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Baba Story: Guru Always Helps... + ...WT Trainees Arrested




Here is one special Baba story that depicts how Guru helps us always - in all kinds of ways, through various shapes and forms. Yet, side by side, it is also true that as His disciples we do not always recognise this.


One evening a dada, posted in Deoghar (Bihar), left the local jagrti to go to a margii's house.

Dada was walking briskly down the street when a big gust of wind blew an important piece of paper from his hand. Dada was carrying a few important documents and now suddenly one was gone.

Dada looked around but did not see the paper. It was evening time and darkness was descending. He was looking up and down along the roadside but he did not see a hint of that paper anywhere.


Suddenly he heard a dark barking from one spot. Dada looked toward the dog and shined his torch (flashlight). To his amazement the paper was on the ground right by the dog. Dadaji walked over to that spot and grabbed the paper. The dog began walking away and dada grabbed one stone and hurled it at the dog. The rock hit the dog and immediately the dog started crying and running away.

Dada continued on his way to the margii's house that evening with all the important documents in hand.

Time passed.


Fifteen days later dada went for reporting in front of Baba. There were approximately 20 Wts present. Baba was addressing various matters and giving instructions.

Then Parama Purusa Baba looked towards all of the workers and posed one query, "If someone helped you what would you do?"

One Wt told: "I would give my appreciation and say thanks."

Baba cast His vision toward someone else and inquired, "And what would you do?"

That worker responded: "I would say thank you and remain ever grateful".

Baba inquired to yet another person, "And what would you do?"

That worker said, "I would offer my gratitude and give him something sweet to eat as well".

The wts gave an array of replies. Each time Baba nodded in approval.

Then Baba said, "You know there is one worker, and if somebody helps him then he throws a stone at them."

Parama Purusa Baba motioned towards the dada in the room; the dada stood up.

Baba said, "Is that not true? Isn't it that if someone helps you then you throw a stone at them."

Silence. Dada did not understand; he did not know what he had done wrong.

Baba said, "Do you remember that 15 days ago that you lost your paper?"

"Yes Baba, I remember."

Internally the dada was shocked that Baba knew about this.

Parama Purusa Baba said, "You lost an important paper?"

"Yes, Baba."

"You were searching all around and not finding it?"

"Yes, Baba."

"One dog started barking?"

"Yes, Baba."

"Then you saw the paper next to the dog and the dog walked away. You threw a stone that hit the dog and the dog started crying and running away?"

"Yes, Baba."

"Why did you throw the stone at the dog - unnecessarily. It was the dog that helped you find your important paper. You could not find it. So the dog barked; it was helping you. The dog was just doing its duty to help you find the paper. It was not going to bite you. Yet after you got your paper you threw a stone at the dog and hurt the dog."

At this point the dada understood that he had done wrong by hurting the dog. And more than that, dada understood that Baba watches everything and always helps. He looked down toward the ground, with repentance in his heart. Dada was sorry he had thrown the rock at the dog, and astonished that he could not recognise that Baba had sent that dog as a messenger to help him. He vowed that from that day forward he would always remember that Baba is watching and helping 100% of the time.


By the above story, Baba is reminding and teaching us that He watches everything always. There is nothing that He does not see. In all situations and in all conditions He is there to help us.

Wherever you are, Parama Purusa sees what is happening and is always giving His support. His help might come in any number of ways or forms. In the above story, the form of a dog was sent as a messenger to help dada. Verily, Baba can help in countless ways - in whatever manner He wishes.

The day you were lost in the forest only to find your way home, Parama Purusa Baba was there watching and helping. The day you forgot your passport yet worked it out with the authorities, Baba was there watching and helping. The day your transportation broke down and someone offered you a ride, Baba was there watching and helping. In all kinds of ways - in all circumstances - Parama Purusa was there watching and helping.

So no one should ever think that they are alone or helpless. Always Parama Purusa Baba is there with His loving hand. This is true for both sadhakas and non-sadhakas. Everyone is His child - everyone is under His care and shelter.

The irony is that despite "knowing" this, people forget and can't see how Baba is helping. That happened to dada in the above story; and it happens to most people most of the time.


As sadhakas we should always aim to keep it in the forefront of the mind that regardless of where we are or the time of day, Baba is there helping. If we think back, we can recognise many such cases, and indeed it is always true - from today up to eternity. It is not that before 1990 Baba was there helping and now He is not. Baba is not bound in this way. He is there watching and helping us across time and space - up to eternity.

"He is watching everything. He witnesses everything through His mental eyes. His inner eyes. He can do so because all dwell in His mind. He does not have any need for laokik eyes." (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 6, The Thousand-Headed Puruśa)



In a recent land dispute, all our WT trainees from the Varanasi TC were arrested. That is the shocking news. Here is more about what happened.

One person Ram Ujagar (RU) donated some land to Ac Nigamananda Avt a long time ago. As Nigamanandji is now gone, Dada Rudrananda was under the impression that Dada Nigamanandji had given more money for more land. So Dada Rudrananda was thinking that Ram Ujagar was not giving all that was due; in which case, Ram Ujagar must compensate more land. This is the way Dada Rudranandji was thinking.

Ram Ujagar rejected Dada Rudrananda's accusation and told that whatever land was promised was faithfully given, and that Dada Nigamanandji did not give money for more land. Ram Ujagar countered, "Show me the paper that Dada Nigamanandji purchased more land." It was then that the clash started.

Ram Ujagar (RU) maintained and stood firm that Ananda Marga (AMPS) is already occupying the full extent of the land that was donated. Ram Ujagar declared, "I am not going to give more land - what you have is proper - that was the agreement."

But Dada Rudrananada was displeased by the size of the parcel. Dada Rudrananda wanted more land. So he forcibly took steps to capture and encroach upon that land.

Dada Rudrananada ordered all wts of that area to capture the land by building a boundary wall in the darkness of the middle of the night. Ram Ujagar heard about this and called the police. In turn, the police threatened to arrest those workers who wanted to occupy the land without the proper papers or documentation. So everyone (all workers and trainees) left at midnight.

Sitting afar, Dada Rudrananda gave the order for those workers and trainees to continue the land protest. So after a few hours at 6am, all workers and trainees etc went back to occupy that land - once again arriving without the proper papers or land documentation. Again the police were called and this time they made several arrests. In-charge Dadas ran away and put those trainees in the line of fire. Thus our Wt trainees were arrested because they did not have a land paper. They had to spend time in jail, and ultimately they were bailed out of jail.

In review, while sitting from his distant place, Dada Rudrananda gave the order to all four WT trainees to occupy the land - as a means of protest to take over more of that property. Those innocent trainees followed the order. But Dada Rudrananda did not give them any proof of ownership - as he himself did not have the land papers for that land. Thus when the police were called and arrived on scene, they immediately asked for the papers. Then they arrested those trainees. All local margiis were very disappointed and upset: What was the need to protest and make attempts to capture that land when they did not have the proper papers and therefore did not have any legal authority.


Here are more points about this entire situation:

(1) This type of protest is a misuse of all WT trainees' energy and potentiality. They have come to learn about Ananda Marga and bhagavad dharma and they should not be used as pawns for land capture cases. This is the wrong use of their enthusiasm and potentiality.

(2) As an organisation, Ananda Marga has so much land that there are not enough people to watch over the land that is legally in our control and ownership.

(3) It is ironic, how Dada Rudrananda and Co. wrongly sell off organisational properties to gain money, and now this same Dada Rudrananda is employing shady and illegal tactics to occupy land not owned by AMPS.

(4) In his style of "leadership", Dada Rudrananda is sitting 50 miles way and ordering "drone attacks" in order to capture land parcels.

(5) Those who put trainees in harms way are counter or anti-sadvipra, including Dada Rudrananda.

(6) All in all, on many fronts, this incident sets a very bad precedent. Our trainees should be trained and taught the principles of universal human dharma and psycho-spiritual practices. That is why they have come to training centre. They should not be used as pawns in petty disputes and illegal maneuvers. This is the wrong use of their potentiality.

In Him,
Ramesh Srivastava

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