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Baba Story: Consequence of Committing Suicide

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 22:43:48 -0400
From: Mantreshvar Deva
Subject: Baba Story: Consequence of Committing Suicide



Vimalji was extremely distraught; after all, what was left of his life. There was nothing: No house, no hope, no future. In that bleak and desperate condition, he knew exactly what was to be done. He grabbed his knife, some rope, and was going to do the needful - leaving the miseries of this world behind.

This is one very dramatic Baba story involving a margii some of you may know, Vimal Dutta of Bangurdah Kandra (West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand).


When Vimal Dutta was around 25 years of age, then one big storm came through his village and it destroyed the roof of his grass house. The roof was gone.

Vimalji became very sad. Having lost the few things that he had in this world, he entered a state of deep despair. Indeed he was overcome with grief. He resolved that he should end his life.

One night, with darkness all around, Vimalji tied a rope to one of the remaining wooden pieces from the frame of his house, and started to loop the other part around his neck. His plan was to jump and hang himself. He had everything in place and he had not a single doubt in his mind. He was ready to proceed.

That moment he heard a voice: "What are you doing?!?"

Vimalji was stirred - the voice came from somewhere - he looked all around, from side to side, in search of someone. But no one was there. He could not find anyone at all.

The voice was very deliberate and commanding, yet also quite sweet and charming. The Entity asked that he undo the rope and come down from the rooftop.


Vimalji's heart was swayed by the caring and sensitive tone of the Caller. He undid the rope and came down to the ground. All the while the query lingered, "Who called me - who was speaking to me." Vimalji's mind and spirit felt charged - his entire body was pulsating with a new vibration and energy - at the same time his mind was calm and serene, still wondering, "Who called me." He felt a deep sense of peace.

In that tranquil state he laid down and took some rest.

Some time later he woke up - feeling blissful. Then and there any further thought of committing suicide vanished from his mind. Rather he decided, "I should not be cowardly; I should rise up and do something."

From that day forward, he became very regular in sadhana and his whole life took on a new way and form. He felt wonderful.

Time to time, still the thought was coming in his mind, "Who called me in that fateful moment." In this way, Vimalji would think and wonder.

He had made inquiries to various persons in his village. He asked if they had spoken to him on that night. No one had - not a single person came forward. So the what could have happened - who was that who called me that night. Vimalji thought for hours, days, and weeks about this. Those weeks eventually turned into months and still he had no answer: Who called me?

As more and more months passed, that memory gradually faded from his thoughts - it was no longer in the forefront of his mind. He was moving on with his life. Even then, the memory remained alive; it was just temporarily forgotten, not gone.


One year later Vimalji went to see Baba and (hopefully) get PC, by His grace. The year was 1986, and his entire yearning had been channelised towards Baba. Brother Vimal was also receiving training to become an Ananda Marga school teacher. His life was proceeding in a very positive direction.

On that occasion, Baba blessed Vimalji by calling him for PC.

After he entered the room for PC, at one point Baba inquired, "What were you doing that night with the rope in your hand. Did anyone call you that time?"

Instantly, the whole scene flashed in Vimalji's mental plate. The darkness, the rope, his plan to jump, and the voice that called him. Vimalji got the answer. Baba Himself had called him. Previously, it was beyond his imagination to think that it was Baba who saved him that night.

Then, step by step, in a very compassionate and detailed manner, Baba recounted the exact scene. Vimalji was surprised and even shocked that Guru really does know everything. A warmth permeated his heart thinking how Baba is always with him. Thinking thus, he felt blissful.

Baba looked towards Vimal sternly and scolded him: "Why were you going to commit suicide - why is it that I Myself had to come and stop you?"

Such were Baba's strong yet deeply loving words. Vimal felt the inner tenderness and sweet love of Baba's scolding.

Vimal grabbed his ears as a sign of repentance and promised Baba that he would never again contemplate the sinful notion of committing suicide: "I will never think in this way in the future."

And indeed, thenceforth Vimal's life was full of devotional thoughts and social service. Such is Baba's divine blessing on this bhakta.


As Ananda Margiis, here are a few things we can all learn from the above story:

1. Committing suicide is a sin. Guru does not at all support this cowardly and destructive action. It is fundamentally against the core beliefs of Ananda Marga philosophy.

2. Everyone should know that by committing suicide, they invite a terrible samskara far into the future - for millions of years. More about this is in note 1 below.

3. Some think that they will commit suicide and leave this world and escape their miseries. But that is just not so. One cannot escape their samskara by suicide; those samskaras must be exhausted at some point or another - they remain with you.

Even worse, the samskara created by committing suicide is so huge that it will take  thousands of animal lives for that to be exhausted and then one will have to again gain human form and go through all the trials and tribulations of life and death.

In contrast, regardless of one's difficulties, if one utilises their current body properly, in a relatively short period of sincere sadhana one can exhaust all their samskaras.

4. Everything you think gets permanently recorded in the Cosmic Mind. No thought happens in a vacuum nor in isolation. Baba is aware of your every thought.

5. Baba is everywhere - in all places - across time and space. You are never alone. So no one is ever helpless. Always He is along with you to care for you and watches for your welfare.

Baba says, "Parama Puruśa will always be with you. That means, neither were you alone in the past nor will you be alone in the future. Always remember that you are not helpless. He who is guiding the stars of the skies, is with you, you are not alone. Under no circumstances should you ever be afraid. Never think that you are alone. Whatever has to happen, will happen, and the One who causes this happening is with you." (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 5, Bandhu, Suhrd, Mitram and Sakhá)



Everyone should know that by committing suicide, they invite a terrible samskara far into the future - for millions of years. Killing oneself is treated as equally sinful as murdering another human being. By committing suicide one will be bound of as negative microvita for a long, long time.

Baba says, "People who commit suicide due to humiliation, psychic distortion, frustration or the overpowering influence of excessive attachment, anger, greed, vanity, jealousy, etc. get the status of kabandha yoni [negative microvita] after death. Wherever these entities happen to see other human beings under the spell of psychic derangement, they incite them to commit suicide." (Microvita in a Nutshell, p.100)

There are more than a few sites around the world - like the Golden Gate bridge in California, Mt Fuji in Japan, etc - where people are inclined to commit suicide. Why? Because negative microvita like pishaca gather in those places and influence the mental plate of those in despair. Strong-minded people are not affected, but those in a deep dilemma are goaded toward suicide by this type of negative microvita which cluster in certain areas. That is why we see large numbers of suicides in particular places. Those who are not mentally well should not go to such places.

Finally, by committing suicide, one enters that very negative whirlpool of negative microvita where they themselves try to lure others into committing suicide as well. Such a terrible fate.


Here also is Baba's teaching from a story in Shabda Cayanika about the fate of one who committed suicide.

"Today I realize what a horrendous mistake I made. ...This path of suicide that I have taken to save my honour has crudified me so much that even after such a long time I cannot find any deliverance. These days I am utterly helpless...Oh, what a painful bondage! Is there no path left open to me to attain peace! Is there no ointment I can apply which will soothe the burning of my bondage!" (Shabda Cayanika, part 2, p.66)

When humans destroy their body then nature does not like to give them a human body again. That is why the person, in Baba's above quote from Shabda Cayanika, is stuck. He committed suicide and now he cannot advance - rather he is bound in his crudified state. All because he ruined the body that nature gave him.

The situation is similar to giving someone something to use like a pen, and instead of using it they break it into 4 pieces and throw it in 4 directions. In that case you will not like to give him a pen again.

The idea is that those who commit suicide and destroy their body, then how can they again get human life.

Note 3: OUR DUTY

As Ananda Margiis, it is our distinct duty to inspire those in despair onto the right path. We are to save that human life and goad them away from any thoughts of suicide or self-destruction. With proper ideation, we are to divert their mind - indeed, just by diverting their mind or delaying their action is enough to save them. By delaying bad actions, invariably a better thought will come in the mind. So helping someone can simply take the form of them rethinking their situation. That is enough to stop them. Then, by Baba's grace, we can support them in adopting a right course in life.


"Toma'y kato bha'loba'si, tumi jano na' tumi..." PS 221


Baba, You are the Knower of everything; You are omniscient. Even then You do not know how much I love You. Always, all the time, I am thinking of You. Indeed, I have so many thoughts to share with You-- so many feelings which are accumulated in my heart.

Baba, why are You keeping Yourself so busy and involved constantly in Your work, every second-- why like this. O' my Dearmost, when I have so much love for You, why are You not giving me energy and involving me in Your work.  

Baba, You are the source of all energy; please provide me with shakti day and night-- all the 24 hrs-- so that I can go on working non-stop for You. With every iota of grace and mercy I will move ahead in the work. I will do according to Your liking. I will be 100% involved to please You. Baba, please grace me by utilising me.

O' Baba, I love You so much. You are so beautiful-  You are my everything...

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