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Demon or Saint: You Decide

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 21:33:57-0000
From: NJK Deva
Subject:  Demon or Saint: You Decide


                     == DEMON OR SAINT: YOU DECIDE ==

In His related discourses, Baba guides us that we should know and understand history. History itself is important - without it one will just repeat the same mistakes made in the past.

Along with the longer-term history of our AM history, as Ananda Margiis we should also know the events which have taken place in the organisation since 1990. So many margiis fought to uphold our AM ideology. We should know what problems they faced and how they struggled. Then we will be best able to prevent such episodes in the future,

The following is one critical incident from this time.

                                    THE STORY STARTS LIKE THIS

Just a few months ago, in mid-December 2010, after a sadhana program held in Alibag (Mumbai) one well-intentioned margii (referred herein as margii K) wrote a public letter of high praise about the greatness and saintliness of Viitamoha'nanda who attended that program.

Margii K wrote: "This year, Ac Viitamoha'nanda dada attended for the first time. He is a very noble WT." And then that margii K went on to tell all kinds of glorious tales about Vitmoha'nanda.

In reply, brother Narayan Pandaji, the BP of Vishakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), wrote the following:

"After 1993, Viitamoha'nanda was one of the chief captains of the special squad of Sarva'tma'nanda in eliminating the WTs / Grhii ma'rgiis who were coming against their group and protesting injustices. The same person along with Raviisha'nanda had come to take A'c. Maniis'a'nanda Avt. from Visakhapatnam at th end of October 1995 to Tiljala for eliminating him forever. Their plan was to remove Maniis'a'nanda's avadhuta dress, put him in plain clothes, and forcibly take him to Tiljala. Their plan was not to be. Ba'ba' saved Maniis'ananda Dada; so Viitamoha'nanda & Raviisha'nanda returned to Kolkata without Maniis'ananda and without his dress. I can't bear the word "noble" used by you for such a hypocrite sanya'sii [like Viitamoha'nanda]."

                                  DARK SCENES OF HISTORY: PART 1

We must all realise that in the course of history - even recent history - there are many  dark scenes that people often deny. The above encounter really happened and the proof is that those days people did not speak up due to the reign of terror. No one dared speak openly about injustices and dogmas within the organisation. To do so was to purchase a ticket to be black-balled and get ousted. One would be threatened, expelled, beaten physically, tortured and finally eliminated - i.e. attacked and killed. This is not hearsay. That was the way things were working those days. Top Dadas would target anyone who questioned their modus operendi.

Innocent margiis who spoke up would face torture, attack, humiliation, punishment and even killing. This is rta; these are factual events; that is what was going on. That is why no one would dare open their mouth. Those few margiis who were writing about these injustices were terrorised. One should not fall into denial and forget this critical history, otherwise the same thing will be repeated in the future. 

Those who came in AM yesterday may be surprised by hearing this; but those senior margiis and those active in the 1990's know well what horror was going on. Those who came after 2000, or those who were just plain blind all along, they may not know this aspect of history mentioned above.

                                  DARK SCENES OF HISTORY: PART 2

And indeed, not just in AM but each and every country, society, organisation etc carries a history of ghastly events. Eventually society changes, but some do not like to believe that those dark events actually took place on their soil. For instance, today some people cannot believe that members of the upper brahmin caste would put molten lead in the ears of women and harijains who heard the vedas. Yet Baba clearly tells us that this was going on.

Here the point is that even though some deny those dark events, we should not disregard those claims. Our history is full of shady scenes and that part of history must not be denied or suppressed.

From 1990 to '97, so long as all those groupists were together, they were terrorising margiis and wts who raised their voice against those injustices. It is only due to the sacrifice of those courageous margiis who wrote back then, that we now have freedom of expression in AM today. Otherwise people could not write about those so-called great Dadas in centre and their black deeds.


One should not forget this history. What Pandaji is writing about Viitamoha'nanda is an eye-witness account. Dada Viitamoha'nanda and Dada Raviisha'nanda were both criminals and reached Vishakatpatnam in October 1995 with the sole intention of eliminating Ac Maniis'a'nanda Avt. That is what Pandaji is writing.

If you want to know more about this, please communicate with Narayan Panda of Vishakapatnam. He too faced terrible backlash from those groupist as he was punished and victimised in all sorts of ways for opposing their wrongdoing and misdeeds.

The duty of every margii is to become educated about our entire AM history, whether it be glorious or not. Denial is nothing but a sign of cowardliness.


Note: If you have read entire letter and reached here, then you have to think: Are Dadas Viitamoha'nanda and Dada Raviishananda demons or what? If you just automatically scrolled down to this point then please go back to the top of this email and read through the entire letter and then decide.

Baba Nam Kevalam

                                    PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Saba'r saunge tumi a'cho, tumi a'cho, Prabhu tumi a'cho..." (PS 1111)


   O' Lord, by Your grace You are with all; O' Prabhu You are
ever-present, You know not any barriers of relativity. You always remain
with everyone. Baba, by showering Your infinite love & compassion, You have
graciously captivated and attracted my mind. Baba You are ever present--
ever present.
  Baba, in the fast, ferocious winds of the cyclone, and in the deadly
grip of the cobra, at the time of death when the god of death comes near,
or when in the jaws of enemy, in all these terrifying circumstances You
shower Your sweet grace by smiling and dancing. Baba, even in the fire of
the unbearable inferno, You shower Your causeless grace and You turn
everything into the cool balm of sandalwood. Baba, You are ever-gracious.
  Baba, You are present eternally. Even before anything was existed and
before there was even the hint of creation, You were present then also.
Because You are the Creator. Baba, You are the origin; You are omnipresent.
Even when there was no existence of seconds, minutes, hours, days, dates,
months, or years, and there was no way to count the time, that time also
You were there. Baba in that moment You were alone. There was no divine
play of hope and hopelessness between the Lord and His devotees; just You
were all alone. Baba, today You are ever-present along with Your creation.
And You are vibrating in Your liila'rasa, dancing with divine ecstasy in
the bond of love, showering Your grace to all the jiivas, and attracting
everyone close to you. Baba You are ever-present, omnipotent. Baba, Your
liila is unfathomable.
   Baba, You are the beginning and You are the only desideratum, the Goal...

                  Who is Real Human Being
Baba says, "Parama Purusa will be pleased when you serve His creation-- not
only human beings, but also plants, animals, and the rest of creation. That
is bhu'ta yajina, pite yajina, and nr yajina are to be performed. Those who
have this feeling are human beings in the real sense of the term." (AV-3,

Note: Usually so-called advanced people do most things solely for their own
self-gratification and personal entertainment etc. Sometimes it may look
like they are doing social service work, but it is not social service in
the true sense. Because they are doing that "service" only to enhance their
own prestige and to garner praise from all around. And proof is that they
themselves brag about the little things that they did. So what they are
doing is just business, not service. If in their various duties and works
anyone does not feel that they are truly serving the progeny of Parama
Purusa, then we cannot call such people proper human beings.                      

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