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"Kurvanneveha Karma'n'i..."

Date: Sun 30 Mar, 2008 22:57:29 -0600 To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Paul Paltrow" Subject: "Kurvanneveha Karma'n'i..." Baba "Toma'te a'ma'te kaveka'r paricay, a'r keu ja'ne na', tumi ja'no..." (PS 2632) Purport: Baba, this sweet relation of ours is eternal. By Your grace since ages and ages we have been together. Baba, how long this intimate relation between You and I has been going on, nobody knows; Baba, only You know. O' my dearmost, in the very beginning You were all alone-- there was no one for You to love and nobody to love You. So You created this expansive liila. In that way the jiivas sing and chant Your divine glory, and with Your grace compassion You love the devotees. Baba, this intense closeness between unit and Cosmic is known to all. Baba, You also know & accept this very fact. Baba, there is such a loving feeling and affectionate closeness between the devotee and their Lord. At any cost, the unit cannot remain without the Cosmic Entity. And in absence of the unit, the Cosmic Entity cannot exist either. Baba, the sweetness and beauty is due to both-- the unit being and the Supreme One. Each are loving the other. Baba, then why are You remaining distant and far away from me. Why are You not allowing me to come close. Baba, You know that both unit and Cosmic merge together to become one, then why do you not accept this very truth. Baba, You are omnipresent. You are present in all the lokas; You are beyond the lokas; and You are in the divine world; Baba, You are everywhere. There You are present in the rhythmic expression, divine horripilation, and bliss-- each and every moment. Baba, You are hiding in my mind; You are playing Your divine liila with my mind. In spite of hearing and knowing my mental thoughts and feelings-- the tale of my heart-- You do not listen. Baba, I want to come close You , why are You not allowing me. Baba, please bless me by giving me shelter at Your lotus feet... Note: The above Prabhat Samgiita reveals how Parama Purusa created this grand universe to have the company of His devotees. The song further expresses how the bhakta cannot live without Parama Purusa and that Parama Purusa cannot exist without His devotees. So both are mutually depending upon each other; and in their own way both are thinking that the other is something very great-- superior. This is part and parcel of the wonderful message of the above Prabhat Samgiita. And this same unique idea Baba is beautifully explaining in this below excerpt: Baba says, "When there were no devotees, God had no name -- He was nameless. When there came to be devotees, then God became named God. I was saying in Delhi that the fight between God and devotees is an old fight, a sweet fight. And what is that fight? God says to devotees, 'It is you who are superior. Because of you, I have been named. Had it not been for you, who would have called me by the name of God? Even if I was God, I was not 'God'. Because of you, I have become God.' And devotees say, 'You are the base of my life. In Your absence, the existence of my life becomes jeopardized. You have created, and You alone are the base.' Devotees consider God to be superior, and vice versa. This fight to make the other superior has no end." (SS-21, 'Na'm & Na'mii')
Namaskar, From time to time some excitedly proclaim that we need not do anything to stop the extreme groupism that is presently ravaging our organisation. In their own way such persons give the false logic that groupism will go away all by itself-- just with the mere passage of time. This is their misleading analysis. So from high to low, the whole scene is quite a spectacle & indeed peculiar. But by Baba's grace, to untwist it all and bring clarity to the forefront we need not look any further than His divine guideline.
As we all know, Baba clearly tells us that while on this earth we are to do something-- we are to be engaged in good works. This is His straightforward directive.
"Kurvanneveha Karma'n'i..."
Baba says, "Why have we come to this world? Certainly to do some good work... Human beings have come to work....Therefore work must be done....Human beings have to do any good and noble work, any constructive or benevolent work when they are physically alive." (AV-15) Hence so long as we are breathing, so long as we are alive, we are to involve ourselves in noble works-- making this world better and better. That is Baba's clear-cut guideline. Most assuredly then, as we look around, there are so many positive works to be done and so many negative things-- such as groupism-- that need correcting. And on both accounts Baba's resounding mandate is to keep ever active. Baba says, "The accumulated distortions of many lifetimes cannot be removed in the twinkling of an eye. The removal of these distortions requires prolonged cultivation of knowledge, selfless devotion and untiring action. The world expects tremendous work from you; so you must not sit idle like a frog in a well under the spell of inertia. Therefore awake, arise." (A'nanda Va'nii #5) Thus according to Baba's above guideline, to remove the distortions-- like the ravagings of groupism etc-- one must engage in "untiring action" etc. Merely sitting idle waiting for time to pass by will not do. That will not solve the problem. To rid the world of the dirt of groupism, one will have to leap intoaction. Per Baba's teaching, that is the only way to clean-up our AMPS. So Baba's above guidelines are enough to show us that ours is the path of action and mobility. We are never to rely on "fate" or "the passing of time" to solve any problem such as groupism. This much is surely clear to most every Ananda Margii.
But even then, some confused philosophers on the email may be thinking that doing nothing and watching the world go by is part of our surrender theory. That is, such a pseudo-philosopher might proclaim that 'prapatti vada'-- surrender theory-- means that we are to sit back and relax, waiting for "Someone Else" to clear up the matter. But that is not at all the case. According to Baba, the proper application of our surrender theory is to come forward and work according to our maximum capacity. Baba says, "Do your duty, your karma. Now, is this karma in conformity with prapatti or is it antagonistic to prapatti? The teachings of Vraja Krs'n'a are clearly consistent with prapatti..." "So in accordance with the spirit of prapatti, that the body is a machine, we can say that He has been kind enough to provide the body and mind, to be utilized for work only. Hence I follow the spirit of prapatti in using them." "In the beginning, karma seemed to be against prapatti, but karma is not antithetical to prapatti. It is definitely in conformity with prapatti. So a boy or a girl who does work is surely following the path of prapatti..." (NKS, p.39) So according to Baba's supreme teachings of prapatii vada (surrender theory), we are to fully utilise whatever strength He has graciously given us. Each and every ounce of energy that we have should be expended toward coming up with a proper and just solution to any problem. That is Baba's teaching and that is the AM approach to prappati vada. Thus once again, according to Baba, when our organisation is infested with disease of groupism, then an outright call for action is the only way to proceed.
By His divine grace Baba has beautifully explained each and every aspect of this expressed universe. He has graciously given the answer to everything. There is no problem that lies untouched; nor is there any hazard which He has not warned us about. By His fathomless grace He has perfectly mapped out our entire pathway. Even then a few pseudo-philosophers are prone to get confused. Reason being they only see a small part or fraction of Baba's teaching-- not the whole. It is just like one blind person going up to an elephant and after grabbing just the long, thin, tail the blind person proudly proclaims that 'this is a rope'. Or it is just like another blind person approaching that same elephant and after grabbing just the thick, sturdy, leg the blind person confidently announces that 'this is a tree trunk' etc. Here the whole point is that if one cannot see the whole elephant, then they are sure to come with a faulty analysis of what that elephant is. Baba says, "If you tell a blind person to describe the parts of an elephant's body, can he do it? Before describing the elephant, one must have the vision to see it: so first the blind man's sight must be restored." (SS-10) Similarly to understand Baba's divine teaching of AM one must have a balanced mind and be able to clearly look at the whole body of AM scripture; otherwise, with their incomplete and faulty understanding of AM ideology one's helter-skelter interpretation will be foolish and way off the mark. They will be just like that blind person who makes the ridiculous proclamation that the elephant's tail is a rope etc. So if any pseudo-philosopher wants to properly interpret Baba's teachings then first and foremost they should take the time to make their mind balanced and rational through sadhana and then step by step cultivate a facile and holistic understanding of the entire AM ideology. Then by Baba's grace they will be able to come up with a proper analysis of His teaching. Whereas, without that, if they again and again resort to their own incomplete and imbalanced way of dealing yet continue to offer their skewed interpretations, they will just embarrass themselves in front of all. They will be just like the laughing stock of one village. Unfortunately that is what seems to have happened with the e-mailer who is proclaiming that the poison of groupism can be solved by the mere passage of time. Otherwise what can be the reason why this fellow is publicly humiliating himself by offering such a half-baked analysis.
Here again is Baba's dharmic call to action for all Ananda Margiis. Baba says, "Don't compare life to a pool of muddy, stagnant water. Life resembles an ever-flowing spring. Pushing aside the stones of obstructions and difficulties, marching on with vigorous speed is its dharma. Hence it is clear that those who want to keep away from obstacles have lost the dharma of life-- verily they are dead. The graveyard, not the society should be their abode." (A'nanda Va'nii #6) Thus to solve any difficulty like groupism one should vigrously kick it aside and build up a neo-humanistic order at the earliest. Any who remain idle fatefully depending on the mere passage of time are not fit for society-- "the graveyard, not the society should be their abode". That is Baba's inspiring teaching and stern warning.
By Baba's infinite grace compassion we will jointly march forward and establish that bright, new era in AMPS. Baba says, "...One who has lost the very spirit of forward march has lost the inner vitality of life and reduced oneself to an inert skeleton. You must not allow such a thing to happen. Keep moving onward, singing the song of the forward march." (A'nanda Va'nii, #65) Namaskar, Punyatman
On and off on our various Marga e-forums, a few confused type of souls excitedly proclaim that time alone will solve all our problems of groupism-- as if human beings need not do anything. Just one should sit back, relax, and rest easy and everything will be alright. This is their crooked analysis-- you may have noticed it. And they reached to this crazy conclusion by their faulty analysis of Baba's teachings. They could not understand neither the essence nor the spirit of Baba's words. Not only that, they also publicly stated that the passage they are referring to is the first Ananda Vanii. When in the true sense they were looking at a paragraph from Baba's discourse, 'The Evolution of Society' from Subhasita Samgraha part 1. But in their foolishness this person thought it was the first Ananda Vanii. So neither they can understand the message of Baba's teaching, nor can they even perform the simple task of properly identifying Baba's quotations. Hence from start to finish their whole approach is garbage-- or you yourself can decide how useful it is.
Here Baba clearly describes who is capable of properly explaining His teachings and side by side He also warns us what happens when any pseudo fellow tries to do. Baba says, "Without proper interpretation, the sha'stras remain difficult to understand and sometimes unintelligible. Thus the scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused." (NSS, Disc 14, 'Shivopadesha-4)
*************************************** Sadhana Problems and Solutions
Baba says, "After involving in mundane works one is generally plunged in worldly thoughts. So then if one sits in sadhana, in the mind you will think that 'Tomorrow I will go to Arariya town. Indeed I have to go in the morning. I will have to catch the first bus'. You will sit in sadhana and go on thinking like this. In this situation what should you do? Before sitting for sadhana you should do kiirtan-- either 2 min, or 5 min, or 10 min. So first one should do kiirtan. Because by doing kiirtan the mind will get elevated. After that immediately one should sit in sadhana. Then you will see that there will not be any worldly thoughts. Then sadhana will be proper...Do not worry you have learned sadhana and I am always ready to help and serve you." (22 Nov 71 Purnea, Bihar) Note: Every sincere Ananda Margii wants to do sadhana. Yet most of the time this aforesaid problem occurs. And our Guru understands this. That is why He has graciously given such a beautiful solution-- as mentioned above. I think many may be following His divine guideline; and for those who are not, they should do so from now onwards, i.e. sing kiirtan before doing sadhana.

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