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I am a Hypocrite

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 23:44:36 -0000 To: From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth Subject: I am a Hypocrite Baba "Saba'ka'r ati priyo a'daran'iiyo..." P.S. 307 Purport: Baba, You are the Dearmost One to all; You are the most revered and most loved. In all the hearts You are the the precious kaustba jewel. Baba, everyone is in You-- without You nothing exists. Even without recognising You, even then I recognise only You. Baba, in all the flowers, You are fragrance; in this entire creation, You are lotus hub. In everything You are the best and sweetest part. In Your touch, in Your form and taste. In all the unknown things, You are the cluster of glittering stars. Baba, You are nectar of the earth; I always salute only You, I do sastaunga pranam to You again and again. Baba You are that divine etrenal Entity. You do not come and go. In each and every moment Your liila is ever-new. O' the Vast divine Entity who has come in the form, I accept only You. Baba, I surrender everything at Your alter-- You are my everything...
Namaskar, The groupist mind-set is such a peculiar thing. For the sake of putting down their opponents they can criticise other factions to no end-- some of it true and some of it false. But with regards to their own actions, they can never, ever see or admit the truth. Such is the inherent defect and hypocrisy of their factional ways. Let's take a look at a recent case in point.
Everyone knows that one of the big guns of EC, i.e. Dada Parmeshvarananda, preaches a faulty theory about Baba. Dada P has been wrongly proclaiming for years that PR Sarkar and Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji are two different personalities-- i.e. two different entities. This, of course, is mere foolishness. Baba is one. For His convenience or for any reason, He sometimes uses the name Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji; and, sometimes He uses the name Shrii PR Sarkar. Regardless, the personality behind both those names is one; both those names refer to the same Divine Entity, Baba. In our human family, the same thing is done on a daily basis all over the globe. For example, a mother may be known as Dr Singh at the hospital, and may be called Sharada by her husband when at home, and to her children she is simply known as Ma. Who then can then proclaim that that mother is three different entities. No one. She is not three different people-- just one person. The simple fact is that people commonly have multiple names which are used for their different spheres or roles in life. This is the very common fact. So recently, one hardline Didi of B group properly criticised Dada P up and down for his wrong and faulty analysis that PR Sarkar and Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji are two different entities. And this Didi was correct in her assessment. However, what that same Didi failed to state or admit, is that her favoured B group is involved in the very same hypocrisy. Unfortunately, this truth she could not see-- or did not care to see.
Verily, the Kolkata faction also prescribes to the same faulty notion that PR Sarkar and Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji are two different entities. The same mistake that they are criticising in Dada P is prevalent in their own dogmatic approach also. For proof of this we need look no further than their dogmatic Mahaprayan (MPD) program. At their dogmatic MPD affair, on the one hand B group tells everyone to sing kiirtan in the eternal glory of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, and on the other hand they preach to everyone to mourn the mortal loss of Shrii PR Sarkar. This is the regular type of hypocritical drama that goes on every year at MPD in Kolkata. Baba, as we know is One, yet for their groupist convenience, B group is making a clear-cut distinction by highlighting the crude departure of PR Sarkar as well as the eternal nature of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. So what they are doing is in no way, shape, or form, different from the faulty dogma that Parmeshvaranandaji is ensnared in. Both parties-- Dada P and the B brigade-- have fallen in the mud of saying that Shrii PR Sarkar and Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji are two different entities-- not One. The humor & outright hypocrisy of it all is that B group members are quite quick to point out the defective outlook of Dada P, but in their own backyard B group can see no wrong when it comes to assessing their dogmatic MPD program. Due to their groupist blinders, they are unable to see or understand their own wrongdoing. Why? Because they want to pretend that their faction is great and does no wrong. Because they want MPD to be successful so more and more money will come into Kolkata. Because they want Kolkata to be regarded as the spiritual capital of Ananda Marga. Because the dogmatic Mahaprayan program is their baby-- their brain child. For all these reasons and more, the B team is totally unable or unwilling to admite their dogmatic ways and duplicity when it comes to Mahaprayan. But when someone from another faction-- like Dada P makes the same mistake, then they publicly pounce all over Dada Parmeshvarananda. Here my goal is not to defend Dada P's mistaken ways, or to say that H group is in the clear, or to proclaim that only B group is full of hypocrisy. Here the only aim is to show the inherent defects of the groupist mind-set.
Dharma is one and truth is one-- and that is what Baba has put forth in AM ideology. Unfortunately, each and every group and faction strays from Baba's teachings in one way or another because they are glued to their own selfish agenda, not His teachings. They only use His teachings to critique the work of others, but never to assess the validity of their own approach. From MPD to the Jamalpur tiirtha program, from Fake Ananda Vaniis to scriptural distortion, form the manipulation of the BP manual to the suppression of margiis, various groupists do all sorts of things that are outrightly against Baba's ideals. Yet they are oh-so-quick to point out the same defects in others. That is why in their own voice, whether they realise it or not, each and every factional team member says, 'I am a hypocrite'. They may not hear it, but others surely will. Because following a particular camp means getting stuck in the rut of hypocrisy. And others will surely notice.
So is Dada P wrong to preach that PR Sarkar and Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji are two different personalities-- two different entities? Yes. Is B group correct in pointing him out? Yes. Is B group also grossly guilty of following the same dogmatic approach in their MPD program? Yes. Will B group give a huge, long, flowery justification that their MPD affair is something dharmic and true? Yes. Will those with eyes to see be duped by B groups justification? No. Unfortunately, the hypocrisy of groupism knows no bounds. In their arrogance and rush for power, any group can preach or do anything. Yet now more than ever, there is a growing number of sadhakas in our Marga who clearly recognise this and are holding firm to Baba's divine ideals of dharma, not any hypocritical groupist approach.
By Baba's grace, by our sadhana and devotion to Him, any and all strands of groupist hypocrisy will get washed away from our Marga. Baba says, "You are all spiritual aspirants, I would like you to be Brahma sa'dhakas, and your life should be a proper adjustment amongst your physical longings, your intellectual longings, and your spiritual longings. That is, your life should be a balanced life – there should be proper adjustment between mundanity and spirituality." (AV-34) Namaskar, Ram Sahay
Here is Baba's divine teaching that a person often has many names, yet all those names apply to the same singular human being. Baba says, "I told you that the same man, Ramajiivana, is known as Rama to his father, as Ramu at work - and his children say `Babujii', and his students `Master Sahib'. and when he is moving along the street wearing a topii, the taungavala will say ,`Hey topii! Hey topii! Hey topii! He becomes a topii. But the man is that single man Rama." (AV-3) And this same theory, neatly applies to Parama Purusa as well. Read below. Baba says, "So Paramashiva, the Sadguru and Ta'raka Brahma are beyond the scope of the gun'atrikon'a... O Lord, Thou are the controller of everything, but there is nobody to control You. Your gun'as are beyond the scope of counting. Nobody can count how many gun'as are there. " (AV, part 3, 'Sadgurum Tvam Namami', p.46, ) So in His above words, Baba Himself is calling Lord Shiva three different names: Paramashiva, Sadguru, and Ta'raka Brahma. But He is not referring to three different Entities-- rather One. And more specifically when it comes to His own Self, we know that the names Shrii PR Sarkar and Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji refer to the same singular divine Personality, Baba. After all, He has published various discourses like, 'Ahimsa', 'The Evolution of Society', 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution', 'Are Ghosts Hallucinations?', and so many others, under the both names. Because those discourse appear in the Prout series or the A Few Problems Solved series which are by PR Sarkar, yet also published in books like Subhasita Samgraha and Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell which are by Shrii Shrii Anandmurtiji. Are we then going to say that two different people wrote those same discourses? Of course not. Let us simple remember that Baba in all His names is One Divine Entity.
******************************************** Devotees' Call and the Response of Baba
Baba says, "For whom you do na'm kiirtan, in His mind it creates some vibration. In His heart surely it creates resonance. 'They are calling Me, they are calling Me. I will have to give a response. Keeping quiet will not do. By hearing the heart-felt longing of those devotees who are calling Me, then it is not possible for Me to keep mum or remain silent. I will have to give some response'. One has to keep in mind that the attributions of Parama Purus'a are infinite and limitless. While calling Him, what a meagre amount of His attraction you can describe; you cannot do much. You can do only a very little bit to make Him understand. But to Whom you are trying to call, He is infinitely intelligent. So by just your little efforts He understands exactly in what way you are calling Him. When He understands that you are trying a little then immediately He gives His response. 'It may be possible that they are not calling me 100% because of their limitation of language. But their internal longing is their call to Me. Because of this I am forced to respond. Their calling is the main thing'." [V-18 (H) Yajina Ke Prasaunga Me]

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