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Idiot Orator Ruined Prout Conference

Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 20:57:22 -0600
From: "Punya'tman Deva"
Subject: Idiot Orator Ruined Prout Conference



Here is a critical example of why our Prout philosophy is not being effectively propagated to the masses in this present era.

Specifically, at the recent Prout conference in Lucknow, one of the heralded speakers refused to pay respect to our Revered Guru, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, the Propounder of Prout. In that case how could such a speaker properly put forth the ideals and aims of Prout - indeed, he could not.

Thus there was a double-loss. Firstly, the audience witnessed that the chief orator did not have respect for Baba, in which case they wondered why should they have respect for Baba; secondly, the audience listened as the chief orator spoke against Prout by putting forth his own philosophy, in which case they wondered why should they have interest in Prout. Hence it was a double loss.

Please read more about this fateful incident and review what we can do differently to ensure such a blunder never happens again.


It is the common human psychology that if you want to learn something or if you think a particular idea or book is good, then you will have respect for the teacher, thinker, or author. That is the way it works.

This is not a religious edict or a dogmatic sermon, but rather an expression of human feeling. Just see these example from popular culture:

a) Michael Jackson: He had fans all over the globe who enjoyed his music that is why at the time of his passing 2 years ago, his memorial service exceeded 2.5 billion viewers via the internet, and 31.1. million people watched it live. Because they like his music they continue to adore him to this very day as hoards of people from all over the world just recently congregated to honour the 2nd anniversary of his death.

b) Harry Potter: The Harry Potter book series and movies have become legendary in the general society. The recently released movie passed the 1 billion dollar mark in just two weeks. All the characters are stars. Because people are so captivated by these books and movies, they totally adore the author JK Rowling. They hold her in the highest regard.

c) Lady Gaga & U2: Both Lady Gaga and U2 are extremely celebrated in the pop music industry. Their tours attract hundreds of millions of dollars. The people really like their music. And indeed if Lady Gaga or the the member of U2 go out in public, then immediately huge crowds of people want to see and touch them.

Here the entire point is that when people like your body of work, then they will revere you as well. That is the very common human tendency. Here are more examples.

d) Michael Jordan: Everyone wanted to see him play basketball and still today he remains a world-famous celebrity. People want to take his picture and shake his hand wherever he goes.

e) Amy Winehouse: The 27 year-old British singer died last week and a huge crowd gathered outside her house and were singing in her courtyard. Because they liked her music they adored her as well.

This is not to say that I appreciate the pop music or books created by these icons etc. Just it is important to emphasize that when people appreciate someone's work or contributions, then they will adore that person as well. That is the rule.

Thus if you appreciate crude things then you will adore crude people and if you appreciate sentient things then you will adore good people. That is the human way. This happens in all fields of life: Pop music, sports, academics, politics, and more.

If anyone admires the work, teachings, or achievements of a particular artist or athlete etc, then they must have respect and adoration for that person as well. Because of this well-known and proven formula, advertisers pay huge money and use those famous people to sell their wares. The common people revere them so much that they will buy products endorsed by those famous pop icons as well.

This formula works in every sphere of life: If a person likes the design of an automobile, then they will have regard for that automotive engineer. If a person likes a particular film, they will have regard for the producer. And if a person has regard for a physics experiment, they will have respect for the physicist. That is the common human tendency.

How does all this relate with the recent Prout conference? Well, one of the chosen speakers did not have respect for Baba and would not offer Baba a flower, thus it is clear that this same speaker did not have appreciation for Baba's Prout teachings. For if he liked the teachings of Prout he would have adored Baba as well.


We must also keep in mind Baba's teachings on the "Seven Secrets of Success". In the second and third principles - shraddha' & guru pujanam - Baba emphasizes the importance of having the highest regard and reverence for the teacher or Preceptor - on all levels of life.

If one is a student getting a university degree then they must have regard for their professors otherwise they will not be able to learn. If one is an athlete on a team then they must have regard for their coach, otherwise they will not be able to develop as a player. And if one is a sadhaka, then one must have utmost reverence for their Guru, otherwise they will never be able to progress on the path.

In any and all spheres of life, to gain success there must be deep reverence for the teacher or propounder.

In contrast, if there is a blatant lack of respect, then one cannot learn or advance in that arena - whether it be law school, basketball, engineering, or sadhana.


At a recent Prout conference in Lucknow, one of the invited speakers refused to offer a flower to Baba during the opening ceremony. All of the other esteemed orators gladly garlanded Baba's photo, but this particular orator refused. Yet here he was to speak on the point of Prout to one and all - and Baba Himself is the Propounder of Prout - so it was only natural to pay respect to Baba. But this idiot orator refused.

Here it should be pointed out that in India's tantric tradition, offering a flower or garland to a revered person or host is very common. This is not a radical gesture. It is as common as offering a handshake in the west or offering applause by clapping. So it was not like the conference organisers were asking that orator to do sastaunga pranam and accept Baba as Parama Purusa incarnate. All that was requested was a very ordinary gesture of respect or appreciation - nothing more. And that idiot speaker refused.

That should have been enough of a clue to the organisers (i.e. our Dadas etc) that this so-called orator was unfit to speak on the platform of Prout. Because if he does not respect Baba then certainly he cannot appreciate Prout. Or we can say, if he liked the teachings of Prout then certainly he would have had admiration for Baba and would have offered a flower.

But he refused.

Unfortunately the organisers let him speak, and the whole affair became even more sour as this idiot orator propagated his own philosophy at our own Prout conference.

If a similar sort of scene had unfolded in any other host's meeting whether it be the Catholic church, the Divine Life Society, or the Republican party (USA), then the organisers would have yanked that person off of the stage - immediately. Unfortunately, that did not happen during the recent Prout conference in Lucknow. The idiot orator was allowed to remain on stage lecture, thereby insulting Baba, and going against Prout. The whole affair was ugly.

When such events take place, it should come as no surprise that our Prout movement is in state of stagnancy. Or we can say if our Prout conferences were up to the proper standard, then our Proutist Universal movement would be growing far more quickly.

Suffice to say here that the invited orator is an idiot and those organisers who allowed him to remain on the stage and speak are also idiots.

Note: For more about what transpired see the eye-witness account posted below in note 1.


Here we should set down clear-cut guidelines for who is entitled to speak publicly on the platform of Prout. In essence, there are two fundamental criteria:

1. The speaker should be an active proponent of Prout;
2. The speaker should have deep regard for Baba as a great social thinker. (Note: This reverence should come from within the core of their heart and not just be imposed externally.)

These are the two minimum requirements for anyone to be allowed to speak publicly on the stage for Prout. And indeed these two points are inter-linked. Those who propagate Prout will naturally have respect for Baba; and those who revere Baba will naturally embrace His teachings like Prout. We should ensure that those speaking on behalf of Prout have both of these qualities. Then certainly every Prout conference will be a success.

And if for some reason we cannot find a good candidate from the general society, then let any Ananda Margii prepare a talk and come up and speak. That is also proper.

One other point to keep in mind. The speaker need not be famous; rather they should know Prout and have regard for Baba. Inviting a famous person who is not an advocate of Prout will undermine our entire Prout conference.


Indeed back in the 1990's (1991 - 1999) when the various groups were regularly hosting "Jubilees" then this same nonsense was going on. They were inviting famous professors and orators up on the stage without properly considering their background.

All those groupists were looking for was fame & popularity, not whether the speakers had interest in Prout and AM ideals nor whether those speakers had respect for Baba. Needless to say, those groupist jubilees became a total mess. The "honoured guests" would get up on stage and say all kinds things that were contrary to Baba's teachings and in the process they would insult Baba as well. This was the common trend.

But because those groupists were infatuated with selecting famous scholars who in truth had no feeling or interest for AM, this jubilee program was going on. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that such Jubilees have since been discontinued. If you know of one going on please let us know.

No one should forget the history of this jubliee program. Those who are 25 years-old and strong margiis today should also be aware of this fact.

Tragically, it seems that the organisers of the Lucknow Prout conference did not learn their lesson from these awful jubilee programs.


Bringing an idiot orator who has no interest in Prout and no respect for Baba onto the Prout platform is akin to going camping and using a twig of poison oak to stir your dinner. The meal will get totally spoiled. And that is exactly happened with the Prout conference in Lucknow by using an idiot orator. The conference was ruined. Really those who invited such an orator are also idiots.

Who will such organisers invite next time to speak about Prout - the ghost of Stalin? Best will be if all learn their lesson now and keep the stage of our Prout conferences proper.

The point being that when embarking on any endeavour one should know have proper knowledge and move in the right direction.


By selecting persons, who truly revere Baba and have interest in Prout, to speak at our Prout conferences, the propagation of Prout will rapidly increase. So we should all be vigilant on this point.

Baba says, "We are waiting for the rising sun with crimson rays. Even now the crimson rays are a bit visible. These crimson rays are the rays of PROUT." (Prout Nutshell - 17, Suppression, Repression and Oppression)



Here is the eye-witness report of the events which transpired at the Prout conference in Lucknow - June 26, 2011 - when that idiot was invited to be a guest speaker.

Recently, one PROUT seminar was organized at Lucknow on 26th June where Shri SARPV Chaturvedi Swamy (Trustee Shri Ramanuj mission) was invited as Chief Orator on PROUT. He - along with a few eminent guests - was invited to be on the dais. In the beginning of seminar, all guests (sitting on dais) were requested to come and offer flowers to Baba.

When Shri Chaturvedi was requested to offer a flower to Baba, he did not move and ignored the request. He was once again requested. Shri Chaturvedi Swamy ignored the third request as well. The offer was meant as just formality for guests - they were not requested to do sastaunga pranam and accept Baba as the Sadguru. Just they were requested to offer a flower to Baba. This is the common tradition here in India. It is no different from clapping or standing up to greet a person in other regions. At every conference or convention - regardless of the organisation hosting the event - it is the norm for the invited speakers to pay their respects to the propounder or founder.

But Shri Chaturvedi did not offer a flower to Baba. He refused and remained seated. The audience clearly understood the intention of Shri Swamy. It was the height of humiliation. Shri Chaturvedi Swamy then delivered a lecture which was against PROUT. He propagated his own strategy and termed his philosophy as being better than PROUT.

Note: We should never let such a debacle occur at one of our Prout conferences or at any Ananda Marga function ever again.

What Should Be Done First

From: "Girish Deva"
Subject: What Should Be Done First
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 08:31:48 +0530


"Ka'nt'a'y ya'r'a' bhariyechilo, ka'nt'a'r gha'ye ta'ra'i gelo.
Naetikata' ha'riye phele jar'er pu'ja karechilo..." (PS 4756)


 Those immoralists who were worshippers of crude materialism, in their
wicked way, such anti-social elements have spread thorns all around to harm
& destroy others. They intentionally wanted to hurt innocent people. But
these same anti-social elements have gotten wounded and annihilated by
their very own thorns*.  
   Such sinners were only infatuated with dogma; they did not have love and
affection for anyone. They wanted to establish crude materialism at the
cost of millions of lives-- but everything went into vain. Their hellish
plan totally crumbled.  
   The natural tendency of the human mind is to oppose sin; and the innate
feeling of the human mind is to be free. In their attempt to pulverise
these two unique human qualities, the sinful demons used a steamroller to
try and crush the human spirit. But ultimately those immoralist themselves
got destroyed by those very blows. And the victory of humanity and dharma
got established, by the grace of Parama Purusa. The golden dawn arrived by
Baba's grace...

Note: In this first line of the above Prabhat Samgiita, "Ka'nt'a'y ya'r'a'
bhariyechilo ka'nt'a'r gha'ye ta'ra'i gelo", Baba Himself shows how the
immoralists have destroyed themselves-- by their own very blows. One
boomerang effect happened. Likewise in His below discourse, Baba is
directly referring to the downfall of communism & stating how the communist
leaders will meet this same dark fate. In 1982 Baba delivered this
following passage and within a decade all the main communist leaders were
wiped away from the face of the earth.

Baba says, "The wickedness, the deceit, that pollutes human society first
moves along a crooked path like its masters, and finally ends up by
annihilating its masters themselves. The wicked persons at the helm of
affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be
liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons,
by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe,
but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil
like a boomerang on the sinners themselves." (NSS, Shivokti 10)

Note 2: In the above song, Baba employs two English words: dogma and
steamroller. Thus even though the entire song is in Bangla, the above two
words are used in the lyrics and printed using Bengali script. After being
transliterated into Roman Sanskrit, the words are written as: d'agama' &


                                   ~ BABA'S MANDATE ~

Baba has clearly stated in various discourses that, in general, people want
to do something to help and improve the society. Most have a genuine desire
to do something good. But the main hurdle in this process is that they do
not know how to proceed; they do not know what to do.

Because bringing about real social welfare and the upliftment of humanity
is not an easy job. Therefore, in their confusion, people often end up
doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, or they do something which
produces an undesirable result etc.

So in order to best serve the society and ensure that really we are
bringing welfare to the humanity, we should pay heed to Baba's below
directives. Because only His crystal clear tenants stand as the guiding
light for bringing positive changes and prosperity to the world.


One of the most common things people think to do in their attempt to improve
society is to immediately engage in some constructive work. They mistakenly
think by this way they can bring about a good result. But as Baba warns us
this does not always work.

Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through
constructive programmes." (NKS, '97, p.233)

For example, nowadays in our Marga, people have gotten frustrated by the
way the organisation is running so in their naive way of thinking they
decide that by hook or by crook they should engage in some 'constructive
work'. Because in their limited view they think this is the only way to
serve the society.

Following this pathway, they may go off on their own and start their own
Master Unit, or they may form their own service project, or even they may
even start their own social service organisation etc. Or they may resort to
other ways in order to do something concrete for the world. But Baba warns
us that such faulty approaches will not work.

Because ultimately we have to form one unified human society. And by
dividing the organisation or breaking away on one's own just because it
seems easier to do some 'constructive programme' that way, this will not
bring about a beneficial result. Initially from a narrow-minded perspective
it may look like the project is really great; and by this way people may
get ego-satisfaction. But ultimately such efforts will go in vain. Because
where is the guarantee that their project will not undergo some difficulty.
In that case what will they do? Run away and start yet another new
programme or organisation etc.

So those who blindly think that doing constructive work is the first and
foremost means to serve the world cannot bring true welfare to society.
Rather, they end up creating more divisions and factionalism or some other
wayward result. This we have seen in the past and this we will see in the
future also.

That is why Baba has issued His strict warning against this way of doing.

Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through
constructive programmes." (NKS, '97, p.233)

                     'I WILL FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE'

Secondly, people often think that at any at all cost they must wage a war
against injustice. They think that by this way the world will become
better. But here again Baba directly warns us that this approach also will
not work.

Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare
through...the struggle against injustice alone." (NKS, '97, p.233)

For example, in the hoary past, when slavery was at its peak either in the
US, Egypt, or wherever, then merely waging a war against those slave-owners
did not work. Because those slaves were being fed and housed by those
slave-owners and many of the slaves were thinking that everything was
alright. Their masters were providing them with heart and home so those slaves
were not thinking that anything was wrong. And they did not want to see anyone
opposing and fighting their masters. In that case fighting against those
injustices will not be fruitful.

Similarly today, if with the full banner of struggle one attempts to stand
up against the ruling vaeshyas, then many people amongst the common mass
will not support that fight. Because those people think that they get their
bread and butter from those capitalist business leaders. And if those
capitalists are torn down then the people think they will be without food
and water. Or they simply feel obliged and indebted to those ruling
capitalists. Although, it has to be admitted that which each passing down
the commmon people are having less and less faith in the vaeshyan leaders.

Whatever the case may be, in both the above circumstances, with regards to
those ruthless slave owners and the blood-sucking capitalists, even though
there is the presence of massive exploitation, fighting outrightly against
that injustice will not bring about true social change because the people
are not ready to support that stand.

About this Baba has given His clear-cut guideline.

Baba says, "Revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are
psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support
revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded." (PNS-21)

For this reason Baba warns us that merely fighting against injustice cannot
bring welfare to the world.

Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare
through...the struggle against injustice alone." (NKS, '97, p.233)


So in order to bring about real positive changes to the world, another key
ingredient is needed. Something more is needed. And that special
requirements is social consciousness. This is Baba's expressed teaching.

Baba says, "Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to impossible
to bring about social welfare." (PNS-21, p.63)

Thus to really uplift the humanity there must be wide-spread education
amongst the common people until their eyes are open and their mind is
awake. So arousing social consciousness is the first and most important
step towards bringing lasting positive changes to the world.

Here again in His below teaching Baba furthermore emphasizes the need to
arouse social consciousness amongst the people.

Baba says, "In order to save humanity from economic exploitation (whether
politico-economic or psycho-economic), you must raise the people's
consciousness, otherwise they will never be able to successfully resist
psycho-economic or politico-economic exploitation." (NH-LOI, 'Exploitation
& Pseudo-Culture')

Thus whether in our Marga or in the general society, one key point for
doing real service and creating that wave of positive change is heightened
awareness about the conditions of the day. Once the people are awakened to
the fact that something needs to be done and that there is exploitation
rampant in every corner, then in a united away they will rise up and
support the call for progressive social change.

                            BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace He has blessed us with His Proutistic vision for bringing
about social change-- where the minds of the people get awakened and
aroused and people develop a heightened social consciousness. By this way
truly positive changes are made and society can advance.

Baba says, "The old era is replaced by a new era-- one collective
psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in
all-round development and social progress." (PNS-21, p.60)


Note 1:              RECENT HISTORY IN OUR MARGA

In our own AMPS it was just a few 3, 5, or 7 years ago that some margiis were
not commonly aware that groupism was rampant the Marga. In that case people
were not ready to hear or listen to any plans or ideas about fixing the
problems. But now that social consciousness has gradually spread amongst
each and every margii, all are becoming aware about the lustful ways of the
various groupist leaders. People feel there is a distinct need for everyone
including those at the helm to follow Baba's teachings. On this foundation
of understanding, step by step we are getting in prime position to bring
about all the changes needed to create that seamless AMPS organisation that
is firmly rooted in Baba's ideological teachings. Ours will soon be that
AMPS which will lead the whole humanity from darkness into light.

                       Most Precious Jewel

Baba says, "When one suddenly finds any jewel-- any rare and costly jewel--
then immediately they pick it up and keep it close to their breast--
leaving everything else behind, forgetting all other things, not even
caring about their prestige. As far as possible one then keeps it hidden
from others. Among all the jewels, the most precious is Parama Purusa."

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