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Forward Movement

Jan 18th 2015


Our AMPS was built to do great things in this world - in this universe; and by Baba's divine grace today our organisation is rapidly advancing along the path of progress.
Certainly looking around and seeing the group-oriented conflicts etc, some may just think that our AMPS is riddled by chaos, factionalism, and lawlessness - and that there are no positive developments.

However, upon closer examination and more careful assessment, we can easily see that our Marga is actually a budding flower - getting ready to bloom into greatness.

By these below practical indicators and verifiable evidences, it becomes  apparent that our AMPS has made tremendous strides since 1990 - and that things are only getting better and better, day by day.


Before 1990, under Baba's direct physical guidance, our AMPS was one shining light bringing welfare to all.

Then for a few months & years our organisation fell into a bit of a quagmire: The main problem being that everyone passively presumed that those in the helm will guide us straight to glory. Living under that false assumption - and just depending on those top posted workers - a thick stagnancy settled into our AMPS.

Now, however, as we look around, that stagnancy is quickly dissipating and our AMPS is moving through a period of great revitalisation. Here is the proof.


First off, everyone's awareness is on the rise and there is a stream of ideological consciousness amongst margiis and wts that was not present earlier. Currently there is active and on-going talk about key ideological issues: margii rights, the need to follow Baba's teachings such as Sixteen Points and Caryacarya, authenticity of published discourses, and about so many other burning and vital issues.

This has all brought about a heightened understanding of Ananda Marga ideology - a new level of awareness.


Religions are essentially based on dogma where people are ordered to follow certain codes and rituals. They are indoctrinated into the tenet, “Don't use your brain.” That is the way religion works. Their followers blindly adhere to their edicts. Yet those same religious followers use their brains in other fields: Business, technology, science, schooling and colleges, competitions etc; but not in religion. Yet religion is full of dogma that chokes human progress and that is why it is very dangerous and deadly.

Ananda Marga is not a religion. Before 90 Baba was controlling everything. After all, Baba is Baba Parama Purusa; so whatever He was directing and telling was perfect. And when margiis and wts followed those orders then the outcome was very good. But after 1990 AM shifted gears and adopted the mode of a religion. Whatever the priests, rabbis, mullahs, or popes of Anada Marga told, then that was treated as the word of God. There was no need to consult Ananda Marga philosophy. Within a short period though, margiis started understanding they should not blindly follow their preachings. That is when the ideological renaissance started in Ananda Marga and there was more inquisitiveness about AM teachings. The strong desire to know what Baba told - what is right and wrong - came into the mind of sincere margiis and Wts. Since then tremendous progress began in Ananda Marga. This mode was not present earlier.

This change is not just an ordinary affair but an extraordinary development. It is by thinking and discussing about Ananda Marga ideology, and assimilating those ideas into our individual and collective consciousness, that the ideology ultimately gets implemented.


Between 1990 and 1995, the “mullahs” of Ananda Marga were thinking that, “We are everything - what we do everyone must follow.” Those top Dadas did much harm. They were committing sins in the field of publications and trying to befool margiis with their conniving tactics as if nothing was wrong and that they were following Baba’s order. They went to extremes to prove that regardless of any discourse Baba wants that it should be written as original Bengali. That era was so under-developed and primitive that even the vast majority of margiis believed those falsehoods that were propagated by Publications etc were okay and perfect.

But after some time the hypocrisy of Publications was unmasked. So a lot of progress happened. In Ananda Marga, in the field of Publications regarding the dogma that everything should be translated from the original Bengali, a sea of change happened. Margiis speak these day or not, but 75% of the margiis know that Baba’s books are not proper and should be made proper. The hypocrisy of Publications has been exposed. They have no room to run and hide. A big change has happened - a veritable revolution.

Those who were distorting Guru’s teachings are now scared to do so because margiis are alert. If anyone purposely alters Guru’s discourses then they are shamed. So those wrongdoers know they know they can no longer distort His guidelines and get away with it. Rather they will be caught and taken to task in full view of all margiis.


Like this in Ananda Marga, on many fronts, there have been a plethora of positive changes and those will be discussed in further emails etc. Some are here enlisted here. So many other false things like dogmatic tiirthas, so-called mahaprayan, and Fake Ananda Vaniis etc are disappearing in the light of Ananda Marga ideology. As ideological awareness rises, those dogmas wane and ultimately become extinct.

So this dual approach of a rise of ideological consciousness and the obliteration of dogma is the first  benefit.



The second dramatic change is that now in our AMPS people are understanding 'who is who'. In 1991, it was thought that those in the helm were divine and could do no wrong. With that misconception so much cheating, distortion, and exploitation was going on.

Now margiis and field workers are no longer blinded by the colour of the dress or by stature of the post etc. These relative factors hold no water on their own. Now everyone can see who is who through the lens of Ananda Marga ideology.

That means those in Centre are being measured by their conduct, not their dress or post. And when group and factional interest is at a premium in the upper echelons of the organisation, margiis and general workers can understand the extent of the problem - and take steps to fix things.



Because now there is no longer an idle dependence on "a few high posted dadas". Instead, sadhakas are taking Baba's name and being led by His divine teachings. They no longer have blind faith in group leaders. And by this way the pathway to following Baba's divine ideology has been cleared. That is one great development. Now everyone realises that the way to evaluate anyone is by seeing their conduct - not by their post or dress.

Ananda Marga philosophy states, "Your ideal is represented by your conduct..." (1)

Any by that way - by understanding who is who and ensuring people follow the proper code of conduct, the ideology will get implemented.

Ananda Marga philosophy guides us, "Human beings cannot propagate a great ideology by their knowledge, intellect, or social status...they can only do it through their conduct." (2)


Thus from the innermost seed vessel in the mind to our outer expression, there has been a monumental shift and significant changes in our AMPS. Now people realise that this is the time to follow ideology and not get misled by dogma.

Baba says, "When clouds collect around the pole-star and cover it, your duty will be to remove the clouds and follow the pole-star without caring to see where the clouds have gone." (3)

And by Baba's grace that is happening - everyone in AM is getting their vision fixed on the pole-star, on Baba.


Thus a key element why Baba's teachings are getting properly protected and instilled within the consciousness of Ananda Marga is because of sincere interest by margiis and wts to safeguard His teachings. And certainly the best way to safeguard such teachings is to follow them in individual life and implement them in the society. And this great process is going on in our Ananda Marga.



Thus even though there are still group clash and infighting is going on, behind the scene something much, much deeper is happening. Everyone is learning Ananda Marga ideals, by His grace. Sadhakas are now putting philosophical understanding into working knowledge.

So, all in all, everything in our AMPS is moving in a remarkably positive direction and it is only a matter of time till all groupism and selfishness is gone from our Ananda Marga.

The main thing is that our AM ideology has been saved; it is well protected; and there is a growing awareness about Guru's true teachings. By that way it is sure that everything will be okay both in our organisation and in the society at large. Because the presence of ideology creates a positive flow in the mind and a stir in the society.

In contrast, those selfish parties that hold power and seem strong - either in the organisation or in the general society - will be pulled apart and rooted out since they lack a universal outlook


Thus day by day things are moving ahead in a positive direction in our AMPS; so none should fall in the depths of frustration. Awareness is growing fast in our Ananda Marga and it will not be long till that positive development is reflected in all the facets of Ananda Marga life - including in a bright new leadership as well.

Now everyone realises that no group or subfaction is fit to rule. So many good people in our Marga are coming forward and one day theyw will dharmically lead our Marga. The era of groupism is fas coming to a close and new life is getting pumped into our Marga from the ground up. That will be reflected in our leadership as well. That day is soon to arrive.

Baba says, "Leadership is not imposed from above, rather it establishes itself through dedication, sincerity, ideological zeal, fighting spirit and all-round capacity. Leaders gradually acquire such capabilities -- step by step." (4)


By Baba's grace we are building up that healthy AM society and will spread His divine teachings to all the four corners-- to every place in this universe.

Baba says, "Remember -- you have to serve humanity. You have to dedicate yourself to the cause of humanity as a whole. Your life is valuable; your time is all the more valuable. You should not waste a single moment. The task is glorious. The task is novel. Lead the life of a warrior and constantly fight against evils. You will be victorious. So march ahead!" (5)

We have to do many ideological teachings to propagate - until each and every person accepts Ananda Marga ideology our work is not finished.

“Remember, until every person in the universe accepts the Ananda Marga ideology, you have no opportunity to rest.” (6)


The great tide of ideology is coming forth in our Ananda Marga and with that rising tide the era of staticity is crumbling to dust. By His grace those who have assembled in His Marga and are upholding His divine teachings will spread the great ideology and bring welfare to every nook & corner of this universe. This is His guarantee. So our future is bright - assured.

Baba says, "Crisis is quite natural for something moving. Wherever there is movement, there is struggle...But you know, I am not a pessimist. I am always an optimist. And I want all my sons and daughters to be optimists. And I want them to struggle against this death signal of humanity, and come out successful."
"And I am sure that you boys and you girls must be optimists; and it is your duty to save humanity. And I hope you will be able to save humanity, because, just like me, you are also optimistic. You should know that great, or good, people are few in number, they are not many. They do not come within the scope of millions or billions. They are always few in number. And these few, they are the torchbearers of human society, they are the pioneers, they are the vanguards of human society. So it is your duty to save humanity. And those who are unable to shoulder their own bags and baggages -- their responsibilities are to be shouldered by you. You should remember that the life of a spiritual aspirant is a mission. One's entire life is a mission, one's entire existence is a mission. And your mission is -- what? To save humanity from this crisis. I hope you will be successful. And I not only hope, I am sure that you will be successful." (7)

in Him,



Here is one more proof about the uniquely positive scene these days.

All are certainly aware that in the past when any Taraka Brahma took advent on this earth then those teachings could not be protected. Lord Shiva's and Lord Krsna’s teachings were mostly lost or forgotten and replaced by dogmas. Thus society could not get full benefit of their auspicious advent. Because their divine guidelines could not be saved and propagated age after age. But this time around, His teachings are mostly in tact due to alertness and awareness of margiis and a lot of pracara work is going on about this.

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*************************************** Futility of Materialism
Baba says, "Materialism is the sign of shallow knowledge. Due to lack of proper understanding and ignorance people become materialists. Human beings should study more and acquire sufficient knowledge. Then they will understand that in materialism there is nothing." (DMC 84 Delhi, SS-16 (H))

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