama Purusa. This is Kevala Bhakti. "Ke go tumi ele a'ma'ri mane, lukiye chile korn gahane..." (P.S. 840) Purport: O' Divine Entity, who are You who has come in the abode of my mind. With Your august arrival, the sky, wind, and the whole atmosphere has become spiritually charged and filled with Your divine vibration. High in the sky the moon's smile has brought a surreal atmosphere of sweet love. Baba, up till now, in which unknown and secret place were You hiding. Baba, by Your grace, today in the soft and fragrant breeze of this spring season, my restless heart only yearns for You. There is no end to the longing of my aching heart. Baba, in the melodious chirping of the birds, in the isolated corner of my mind, please merge my heart in Your heart-- make them one. Baba, by Your grace today I have forgotten the old tale of crying and laughter. Now all the obstacles have been removed by Your grace. My one-pointed mind is rushing only towards You. Baba, today by Your grace I will try to please & serve You up to Your heart's content by singing Your song. Baba, by Your infinite grace You have advented in my heart and taken away everything and made me Yours...
Namaskar, Baba makes a joke how if any jinani is proof-reading or editing someone else's writing then they will cross out the word 'kindly' and write 'please'. The point is that jinanis have a ridiculous tendency to always want to make meaningless and minute changes to anything and everything just to satisfy their own petty egos. Because such jinanis feel their intellect surpasses all else-- even Guru. That is their silly & petty way. And it is this defective psychology that has caused a few jinanis to make a foolish attempt to rename the 'Supreme Command' to 'Supreme Direction'. Of course, no sane and rational margii will approve of this so it will never come to be. And verily, this type of ridiculous proposal is nothing but a result of one or two jinanis' own diseased mentality.
We all know that what Guru says is mantra and not only did He approve of the name, 'Supreme Command', He Himself uses the English term-- 'Supreme Command'. In the recorded version of the discourse-- 'Mantra O Mantrajapa-- given in Morning General Darshan on 18 June '79 in Kolkata, Baba Himself says 'Supreme Command'. That itself is enough to know that He approves of that very translation of Bengali 'Caram Nrdesh'. What further proof is needed than that to understand that the Supreme Command is the proper name, when Baba Himself speaks the English words, 'Supreme Command'.
By this way, we can understand that not only is the Bengali name 'Carma Nrdesh' an original term, but the English name 'Supreme Command' is also an original term. Because everything in Ananda Marga comes from Baba. What He says is Ananda Marga. That makes it original. Thus when He Himself has spoken both 'Caram Nrdesh' and 'Supreme Command' then we can infer that both are original terms. Because they both come from Him.
Unfortunately some jinanis are infatuated with trying to re-translate Caram Nrdesh using worldly dictionaries and in that way they came up with the inane idea of 'Supreme Direction'. But what such jinanis fail to realise is that there are countless mistakes in such dictionaries which is why Baba Himself has created His own series of books on language, grammar, linguistics, and etymology etc. Indeed Baba has dedicated tens of thousands of pages in this endeavour. This He has done to show that there is a need to reconsider how worldly intellectuals have addressed the language issue and to show that dictionaries are filled with mistranslations & misunderstandings etc. Not to mention that often times there is no corresponding term in English for various Sanskrit words like 'mantra', 'dharma', 'itihasa' etc. Baba says, "There is no proper English word for the Sanskrit word mantra." (AV-23) Baba says, "There is no English term for itiha'sa." (AV-2) Yet if anyone looks up these terms-- mantra or itihasa-- in Sanskrit or Bengali dictionaries, then various English terms will be given-- but none of these are approved by Baba. And now such jinanis have made the same folly by taking one worldly dictionary as the be-all and end-all in making their misguided translation of Caram Nrdesh. When already Baba has Himself given the proper translation by putting forth the name 'Supreme Command'. Because this is the English phrase which He Himself has used in one of His recorded general darshans of 18 June '79 in Kolkata.
But some silly jinanis are not satisfied and instead want to impose their own named term like 'Supreme Direction' etc. This is the height of their own egoistic machinations. No doubt these are the some type of jinanis who will one day say that we should drop the name 'Ananda Marga' and instead call ourselves the 'Path of Bliss'. Or they will create any other types of false theories conjured up by their petty egos.
It is for this reason that Baba strongly warns us about such tricky jinanis. Wherever they go such jinanis create hell and confusion in the society-- for no reason other than to show off their own intellectual extravaganza. Baba says, "Such hypocrites want to misguide the people by their tall talks alone...'Loka Vya'moha Ka'raka.” That is, 'They create disease in the minds of the people.' Their aim is not to solve society’s problems. Rather, they are the chief cause for the downfall, retardation and sad plight of human society. The present crisis in today’s civilization is due to them. Their theories are based on the psychology and intellectual extravaganza of the hypocrite. You will certainly encounter many such theories in the social sphere, the economic sphere, and other spheres of life. This is not the problem of a single country, but of the entire intellectual world. Again I repeat that the crisis in civilization today is due to the intellectual extravaganza of these hypocrites, these polished satans." (PNS-6) Thus jinanis are never happy nor ever satisfied unless they are puffing up their own egos by putting forth their own false theories and attaching their own name to such theories. And that is exactly what we see happening with such jinanis who have made up the term-- Supreme Direction. Fortunately, most in AM understand the sheer folly of such jinanis and that is why everyone continues to use Baba's original term, 'Supreme Command'.
When the Sadguru Baba Himself has spoken the English term Supreme Command, then that is enough to know that it is 100% correct and perfect. Unfortunately jinanis can never realise this simple truth. Baba says, "Finally one must remember, 'Mantramu'lam' Gururva'kyam'." (AV-6) Namaskar, Jawaharlal
Perhaps such jinanis would like the names Abhidevananda and Bhaskarananda to be permanently translated into Hebrew. That might be their next proposal-- who knows, because the senseless theories of such jinanis is endless.
******************************************* Futility of Materialism
Baba says, "Materialism is the sign of shallow knowledge. Due to lack of proper understanding and ignorance people become materialists. Human beings should study more and acquire sufficient knowledge. Then they will understand that in materialism there is nothing." (DMC 84 Delhi, SS-16 (H))

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