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Economic Myths Around the Globe: Part 3

Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 - 0000
Subject: Economic Myths Around the Globe: Part 3



~ PART 3 ~

Thus far in this series the following myths of capitalism have been debunked:

Myth #1: Everyone can be a billionaire
Myth #2: Economic Depressions Are Natural & Unavoidable
Myth #3: Worker Layoffs are Inevitable

Here is yet another myth that is prevalent in this capitalist era.


These days, around the globe, many people wrongly believe that the west is innovative, i.e. that the people of Europe and the US are more innovative thinkers than in other parts of the globe. This is a common notion, albeit false.

The real program at work is that since, at present, there is more money in the west due to massive exploitation of natural resources and labor, then the west is able to attract the greatest minds and most talented people from around the globe to come and work for their companies and corporations.

Tens of thousands, or even millions, of gifted students and professionals from India and other nations have touched down in the west to pursue their aims. Because of the opportunity to earn money.

Prout philosophy states, “This is the reason why the brain drain is happening in India. When talented people leave India, they leave [permanently to pursue opportunities abroad].” (Prout in a Nutshell – 17)

And this same idea is expressed in other discourses such as in Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life - 9.

So this belief that the US is the most innovative land as if the air or water in America makes people more innovative is totally wrong. Many of the greatest ideas and discoveries in the US are the result of talented people from other parts of the globe living on American soil.

Here we should keep in mind that every country has talented people and every country has foolish people. Good people can be found everywhere.

This then is yet another myth.

In a Proutistic economy, this brain drain phenomenon will be obsolete as each and every samaj will be able to provide proper job, professional, and economic opportunities for people from that locale. In that case talented citizens will not run off to some far distant land because that is the only place to earn a living.


Here Baba points out the futility of materialism and how sooner or later all will run to the path of spirituality.

Prout philosophy states, “In the first stage of human life, when people notice the colourful processions of various tanma’tras such as form, taste, smell, colour and touch, they immediately become attracted towards them. The entire universe appears to be a grand caravan of many colours; it seizes their senses and their minds rush after it, taking it to be the goal of life. In the first stage, this enchanting material panorama propels people from their inner world to external life. If at that stage, someone tells them to move towards the internal world, they become irritated and annoyed. They think, “Oh, I’m quite fine here!” Blending their colours with the colours of all, strolling on soft carpets of green grass, they think, “All these things are meant for me!”...Trials and tribulations compel people to ponder deeply; sorrows inspire them to analyse the law of cause and effect. Their wounded hearts want to be soothed with a healing balm from an entity greater than themselves.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya)


So spirituality within a Proutistic system yet at present there are countless myths spinning around the globe about the inevitable ways of capitalism, as if those are the ultimate realities of life. By spreading the word of Prout and teaching the people, we will easily be able to show the world that the myths of capitalism need not hinder our human progress any longer.

Prout philosophy states, “PROUT’s approach is to guarantee the minimum requirements for all, guarantee maximum amenities for all and guarantee special amenities for people with special capabilities. This approach will ensure ever increasing acceleration in the socio-economic sphere. The question of retardation does not arise; even the question of maintaining speed does not arise. There must be acceleration. Acceleration is the spirit of life, the spirit of existence, the spirit of the existential faculty. One may not be a genius, one may simply be a member of the ordinary public, and not properly accepted or respected by all, but even then one will get the minimum requirements and maximum amenities in an ever increasing manner according to the environmental condition concerned, according to the demands of the day.” (Proutist Economics)

Prakash Deva


"Ga'n racechile keno tumi ja'no..."    P.S. 4493


Baba, Your ways are so divine. Only You know why You have composed so many beautiful songs. Baba, You have graciously filled Your sweet and tender songs with an intoxicating melody & tune that satiates everyone's heart and mind.  

Baba, with those blissful songs You have spread Your divine effulgence in every nook and corner of this dusty earth, and also along the dark bottom of the deepest chasm - everywhere, all throughout the five fundamental factors. Baba, by Your grace, everyone has become divinely vibrated. Baba, You have lovingly expressed Your heart-felt feeling with Your divine touch. Before this nobody could imagine Your exquisite sweetness, but now by Your grace everyone's mind is drenched in Your cosmic bliss.

Baba when starting this creation You lovingly thought, 'I want to become many. And I will start My divine play with pleasure and pain within all My creations.' Baba, You have made the flower blossom and filled it with the color; and You have showered us with the grace of Your divine effulgence and awakened our hearts with divine truth. Baba, Your liila is incomparable. You have created this whole universe; You have created the divine songs of Prabhat Samgiita, and shown the path how to love You. Baba, Your liila is infinite...

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