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Training Centre is Also Responsible

Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 23:46:21 -0000
From: V. Rajpurhit
Subject: Training Centre is Also Responsible


"Ka'che ese bha'labese more tumi gecho ye bhule..." (P.S. 2278)


  Baba, You might have forgotten how in the past You came close to me in
an intimate way and showered Your love. That time I did not call You, nor
did I do sadhana or any type of penance to get You; just You showered Your
grace by coming to me. Only by Your grace You came. 

Whether I like or do not like, whether I care or do not care, still You
go on pulling my heart in Your longing. 

Baba, by Your grace and by Your loving care and by the discipline, You
always make me better and better so that I cannot fall into the wrong path.
Baba, O' Lord, You please never be vimukh*; and You please never be virup*.
Please do not allow me to crush all my desires and longings. 

In my heart I always feel that my life, my prana, is just Your gift.
This also I understand that You love me so much. By Your grace You made me
understand that externally You are tough. Because when I do something wrong in my life and I have to suffer the consequences, that is Your way of
disciplining me.  And in that way I get a lesson. And all this You do for
my welfare. At then same time I understand that internally You are very
soft, incomparable. You always arouse the feeling of love in my heart
towards You. 

Baba, please always be ever-gracious so that I cannot forget You. You
have done so much for me...

* Vimukh and Virup= In Nama'mi Krsna Sundaram Baba explains the meaning of these two terms. Vimukh means to displease the Lord to such a degree that He completely turns Himself away from you. And virup means to make Him furious with you. Although both are bad, of the two, Virup is comparatively better because then at least one is still receiving Guru's guideline and attention. Whereas if He is vimukha, then He is no longer even recognising you. So that is a terrible position and one should never behave in such a way as to make Him vimukh. For more about this see NKS, discourse #1.


It is the common fact that our WT Training Centres (TC) have a huge impact
on the formation and growth of our new Dadas and Didis. This is a most
evident & obvious assessment which we all recognise.

Thus in the wake of the tragic loss of our dear brahmcari who recently took
his own life, we should together examine the full array of variables behind
this most unfortunate incident, including what goes on at our TC's.
Because only by understanding the who, what, where, why, and how, can we
then help prevent such events from recurring. So we have a responsibility,
indeed a duty, to take active measures on this matter by looking in all
conceivable directions.

Naturally then, among other avenues, we should evaluate the status of our
Training Centres. Because, after all, TC serves as the main building block
for shaping our young new acaryas.


Whether it be our departed Ac. Jimutva'han Brc who succumbed to a horrible
demise, or any new Wt, they all enter the field armed with the experiences
and knowledge which they gain in TC.

First and foremost then we should start with the Benares (Varanasi)
Training Centre; since, at present, this is the main TC that we have.
Almost every trainee around the world has to pass through our Benares
Training Centre for at least one part of their training.

As this description unfolds, please keep in mind that myself and others
from my unit have spent many an afternoon and evening at the Benares TC in
order to attend kiirtan functions etc. So what we are describing here is a
first-hand, eyewitness account.

At present, Ac. Ragamayanandji is the trainer at this facility and he has
been there for the past several years. So it is under his watchful eye that
everything takes place.


One might think Training Centre is a place where the trainer and his
trainees spend maximum time together going over all aspects of AM ideology
and deepening their link with Baba through our devotional practices etc.
One might think the entire day would pass in this way. This would probably
be anyone's initial thought about what happens at our WT training centres.
Unfortunately, this is not at all what happens at the Benares TC. Rather
the trainer (Ragamayananda) and his trainees remain totally separate from
each other all day long. And there is no other full-time trainer or teacher
to guide the trainees.

How does it happen like this? Where does the Trainer Dada spend his
precious time.

Well, nearby to the training centre is one of our primary schools and it is
there-- not the TC-- where the Benares Trainer, Ragamayanandaji passes his
days. Day in and day out he is over at that facility from morning till
night surrounding himself with 5 years olds.

And all the while our dedicated WT trainees are just left on their own at
the TC. Indeed the whole day passes and up till dinner time not a single
class is taught to our trainees Why? Because the trainer Dada is not even
with them.

Instead Ragamayananda is over at the primary school passing his days with
the small kids. Of course one may think that Dadaji is therefore fully
dedicated to working with those 5 year olds.

It should also be noted that Ragamayananda also runs a co-ed school
for boys and girls of 14 years of age. This is of course against Baba's
system as in we do not support co-education past the age of 8 or 9. After
early adolescence boys and girls are not to be in the same classroom. That
is Baba's teaching.

Now let's continue with Dada Ragamayananda's day.

Anyone who has been on location at the school knows full well that
Ragamayanandaji spends a huge part of his day listening to radio broadcasts
of sporting events. That means he keeps a small radio by his ear almost all
day long-- especially if a Cricket match is going on. On this point Dadaji
is very active. Because when walking to and from the TC to the primary
school he is listening to those sports events; plus when he is in the
classroom with those small kids, then also he is totally absorbed in
listening to his cricket broadcast.

This is not a hidden fact but rather a regular everyday occurrence.

And all the while our assertive, young trainees who have come to TC in
order to dedicate themselves to AM, they just pass their days hoping and
praying that they will soon get the teaching to become true acaryas. But
that just does not happen, which is why so many leave the TC and return to
their homes.

In this circumstance, without getting exposed to Baba's revolutionary
teachings, TC is nothing more than a dry, barren experience. Is it any
wonder then why so many leave the TC prematurely and never return to the
Marga. Or worse yet the befall a greater tragedy such as what happened with Ac. Jimutva'han Brc.


One might easily surmise that even if the trainer Dada is always over at
the primary school listening to his cricket broadcasts, then at least the
trainees are in the Benares TC and have access to a grand array of AM
resources. One might conclude like that.

However, the single "library" at the Benares TC is in pitiful condition.
One would think that the training center would have a reasonable collection
of Baba's books for the trainees to study from, but it is not the case. Of
current publications, their collection is pitifully scanty. Hardly anything
at all-- a few Prout leaflets here and there, a few other books, but in
reality nothing much at all. Thus there aren't any materials for the
trainees to study. Thus some trainees also watch TV as they have nothing better to do.

That is why the energetic youths who have joined the TC feel as though
their days are just passing them by with nothing much happening. Even then
they remain hopeful that the next day will bear fruit and they will get
trained in Baba's divine philosophy and AM practices.

But tragically it does not happen, which is why even though many spend
upwards of two years at the training center, if they do finish they do not
know even the basics of AM-- many do not know kaoshikii, tandava, breaking
fast, or hardly anything about AM ideology.


Hence, during the bulk of their time at TC, the young trainees are
anxiously hoping to learn about AM, but the reality is that they hardly get
any exposure at all to Marga Guru's teachings.

Thus when they complete training and go out in the field, they lose the
respect of margiis. Because those new Wts are not trained in our AM
way of life.

Instead they pass all their day doing mundane chores and physical labour
and the trainer Dada Ragamayanandji is over at his primary school where he
gives his 24hr attention to listening to cricket games.

For this reason, the trainees who do graduate leave ill-prepared to work in
the field as acaryas. They are not trained in the basics about 16 Points or
anything. Nor are they taught about the foundations of AM philosophy: That
human life is for sadhana and serving others. Nor are they aware about the
plain fact that Baba is adamantly against suicide-- for any reason.

Their main requirement is not to run away within the two or three year
period. If they can last their incarceration, then that is enough to pass.

Perhaps if our dear Dada, Ac. Jimutva'han Brc, were aware about this point
then he would have sought help in other directions or followed a different
avenue. But instead, in his innocence, he resorted to suicide as a means to
protest the groupist underpinnings in our Marga.

Here the point is the when the Trainer Dada is not much of a presence at
TC, then we see what the result is.



Even then we have to admit that with regards to the Benares TC,
Ragamayanandji does spend some time there-- so that also should be told

Firstly, every evening in one of the last activities before bed when
everyone is quite tired, then Ragamayananda may hold his only class of the
day. In that drowsy and sluggish state when everyone's stomach is heavy and
they are worn out from the day's heat, in that condition Dada gives his
class. It may be 1/2 hour or 1 hour, that he gives his lecture.

Now you may think that this is when Dada becomes totally riveted on AM
ideology and gives his all to his trainees in hopes of them of schooling
them about Baba's philosophy. But often during that "class" he may drift in
any number of directions. One time one of the trainees told me that Dada
was quizzing them on worldly facts and was stressing the importance of
worldly knowledge to them. And on that platform Dadaji put forth his great
question: Who won the cricket match between South Africa and India?
With much sadness and embarrassment one trainee reported this to me-- and
later I confirmed this with the rest.

By that way, everyone can judge for themselves and get a sense of the level
of the teaching going on there.


One other aspect to bring up is that any who have visited TC know well that
there are times when Ragamayanandji is intently looking at his computer
screen. Some were wondering if he was reviewing the electronic edition of
Baba's books, or if he was going over the finances of the TC, or some other
important aspect. Because he is completely involved in this endeavour. So
it looks like he is involved in some serious work.

However, one of the trainees is Dadaji's personal chef. He prepares food
for Ragamayananda all day long-- he has no other duty than that. And
naturally he not only prepares but delivers that special food to Dadaji as
well. Here it should be added that the food which Dadaji eats is quite
special and tasty and completely different from the plain porridge which
the trainees eat. That is a separate matter which also goes against Baba's

To continue with the story, the trainee who is Dada's personal chef
recounted to me that he regularly sees what Dadaji is doing on the
computer. Because he regularly enters Dadaji's office either to deliver
food or to talk to Ragamayanandji about his menu. And on so many of those
occasions, the trainee innocently told me that he saw Dada playing war
games on the computer. That means, that when Ragamayanandji is intently
gazing at his computer screen he is navigating his 'man' through a field of
land mines and hoping not to get blown up. So this is just one type of
computer game that any kid would play. Yet this is what our trainer Dada
spends hours of his free time doing: Playing video games on the computer.

And the tragedy is that that TC is fully of youths who are yearning to get
Baba's teachings. For that reason they came to TC, yet all the while their
trainer is casting his eyes in other directions-- towards a pop-culture
computer game.

Is it any wonder then that so many leave TC and that those who graduate
find themselves unprepared for being an acarya in the field. In which case,
they try to quickly make up for lost time by learning from senior margiis
or they succumb to the pressures of groupism and acarya life and end up
committing suicide.

This is the extreme range of events we see happening.


All in all there is much to tell about the state of affairs of our WT
training Centres. Such as how Ragamayananda teaches his trainees that he
gets a special place in the dharmacakra hall and in kiirtan and that the
trainees have to be in a secondary spot. That is a whole other topic which
we will explore next time.

Or listen to this next thing: My friend's wife was telling about what
happens in the Didi's training centre in Bangalore. She told me that no
training is going on there at all. Rather the place is full of 'home girls'
from Ananda Nagar-- innocent girls with no parents who got 'partnered up'
with various Dadas during their time in AN until finally they were all
shipped off to the Bangalore TC. When in fact they have no desire to be in


That is why when any true candidate does come to the Bangalore Training
Centre then the Trainer Didi tells them, 'Why aren't you getting married?',
'Why are you coming here', 'This is not a training Centre', 'Just the Dadas
shipped their mistresses and home girls to my doorstep', 'I have neither
money nor means to do training here'. This is what the Bangalore trainer
Didi tells any new arrival who sincerely wishes to become a Didi.

So from north to south, from Benares to Bangalore, there are a circus-like
array of things going on in our TC's, which tragically undermine the
development and growth of our acaryas in training.

In that case how are they expected to survive as acaryas when they get
their first posting. Simply, they cannot.


Please excuse, but the above is what I have seen and heard with my own eyes
and ears and any who venture to these TC's will see similar things. Because
with groupism rearing it's ugly head, our Training Centres have fallen into
shambles. No one is there to oversee and ensure that Baba's teachings are
being followed and implemented. One gets their good standing in the
organisation by towing the party line-- and if one does that then that is
enough and they are free to do whatever else they like. Even they totally
overlook their duties as Trainer.


In light of this, still there is great hope what in the near future our
Marga will overcome this noose of groupism and become a surging place of
growth and development for all who enter. And this will surely happen when
those holding posts like that of 'WT Trainer' fulfill their duties
according to Baba's dictates. Once again, may we refresh ourselves with
Baba's inspiring words.

Baba says, "Remember, Ananda Marga is a man-making mission. Both quantity and quality are important. Everyone should be free to join Ananda
Marga...It is the duty of an a'ca'rya to develop this great collective
force of society by awakening the masses to unite and destroy the evil,
demoniac forces existing in society...A'ca'ryas must give such inspiration
to the people." (AV-31)



Baba guides us that suicide is totally unnatural and harmful and it leads
one to be captured by negative microvita. Such a fate is most awful and
only invites greater destruction.

Baba says, "People who commit suicide due to humiliation, psychic distortion,
frustration or the overpowering influence of excessive attachment, anger,
greed, vanity, jealousy, etc. get the status of kabandha yoni after death.
Wherever these entities happen to see other human beings under the spell of
psychic derangement, they incite them to commit suicide." (MVNS p.100)

Balanced Person

Baba says, "Imagine a scoundrel is standing in front of you. The man
is such a rogue that you feel like slapping him, but do not actually do it.
It is only when you decide, 'Let me slap that scoundrel', that your hands
actually strike him. When the inner urge to externalise the feeling becomes
strong enough, your hands leap into action."    

"A great person is one who has complete control over the
externalisation of thoughts. A thought will not always be expressed
physically. One may have a desire to hit someone or a desire to steal, but
never actually does it due to one's self control." (AV-8, p.6)

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